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Seducing hot maid Malti

Hi readers, today I am going to tell you a story about how I fucked my maid Malti. My name is Amit Singh, and as the son to an extremely wealthy head of a pharmaceutical company my social circle has always been very limited. Even by my eighteenth birthday, I could count on my fingers how many people I met that had been my own age. All my life I was surrounded by people much older than I was, and I felt like I was stuck in the history museum. This was true for boys and girls, so I was never really able to date as much as I would have liked. It hit me suddenly in the middle of the night a few days after my 18th birthday that I had never even kissed a woman before. Well, once that thought was in my head there was nothing else that could distract me. I had sex and women on my mind constantly, and with only my computer along with my imagination to hold me off. I felt like I was going crazy. I needed to lose my virginity, I had to fuck. Now understand that my estate, despite it’s large nature, had very little need for servants. Groundskeepers and chefs mostly stayed to their workplaces, while the butler did most of the tidying up around the house.

But a small issue with a few of my father’s precious silverware missing led to the firing and rehiring of many of the staff suspected in the robbery. With the butler gone, someone new had to occupy his position. And who my father found was exactly what I had been searching for. A maid, probably about in her mid 30s from Bihar. She had jet black hair, breasts that barely fit within her uniform, and an ass that pushed out against the dress. She was able to tell us her name, Malti, and very little else. Apparently she had just moved to Delhi and spoke very little Hindi but could understand it fine. She came with the plan that her husband would be able to come shortly after. Once she began to work at the house I couldn’t stop looking at her. I would find myself searching out for her, hiding around corners and taking pictures of her for me to use later.

About a month after her arrival, my father came to me and told me that he would be leaving for a week, an important business meeting in China. Something so drab and boring never sounded so perfect to me. I watched him off, waving to him and wishing him luck as the chauffeur drove him off to the airport. I rushed back inside, and made my way to Malti as soon as I could. I informed her of my father’s departure, and told her she would need to stay late tonight at the house in order to clarify some of her duties. She seemed to understand what I said, nodding along. It took everything in me not to stare at her tits as they bounced up and down. I left her and went up to my room, preparing for the night. The whole day, I could feel myself shaking with nervous excitement. Finally, I would be able to fuck a girl, and one that looked absolutely perfect! When night finally arrived, I heard the knock on the door I had been expecting all day. I calmly opened the door, and Malti stepped inside with her head down and hands clasped.

“You wanted to speak, sir?” I could feel my cock getting harder as the words left her mouth. Her voice was sweet, and her accent made her sound all the more exotic.

“With my father gone, you are going to be completing some extra duties for me. You will of course be paid extra for this…” I closed the door as she stepped completely into the room and she nodded her head.

“It would be my pleasure sir,” I smiled and moved to sit on the edge of my bed.

“I see you’ve been working on your english. It’s very good.” A smile grew on her face and got more comfortable on the bed, my cock fully hard within my pants. She didn’t seem to take notice as she spoke,

“What exactly did you have in mind sir?”

“For now…undress for me.” He face became bright red and she covered her mouth in embarrassment.

“I’m not sure I understand…” I smiled and stood up, walking to a nearby briefcase I had prepared. I opened it, and removed a large stack of money from in, throwing it onto the floor in front of her.

“As I said before, you will be paid in full for your duties. There is much more than that if you listen to me, I promise you that.” She stood silent for a moment, staring at the cash on the floor. I made my way back to the bed as she picked up and examined it, running it through her fingers. Even her doubt had a sort of sexiness to it, the look on her face as she bit her lip considering my offer was enough to make my cock throb. She placed the money down back on the floor and sighed, her face still a dark red. She began to undo the back of her dress slowly, letting it slip carefully off her body. She stood there covering herself in just a tiny bra and jet black panties. I motioned for her to turn, and I took out my cock as she showed me her ass. “Bend over…” She moved slowly, and I stood up to walk over to her. I slapped her bottom with some force, and she let out a small whimper. I smiled as I saw the red mark remaining on her ass in the shape of my hand. “Stand back up now.” She did exactly as I said, and I reached around her cupping her tits in my hands. I grinded up against her, by cock rubbing against her from within my pants.

“Please sir, I have a husband.” I began to kiss her neck and she let out a soft moan. Even as she resisted I knew she was still enjoying it. I kissed up her neck, and whispered in her ear.

“This will all be for you, with the money you can bring him here as soon as you like” I moved my hands down her body, and reached into her panties. She was already a little wet, and her moan grew much louder as I rubbed her slowly.

“I’m saving myself for him sir…” I smiled and stood back.

“You want me to stay out of your pussy? Fine…there are other things we can do.” I walked over to the briefcase and took out another bundle, tossing it onto the bed. She moved toward it right away, and stood by the side of the bed. “Take off your panties and bra now.” she nodded, and stripped the last of her clothes away. I made a look to the bed, and she sat on the side of it. I finally undressed, letting out my throbbing cock. Her eyes widened as she saw what I was intending, and I jerked myself off as I walked toward her. “Mouth. Now.” She looked up at me, her innocent eyes darting back and forth from my face to my cock. She took it in her hand and placed her lips around it. I felt like I could cum right there, spilling my load all over her face but I held back. She began to move her head back and forth, forcing my cock deeper into her mouth. She clearly had experience, and seemed to handle my cock with little problem. Finally I couldn’t hold back, and grabbed her head forcing it into her throat. She gagged out loud and tapped my legs to tell me she had enough.

I ignored her, and fucked her face quickly moaning out loud while my dick slid back and forth. Finally, I let go and she gasped for air, laying back on my bed as she coughed up spit and my precum. I stood back and looked at her as she caught her breath, jerking my cock. She was a mess, covered in her own spit from sucking my cock and her ass still red from my spank. I grabbed her ass, and pulled it into me. While she let out a whimper of protest. I rubbed my cock against her asshole, feeling how tight it was. I began to push into it with my cock while she let out a scream. She bit the sheets as I pushed my whole rod into her, and when I began to thrust she began to moan constantly. I started to move faster, my cock throbbing while it destroyed her tight ass. I spanked her, and she let out a shriek of surprise. I felt the cum building up and I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I pushed deep inside her ass, and exploded feeling the pleasure run through my entire body. She moaned low and I pulled out my dick watching my cum pour out her ass. Malti laid there, sweating and breathing hard while my cum sat inside her. I reached my phone, and took a picture of her laying there. She looked at me with wide eyes and I laughed.

“Remember baby, one week. This is just in case the money isn’t enough. Now get dressed, you can go now.” I placed another wad of cash on her clothes as I went to the bathroom. After I turned on the shower I could hear her open my door and leave the room. After I showered, I got into bed with a huge smile on my face. I had finally done it, and the fun was far from over.