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Seducing the Campus Bitch

Everyone in the Sharma Kachodiwala, a favorite campus eatery, could see that Akash and Devika were very much in love. When they danced a slow dance, and they never missed one, their bodies fit like clothing. She would rest her head on his shoulder and do something with his ear, either whispering or nibbling. He always had his hands firmly ensconced on her perfectly formed ass, making him the envy of every male in the room.

Those that recognized her, and knew her reputation as the untouchable legendary Ice Queen, could only marvel at her transformation. She certainly was anything but icy now. The way she rubbed her generous breasts against his chest and ground her pelvis into his, it was a marvel that he managed to survive an entire dance with dignity intact. Not that either of them were immune, far from it. Akash sat down quickly at the end of the dance to conceal a massive erection. Devika excused herself to “powder her nose.”

When she returned, she slid in behind the table next to him. She reached in her purse and nonchalantly handed him a small bundle of pink nylon. If he hadn’t guessed from the color and material, a distinctive heady scent announced that he was holding in his hands a freshly worn and very damp pair of panties. Not to be outdone by her brazen public presentation, Akash lifted the damp garment to his nose and inhaled deeply before placing it in his pocket. He took this gift as an invitation to a private one man party under her skirt as, in fact, it was meant to be.

The Dhaba used long table clothes for discretion, since randy young couples were known to do outrageous things underneath the tables. Akash summoned the waitress, ordered a bottle of wine, chatted with the waitress in a perfectly charming manner, and carried on a perfectly normal conversation with his beautiful girlfriend. The whole time his right hand never appeared above the table. His right hand as though operating completely independently of the rest of his body, was in the midst of a torrid sexual experience. He lifted her skirt and rolled it back so that if he looked down he could see his hand playing with her.

As soon as he touched her he found that she was very wet indeed. “Devika, my pet, are you going to be this wet for me tonight. I like you wet, very wet.”

“You make me wet, lover. And yes tonight, I’ll get even wetter just thinking about you making me a complete woman, your woman. Oh Akash, I’ve waited so long to give my virginity to someone who really cares. You really care, don’t you my love.”

“Till the end of time, Devika. You are so beautiful, how could I ever love another. Where would I find a woman like you?”

As he was mouthing these endearments and gazing into her eyes, he was teasing her by lightly brushing the tender skin on the inside of her thighs with the back of his hand. This denied her the more intimate touch for which she longed. She squeezed her thighs together trapping his hand against her labia. He took a free finger and managed to just reach her clit. Using the tip of his finger, Akash applied it directly to the little nub which we rubbed rapidly in a circle. Her legs flew open as if she had received an electrical shock. It freed his hand as he knew it would. This was way too much direct stimulation. To soothe away the effect of the shock, he used his hand now to soothingly pet. He stroked the length of her pussy stopping along the way to greet and tease each point of interest; her rosebud, her opening, the lips, the clit all received his attention. He slowly worked two fingers inside her, and despite her copious lubrication; her virginal passage was still a firm fit. With the skill born of practice, Akash unerringly found her G-spot, which he lightly stroked with the tips of his fingers.

Devika was finding it increasingly difficult to sit still, which was of course, the point. So, using the principle that the best defense is a good offense, she turned towards him. To anyone watching, it looked like a couple just snuggling closer together. It also put her in position to where she could open his zipper and pull out his erect organ. Now she matched him stroke for stroke. Every time his fingers thrust into her, she stroked his cock. They both studiously tried to maintain perfect composure above the table, although whether they actually fooled anyone is questionable. Certainly not their waitress who was just tall enough to get a bird’s eye view. She later used a stomach virus to explain her unusual number of trips to the ladies room, and her flushed appearance upon her return.

Akash moved his finger back up to her clitoris. As he brushed by it, she drew in her breath sharply.

She was highly sensitized. He placed his fingertip directly on the nub and very gently began to roll it around and around. In a moment her hand abandoned his erection. She took both hands and grabbed his head and held it in place for a smoldering kiss. He knew what she was really doing was getting ready to use their kiss to smother the sounds of her orgasm. Wheww, whew, she was actually drawing air from him and he felt her body stiffen. Her nails were starting to dig into his scalp. She pulled his mouth so tightly to her and gave a silent scream and she actually bit his lip just a bit. He withdrew his hand just before her thighs clinched shut. He practically had to hold her up as the last of her orgasm dazed her. When she opened her eyes, Akash held his right hand in front of her like a trophy. His fingers shone with a thick layer of her essence, which he carefully and with the greatest possible showmanship, licked clean. Except for the last finger, which he gallantly offered to her. Devika leaned forward with a smile and dramatically sucked it into her mouth and returned it spotless. They kissed, and they could taste her.

Now Devika returned to her interrupted hand job. She leaned forward and alternately nibbled on his neck and whispered graphic descriptions of what she would do to him that night. This served as a delightful background to her gentle stroking of his gloriously erect organ. She had never lost her fascination with that wonderful combination of velvety softness covering the steel rod rigidity at the core. She caressed and she stroked and paid special attention to the sensitive area of the crown. She worked without haste, knowing that with the reliable and uncomplicated libido of the college age male, it was only a matter of time, and not a great amount of time. She felt the precum covering her hands in increasing slipperiness. She listened to the tempo of his breathing. She felt the tightening of the muscles in his abdomen. And finally she saw his eyes start to defocus. Before he was aware enough to warn her, she knew it was time. Her head dropped behind the table as though she was retrieving a stray napkin and slid directly over the head of his cock. She applied a steady suction, and used her tongue to tease the tip while maintaining the same even stroke. Her timing was precise. In a matter of seconds, his seed was handily caught in her mouth and swallowed, with nary a stray drop to betray them.

Authors note: This was due in no small part to the fact that this was an actual human ejaculation of something less than a tablespoon. As opposed to the erotic fiction variety which is at least several mouthfuls, and which has been known to drown heroines who the night before were seen chugging 12 oz. beers without batting an eye.

“Listen sweetheart, hate to eat and run,” Devika said with a giggle, “But I have to meet my study partners at the library to trade books and swap some notes. I won’t be gone that long. Why don’t you just sit at the bar for a while and I’ll be back, thirty minutes tops, I promise.” And with a quick kiss she scampered out of the bar.

Akash took his wine bottle over to the bar and had a seat. A few minutes later a big friendly looking fellow sat down in the seat next to him. He stuck out a big paw of a hand. “Howdy, my name’s Dinesh, I’d buy you a drink but you look pretty well set there.”

Glad to have someone to talk to, Akash took his hand. “Akash here, why would you buy me a drink?”

“Oh, I was just admiring your style, and your taste in girlfriends. If you don’t mind me saying so, that’s about as pretty a thing as I ever seen, and you seem to know how to charm her.”

“Well thank you Dinesh, she is beautiful, and I don’t mind you saying so, on either count. You don’t recognize her then?”

“Nope, but then I’m not from here, just passing through, be gone tonight, gotta get up to Pittsburgh by tomorrow.”

That was perfect for Akash, he needed someone to brag to and it was always safer to talk to someone who wouldn’t be around to spread it in the wrong places. “Oh, that explains why you didn’t recognize the famous Ice Queen.”

“She’s the Ice Queen, you shitting me? She looked anything but cold to me, if she had been any hotter she would have peeled the paint right off the frigging walls.”

“That’s because I’ve spent the whole last semester thawing her out. Before that everyone knew that no one was getting in her pants. You wouldn’t believe all of the stories about her.”

“Try me, this sounds interesting”

“Well, some people claimed she’s frigid, you saw yourself that isn’t true.” Dinesh nodded. “Same for the story that she’s a pure man hating lesbian.”

“Yeah, I think we can knock those off the list from what I saw.”

“Then some claimed she’s a transsexual who doesn’t want anyone to find out.”

” A trans what?”

“Transsexual, you know chicks with dicks. You’ll have to take my word that she doesn’t have one. Then supposedly her old man is a top CBI agent and anyone that screws around with her disappears”

“Sounds like bullshit to me.”

“It is, her dad owns a car dealership in South Delhi. I’ve even seen the letterhead. Then there’s the story that she has a brother that plays pro football who will break the legs of any guy who messes with her.”

“Now that one’s at least possible, if not very likely. Did you check it out.”

“On yeah, damn straight, I mean the point here is to get laid, not laid up. Well, I’ve been through all her family pictures and there is no sign of a brother. But just to be real sure, I had a fraternity brother who’s a big Football nut to check all the team rosters past and present and there has never been a player with her name.”

“That was damn good thinking, you’re a regular Sam Spade or something. Well what is the real skinny on the Ice Queen? she must have done something to earn the name.”

The fact is she’s just not easy. But any girl can be had if you know what you’re doing and you have the time.”

“Like, what did you do that was so special?”

“Persistence, that’s the key, you just have to wear them down. I just kept professing my undying love and devotion. I kept writing her poetry, sending her flowers, all the usual shit. Never crowding her so she’d feel stalked. Just always there for her. Eventually that’ll get any woman. In her case it took a whole semester, but it’ll be worth it. She’s giving up her cherry tonight.”

“So let me see if I’ve got this right, you spent an entire semester just to nail this one piece of tail. Man that sounds like a lot of work for a little nookie.”

“Oh no, it’ll be worth it. First, you saw her, that’s prime grade A choice tail. She’s fucking gorgeous. And remember, we’re talking virgin here, a brand new unused pussy. Now that’s special. Not to mention the cash.”

“Hold on, what cash?”

“My fraternity has a secret pool going on whether or not I nail the Ice Queen. Of course the odds suck now that it’s obvious that I’m going to succeed but I put my money in at better than 10:1 against me. That was back in the beginning when nobody believed in me but me. I stand to clear about 10 grand all together. And all I have to do is keep her in love with me a few more hours.”

“Fuck, that’s some payoff. What about then.”

“Then, fuck if I know, I figure I’ll be a legend, grandfathers will tell the story to their grandkids, and they may put up a statue for all I know.”

“No, I meant what happens to the two of you?”

“Oh, Devika you mean. Oh shit, I’ll string here along and fuck her until the end of the semester which is a few more weeks, and then I was planning to transfer out of state anyway. She’ll come back, I’ll be gone, no forwarding address. I’m sure she’ll have a better life without me.”

“So you’re not really in love with her? You never really cared at all. But when I saw the two of you together today I could have sworn I was seeing the real deal?”

“You shitting me Dinesh? You can’t go around falling in love every time you want to get laid. My motto is, I’m only here for the pussy and the beer. I mean that’s how the game is played. The girls try to lock up all the pussy and we have to get the key. If I have to make love talk to get her to cough up the key, I’ll make love talk. But it’s OK, I’ll give the pussy back, as soon as I’m through playing with it. It’s her fault for believing anything at all from a guy like me. She’ll know better next time. So you see, I’m like a teacher, helping na├»ve girls learn how to handle the real word and avoid guys like me.”

“Here she comes? Not a word now. This is just between us guys, right?”

“Just between us guys. Oh I promise all right” And the huge stranger threw a comradely arm around him and clapped a great paw of a hand on his shoulder

Devika came back beaming. “Oh, great Akash, I see you’ve already gotten to know my half brother Dinesh, did he tell you he plays for the State Football Team?” And Akash felt the hand tighten…