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Sex experience

Hello girls and ladies
This is Ravi from Bhubaneswar (odisha) email
I am here to share my experiences
I am a typical guy age 29 not a handsome hunk or fair skin but still
six feet and average. I am hard core sex lover with a long lasting
stamina & 6.5 inch*3 inch dick.
The experience I am sharing is with my classmate during my graduation.
I was 23 then am a simple guy till then but was much disciplined my
college professors liked me a lot. There was visit of some official
guests to our college and I was said to make arrangements for the
programs. A classmate was said to help me her name was Anjali who had
to host the event.
My sex queen anjali 22 years then and fig 34 30 34. she was good
looking and specs made her look sexier. Had a good desi dressing sense
with nice combinations With appropriate flesh every where to massage
hold and bite. I had no wrong intensions to her till the day I had to
stay with her.
We went to the market evening and we were doing marketing of things
giving food orders and other vehicle arrangements. Work finished
around 9 pm and we were returning on bike suddenly rain started
heavily. We got down at a bus stop shed as we got the things with us.
Rain didn’t stop for 2 hours and we were shivering due to getting
Her house was bit far and it would take 40-45 minutes to her home she
said no because her parents will shout as its too late so I said to
drop her at friends house she said ok. And called her home saying that
she is in friends home can’t come due to rain. I went to drop her to
friend’s house but the friend was not there at home so we got into
trouble. I was like a question mark and finally asked her what to do.
She said to drop her at some hotel she will come in morning. I
accepted but seeing a risk of environment we booked two single rooms
they were next to each other.
I said her to get dry and gave her extra towel from room boy and
ordered her hot soup , as soup came I went to my room. After some time
she called and said she is afraid due to lightning and thunder sound.
I tried to calm her saying that nothing will happen am in next room
but she didn’t get calm and cried. I finally said I am coming
let’s talk for some time. I went to her room with towel and shirt as
my pants were wet. She said to put of the lights as she was also in
limited cloths and covered with the blanket. i Sat on the sofa type
chair and tried to rest but could not brought blanket from my room and
slept on the floor but was uncomfortable. She was unable to sleep due
to fear and was painful to see me uncomfortable and finally said me to
sleep on the bed which I reluctantly accepted by keeping pillow in
middle. But couldn’t move much as the bed was too small for two
people. There was a sudden lightning and she came close and hugged me
and started crying I patted her and hugged her to calm as I was afraid
of outside people may come due to cry. Slowly we got closer and were
feeling each other. my dick which was hard due to getting wet was
almost rubbing on her thighs and navel. I tried to get away a bit but
u know how small the single beds are. She was feeling my dick and her
boobs were almost pressed as there was a pillow in between.
I kissed her forehead and said to sleep but her breathes were getting
heavier and she kissed my cheeks and slowly moving hands on my back. I
opposed saying what are u doing she said she is afraid doesn’t want
me to move her towel got loose. I was seein her boobs popping out of
pink bra and feeling aroused. my hands were rubbing on her back and
bra strap we both were aroused and finally I tried to get up but she
held me hard saying of fear but I said we are crossing limits she said
no limits will be crossed just be like this. And again we were heated
up and hugging again
We started kissing all over face and finally we had a long smooch of
10 minutes . Her tongue was in my mouth and slowly my hands moved on
her boobs and I started playing with them. Uhmmmmm those were so
awesome with the first experience and I just kept enjoying them as
juicy mangooooeess aaahh sucking the nipple uhhmmm it was so sensual.
I loved those nipples pulling them for small bites and smooching them.
I was on cloud 9 with her sexy touch to my face and hairs. While doing
this I was touching her lower waist and all over her body and she was
getting hornier.
Aaaahhhh uhmmmmmm yeaaaaahhhh was loving it and slowly I kissed her
navel and then removed the towel from her lower body and gave a kiss
on her pussy uhhhm pussys was so wet. The gelly cum was so yummy I was
licking her hard and she was holding my head and pushing me deeper and
was getting madder. she held my dick and made skin move which got more
hard and the moments were like heavenly. She said fuckkk me fuckk me
ravi do it now I cant wait do it. Put your rod now. But I kept on
licking. Finally she had orgasm and I licked her cum.
And we hugged and were still getting naughty in each others arms and
the fire was still on and we were enjoying the moments and she came on
top of me and started kissing me and said I love you ravi I didn’t
reply. She started kissing me again from forehead to neck and was
biting me like a wild cat. She kissed my chests and gave wild bites on
my body. I was feeling like ahhhh and wanted to fuck her like a beast.
She slowly moved to my towel removed it and started kissing my dick
from side wise and licking it like a lollipop and moving the skin to
and fro. I was getting mad with her every move and tried to fuck her
mouth that’s a amazing feeling of blow job. I tried to stop her
because I was feeling to cum but she was too bitchy and started
teasing me I couldn’t control and pulled her down. And then placed
my dick over her vagina and pushed it half in she screamed and pulled
away the bedsheets and pillow in pain. Keeping the half dick in her
pussy I rested for some time and made a sudden hard stroke. She hugged
me wildly and put nails on my back. I started to fuck her hard with
sounds of uffff yaaah uhmmm yesss
She was enjoying the fucks harder and screaming madly fuckkk me fuck
me harder ravi rape me out. Satisfy me I want u yeaaah yesss etc etc
this made me go wilder to her and kept on fucking for 25 minutes
continuously she came twice and I was about to cum. When I asked her
to remove she wanted me cum in and feel it. I gave out a huge load of
sperms in her vagina and lied over her and she was kissing me madly
and caressing my head.

As the night passed we were in each others arms all nude and got
aroused again then we tried the cowboy style and doggy style too We
had 3 sessions whole night and slept at morning 4 in each others arms
and lust story began after that in my life how I banged her in her
house and in a friends marriage. We had lots of sex sessions and still
in touch after her marriage. We thought to depart as I said I wasn’t
committed having experience with other ladies in Bhubaneswar. I said
this but she loved me and never let me go…

Sorry for any grammatical mistakes everything is real except the
names. Any one who wants to have fun with me and enjoy hard core sex
of hours phone sex and listen my experiences keep regular relationship
no age barred 18+ do let your feed back or drop a mail to my id
( it will be purely secret and safe. Your feed
back will make me share my experiences with other aunties and
temporary girlfriends…..