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Sex for my Husband’s Promotion

After my last tryst, I was at home. I got back home packed some sexy sarees and very deep cut and back open blouses. Packed my make up kit and my accessories. I called Suresh and told about what is happening and might happen in this month. He was excited and said he couldn’t wait to meet me. I got ready and left. I reached Shekhar’s place by evening. He said his boss will come in sometime. We had a little fondling and kissing and the door bell rang.

Shekhar went and opened the door. It was his officer boss, he came in and saw me. I was in my transparent saree, deep cut back open blouse and with full make up. I had worn nothing inside because Shekhar had asked me not to wear anything inside. He came in and Shekhar went inside to get him some drink. I was standing in front of Sir (like Shekar called him). Sir asked me to sit near him and I sat. He said, “Chaitrali, isn’t that your name?” I said, “Yes.” He said that I had a nice name and so is my face and my structure. He said he was waiting to spend sometime with me since the day he saw me with Shekhar at the police station. He said he wanted to meet me very badly. Then he had approached Shekhar and asked about me.


That is when Shekhar told Sir that I am his very close friend. He said he asked Shekhar if he could also be friends with him. Shekhar agreed to it and told Sir about our college days and thats where we met first and all. Sir was very excited to meet me and so was I. He said he has posting on a highway that night. So he asked me if I could accompany him there and spend the night there. He said there’ll be a small office for him there and can stay there for the night.

He asked Shekhar and Shekhar agreed to it. They both got ready and we left. He had brought a police jeep. Shekhar drove and Sir sat on the back seat with me. Since it was a police jeep nobody bothered the vehicle at all. Sir said that I look very sexy and beautiful and that he wanted to show me his hardness he got after looking at me. I blushed on his remark. He kept his hands on my thighs and started pressing it. I was feeling something inside me. He asked me if I was feeling anything in between my legs. I just moaned. My long hair was untied and it was flying all over the place because of the wind coming from the window.

Shekhar closed all the windows. Sir kept on massaging my thighs. He moved his hands to my waist and went to finger my navel. He inserted his hands inside my saree just under my navel. I closed my eyes and left a deep moan. uunngghhhhhhhhhh. He then removed my pallu and went crazy looking at my deep cut blouse which exposing most of my chest and deep cleavage and half of my big round firm boobs. From over the blouse itself he started teasing my nipples with a finger. It became rock hard and was pointing through my blouse as I had worn nothing inside. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying. Shekhar said we have reached the check naka. Sir asked me to sit inside only. Shekhar went to the office. When I looked outside there were some trucks being checked at the checkpoint. There were many truckers dirty ones. Sir said you will have fun here with me. It was dark and it was 9. 00 at night. Sir asked me to remove my saree and blouse. I said, “par yaha woh truckwale dekhenge na?”Sir : Nahi woh log nahi dekh sakte, window par tint laga hua hai. Sirf hum andar baithkar dekh sakte hai unhe. Kyu? tumhe sharam aa rahi hai.

Me : Ha sir mujhe sharam aa rahi hai. Aise lagta hai mai yaha sabhi truckwale aur police walo ke beech nangi ho jaungi.

Sir : Tum nangi to rahogi, par sirf mere saamne. Aur tujhe main nangi karke chodunga is jeep ke andar.

He kept his hands on my shoulder and dropped my pallu. He untied my saree from the waist and removed it. I was only wearing my deep cut blouse which was tied with a string to the back. He opened the knot of my blouse and my big round firm boobs were free and they pounced out. He went mad looking at them they were round and juicy. He planted his lips on my nipple and started sucking them. He sucked and licked them for a while. They were all wet with his saliva and were hard as well. I was only wearing my high heel with my long hair loose. He sat on the floor parted my legs and went down to suck and lick my cunt.

Sir : Chaitrali teri chut ekdum rasili hai. Kya tujhe pasand hai jab koi tere chut ko chate?

Me : bohot pasand hai Sir. Aur chatoo naaa ungggggghhhhhhhh

He licked me for a while. Then he got up and inserted his dick inside and started fucking me. There were truck drivers all around and a policeman was fucking me hard in between all of them. I was so horny and felt like a slut. Sir fucked me for sometime and he stopped. Shekhar called him on his phone. There was something that he had to settle. So he wore his clothes and left the jeep. He asked me to lock the doors and sit inside and that he’ll be back soon. I locked the doors. I was sitting naked inside the jeep and looking at the truck drivers around the jeep. Many were just peeping inside the jeep, may be to check if the officer was inside. But they couldn’t see anything and they used to just come, peep and leave. I was getting horny everytime a driver used to come and check inside. I was fingering myself my pussy was all wet. I was holding my boobs and rubbing my nipples. After 15 to 20 mins Sir came and sat inside. All the trucks started moving off as the checking was over. Sir said we can have some real fun now. I was excited. He asked me to walk out of the jeep and come outside nude. I was so horny by the idea.

I was thinking, “Chaitrali your a married lady who is a whore, whose husband is working abroad and you are going to walk nude on the highway, wearing just a high heel and open long silky hair, with all the make-up done and wearing only a mangalsutra. What a slut are you Chaitrali?uffffff fuck me!!!” I came outside and Sir took me to the side of the jeep and opened the door. He made me sit on the seat and opened my legs. I was all wet already. He said your already wet and saying that he dropped his pants down. His dick was semi erect and I held it and started giving strokes. Slowly after a while stroking it I took it inside my mouth and started sucking it.

I had made it all wet and rock hard. He held my hair tight and was moving to and fro inside my mouth. I could feel the hardness inside my mouth. He was standing outside and I was sitting on the front seat. He then removed his dick from my mouth and turned me around. He slapped my big round bums and placed his dick in between my bum cheeks and started rubbing them in between them. Then he slowly pushed his dick inside my cunt from behind and held my hair.

Shekhar came inside from the other door. He took off his pants and inserted his dick inside my mouth. They both started fucking me, one from behind and one in my mouth. They were both hard. After sometime Shekhar went behind and Sir came and started fucking my mouth. They both were holding my hair in turns and fucking me. I was moaning heavily and getting fucked on the open highway. They were ready to cum so Sir removed his dick from my mouth and Shekhar also took his from my cunt. They made me kneel down on the road and I started stroking them hard and in seconds they sprayed all their cum on my face and my sticky boobs, holding my hair they slapped their semi erect dick on my face and I cleaned their dicks with my tongue.

They took again inside the jeep and were playing with my boobs and nipples. They fingered me in turns. And fucked me again getting a hard on. They fucked me on that highway that entire night taking turns. Sir was very happy and promised Shekhar a promotion. Sir said, ” Chaitrali I have met a slut like you. A married whore like you. Next time when you come to India we should have a sex party.” I just blushed and agreed to it. I got my saree and got dressed. Shekhar and I left for his place. Next day I had to go to the shopkeeper as he had called me to his godown before I leave to meet my husband. He said he had arranged some of his workers for me.