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Seema Teacher

I was in college. Her name is Seema who teaches me management .she is really a hot aunty, aged around 32 but she will look like 25 yr aged girl. I was her favorite student . I lived next to her house. We used to go in the same bus. She used to be very strict in college but in home she was like my friend. My college closes at 5 and we move from college to home by bus. She is a divorce. She lives alone with her child. She has a figure of 36-24-34.

I always had a crush on her but can’t tell her about it as I was a little scared….but I used to Shag daily thinking of her. I forgot to tell u one thing that she was a low BP patient…..One evening when we r traveling in bus she fainted Because of low BP. I just tried to wake her up by sprinkling some water on her face. But she didn’t wake up so I lifted her in my arms and ran to a hospital in my college campus .when I was holding her in my hands .my fingers touched her soft boobs and her sexy butt and

I was tensed and my prick got hard but I realized the situation and I controlled myself and I admitted her in hospital. After that I came home thinking of that incident I shagged like hell. After one week she came from hospital she thanked me for saving her. And she asked me to have dinner at her house. The next day was Saturday and I had to go to her house for dinner at night!!my parents weren’t there and they would return only by Sunday morning…I went to her home by 8 o clock .by that time she had prepared dinner and was waiting for me.

I sat on the chair and she served me with all her home made delicacies..she poured soup in ma plate but by mistake she spilled some of it on ma pants she tried to wipe it off by moving her hands all over ma pants. My dick started to get erect as her hands were moving over my penis..she could even feel my erection. I could see her cleavage as she bent down to wipe off the soup out of ma pants…my eyes were glued to her cleavage and I could see her pinkish nipples from below. She saw me starring at her cleavage.

I thought she might give a different look but she gave a different smile. I could make out from her smile that she was interested in me. I went closer to her and she came closer to me. I caught hold of her and kissed her red lips. My hands were moving over her ass and I could taste her sweet saliva in my mouth. I started kissing her neck and came lower down to her breast..she was wearing a coat . I unbuttoned her coat and slid my hands in her bra and I could feel two ripe juicy melons.

By the time I was feeling her ripe melons she unzipped my pants and started touching my banana. She was really excited and she moved her hands inside my brief and grabbed my pole. She made some smooth moves on the tip of my cock and I became really excited and I got high. I unhooked her bra and massaged her boobs and I could feel her nipples getting harder. I pinched her nipples and teased her a little..she was really enjoying it and moaned. I pressed my mouth against her boobs and started sucking her pinkish nipples and she loved that too.

We both moved to the sofa in her drawing room and she lay on the sofa topless .she whispered in my ears that she wanted my cock In her mouth. She unbuttoned my shirt and I was completely naked .she took my penis In her soft hands and started rubbing it . After rubbing it 4 -5 times she took it in her mouth and started sucking my hard dick. It gave me a feeling of being in heaven. She sucked my cock for 5 minutes .when I was about to cum I took my penis out of her mouth and controlled myself.

I removed her pants and she was wearing a pink panty which was damn hot!!I slid my fingers inside her panty and I could feel her shaved pussy in my was wet and damn hot!!! I could feel her clitoris and started rubbing it she moaned in excitement and asked me to suck her pussy. I removed her panty and pressed my mouth against her pussy and started licking her wet pussy . I licked her clits and started sucking her vaginal fluids. And the smell of her fluids aroused me to lick her more and more!

At this time her vaginal fluids squirted in my mouth.. She was enjoying every moment of what was happening and even I was enjoying it a lot she said that she now wanted me inside her We shifted ourselves that She was lying with her legs spread open on the sofa from the front. I brought my penis nearer to her vagina and shoved it inside her pussy but it was difficult for me to shove my penis inside her pussy. After trying for a few times I finally shoved it in. she moaned in pain because after her divorce she never had a chance for sex and so she was enjoying every moment of this!

I started movie my penis in and out of her pussy slowly and gradually gained speed .i started to give her sudden jerks and thuds which she was unable to bear and she screamed in pain and started shouting “ouch ouch fuck me harder !! fuck me harder my boy!!!” my hands were exploring her boobs and I started sucking her hard nipples . I wanted to fuck her in doggy style and she agreed to it. She changed her position and I removed my penis from her pussy and started spitting saliva on her wet pussy as it might help in lubrication.

I licked the pussy one more time and inserted my penis inside her. We both had sex in this position for few minutes and then she wanted to get her ass fucked. I asked her the reason and she told me that her husband would never fuck her ass and she wanted me to fuck her ass. Her ass was tight as it hadn’t been fucked so she applied cream on her ass and little to my penis. She was very tight and I couldn’t enter her easily . But after 2-3 tries I managed to insert my penis inside her ass. It pained her a lot but she asked me to fuck harder .

I could no longer control myself as she was tight and I ejaculated my hot semen deep inside her ass.. I removed my penis from her ass and she took it inside her mouth .she started licking the semen on the tip of my penis and thus she swallowed my pride. Suddenly her child started crying . Listening to her cries she went to her child and made her sleep and came back to me .we both were exhausted and laid on the sofa.. We went to the bed and smooched and slept for 2 hours hugging one another and our bodies completely naked.

At around 11.30 I told her that I wanted to go home. She said that she never had such a sexual experience in her life.