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Sex at my office-2

I pushed her top further up and asked her to look at me. Her both
hands were loosely running all over my head with her eyes closed!
Shyly she opened her eyes! I protruded my tongue & slowly touched on
her nipple – with huge moaning, she pushed my head with her hands on
her breast, crushing it! I forcefully took out my head & started
circling my tongue on her right nipple! Her moaning became louder…
“I can’t..suffer..can’t stand Sirrr.. ho.. I can’t”

Meanwhile, my left hand reached her right thighs, slowly & was busy
pampering her thighs. While pushing my hands up, I felt her juice
flown down on her thighs.. I’m sure she might have had multiple
orgasms by this time.

To shorten (if you need details, please write to me my mouth took over both her breasts. I too
could not hold much as my tool started paining. Kept Sucking her one
of her big boobs and my right on went on squeezing the other.. She
moaned loudly! I took at ease.. gave time to her to adjust. After
words I slowly guided her to my Rest-Bed.

You can understand what might have happened to ding-dong (Lund)! He
was rock-steel hard. Poking thru my Pants. First I pulled her right
hand and placed it on my tool, over the pants. She took off her hands
– but I forcefully placed it again and pressed on it. Then she
started pressing it.

After some time, I partly opened my pants and guided her right hand to
my lund over my under-wear. Again she was shocked & took off the hand.
I told her “Please . .” She obeyed .. I made her to take it out &
shake it. I could not control much – My tool sprayed my juice on her
hand and body – so strong a SPRAY – it went many feet away! We
ended that day with a promise to continue the next day, as we both
were exhausted.

Honestly next few days, we advanced our sessions, more & more. To keep
the story short:… (if you need details, pl write to me)

And at last, one day…

We started our session normally, but we both wanted the main course
very badly. On that day, You can imagine how, I might have reached
till her panties. I slowly removed her panty, which was fully soaked.
Fingered her for few orgasms (She has very beautiful & large PINK

Then, after a small break, I made her super HOT. (Sorry, as everybody
simply writes, in our case oral sex was not there in the beginning –
we were urging the main course; of course, after few days onwards, we
too continued our oral sex).

“Sir, don’t kill me like this.. Please give me.. I want you
badly.. please” she started begging..

At last, I slowly tried to enter. We tried many ways – but, she was
under terrific pain, honestly we took three days to do a real fucking!
(with the help of Vaseline & cream). On the third day, I Slowly I
pushed, tears started to flow from her eyes! I asked her “Shall I
stop” she nodded “NOOOO .. I want it. .you kill me . but I need
you badly”.

I slowly, slowly pushed and pushed … And could get just a part
in’’ She started flooding in her VIRGIN vagina with her juice –
My half entered penis could really feel her muscle contractions..
Amazing moans came from her.. She pricked by back. She kissed me very
strongly. She was swirling under me, making all sorts sound. That was
the starting.. The FIRST FUCK! I too could not hold back. I lost
control and pushed my jawan IN and OUT (just few strokes) & emptied
myself in her. She was shocked “Sir, danger NO?” I told, I will
get you pills.

Once, we were through, she was a wild whore. Then onwards we enjoyed a
lot. Worked like a work-holic and enjoyed like mad people. I am
grateful to her. She was very cooperative (SEX LOVED) and adjustable.
But from pressure from home, she had to marry & went. Still we are in
Whatsapp – she still says “Sir, what good times you had given me,
my husband won’t get 10 marks out of 100.