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Service to a 32 year lady

Hello, friends. This is aryan singh from kolkata I’m 19 yrs old and
studying. I provide escort services to ladies of all age in kolkata.
My earlier story got a very good response.Received many emails. Some
emails were from ladies outside kolkata too. So any lady from Mumbai
wishing to avail massage and sex services can mail me sorry for security reasons i made my id with
girls name.
So this story is about a 32 yr old lady whose sister mailed me. She
wanted to meet me personally before finalizing things. So we met and
she told me that she wants to hire me for her younger sis. Her sister
developed faith in me and decided to hire me. Later she texted me her
sister’s WhatsApp number so that we can get comfortable before
sleeping on the bed. I spoke to her. Her name was Ankita. We had some
good chats and phone sex.
Finally came the day when we met. She had invited me at her home. I
reached and she was in a tight t shirt exposing her boob shape. She
was really beautiful and fair. I sat on the sofa and after some normal
talk, she directly jumped on me and kissed me. Her lips were rubbing
my lips. I got to know that she is very horny. We were smooching. Our
lips rubbing each other. Then she took my tongue in her mouth and
started sucking it. She was doing it so well.
Meanwhile my hands were playing with her hair. Then she broke the lip
lock and started kissing me all over. My eyes, my chin, my neck. She
kissed me on my neck and that made me hornier. Then she removed my
t-shirt and started kissing me on my chest. She was kissing my nipples
and started sucking and biting my nipples. I was like aah aah aah.
Then she was a bit ease so I removed her t-shirt. She was in black bra
and was looking lika a sexy angel. Her boobs seemed good. Might be
around 32. I was going mad looking at her cleavages.
Then I started slowly pressing those melons.I smooched her and then
kisses her neck and came down kissing her.Then kissed her around her
boobs. She was moaning heavily and now I knew that she was out of
control. Then she again got on me and she got mad looking at my tent.
She took my pants off and started playing with my cock from over my
undies. I removed her bra and jumped on those softies. Her boobs were
just awesome. I started pressing them and couldn’t resist. And she
was like aah aah aah do it more.
I took some honey and poured it on those boobs. Then I started sucking
those nipples covered with honey. Her erect nipples were teasing me so
I bit them hard. She liked this. Then I was sucking one boob and
pressing the other.Meanwhile, her hands were inside my undies stroking
my cock. After sucking and biting her boobs I eased and now it was her
turn. She removed my undies and credited me for my huge cock.
Then she started stroking them and I was moaning heavily. I released
my cum and this made her mad. She started sucking the tip of my cock
and I was just loving it. Then she took it completely in her mouth and
I was mouth fucking her. Then I was about to cum so she asked to cum
on her thighs. My cock was all wet with the mixture of swati’s
saliva and my cum.
Then I removed her jeans and her panty. Her pussy was cleanly shaved
and pink brownish. I sucked her pussy from above. Then inserted my
tongue inside her pussy licking each and every corner of her pussy.
Then I inserted my finger and finger fucked her for a while. She was
on cloud9. Then she cummed all over my finger. Now she was begging me
to fuck her.
So I wore a condom and placed it on her pussy and started rubbing it.
She was going mad and started shouting at me to insert it inside.
Slowly I inserted my cock inside and she shivered a bit. Then with a
stroke started banging her.Her bouncing boobs made me do it with full
force. I was also pressing her boobs. She was moaning heavily.Then I
cummed and we both took rest. Then I made her bend on the sofa and
banged her pussy. She was enjoying so much. She was screaming and
shouting out of sexcitement.
Then I cummed and we both lay on the bed. We were caressing each
other. Cuddling and kissing. I was pressing her boobs while she was
playing with my cock. My cock rose again and she gave me a naughty
Then I made her bend from behind the sofa while her boobs hanging in
front. I lied on the sofa with those two boobs just above my mouth.
Those erect nipples were teasing me to suck them. I started sucking
them one by one. I kept pressing them and enjoying those melons. Then
I bit those nipples and she screamed. So comforted those nipples with
my tongue. I licked them and she was moaning out loudly.
Then after sucking those boobs completely and emptying all the milk
from those boobs, we got into 69 position sucking and licking each
other’s assets. Her pussy was actually very tasty. Then I nailed her
to the wall and banged her while pressing her boobs. She was in
heaven. Then I took her in my arms and threw her on the bed. I fucked
her in doggy style.
Then we decided to wind up and washed ourselves. And later she texted
me and thanked me for the session. She told me that she never had such
a beautiful and steamy sex ever before in life.
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