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The bulky man coughed, breathing hard, still moving in and out of her.
His big hands were hovering over Katrina’s breasts. It was as if he
couldn’t decide whether he should touch them, whether it was

But then he let his hands down on the tits.

Katrina’s eyes opened up and she saw everything in a blur. Blinking
she tried to clear her sight from tears. She was in a state of trance.
All the pain in her body seemed to be unreal, distant and not
connected to her self. She felt each bump, felt the bulky man’s cock
entering her body each and every time. She felt… she felt his
massive hands on her breasts. And when her sight had been cleared she
saw his fingers … on … or more accurately in the red leather. Her
suit had become somehow liquid; somehow moving around the man’s
fingers (and his cock)…

And the bulky man started massaging, started pressing her firm

It hurt… More tears filled her eyes and her head sank back.

A cry of pain escaped her mouth.

A cry of pain filled the small cellar room. The bulky man looked down
on his prey and screamed out his satisfaction, his pain…sweet
pain…sweet… He kept on moving, still …harder, even harder …
his cock went deep down her body.

And, oh God, she was tight, so tight…

He was close, so close…

Pressing the warm, soft tits, pushing him self again and again into
the hole. Pure lust, pure satisfaction, God, she was good.

She had closed her eyes again, holding herself on the table with
hurting fingers. She felt him and was thinking that this was it. So,
this was how it was… this thing in her. Her first time. How often
the young woman had dreamed about her first time. How often she had
thought about a man, still only a shadow, the man of her dreams.

This man was supposed to be her first lover. Love, endless love and
the warm physical union. It was supposed to be a very special occasion
in a woman’s love. And now Katrina lay on a makeshift table in a dark
cellar. She lay there, on her back, her legs spread and a fat and
smelling man had pushed his fat cock into her vagina. And she still
couldn’t accept the fact. She couldn’t believe that this ugly and
violent creature was her first man.

More tears…

It hurt so much.

And then the creature began to move faster, harder. It was like he
could feel the end coming. Against her better judgement Katrina opened
up her eyes and looked at the fat creature between her firm thighs.
She looked up and felt a difference…

He moved faster with each push…

He coughed…

Breathing faster, pushing harder…

Even harder…faster….faster…

And his fingers were digging as deep as possible into Katrina’s
breasts. This time holding them, not moving any longer. Only harder,
deeper into them…

And then it happened…

He was screaming out loud…

His lower body hit her pelvis one last time…

Sperm shot out of this creatures cock.

Sperm shot out it and entered Katrina Kaif vagina.

Sperm shot deep into her. Sperm had entered her.

And some of it ran back out; slowly down her ass and hitting the
makeshift table.

Katrina Kaif became one shivering, shaking bundle when the bulky man
pulled himself out of her red and swollen pussy.

He let go of her aching breasts and stumbled backwards. The young sexy
actress felt his weakening cock gliding out of her body. And when it
was out, when the vagina was in a situation like minutes before, a
very strange sensation filled her. Somehow she had become another
person. A person detached from the innocent young lady on the table.

She wasn’t stronger…

She wasn’t a tough girl.

She only was different.

And after all, she became somehow more aware that she had been raped.

Katrina let her legs come together and felt the joints screaming out
loud in pain. She felt the hot and burning sensation of her breasts.
They had been squeezed and mistreated for some time now and the pain
subsided only marginally.

And then, all of a sudden the girl figured out why she felt different,
why she was another person now: -There is no joy… no joy any

As long as Katrina could remember there had been fun and an incredible
sense of an open sky where everything was possible. She had led a life
of possibilities, a life that had made sense, was valuable. But those
days were over now. Those days…

No she was a bundle of shivering flesh. A woman, who had been raped,
had been robed of her innocence. There was no joy.

The bulky man had stumbled against one of the cellar walls. There he
stood, breathing heavily and felt his flesh returning to a normal
state. He felt his breathing slowing down and involuntarily grabbed
his pants to pull them up again. When he had closed them without
looking at the zipper or the button, he looked at his friend.
And this friend, this cop, was also leaning against one of the walls
where he had the broadest grin on his face.

“Good, hmm?!” A smile.

“Yeah man, real good. Why don’t you take your turn?”

The cop pushed himself from the wall and moved closer to the slim
woman in a read leather suit. And while he moved, he already opened up
his pants.

“Katrina, honey, you are about to get the fuck of your life.”

She looked at him and the cop felt immeasurable joy when he detected
the fear in her features.

He saw her pressing her legs together, saw the bright red leather
going into small waves. And he felt his cock rising to a state where
it hurt.

“Come on, Katrina, you’re not really thinking you can stop me from
having a little fun with your … body, aren’t you!?”

She just lay there, starring at him. She was shivering and crying and
he knew she would do anything to get away from him if only she was
able to.

But luckily she wasn’t able to get away. No man, she wasn’t…

“Alright, babe.”

He had reached the slim, young woman and was standing over her now,

“What shall I do with you, babe…what shall I do?”

Suddenly the corners of his mouth lifted.

“Mhhh, babe…you want to have another pussy fuck? Or …,” the cop
stopped talking and the smile broadened.

“Now I know…”

And before Katrina could react, before she had the chance to form a
single thought she was grabbed by her shoulders and turned around.

A scream escaped her mouth when her face hit the untreated wood of the
table. She saw blood, her own blood and without thinking her hands
grabbed the upper edge of the wood to hold herself. He couldn’t …
no, he…

-Oh God, please don’t. It can’t be. Please make him stop-

But God was on a vacation.

He did not listen to Katrina Kaif.

“So baby,” the thin man, the cop, bent over her side till his face was
close to Katrina’s face.

“Ever had a cock up your….,” and he padded the firm, the muscular
buttocks, framed by skin tight read leather. Small sounds so typical
of hitting a buttock filled the small room.

“…ever had a cock up your anus, Katrina baby?!”

It was like a bucket of ice cold water had been turned over her head.
Katrina stopped moving, stopped thinking.


“I didn’t think so.”

But her remark wasn’t supposed to be an answer to his question. Of
course she didn’t have a cock in her ass before. She had never been

-No, no, no, no…God, please…please…-

“But there is a first time for everything….”

He was laughing out loud when he again hit her ass.

Katrina closed her eyes again and pressed her forehead hard onto the

-Don’t think, don’t think….-

But there was still the pain in her vagina. Still there was the pain
in her breasts. There was no way she could make herself believe that
everything was fine.
And there were those images her mind was creating. Images, pictures of
what was about to happen. And those pictures made her just crazy.

Suddenly no word was said. She could hear herself breathing, could
hear a rumbling behind her back.

A sound…

Too familiar…

The sound of horror. The signal for endless pain… a hissing

Katrina Kaif was screaming on the top of her lungs when she felt the
spray hitting the read leather that so far had protected her anus.

And only a short moment passed when the girl heard the sound the
zipper made. She heard the chiming, heard the hard breathing of a man
who was aroused.

Fingers touched her thighs from the inside and pressed them apart.

“No, no, no, no….,” she whispered knowing that there was no way

And the thin man in his light blue shirt placed his hands on her back
while he was speaking no word. There was no word to be spoken. No word
left. He had told her what she had to know, what he wanted to do.

A small, a light touch on the red leather, a little more pressure,

-It’s his penis….-

Tears hitting the light brown wood…

And then again there was this most peculiar sensation.

Chemicals were altering the consistency of the leather…and matter
passed through.

The tip…wet…filled the small whole…

More pressure….and the buttocks gave way, were moving aside.

A loud groan…fingers pressing hard into her flesh, into her pelvic

He stepped forward…giving more and more pressure, pressing his penis
as hard as he was able to against Katrina’s anus…

And all of a sudden the red and swollen cock entered the young woman’s

At first it was a slow process since the cop had to push into a part
of her body that had never been used this way. But his erection was so
strong, his will to perform the rape so high, that there was no real
barrier. He pushed his manhood deeper and deeper, pressed her buttocks
apart, and opened up the small hole.

Katrina Kaif anus was screaming out loud in total pain. Her face was a
distorted grimace, a reflection of the pain she felt. Tears were
starting to stream down her soft cheeks. And then he was entirely
inside her ass.

The cop, his face red, streams of sweat running down his features,
held the girl by her hips and started fucking her. He pushed his cock
deep into the shaking body, pushed it hard, with all the lust, all the
might he had. Each and every time he entered her he heard the sound of
pain escaping her. He enjoyed it, loved it, felt power like he always
did when he had one of those victims in this cellar. He pushed hard
and without thinking his hands were gliding up the red leather. He
somehow was stroking the cute girl, the celebrity. Yes, this was the
ultimate satisfaction. Katrina…

He legs were shaking; her muscles almost gave way when she laid there,
her front pressed to the makeshift table. Her fingers wrapped around
the edge of the wood, pain soaring up her nerves. But that pain was
completely wrapped in the pain she felt in her anus. Katrina felt
humiliated, felt used as a piece of meat, felt less than an ant on the
ground, underneath one mans boot. She felt the hot and soaring pain in
the ass, felt the mans cock were it did not belong, felt him filling
her ass…
And she was yelling out loud. She did not care if she was going to be
punished or not. She just did not care anymore. The pain was
unbearable. And each thrust of his cock brought her closer to fainting

Sweat was running between the red leather and her skin while the table
made noises that told her that it would break down some time soon.
Again and again the peace of meat was gliding into her ass, hurting
her, bringing her closer to the end.

The cop only saw the slim and very beautiful girl underneath him. The
only thing he regretted was that he wasn’t able to see her face. Only
the back of her head… but there was this magnificent body in that
leather suit. It fitted her like a glove, like a second skin. And the
best was that thanks to the spray he got from his pal, he was able to
give it to her without removing the suit. God, he was thankful for
being alive…

He pushed it again into her, heard her moaning, heart her crying and
the pleasure was building up. It was the heat that came rushing; it
was the pleasure, the pain in his manhood, the lust that grew. And he
gave it to her, oh yes; he gave it to that little bitch. That rich
little bitch. That beautiful little whore. She was suffering, he knew,
but he liked it very much. He was groaning when he pushed his hurting
cock deep into the slim girl’s ass. He felt it being tight around him,
felt it vibrating in pain and the feeling of intense pleasure grew by
the second. The room spun around him and distorted in a blur. He heard
his pal, heard the fat man, the bulky man say something. Yet, the cop
did not comprehend it, did not comprehend anything…

Again and again he pushed himself deep into the tight hole. He heard
her mumbling, heard his victim, heard… heard his own moaning as it
grew louder and louder. It hurt, his cock hurt so much, but he was
unwilling to stop what he was doing. The horizon came close, the road
of pain, the road of pleasure thinned out when…

The cop was screaming out loud…

The girl in red was screaming…

The girl in the leather suit was screaming…

Katrina Kaif was screaming out loud when she felt him explode insider
her body…

Sperm shot out of him, shot out into the depth of Katrina’s ass.

Her buttocks started shaking in pain; her knees suddenly became so
weak that she was not able to hold herself any longer. And even her
fingers gave way…
But when the cop felt her body weakening he just grabbed her pelvis
again, held her steady when he kept on pushing. He did not want this
to end. He felt all there was leaving him, flooding the back of the
young woman’s body. He felt himself growing weaker, felt the pleasure
subside. Though he did not want it, though he kept on pushing till it
hurt too much, he realized that the end of this had come.

The man in the light blue shirt, with a shiny golden badge on his
front, was breathing hard and felt himself relax. He looked down on
the woman in red and then suddenly pulled himself out of her anus. And
he still couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the red leather
returning to its original state. There was no scratch, no hole,
nothing that told him what just had happened. But the man had raped to
many people that he did not know how Katrina’s ass would looked like,
right now.
It certainly was red and wet and as sure as hell there would be blood
between her buttocks. The cop started laughing out loud.

“Oh man, this babe is hot.”

Katrina fell down and hit the floor.

This time neither the cop nor the bulky man cared about it anymore.
They were looking down on her, observing her pain. They then looked at
each other and started grinning.

“What do you think?”

“Well,” the cop said, “I think we keep her.”

“Yeah man, it is a shame that we can’t go any further right now.”

Katrina looked up at her captors, her eyes red and swollen, and tears
covering her face. She just had gone through hell, had been robed from
her dreams and had been treated like a piece of meet. But what she had
just heard turned everything else in to something not worth thinking

“What…?” she shook her head in disbelieves, “please don’t,
please…please let me go.”

But the two men did not seem to care about her words.

“Don’t worry; man…we’ll have her in no time.”

They had closed their pants and both of them looked very much relaxed
when they started leaving the small cellar room.

Katrina reached out for them, begging, asking, and crying. They had to
let her go…

She was too weak to stand up, her body hurt too much, but she started
crawling over the light grey floor, still holding out one hand.

“Let me go!”

Her fingertips touched the cop’s right leg and he shook a little; like
he had been hit by light electricity.

“Don’t you ever do that again, pussy hole.”

Then he kicked Katrina hard into her side.

The young girl was screaming out in pain. She stopped asking her
captors, stopped trying to get out, to persuade the men. Instead she
rolled up in a foetal position and let the pain take over. More tears
were streaming down her face while she was covered by pain.

The men left the room and the bulky man shut the door.

When they were in the other room they looked at each other again.

“What do you reckon we do to her next time?” the bulky man asked.

The cop smiled at him and caressed his own chin.

“I think young Katrina Kaif should get something to drink.”

The bulky man looked at his friend. First not getting the meaning of
his friends words, but soon he figured that out.

He then started laughing out loud.

“You mean something white?”


The cop and the bulky man started going up the stairs to the little
shop. They shook with laughter and each of them already felt the urge
to pay her involuntary guest another visit.

Katrina lay broken on the floor of her cell, crying constantly. She
felt empty and hollow, felt beyond pain, beyond the comprehension of
her situation.
Raped, raped, raped…

Her brain was filled by that single word. She still felt a throbbing
pain in her vagina and in her anus while she involuntarily shifted
position in order to ease the pain.

But over all there was the threat of the future.

-They will come again… oh God, please let me go. Please….-

They would come again.

Again… and again.

And nobody knew if ever Katrina Kaif would see the sky again.