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Seducing Bhabhi

Mine is a real incident and not an exaggerated one. This is the encounter with my sister in law, who is 34 yrs of age. She has huge beautiful breasts. My first sex experience was with her. My name is Joshi (Name Changed) from coimbatore . . What I am going to write is a true story that happened to me. While I was studying there my eldest brother got married. I could not attend the function since we were allowed to home only on vacation that also once in two years.

When I came home on vacation, my brother had the first baby. My sister in law was lean but had big breasts. I could not help staring at those ripped pumpkins. I used to masturbate thinking of her big boobs. She is a jolly person and we used to crack jokes but I never showed my inclination towards her because she should be seen as my own mother. After the vacation I went back for my studies. In the same year my elder brother got married and eldest brother and family shifted to a rented house. When I came home for a second vacation this incident happened. In sister in law’s family they are three girls. Her father was working in a company which has three shifts. One day my eldest brother asked me to stay an over night in his rented house. The reason was my sister in law’s mother had fever and was hospitalized and my brother had to be there in the hospital as by stander for a night. I reached the house around 7 p.m. My brother came at 8 p.m. after closing the shop. He had dinner and went to the hospital. In his house there was only one Bed and Uma (my sister in law) is afraid to sleep alone. I was asked to share the bed. I laid on the side of the bed and her daughter (3.5 yrs) at the center and she on the other side of the bed. I was thinking of her big boobs and my penis got erected. I could not sleep at all. I was nervous but gathered some courage and slowly touched her foot with my foot. There was no response and denial. Slowly I stared to massage her feet and no response! I decided to go for the big one, now my feet was resting on her thigh It was very difficult to touch her thigh since the baby was sleeping in between us. There was no response from her at all. I thought she might be in deep asleep. But I decided to go further. I put my toe on her pussy the only thing that was separating me from here pussy was here under wear. I stared to masturbate her and now I knew that she is enjoying it bust pretending to be asleep. Now my penis was hard like rock. I gathered some courage and touched her pussy with my hand. Now she got up and started to scold me. I knew that it was my mistake and felt ashamed. I said nothing and went into the other room and spent the night there cursing my self for what I had done. Early morning at 5.30 I went home. After this incident I avoided all the functions where she was present. I was afraid to look at her. By July end I went back for the studies. She never mentioned about this incident. I used to visit her on my vacation and she acted as if nothing had happened. We became good friends and a typical sister brother relation. I felt bad of what I had done and always blamed my self. After my studies I came back home and started working in Cochin for two years . The real thing happened last year. It is very difficult for me to go home everyday and so I was using the accommodation provided by the company. I was not happy with accommodation since you do not have any freedom. I decided to take a house for rent. To get a house for rent was difficult since I was a bachelor. I could mange to get a house anyway with my friend’s help. By this time I changed my old phone to New Nokia 6680. Since my friend ahs mobile shop I could get all those software and the dirty clippings. On all Saturday’s I go home and back to work on Monday. On one Thursday there was a function at my house. My elder brother’s (We are 7 in my family. One sister and 6 brothers) marriage was getting fixed. Since it was a small function we decided to prepare the food for them. My sister in law is a good cook and we decided she can lead and the rest can help her. Now my eldest brother has his own house and three children. On Wednesday he phoned me up in the after noon and told me to pick sister in law from his house to my house. I went there with my bike and she was in a blue sari and matching blouse. She sat behind my bike and headed for my home. During our ride her beautiful breast touched my back and I thought it was a mistake and felt nothing. She started press her boobs and now I understood she is doing it deliberately. My penis started to erect and I want relive my self. As soon as we reached home I went into my room and masturbated. Now I was okay. After around 15 minutes she came to my room and saw my new nokia 6680. I told her that it is a good phone and it has so many functions and even movie can be seen. She took the video option and started to view the movie clips. Now I remembered that there are some dirty love making clips also in the phone and snatched the phone from her. She felt bad thinking that I took the phone away because it is an expensive phone and she might spoil it. I could not convince her. At last I told her there are some dirty clips. Now she wanted to view them and I had no other way. Seeing that clips I got aroused and touched her big breasts (I wanted this moment around 10 yrs before). She gave a positive response. I squeezed her breasts and gave kiss on her neck. Nothing else we could do there. She started to phone me up now and share her feelings that her husband is not that interested in sex and she is longing for an orgasm. I told her we do not have chance and place. If we have one let us do it. I was asked by my brother to take her to an ayurvedic doctor for her head ache treatment. Later I knew that it was her decision to meet the doctor . We came to kovai on my bike. From place to kovai is 2 hrs of journey. She was wearing a red sari and she looked so beautiful. Her breasts did not rest during the trip. They were punching me like anything. Her right hand was on my thigh and occasionally she touched me hard cock. We came to my rented house. I could not resist my self I started to kiss her neck while my hands were working on here huge breasts. I squeezed them at least for 15 minutes. While licking her ear she starred moan and grabbed my cock. I removed her sari and took her to my bed room I told her to lie down on my bed. I licked her navel, stomach drinked her fingers. I sucked here breasts with the blouse on. Slowly I unhooked each hook of her blouse. I wanted to linger there for few more minutes. But she was so aroused and removed my clothings and put my cock straight to her waiting pussy. Within 10 minutes she had 4 orgasms. We lied on the bed. She told me that my cock is very big and she liked it. I asked whether she wanted one more shot and she told me she is tired and not now. We had to go back home and her head ache was gone. Now I knew I became doctor for her. After this incident we are looking for chances to meet each other for another ride but could not. Whenever I go home I visit her and if a chance holds her breasts giving a massage. Whenever she phones she says she wants to suck my huge cocks and I really want to do so but not getting a chance.