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Helping My Aunt and Uncle

I had just turned eighteen and school had just let out. I was free at last, ready to run around with all my friends and forget about everything. That’s how I had planed to spend my summer but my mom and dad had other plans for me.

“That’s right son.” my dad started.

“Your aunt and uncle need help this summer with stuff around their house and I told them you would be glad to help them out.” He finished and I was shocked.

I tried to talk my parents out of it but there was no way, my mom and dad had made up their minds. My mother had my bags packed already. It was like they wanted to get rid of me or something. I guess they needed some time to themselves. I could see that there was no getting out of it, so I agreed. Mom and dad told me that they would pay me for my work just like it was a real summer job, so that made it a little better.

I arrived on a rainy day and my aunt greeted me at the door.

“It is Nice to see you again Don.” She said as she messed up my hair and gave me a hug.

“Your all wet you’ll caught your death is you don’t get out of those things.”

I nodded and rushed inside my uncle bob was inside, he gave me a large smile. I asked where I was to unpack and my aunt Cathleen told me that I was going to have to sleep on the futon in the living room. It wasn’t too bad and it was big enough for me. I dropped my bags next to the futon and got some dry things.

“You’ll have to change in the bathroom Don just down the hall.” My uncle informed me.

When I came out my aunt and uncle were deep in conversation and talking half under their breaths. They stopped when I entered and they began asking me all kinds of questions. We talked about everything, they asked about mom and dad and how my last year of high school had been. I answered all of their questions; they even asked if I had a girlfriend. I told them that I was to busy studying and getting good grades for girls.

We talked for an hours and they told me that they were going to bed. My aunt and uncle’s house was really small compared to ours. They had a kitchen which was at the end of the living room, a single bathroom and their bedroom.

They went into the bedroom and after about ten minutes my aunt brought me out some blankets and pillows. She was wearing a short pink silk night shirt. She helped me put down the futon bed and as she was making it up, I couldn’t help but notice how good looking she was. My uncle Bob and Aunt Cathleen were bikers and my aunt Cathleen looked the part. She had dirty blond hair, blue eyes and was very well built. She had nice round tits and in her silk top both of her nipples stuck out and you couldn’t’ help but look at them. She had small tattoos on her arm and lower left leg. My uncle Bob was a good looking guy and they made a handsome couple. I found myself looking down her top wishing I could see more as I helped her finish making up the bed. She had nice tanned legs and a small flower tattoo on her right foot. She finished and stood with a smile.

“There you go.” She gave me a hug and disappeared back into her bedroom. I couldn’t help but notice how her hips swung as she walked away. What a women I was thinking as I slipped out of my pants and got into bed. I was just about to go to sleep when their door opened again and my uncle Bob came out.

“Don, can we talk?” He asked as he sat on the end of the bed.

“Sure.” I answered as I sat up.

“I and your aunt Cathleen Can’t tell you how happy we are that you came down here to help us out with our problem.”

I looked at him. What problem was he talking about? Mom and Dad hadn’t told me anything about a problem they just told me that they needed help. I had guessed that meant in the yard or cleaning up or something. They even said that they would pay me for helping out. They never told me about a problem.

“What did your parents tell you before you came down here Don?” He asked.

“Well, they said you and Aunt Cathleen needed some help for the summer.” I answered.

“We do need your help Don and I talked to your dad and asked him to send you down here after he left a few weeks ago. You see Don.” He began.

“About a year or so ago I stopped being able to function sexually. You know, I have been to all kinds of doctors and no one can help. I can’t get an erection any more. Now your aunt and me have always wanted a child and now it looks like that will never happen.” When he finished I was even more confused.

“Your dad and I talked a lot about this and we felt that you could help us out.” He handed me his cell phone.


“Don, how was your trip?” It was my dad.

“Good, it was a long trip but dad what’s up?” Uncle Bob was just telling me.” He cut me off

“Listen Don, your uncle and aunt need your help. Let me start at the beginning.” He paused and I looked over at uncle Bob.

“When I was at your uncle Bob and Aunt Cathleen’s a few weeks ago, we all talked a lot about the fact that they want a kid. I told them that they could get it done artificial but Don that costs a lot of money, so it’s out of the question. What they need is for you to do what they ask and get your aunt and uncle that child.”

“Dad, what are you saying?” I questioned.

“Don’t act so surprised Don you’re an adult now. Look, when your uncle Bob and I were kids we used to take turns banging girls that lived around us. We were about your age when this happened, in fact, that’s kind of what brought this up. Look son, when I was there I was helping them out but I was only there for a few days so bob asked for more help and you came to my mind. It’s ok with me that you help out your uncle and aunt. Now don’t tell your mother about any of this because she would never understand. Just tell her that you did what ever they needed doing. That’s not a lie, not really.” My father was quite for a second and then asked to talk to my uncle Bob again.

“What do you think Don. Think you can help your aunt and me out.” Uncle Bob asked me with a very serious look.

“I don’t know what I can do to help.” I stammered.

“We need your help with Sperm Donations. I know someone of your age jacks off a lot and we just want that sperm Don.” He said with a grin.

“It just doesn’t seem right somehow. I mean she is my aunt and you’re my uncle. What does Aunt Cathleen think of all of this?”

“She’s fine with it boy.” He slapped my leg with a grin.

“Look, why don’t you just forget about sleeping on this silly futon bed and come with me.” He walked into his bedroom. I gulped as I looked at the light coming from their bedroom. I got up and followed him.

My father wanted me to help them so I guess it would be alright. I walked into the room my aunt Cathleen was already laying on the bed. I noticed that all the windows had been covered with heavy blankets and it looked kind of strange.

“Come sit next to me Don.” my aunt patted the bed next to her.

I slowly walked over to that side of the bed and sat down next to her. She lifted up on one elbow and smiled at me.

“I knew you would help us out and believe me I thought about this long and hard before I let Bob and your dad talk me into this.” She shifted on the bed.

“I want to set some rules before we start any of this.”

“Honey, please!” Uncle Bob protested.

“No Bob, I set the rules for this or we are not going to go any farther.” My uncle Bob went quite.

“Ok, Don I know you’re eighteen and just becoming a man but I don’t want you to think that we can just have sex, OK!” She said.

“I guess.” I started to answer but she cut me off.

“And no nasty talking when we are doing this its only to make a baby after all and I told Bob earlier that you don’t have to penetrate me to do this. We will do it just like when your dad was here a few weeks back understand. We just need your sperm.”

My uncle started to say something but she cut him off.

“So you can touch my body a little just to get you aroused and.”

“You had sex with my dad.” I interrupted her.

“No, we never had sex. Just listen to me Don.” She said sounding kind of testy.

“You can touch me but no kissing understood. When your ready you can put you’re sperm in my hand and I will use my fingers to work it into my virgin.” She pointed at me.

“Do you understand? This is not going to turn into some kind of dirty peep show for Bob or you. Do you understand?” Sternly she added.

“And no one else is ever going to know about this, not ever. Not you’re friends, or your mother or anybody. If I hear as much as a word about what we are going to be doing here, if I get even a hint that someone knows I’ll beat you within an inch of your life.” She shook her fist at me and she looked like she meant it.

“I understand.” I said quietly

Aunt Cathleen pulled up her nightshirt off in one motion, she sat there her round tits and pussy in full view. Her tits were huge and she had tiny red nipples that stuck out at least an inch. Her pussy hairs were blond and well trimmed in a small square. I stood there with my mouth hanging open as I took in all of her body. I looked over at uncle Bob and he just pointed towards my aunt Cathleen.

I had made out with girls before and had done some heavy petting, but I had never seen a naked girl before and my aunt was right next to me. This arrangement was not sounding so bad to me after all. Back home I would jack off three or four times a day and this was going to be easy if I could look at my aunt’s naked body doing it.

“Don you might as well get out of your shorts.” Aunt Cathleen told me.

I pulled down my shorts and found I was already almost hard. It was strange standing there in front of my aunt and uncle with a huge hard on. I knew it was wrong but my aunt had already told me that we were not really going to do anything. I was just going to jack off with them here, that was not that bad?

“Turn off the lights now Bob.” aunt Cathleen ordered him.

“I almost can’t see anything if we turn the lights out Cathleen. ” He huffed out a protest.

She flared up and pointed at him, her large tits swinging with her fast movements. He face darkened and I had the feeling that this was never going to happen. She had meant everything she said and I didn’t want her to be mad at me, not after seeing the anger on her face.

“Bob, I’m only doing this so that we can have a baby. I mean, we want a child and this is the only way we can do it. It’s not for pleasure and I don’t want you seeing what we do. If you keep this up you will have to leave the room while I capture his sperm. Is that what you want? I am sure it’s not, now stop acting like a jerk and turn off the lights.”

Uncle Bob turned off the lights and I was surprised at just how dark my aunt was able to make their room. I could just make out their forms in the dark. I could see no detail at all and my aunts beautiful body was totally hidden by the darkness.

“Let’s get onto the bed where we can get more comfortable.” She said.

I could see her form moving onto the darkness of the bed. I rolled on to the other side of the bed and I was half afraid to move. My pecker had gone from almost completely hard to half soft. In the darkness all I could see was Aunt Cathleen’s form on the bed next to me. I felt movement on the bed as Uncle Bob climbed onto the other side.

“Well Don.” She asked me with impatience in her voice. “Are you ready yet?”

I felt a knot form in my throat that would not go away. I was scared to death and my pecker was now completely soft.

“Cathleen.” I heard my uncle saying softly from the other side of the bed.

“I think Dons scared and most probably a virgin.”

Aunt Cathleen giggles as he finished.

“Don are you a virgin?” She asked.

“No!” I replied.

“You never have had sex before, have you?” She asked.

“No never.” I answered quietly.

“OK, tell me what you know about sex then.” She asked as she moved closer to me.

“Well, you know the guy puts his err penis into the girls err private parts and they kind of move around a bit and he leaves his seed in her.” I answered.

“That’s it, now what about before that, before the sex.” She asked.

“What happens before that? Oh, yes that’s called foreplay, that gets both the guy and the girl ready for sex.” I replied.

“Right that part, that’s what we are going to do. Some foreplay, but we will stop before the sex part. Understand?” My aunts’ tone had softened and I could feel her hand playing on my chest as she talked.

I felt uncle Bob moving around on the other side of the bed as Aunt Cathleen’s fingers moved down my body towards my pecker.

“The girl can rub your penis with her hand and get you ready for intercourse.” She added lifting her head up a bit.

I could feel her breath on my neck as she talked; this ran chills up and down my spine. I looked over but the darkness of the room made it impossible to see her at all. I really wished she had let uncle Bob leave the lights on so that I could see her large tits and flat belly. She was so close to me that I could smell her perfume.

“My you’re a big boy Don, much bigger than your uncle.” She whispered.

Her small hand finally rapped around my growing pecker. She grabbed my dick and I felt the bed start to move as she started working her hand up and down on my pecker. My penis started to get hard again as I felt her small hand pumping up and down over my shaft. This was much better than jerking off by myself. She moved closer to me and she rested her large tits on my arm, pushing them hard up against me. Her breath was soft on my neck as she worked my dick up and down in her hand. The end of my pecker started to get wet with pre-cum and her jacking was getting more sloppier sounding, as my pre cum continued to leak out.

“It feels good don’t it boy.” I heard uncle Bob ask.

I had forgotten that he was in the room. It had been so dark and quite that I only had been thinking about how good it felt to have my Aunt Cathleen’s hand jacking me off. I had forgotten that Uncle Bob, her husband was just on the other side of her body and was listening to everything that she said to me.

“Bob, don’t upset him. I’m trying to get him aroused here and we don’t need you to scare him again.” She snapped.

“Why don’t you let me turn the lights back on and let the boy have a good look at how fucking hot your body is. That will get him off.” He told her.

“I told you Bob. No naughty talking, you don’t need to talk like that around Don.” She said pulling harder on my dick with each word.

In the darkness I couldn’t see her nude body next to mine so I had just quit trying. All I was able to really make out was the movement of her arm as she worked on my pecker. So I just laid back and felt my aunt’s breath on my neck and her tits pushing against my arm. I wished I could see her tits again for just a few seconds that would get me off for sure.

“Cathleen, you said his cock was huge. The least you can do Cathleen is tell me just how big the boys cock is.” Uncle Bob asked.

Aunt Cathleen squeezed my cock head hard when he asked her that. Her hand stopped moving and she tightened her grip on the swollen head of my cock making it pump out more pre cum, she rubbed it around with her thumb.

“Bob, it’s a penis not a cock. Now stop talking like that or I’ll quit.” She told him.

I just laid there, my aunt started working on my now almost fully erect cock. Not knowing what to say I just kept quite. My aunt had now lowered her chin onto my shoulder and her hair draped over my face. It was soft and sweet smelling, it was so nice I couldn’t help but move my free hand up to her head and run my fingers thought it. I started slowly just touching the tips of it where it lay on my chest. My aunt didn’t complain and my uncle couldn’t’ see what was happing, so I became more bold and ran my fingers down her hair from the top of her head to the bottom where it rested on my chest. I felt her breathing quicken as I stroked her hair.

“How big is his penis then?” My uncle Bob asked with a huff.

“It’s about nine inches long Bob now stop asking questions and just let me finish this.” She said.

Each time my uncle Bob talked my aunt would squeeze the head of my cock hard. She would stop rubbing my pecker as he talked right at the top of the tip. She would squeeze it and then use her thumb to rub the pre-cum around making it all wet and hot.

“Open you legs Cathleen.” I heard my uncle ask.

I felt my aunt shift her weight as she did as he asked. I felt the bed start to move and I knew that my uncle was working his fingers into my aunt’s cunt in the darkness but I couldn’t really see it. Even after all this time my eyes still could only pick up my aunts dark form and I could just make out her legs parted where I knew her pussy would be.

“I think the boy’s dick got to be nine inches and fat at the base. Bob it’s much larger than yours.” I could hear my Aunt Cathleen whisper to my uncle.

Aunt Cathleen quickened her pace as she jacked off my swollen cock. Uncle Bob was still working his fingers into her cunt. It was madding and I was getting harder and harder as she work my cock over with her hand.

“Bob, I don’t think you should keep putting your fingers in my cunt err vagina when I’m working on our nephews cock err penis. It’s just kind of lewd.” She said in a deep voice.

I felt the motion on the bed speed up and my uncle Bob attacked her pussy.

“Feels good, right?” He asked her.

“Yes, but I don’t think Don should be exposed to such things. I don’t want him to remember this lovely thing as wrong or lewd. He has not been with a girl yet and I’m not sure he should hear this uncle fingering his aunt.”

For the first time I spoke up. It was harder than I thought it would be to talk as my aunts hand was jacking off my pecker.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it Aunt Cathleen.”

She reached over with her other hand and cupped my balls as I said that. She gently rubbed both of my balls then tickled under my nut sack. I felt like I was going to cum anytime now with both her hands working over my dick like that.

“Well then, I guess its ok Bob.” She whispered in the deeper voice she had used before.

She opened her legs wider as she said that and I knew the uncle Bob now had a better shot at rubbing and fingering my aunts cunt. Aunt Cathleen started moving her tits up and down against my arm. She moved her head from my shoulder and I felt her start to kiss my neck and nibble on my ear. This really set me off, my cock was going to pop very soon if she kept kissing me.

“Think you could get off faster if your aunt let you rub her tit’s a little Don?” Uncle Bob said.

I gulped and without a word Aunt Cathleen sit up. She moved over a bit and I knew that her large soft tits were hanging over my face. She switched hands and started working on my cock again and from this new angle I could reach up with my fingers and touch her soft nipples. I heard aunt Cathleen let out a soft gasp as I played with her hard nipples with both hands. I found that if I let one of her tits alone she would lower it to where it was touching my face as it swayed back and forth in the darkness.

“My arm is getting tired Bob.” My aunt complained.

She let go of my cock and let is slap down against my belly without much fanfare.

“Then don’t use your hand Cathleen.” My uncle told her.

“I told you Bob, I will not go farther than this.” My aunt told him.

“Well what do you expect Cathleen you scared the hell out of the boy then want him to perform for you?”

She moved on the bed a bit and I felt her hand pick up my cock again. She started to jack it again and that’s when I felt it. It was soft and warm and it moved all over the tip of my cock. I felt it snake into the piss hole and move around the swollen head of my dick. My aunt was softly licking the head of my cock, her hand kept jacking off my cock while the other was cupping my balls.

“Turn on the lights Cathleen and he will cum faster.” I could hear my uncle bob say.

My ears were ringing and I fought to keep from groaning as I felt her licking the head of my cock over and over again. She did it slowly and she made no noise at all as she licked the head of my dick. I looked down but couldn’t see anything and I don’t think my uncle Bob knew that she was doing it.

“No Bob, now I told you this is not a peep show! I only want Don’s sperm. I’m getting no pleasure from any of this at all.” She said.

I knew that Aunt Cathleen was licking the head of my cock. She never stopped licking even when she answered him. I was so hot, I was getting my first blowjob and from my aunt no less, with her husband just a few feet away and he didn’t know she was licking my cock. On the next upstroke of my aunt hand I pushed up with my hips just a little and found that she let the head of my dick go into her mouth. I was hooked. I became bolder and I pushed up harder and found that my aunt Cathleen would let my cock slide into the warmth of her mouth with each stroke. I was able to get the head and about two inches of my dick in her mouth without moving the bed to much. My nut sack started to tighten and my aunt just kept rubbing my balls.

Aunt Cathleen started letting her tit rest right on my face as I pushed my cock up over and over again into her mouth. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and I soon found out that my aunt Cathleen would start working first one tit then the other over my the wetness of my tongue. I opened my mouth and she put her beautiful nipple right into my mouth. I quickly started sucking on her long nipple.

I was getting so hot; I was sticking my hard swollen dick into my aunt’s mouth while her hand jacked me off and at the same time I was now getting to suck on one of her nipples. It was getting hard not to make any noise, but I didn’t want my uncle Bob to know that my aunt Cathleen was sucking me off and that she was letting me suck her beautiful boobs right in the same bed with him. I couldn’t even think anymore it felt so good, so I was surprised when I felt my aunt stop sucking my cock as she said.

“You can’t have the light on Bob. How many more times do I have to tell you this? You can’t watch me jacking him off err getting him ready to have an orgasm.”

Aunt Cathleen sounded pissed, I was starting to get close and she kept jacking me off as she scolded my uncle.

“You will not get any enjoyment from this Bob or so help me I’m going to stop.” As she got madder at my uncle Bob she pulled on my cock harder and faster. I was so excited sucking on her tit in the darkness as she told him off that I was about to cum.

“Now stop it Bob so your nephew can concentrate on what his is doing.” She snapped.

“Aunt Cathleen.” I tried to interrupt her but she was on a roll.

“I will not encourage the lewd stuff you want Bob. I will not perform for you like some kind of cheap twisted porn movie.” She said.

I grabbed her tit and stuck it in my mouth as I started to cum. My first spurt was shot right at where her mouth had been a few second before she started to talk to my uncle. I the darkness I could not see where it went but when I shot off my aunt stopped talking. I imagined my first shot of cum going right into her open mouth but in the darkness I couldn’t see.

“Oh my goodness Don why didn’t you tell me you were ready.” She said as I felt her point my cock down with one hand and aim it at the cup she must have made with the other.

I guessed she was catching it in her hand but it really didn’t matter to me anymore as wave after wave of sticky hot cum erupted out of my jerking cock.

“Don, you were supposed to tell me when you where going to cum.” She purred.

I couldn’t answer, I was still grunting out my last few spurts and sucking on her hanging tit. When I was done I relaxed. Aunt Cathleen jumped up off the bed and ran into the bathroom. When she turned on the light it made my eyes hurt. I looked in and could see her standing hunched over with her legs wide apart. Her hand was busy working her fingers into her cunt. She was worked my sperm into her open pussy as I watched . How I wished I could have just put cock up into her and pushed my sperm up in there myself. She worked her fingers in and out for a minuet or two and grunted softly as her fingers stopped moving. I was sure I had just seen her have an orgasm of her own. She pulled her fingers out of her cunt.

“You should do that here in bed Cathleen, Laying on your back, you’ll get more of it in you that way. Me and Don wouldn’t mind, would we boy.” He asked.

“No.” Was all I was able to say.

“You did good boy. That’s what we need, lots and lots of cum.

Aunt Cathleen turned off the light in the bathroom and returned to the darkened room. She got into bed climbing over me as she did it. I couldn’t help but feel her light body rubbing over mine.

“I’ll try that next time, if it’s ok with Don.” She said softly.

As she lay down I realized that she had a cunt full of my potent seed working its way into her womb. It was a really strange feeling but it made my dick jump as I thought about it.

“I want you to both to understand that this is not for your pleaser. It’s for a child and nothing more. Don, I want to thank you for your help. How many times do you think we can do this a day?”

She wanted to know how many times I could cum in a day. I was not even sure, but I knew it would be more than I could just jack off alone.

“I’m not sure.” I told her being safe.

She said nothing more, I felt her cuddle up to uncle Bob but I felt her small hand grip my soft cock in the darkness. I fell asleep with my nude aunt and uncle in the bed next to me. Her pussy was full of my seed.