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Seducing sexy maid

I am a student 19 years.To Start with I always had a different approach towards girls. First used to act like a innocent one and then befriend them and get favour. But one day the favour turned the best.There was a woman working in my house and she was around 26 yrs and had a son and her husband is our driver.They used to live in our building. I used to watch her daily.

Man she damn sexy boobs and anyone seeing them would try to grab them immediately and suck them. One day my family members went to shopping I was alone with her and she was washing the utensils and I went to her showing the accupunture pen I bought recently and told her that it is to test whether she is physically fit.


First I kept pen on her hand and then took her forearm and held her nerve and said I cant get heart beat and said wait a second and suddenly kept a hand in her blouse she was not wearing any bra so I held her she was bit shocked and resisting and I said we share a good relationship nothing is bad about it and tried to see the nipples by pulling them out.

Then also she was resisting but the effort lessened. I tried to open the hooks but she resisted totally so I left her. The next day she went to upper room to get something I went following her and then said I forgot to doa test yesterday and again kept my hand and this time there was no resistance so seeing the chance I pulled the boob out of bra from the gap available and started sucking it.

She started enjoying it. Then I heard somebody’s voice and left her in a hurry as I was scared that I would get caught. After that one time when she was in my room I suddenly came from back and pinched on her boobs and she kept a different face and said that if we would get caught then it would be a big problem. I said nothing will happen.

I all of sudden got hold of her boobs and tried opening the blouse. This time luck was mine I opened upto 2 hooks and she resisted and I started sucking boobs.Then went on sucking for 10min and then I left her boobs and kept a hand in her pussy slowly and she suddenly gave a cry and said it was paining I left her as I didnt

want her in pain as she might next time save herself from me. After 1 month again I got a chance this time I did samething but in process we both lied down due to the force with which I was sucking her. then I tried to remove her saree but she resisted so I had just kept sucking and then moved over her body and touched all her privates.

Then came the day I was looking forward for. My parents went to my native place for Pongal and I had to stay because I had exam. they left two days before Pongal. The next day as usual she cam for cleaning my house and as she was about to leave I made an excuse that she left something uncleaned in my room.

She went and I suddenly grabeed her and started opening the blouse as I was clumsy she said she would open it for me and I sucked them then removed her saree. She was nude before me and was going mad I took my virgin cock and inserted in her pussy I didnt know much about foreplay so I did this and then started fucking her she was tight and said that she hadnt

had sex since her child is born who is 8yr old. I had 3 ejaculations and she had 5 ejaculations. I tried doggystyle but she was not interested so I didnt. We did this for two or three times. Then my parents came and she left after a few days as her dad was dead and she wanted to stay in her village and work there. I was sad that I lost my fucking partner and my mom was sad that she lost a good maid. Please post your comments.