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Both of them started giggling and Katrina’s felt like she had to go
crazy. She had no idea what those monsters did to her. She had a very
good idea that those men would rape her any moment now. And she was
afraid to death just by the shear thought of those men sticking their
cocks into her. But what made her real crazy was the total loss of
ideas to what those men were doing to her lower body.

But that would change.

The men straightened up and looked at their frightened victim. They
smiled. And then the bulky man went straight to the lower end of the
table, positioned himself between her firm legs. His hands found their
way on top of her thighs.

“Time to test the creativity of our foriegn product.”

Katrina shook her head. What?

He pressed the girl’s legs apart till it hurt Katrina in the joints.
She than heard the chiming sound of his belt, his zipper, his pants
being opened. And, since she still was in a more upright
position…took an in voluntary look at the dark coloured penis in his
left hand.

A scream went over her lips.

“No…please…please don’t. I… I am still….!”

All strength left Katrina’s arms and she hit the table with her back.
Her chest started moving heavily and she began to shiver in an unknown

“No, no, no….,” the young singer whispered. She couldn’t even think
about what was to happen. She still was…

-Oh please, not with those… not the first time….-

A groaning sound filled the room when the big and fat man stood
between Katrina Kaif legs, holding his own cock in the hand. He
positioned the tip over the part of the red suit where the vagina was
underneath and still couldn’t believe that this spray would work. Any
moment now his best part would touch the cool leather, being stopped
from doing his most driving desire. He would feel it on the tip…
now…. Now…now…

But then something happened. Something so strange, something so
unheard of… a sensation when his cock slid into the leather, when
the tip instantly touched the sensitive lips, the vagina of his girl.
He looked down on her, looked down between Katrina’s thighs and his
forehead wrinkled. It was the strangest sensation…

He saw his cock sliding deeper; feeling the lips of Katrina’s vagina
closing around it and still… the bright read leather seemed to be
undamaged. It was like the leather had melted around his penis.
Unconsciously the bulky man shook his head when… when he realized
what was happening.

“Oh my God, this bitch still is a virgin!”

His cock separated the thin skin, pushed the lips apart. A little
river of blood ran out of her opening, down between the red leather
and her body.

Katrina Kaif screamed in pain.

She wasn’t a virgin anymore.

Tears shot in her eyes. She was in the process of being raped. She had
lost her virginity to a rapist. No turning back. No first time with
the man she loved. No wonderful memory that she could tell her
grandchildren. Robed off the one precious gift she had to give.
Lost… forever. Being raped.

“A virgin?!”

The cop’s voice was shrill, his scream painted in disbelieve.

“You’re kidding’ me!”

Katrina felt the man’s cock deep inside her body. The massive, long
penis filled her out, stretched her vagina. Her face distorted into a
grimace of endless pain; tears streaming down her soft cheeks.

“No, man. She is….,” the bulky man coughed while pushing his cock
deeper into the young woman’s vagina. He started pumping…

“God, she’s tight!”


Katrina’s vagina went into a cramp; the pain was unbearable. And with
each thrust the pain grew in intensity.

The bulky man grabbed her hips, pressing his fingers hard around the
bones, hard into the skin, hearing the sound the red leather
made…enjoying it.

But there was nothing in the world…no feeling, no action, no…that
came close to the joy he felt while having his rock hard cock in this
virgins vagina.

He pushed her hard, thrusting deep and hard into her. And her wining,
her sounds of pain let his arousals grow. Faster and faster he went,
noticing that the make shift table shook underneath the weight and

The cop just couldn’t believe what was happening. Why had he been so
dumb to let his pal take the first fuck? If he had known that this
Katrina bitch was still a virgin, he would have found some excuse to
be her first. God, she was a beauty.

He walked over to the side of the table, watching the uneven pair
having sex. He looked her face. It was distorted by all the pain and
fear. His own erection grew.

The cop let his gazes wander down her body. Her midsized tits, her
flat stomach, and their… his friends cock went into the beautiful
body without harming the red leather. He shook his head; this was

The bulky man had his eyes half closed while his fingers still held
their firm grip of the girl’s hips. His lower body had become a
machine, self guided and without any control by him. He rammed his
cock deep into the tight hole; again and again…

Subconsciously his hands let go of her hips and moved upwards over the
cool, red leather. It was so incredibly erotic…skin tight, bright
red, no room for any lazy fat…her figure was perfect…and he cupped
her breasts, pressing them hard, hearing the sound when the leather
was squeezed…

And a thought came up…

The man opened up his eyes and looked at the cop while he kept on
fucking Katrina Kaif.

“The…,” he couldn’t find his breath, “….the sprays….!”

The cop shook his head, his forehead in a frown.

The bulky man, his head in a deep red, pointed at the actress’s

And then his pal smiled; he knew what the man wanted.

He went over, grabbed the spray bottle and pointed it at the firm
hills, protected by the durable leather. And he pressed the button…

A fine layer of the liquid hit the leather. The cop moved the bottle
from left to right and then pulled the bottle away again. He then
pointed at the breasts.

“Your pleasure…”

“Thanks man.”