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Sex, Guns and the Desi Mafia

Priyanka stood in front of the huge board. Many pictures were pinned on the green board, red twine connected the images. Many of it were just playing cards, including the top most one, there were no pictures of the people, no known records, just a name famous in the street. Way on top was that of a joker, the name Varese, a name that was most commonly used in the street. Drugs were named V1, V2 and went all the way to V12. The higher the number the costlier the drug, the latest was named I-Two often called the costliest drug available on street in India. It was the purest form ever found, samples sent to test to FBI corroborated the same, the origin unknown.

Definitely not Mexico or Colombia, reply came from FBI.

Priyanka looked at the hierarchy, six were known, no pictures again, just playing cards. There could be more or less, no one knew. The first image was on the fourth layer, a local man, one who stood for local MLA once, a clear picture of a young man, who had the typical rags to riches story. The name J’ DC a.k.a Jose DeCruz written with green sketch. The image was the latest taken only few weeks back. Three more names were written under it, including pictures. The two men and one woman who was most constantly seen along with J’ DC, his only known contacts.

It was still a rumour that DC was connected to the name known as Varese, the only evidence was a raid conducted in an abandoned car which was registered in his name. The quality of drugs found in a hidden compartment under the car was same as one of the versions sold as V. It was the only connection, would it qualify as an evidence in court, no it would not. Could it be enough to bring in DC to the prison, no it was not?

Yet given the amount of drugs seized and the way it was hidden, it was enough to qualify DC as a suspect.

Priyanka undid the top button of her uniform, it was the hottest day recorded in many years and despite the old air conditioner chugged whole day, she still felt the heat. The senior cop who had recently been moved to the new role to head the Special Task Force (STF) to battle the drug menace in the city.

The origin of Special Task was an even more interesting story.

Not long ago, while the national politics was shaping up, down south in the menace of drugs had taken deeper roots. Made available at throw away rates to begin with, it took less than a year for the prizes to go up twenty fold, from basic intel it was only half of what they knew. How big the mafia, was how big the drug trafficking was, no one knew? It was only sum of rumors that police had. On the very same day as the Prime Minister of the country visited to address the biggest software firm in the country, three men were gunned down few miles south of the secure zone the PM had been.

It was the blatant disregard for law of the land which stood out. the whole city was being watched and cordoned off and there not far from where the most powerful man stood and addressed a crowd of IT people, three men were executed, bullet to the back of the head, in broad daylight.

For many reasons the death of three unknown men made news than the visit of the PM. Papers and websites carried it, describing in details.

It was a gunshot that was heard around the country, made fun of in twitter and Facebook. The country finally took notice of a powerhouse that could challenge the most powerful man in the country, the man who came into power riding the victorious horse of stability and future.

Late that evening, just hours before the PM left for the capital, he had a small meeting with a select few people. A potbellied man from IB, India’s internal intelligence agency, another was the head of police, the chief minister of the state, the National Security Advisor and a lady police officer Priyanka.

The Prime Minister looked into the eyes of the CM who had vehemently protested, that this was not a national issue and it was a state issue, all he said was one thing.

“You did not even know it was happening right under your nose, I can let you handle it, but I will unleash my men to look into the finance of these operations, if I come to know that any of your guys were involved, trust me, I will not care about politics, I will have you arrested and put behind bars for the rest of your miserable fucked up life” the PM did not bother about words. It had been months since the intelligence was leaked to the state government, no one acted then, it was late and he had to move or see it get much worse.

The Chief Minister of the state shut up, from then on he and the DG of Police was just mute spectators. It was the head of IB who suggested Priyanka head a special task force, much to the chagrin of the head of police and his boss the chief minister, aided by handful of people from various central and stage agencies, specially trained for urban warfare. Built in lines of Force One, the elite force made after 26/11 Mumbai attacks to protect the city. Only this had less people, no name and above all this had only one mission.

Capture and Kill one gang of men lead by a man IB called Varese.

The PM looked at one more time, still not confident if she was cut out for the job, he looked at the IB man, who understood the PM’s apprehension.

“Let me walk with you?” the IB man said.

The PM shook hands with Priyanka and then the CM and DG and left the meeting room, it was his way of snubbing the CM and his Police for not acting on time and embarrassing the highest office of the country in broad daylight. The SPG encircled the PM as he walked out of the official room into the waiting car. The IB man followed the PM into the car.

“Why her?” the PM asked, “I am not convinced?”

“She is the best in the force, not a single case of corruption and one who does not give a shit about authority or politicians. I believe the CM got pissed cause she was there and he would rather have someone who reports to him and not us” the IB man was careful to use the word us, it was indirectly telling the PM that he too want to get involved in it and if it was going to be successful, he too need to have a role in this.

The PM shook his head.

“How would you have it done?” the PM asked.

“Silent” he replied, “Keep it silent, we are not here to arrest people, we don’t want these men to walk this land or breathe this air. We kill them and bury them, no records left, none”

The PM looked at the IB man, whatever it was going to be it was going to be above the law, the IB man read his fear “We don’t want this in court, we may not have enough proof, enough documents, but we will have sufficient to doubt and arrest and act. Whatever decision we make over the new few minutes, we need it to be done and this is the best way. If this does not work, we could always correct, but no way can we tell the center is calling shots in state matter, it would send the wrong signal”

The PM smiled, the IB man knew how to make a sale. A new PM would not want the state governments to mistrust him and any leak of this information would unleash the proverbial Pandora’s Box.

“Give me a week, allow me to discuss this, meanwhile I want you to rethink about the lady”

“I am not going to sir, she is the best and though she does not have balls, she has more grit than most men in that department. I suggested she be there because I did not want the state to feel helpless.”

“I understand” the PM paused, “What if they too make their own plans?”

“They will need our help, unless they have support of multiple governments and agencies it is impossible to follow drugs in this part of the country. They can’t” The IB Man replied, confidently.

“I am still not convinced about her”

“You can trust me.”

“Work it out, call my secretary for any lateral movement, pull people from central agencies, I don’t want this to be infiltrated by idiots from the state.”

“I will sir” the IB man replied.

“Give some menial desk job to people in the state organization, make sure they have no clearance for classified information.”

“I assure you they won’t”

“Include them, let the CM know he too has people inside, I want him kept happy, we don’t want him work against us, it would be fatal, update him. I want you to put your best smile and suck his cock if needed, but keep him happy, keep him in charge”

Late that night, just as the potbellied, IB officer was winding up the night, his blackberry blinked, it was a message from his boss, the DIB, Director of IB, it was a go from the PMO- Prime Minister’s Office, no arrests has to be made was another term casually put into the brief mail.

With a smile, he rang the woman who he knew was going to work with him every step for the next few months or however long it took. Priyanka was delighted, it was time to pick up the team.

It was an hour before when Priyanka’s phone had rung, he had scanned through the files handed over by the IB officer, one name stood out, Varese, no pictures, no identification, no description, just a name.

In land of billion and half, a name like Varese stood out, but she knew it was not even his or her’s true name. It had to be something else.

She intended to find it out.


The Ruckus

The party had been going on since evening, the college crowd, the booze, the weed and the powder. It was all there. Young men high on alcohol and drugs and testosterone shooting off the roof horny as hell gyrating their hips to the latest Bollywood number with their girl friend or someone else girls friend.

A small crowd of boisterous men sat around at the end of the huge hall, one of the men looked at a tastelessly dressed youth wearing a costly Casio watch and Ray Ban balanced on his head despite it being night.

“Jesus Christ Jimmy, Rachel.”

“What she has golden pussy or what, she’s like all other women, pussy between her legs and tits, once in a while it takes a man to put women in her place” Jimmy spoke back.

“I also thought she was a bit too much to handle and she needed some…” the girl paused, “disciplining”

“You want some disciplining?” Jimmy asked, making the universal sign of fucking.

Others laughed.

“I still think she would blow it”

“She will be on her knees blowing my cock if she has to blow anything.” Jimmy replied his anger as high as the level of alcohol in his blood. “it’s about time her family knew who has real power”

The door to the estate was kicked open, three men walked in, the short one in the middle dressed in a brown leather jacket, with a baseball cap and black jeans.

The short man, Rocky as he was known by his fellow people, looked across the room his eyes seeing his target who was now seated right across the hall. Jimmy was taller and he stared back at Rocky, no sense of fear in his eyes.

Rocky walked across the room right to where Jimmy was seated, a sudden silence filled the corner, the whole party had stopped, the Bollywood music was still on and loud.

“Rocky if you were any shorter you could suck my cock standing up” Jimmy replied, his friends laughed, the whole room laughed.

“Joker, eh!” Rocky smiled back, he rarely got angry if someone cracked a joke about his height, there was nothing one could do about it.

Without any emotions of anger, Rocky reached between Jimmy’s legs grabbed his balls tightly and crushed them till the tall man crumbled on the floor.

“No more jokes now eh! Motherfucker!” Rocky screamed.

Despite his shorter stature Rocky was among the most feared men in the family, known for a loose tongue, heavy foot when it came to driving and trigger finger.

“No more jokes” Rocky repeated while looking at Jimmy who was now slithering in pain shooting up every nerve and vein in his body.

One hard heavy punch just below the lungs and Jimmy was now gasping for breath as he felt air escape his lungs. Rocky freed the tightened grip between the legs, slapped Jimmy across the face few times, punched his nose till it broke and blood began oozing out of his face.

Rocky grabbed his collar and pulled Jimmy right to his face.

“Listen motherfucker, if you ever, you ever even look at her, I will come again alone right, where you live, cut your balls and hang it around your fucking neck, you mother fucker.” Rocky stood back spit on Jimmy’s face and kicked him tightly across the stomach till Jimmy almost puked.

“You his pussy boat” Rocky looked across to the girl standing a bit closer to all, he dug into his back pocket, pulled out his fat purse, took out the money and threw at her, “Take him to the doctor sweetie, put an icepack between his legs. If I were you good looking” Rocky continued, “I’d look out for a new boyfriend. This one is not getting up for few weeks baby” Rocky said, his two friends laughed.

Rocky took one more look at the man on the floor, kicked him right between his legs and then walked out as fast as he had walked in.


Move On….

Eventually things move on…

Lisa stood in front of the washroom mirror, her heart sunk deep, her body was trembling with fear, she turned the tap on.

There was sound from the other room, the door flung open and the old man walked in. he had a thick grey hair, even his eyebrows was pepper white in color, his skin was tanned a bit, standing naked, he turned the shower on.

The jet of warm and cold water flowed down, splattering on her too, she moved a bit aside, hoping to wash herself and walk out at the earliest.

“Be a sweetheart, help me with the soap” he said, it was meant to be nice, but it sounded like arrows from a bow aimed at her soul.

Nevertheless she reached for the soap and handed him the soap, he grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him, kissed her on the lips, even though every nerve in her body said to push him and kick him between his legs, she did not instead she reacted to his sudden overtures by kissing him back, a meek reaction to a tremendous urge.

Was it fate she wondered, as she kissed him, both their naked bodies washed by the soothing water from the shower, they still remained in a kiss, deep and passionate, much to her discomfort. Things were not being helpful, she had thought it would have end by now, yet it had not. He moved down the nape of her neck and licked the water falling down her thin neckline. He slurped the water up and as he made way down, Lisa closed her eyes more out of fear than anything.

The old man stretched his hand reached for her butt hole, played with her tender ring around it. He then turned her making her face the white marble of the washroom. He grabbed the cheeks of her butt and parted them till his tongue reached the wet butthole of her ass, he slurped the dripping water, she curved her body further, making it easier for him. Not that she wanted to do it, but she had to do it. He pulled his head back, slapped her wet but cheek to a flaming pink color, she cringed her teeth in little pain, the wet skin, wet hand it was hurting.

“Grab your butt cheeks sweetums” he said.

She arched a bit forward, let her right hand free balancing with one hand, she grabbed her butt cheek and parted he, he freed his hand and searched between her legs. Found her cunt and stuck two of his thick fingers right into her pussy. Lisa yelped, as she held her breath, and sighed.

All over again!

Don’t cry, don’t cry, Lisa repeated, her eyes shut.

The old man pushed his finger deeper and deeper as much as it could go. He then let it remain there, trying to warm his fingers deep inside her, he then yanked his finger a bit higher, Lisa sighed. He then began moving his fingers up and down.

Lisa caved in, after all she was a human, despite all her hatred and anger, her body caved in to the most base of all need, sex.

He pleasured her for as long he wished, till he felt her muscles tighten around his fingers as she climaxed. The warm water dripping on her forehead was a comfort, pulling her back to reality, she heaved a sigh of relief, something she had genuinely missed the previous night, despite the old man had went on, humping her, she had resisted to let her body sing to his tone.

He pulled his wet fingers out, “There is nothing like tasting a wet woman and good vodka” he said as he licked his fingers, she watched as he genuinely looked like he was enjoying what he was doing. She smiled back, it was a bit weird to see something like that.

He patted her bums and asked her to clean herself up and catch a break, he liked to bath alone.

Lisa cleaned herself up and then wrapped herself in a bathrobe and made her way out. She picked a pack of smokes and walked into the balcony. She was not a smoker, but sometimes she needed one to calm her nerves and this was one such occasion. She pulled out a cigarette only to realize she did not have a lighter, she had seen him use a gold diamond studded lighter, pretty expensive and probably custom made, she did not want to risk searching for it, people were usually touchy about such stuff.

She was about to stuff back her pack into her bathrobe when she saw the girl right across the balcony enjoying a smoke.

“Could you pass me the light please” Lisa asked, the friendly neighbor threw the light across, letting it fall on the cushioned chair in the balcony. Lisa took it, lit her cancer stick and took a deep puff, thanked her and was about to throw the light back, when the neighbor said, “Keep it, I got another”. Lisa thanked her one more time, giving a fleeting look at her new friend.

Mehndi in her hand, a noodle strap top, with a matching coffee brown shorts with light orange strips, a little bit of her waist visible, it did not take Lisa long to figure out she was newly married probably out on honeymoon.

Lisa took a second long puff of smoke, let out a cloud of smoke slowly out, feeling the nicotine act, the accompanying dizziness. With a smile she took a third puff. Felt her nerves calm further, was it all worth she thought.

How do I forget this and move on? She wondered.

She took the phone out of holder, dialed the kitchen “Can I have a Green Chicken Salad”

“Sure mam” she heard the voice at other end speak.

Lisa thanked him waved at her friend and walked back to the room.

The old man walked out of the showed naked, his old cock shriveled and his body showed the age finally, yet he still had a good body, couple of strange tattoo’s on his left and right arm and that of an angel right on his left chest.

“That is a lot of tattoo” Lisa said, trying to strike a conversation.

“Over the years sweetheart, over the years” the old man replied.

“Does it have any meaning?” she asked.

“Not really it is just craziness and stupidity of youth” he replied with a smile.

“Lot of craziness” Lisa replied.

“I was a crazy young man” he replied, continuing, “When is your flight?”

“Need to leave morning seven thirty” she replied.

“I am leaving to Malaysia for a few days” the old man replied, “Few personal matters, my flight leaves by noon. Don’t bother staying awake, get some good sleep.” He said, pulling up his shorts and grabbing his mobile phone and a wallet.

“It’s okay, I just ordered a chicken salad, will have that and see if I am sleepy”

“Good” he said, walking out to the next room, Lisa saw him close the door behind him. Not to be sided, she went back to the balcony lighting a third cigarette.

Towards midnight, she turned the lights off and got on the bed.

It was the cold breeze woke her up, her eyes took time to adjust as she looked out, she saw the old man on the balcony, on his phone.

“You did not sleep or what?” She asked as she climbed out of the bed.

“Had some calls to make”

“All night?” she asked.

“No I woke up early” he immediately replied, Lisa pulled out a cigarette, checked the time, it was close to six thirty. She climbed out, of bed hurried to the balcony, took her smoke.

“When is your flight?” He asked, she replied the same answer she gave yesterday, “Booked the cab?” he asked. She nodded her head as she let out another cloud of smoke.

Knowing well that she was already delayed for her return, she stubbed the smoke and checked into the washroom. Five minutes later she was out, not bothering to have a good bath, just stand under the shower and get herself wet, keeping her hair dry.

She pulled out a nice frock and a long full sleeved shirt from her suitcase, took her another ten minutes to dress up, checked the time again, it was quarter past seven, she dialled the reception for the cab to the airport, she would need it by seven thirty she remembered.

Then she went back, to comb her hair and tidy up, before pulling up one more cigarette and stepping out to the balcony.

The old man handed her the mobile, “Feed in your account number, the money will be wired in few minutes”

She typed in her account number, the one which she had opened a few weeks back on advice by the person who had got her into all these, one in HSBC.

Just as she closed the note, the mobile rang. The old man snatched the phone out of her hand, and motioned her to step out of the balcony. She walked back and checked her packed bags one more time. A minute later her mobile buzzed, the text message from the bank, the money had been credited, the whole lakh and fifty more.

The hotel phone rang, her cab was ready and Lisa replied she would be down in few minutes.

The old man walked in, “You all packed up?”

Lisa replied in the affirmative.

He walked up to her and hugged her and kissed her on the cheeks, “I had a wonderful time” he replied.

“Me too” Lisa added, another of her lies.

Just as he let her off his arms, she felt his cock on the pit of her stomach.

“Ignore it, I always have a stiffy in the morning” he replied.

“Let us take care of it” Lisa said, acting on an impulse.

“Leave it, you will get delayed”

“Have you not heard of a quickie” she asked.

It did not take long for words to become actions. Lisa dragged him by his stiffy to the bed and began lavishing attention on it with her mouth. The old man shook with excitement, his eyes shut in pleasure as he grabbed her head and eased it in and out of his manhood. Lisa climbed further into the bed, she moved her skirt a bit up. The old man reached for her panties and Lisa stopped him, motioned she wanted it done by his mouth.

He dug his head between her legs under her skirt. Lisa laid her head under the pillow as she felt his hot breath trapped between her legs. The cold morning made her flush in pink as he used his tongue in lavish strokes, she dug her fingernails into the bed grabbing the soft bed sheet as he parted her pussy lips and stuck his tongue deeper into her vagina.

The old man stood up, moved his body a bit up, guided his cock into her pussy, thrusting his entire manhood as deeply and forcefully as he could almost tearing her apart with his vicious thrust. Lisa screamed and the let out a deep moan wrapping her legs around his buttocks. He pounded her with vicious thrusts as though he had a point to prove.

The old man then flipped her on her stomach, raised her bums, lifted her skirt up all the way, pulled down her dark panties, adjusted his cock and then one thrust entered her from behind, the good old doggy style, riding her like a horse, grabbing her hair neatly and then yanking it whenever he thrust forward, relaxing the grip when he pulled back all the way out. He then relaxed his grip on her hair, grabbed her waist and began to thrust her harder and faster, pushing her backwards.

Lisa moaned, it was much pleasurable than the previous day when she found it actually hard to give in, considering the evening was more of a business deal. She was enjoying it more than ever and each of his thrust made her dizzy with pleasure. She moaned louder and louder and the old man grunted and growled, the pace quickened, skin tearing into skin, his cock impaling her vagina, the heat of their bodies fusing before he finally began to slow down, still thrusting hard and deep. She felt the grip around her waist tighten. She began to feel the rush of an orgasm, her body tightened, the muscles of her vagina gripped his cock tighter as though milking his cock and they both came at the same time.

Half an hour later, she was still on her way to airport, his semen still sticky between her legs.

Was it all worth, she had to move on.


Wrong Woman


Six men sat around a cloud of smoke, in a dimly lit room, with pitchers of beer on the table accompanied by half drunk mugs of beer and half eaten plates of few fried edibles. It had been three hours since they had been in the corner, drinking and talking aloud. Being the beginning of a weekend the crowd on the third floor of the pub was thin, except few other loud and talkative bunch, the pub was empty.

One among the men, sucking on a juicy piece of chicken pepper, cleaned his fingertips on a napkin, looked at the silent and brooding Jaggu.

“I don’t know how you wear shorts in your girls house man, that daughter of her’s is one hot chic, I saw her the other day in a real trashy clothes and I almost ran down a pedestrian” he said loud.

“He is a lucky bastard” another commented.

Jaggu just smiled and let it pass; he was used to getting such comments over the year. Men being men, but it was not really far from the truth, he too had watched her once in a while. Not that he had the hot’s for her, but once in a while it was a welcome distraction.

After a good hour, Jaggu drove back to his house, he called his girlfriend.

“You home?” he asked.

“Not yet, on the way, the rains are bad” she replied.

“It is still drizzling here” he replied.

“Great drive home back fast before it gets mad”

“hey” Jaggu paused, “have been thinking of you all noon”

“Something specific?” She asked.

“There is something growing hotter and hotter between my legs” Jaggu said, “The beer is also not helping, it is growing hotter and hotter”

“You might want to stop somewhere and take a leak” She replied.

“I wish it was that easy, I have a better idea”

It took a good long time for him to finally reach home; he pulled into the parking lot. His girlfriend’s car was already there, picking up his laptop bag, he ducked into the house. He walked into the dark room; the current had gone since the rains were heavy. He peeped into Priya’s room, the hot daughter, she was on her bed, wearing shorts and t-shirt, her lovely round arse inviting, her legs raised, she was busy on her laptop. Without missing a beat, Jaggu walked up the flight of stairs, to his girlfriend’s room.

In the dimly candle lit room, he saw her still in her sari, busy on the phone.

“the invertor is not working sir” she spoke into the phone, “tried a couple of times, when can you send someone over?” Anjana spoke.

“Make sure you send someone tomorrow itself” she interrupted as Jaggu sneaked up behind her, wrapped his arm around her waist, slipping into the loose pallu, gently dipped his hand under wrap of her sari.

She was still on the phone, when he kissed her on the nape of her neck, gently using his lips to lick the spot of wetness from the rain. His hand searched for the elastic strap of her panties, slipping in his fingers till he found what he was searching for. He slipped one of the fingers between her pussy lips.

“I am on the phone” Anjana said, “Do you have to do it now?”

“I am not on the phone and yes now is the best time” Jaggu replied

His fingers finding the spot between her legs, he thrust it deeper and she almost gasped.

“Send your person tomorrow. Good night” Anjana disconnected the call and she finally moaned with pleasure.

Jaggu stuck his fingers deeper, exploring every bit of her wet cunt with all gusto, he could hardly resist. Despite the awkward position he still felt comfort in pleasuring her.

“What happened to you today?” Anjana asked between muffled moans and groans.

“I have been horny since noon” Jaggu replied.

“I can figure that” She reached behind her back feeling his erect cock, he helped her unzip his trousers, pushing out his cock, she grabbed it, feeling the heat and blood pump in through it. It was dry as a desert, hot as a desert and she felt his slap his cock on her bums.

“Bloody don’t slap around and stuff it in” she screamed at him, a lot louder than usual especially in a house with no electricity, it was fucking loud.

“Don’t hurry dear, this is not going anywhere” Jaggu spoke, teasing her by rubbing his cock on her butt and the crack between her bum cheeks, his finger still pleasuring her. He leaned forward and kissed the nape of her neck, not ashamed to leave his mark, a light red coloured mark. Anjana bent backwards, her head raising up as her long hair fell neatly on her shoulders. Jaggu leaned further raising his head a bit grabbing her face with his free hand as they locked their lips one more time. His cock still caressing her bums, while he finally pulled out his finger from her pussy.

“Good God! You are killing me” she replied.

“And so where you all day”

“Not my mistake”

“Who is to blame?”

“You could have gone to the bathroom and finished it off”

“And waste a perfectly good boner” Jaggu paused, kissing her one more time, “Not my style love, I love my balls to be emptied right where it belongs”

Anjana giggled as she lay on her back, shifting her position, Jaggu pulled back adjusting himself, parted her legs and kneeled down, wet his lips.

“Creamy already?” he asked.

“You fucking bastard, you got me here”

“I am going to make it worse” Jaggu replied, smiling, their eyes locking letting her know he was not done with the teasing. He parted her wet pussy lips, thick white pussy juices crisscrossed her parting lips like cobwebs. He dug his face between her legs and his tongue parted her pussy lips plunging in deep.

Anjana moaned, gasping as she felt her body tingle with each stroke of his tongue, careful and calculated his intention was to tease her and she knew it very well. Her body arched and her feet lifted off the floor, suspended in the air. He parted her lips and went deeper and she moaned louder. The muscles in her thighs and stomach ached, the pain of holding the leg up and the pleasure of what he was doing. She finally slid her legs on his shoulders, she reached for his head with both hands, grabbed the locks of his hair and thrust his head deeper.

A floor below, Priya had just turned her i-pad off, she checked the time, it had been a good thirty minutes since the current had gone. There was not much battery left in her laptop or mobile. She slammed the laptop shut, it was still dark in her room, she took a while to adjust to the darkness. Jaggu, her mom’s new boyfriend had one of those mobile chargers, she remembered. She hoped he had not used it all up, she walked out of her bed and opened the door of her bedroom. She wondered who had closed the door remembering she herself had done it when she saw Jaggu stare at her in an awkward way, making her feel a bit uncomfortable. Brushing it aside as just a curious look, she walked out to the hall and was about to call for her mom when she heard moans and groans from the bedroom.

“They were at it again, damn, not bothered to even close the door” she thought. A minute she stood there hearing her mom’s loud moans, “Wow she is having the time of her life” Priya thought as she retraced her step back to her room. She had almost closed the bedroom door when she heard her mom, loud and clear.

“Stuff it all in, please… oh fuck..”

“Not so soon my dear” it was Jaggu, Priya realised.

“Fuck” a louder moan, “oh fuck you..”

“Wow mom is real slutty” Priya thought with a smile.

“Ssshhh” she heard Jaggu speak, “She is down there”

“She is plugged to her I-Pod” Anajan replied.

“No wonder” Priya heard as Jaggu replied.

Digging up a bit of courage, Priya walked cautiously up the flight of stairs, careful not to reveal herself. It was still pitch dark, she had no idea when the current was going to come. Step by step she climbed, cautiously and silently. The moans were still loud and the sound of gasps and groans. Priya climbed up half, just enough for her to see in her mom’s bedroom. The door was wide open, her mom was on the bed, with her legs around Jaggu’s shoulders and her back raised as his face was buried between her legs.

“Damn, that guy knows what he is doing” she wondered as she leaned back, making herself comfortable, still fighting the urge to go a bit more up. She wanted to see her mom’s face, the face of a woman when she was being pleasured.

Priya almost took few steps down when she saw Jaggu finally pull his head back, he then stood up, his back towards her, blocking her view completely. She watched as he leaned forward, she did not have to be told where his dick was going. It did not take long before she saw him thrust slow and controlled, then increase the pace slightly only to slow down just to be shouted at, he repeated it a few times, Priya could only wonder what her mom was feeling like, bastard was teasing.

The next time he leaned forward, Priya saw her mother wrap her legs around him, the next few minutes were purely animalistic lust taking over two people, thrusts and heaves, gasps and moans before she heard her mom moan, climax. She saw Jaggu still at it only to hear her mom gasp and groan again.

“Second time. Fuck!” Priya thought.

The third orgasm was louder, it was vengeful and furious, as she could only hear.

Jaggu stood back wondering why he had not yet finished it off, he could still feel his cock hard and erect and wondered what had happened. It was unlike him, he pulled out his penis from her cunt, it was a sword shinning in his woman’s juices.

“What the fuck?” Anjana asked, “You still not cum baby” she asked looking at his hard cock.

“It has been like that since noon” Jaggu lied, he remembered exactly when he had got a hard on, when they were discussing about Priya in the pub.

“I can’t let it go on all night” Anjana spoke as Jaggu walked towards the bath room.

“Help yourself on my face” Anjana said.

“Baby I know you don’t like that”

“Not always, but there is always a first for everything”

Priya watched as her mother climbed out of the bed, naked. She then walked towards where Jaggu was standing at the foot of the bed and whispered something to his ears. Priya watched as her mom sat down on the floor her neck resting on the soft cushion of the bed. Jaggu angled his leg carefully as Priya watched her mom open her mouth wide.

It could not have been clearer than before, the light falling on his cock, her mother’s face, she could not have asked for a better view. Priya watched in amazement as she saw the cock slip into the open mouth, inch by inch.

Jaggu could feel the tip of his cock touch the tender throat of hers, he pulled out as Anjana coughed a little only to sit back, open her mouth again. He angled one more time and a bit more carefully thrust his cock in to her mouth and gently and slowly began pumping in and out of her mouth. Few thrusts later he pulled out his saliva soaked cock, treads of saliva dripping down his cock.

One more go, he thought.

Priya watched as his cock went deeper this time, his balls almost touching her mom’s chin. The then stood like that for what looked like a long time, till her mom pushed his leg and he withdrew his cock. Coughing and gagging, she saw her mom spit out globes of saliva, coughing.

Jaggu stood up, patted Anjana’s back.

“I told you we did not need to…”

“It’s okay” Anjana replied, “Now let us empty your balls”

Priya watched as her mother took Jaggu’s cock, servicing it carefully, slowly first and then catching on pace. Jaggu’s face was awash with emotions, it felt like his world was rotating and he was having the trip of his life. It went on for a while before Priya saw Jaggu pull out his cock.

“Finish it off” Anajan screamed.


“I am not letting that go waste” Anjana said as she sat back, pulling her hair back and sticking her tongue out.

Jaggu stroked his cock a few times and Priya watched in excitement as she saw the first burst of semen shoot out on to her mothers face. Bursts after bursts followed, it was like raining before Jaggu finally stopped. Her face was painted in his semen, Anjana smiled and arched her forward and sucked the last remaining semen off his cock. She then sat back and he joined by her side, his cock was still in her hand.

Priya climbed down the flight of stairs and silently walked back into her room, closing the door and plugging back to her I-pod.

When the current came, her mother walked in.

“How long you been listening to music, stop and do some work”

Priya just smiled and unplugged her headphones, turned to her book. Her mind was somewhere else. Late night she fingered herself to a climax thinking about what she had seen, not once, but twice, till her body crumbled into a useless heap of flesh and bones under the bed sheet.


The Beef


A single black Baleno turned right after the Brawler Road heading down south of the city, he checked the rear view mirror as was his habit since his days, not noticing any vehicle he squeezed the throttle gained speed. Not long after he had disappeared into the darkness a slower Mercedes pulled down the same road.

The Baleno pulled down the last row house, parked the car in the driveway and walked to the door, knocked it three times. He waited just as the Mercedes drove to the next house, the window partially open, a single gun fire suppressed to near silence rattled out followed by another gunshot. The first bullet hit the back and the second right on the spine. The Baleno driver fell down on the driveway, gasping for breath as the gun man walks out.

Face masked he walks up to the injured man.

“In the back?” the dying man asked, “You no man”

“I am not the one dying”

The wounded man kept quiet, taking his time to breath. “Don’t shoot the face”

“I got orders”

“Please not the face let my family have an open casket. Not the face”

The gunman pulled out a second gun, with special made armour piercing bullets, with a larger barrel and bigger suppressor, aimed it at the forehead and squeezed the trigger.

The head splattered like a melon run over by a truck, his brain and fragments of his skull shattered across the drive way. The lifeless body lay in a pool of it’s own blood, piss and excrement.

The gun man walked back to the running car, wore the seatbelt and disappeared into the darkness.

The Wrong Cop:

Late that night, the IB man walked into the prison just out of the city. The prison guard rubbing the sleep of his heavy eye lids walked through the empty corridors to the office where the Prison Warden sat.

Not used to be visited by senior guys at such time, confused the Prison warden did not know what to say or ask. He did not have to worry a lot, the IB man asked for one prisoner, like rest of the prisoner’s it was just a number.

Minutes later, the sleepy man walked in. Fit like an athlete standing a little above six feet the prisoner had an imposing look. The IB man looked at the Prison Warden who took the cue and walked out of the room. He was comfortable living out of shadows of shadow less men.

The IB man waited until the warden walked out and shut the door, he then offered the prisoner a chair close to him. Silently the prisoner sat down. Hardly audible the IB man spoke.

“How long you have been locked up?”

“Six years and eight months” he replied more like murmured.

“Law can sometimes be cruel in finding scape goats, I knew about your case, but it was beyond anything I could or anyone could have done.”

“I killed a kid, no one will ever forgive me, I don’t deserve it, I want to live here as long as I can and then move on. Peace is all I ask for.”

“And peace is what I have to offer” the fat man paused, “Did you think of that day, you know these cunts they would do anything to stay alive even if it means to hide under the diapers of their own children. The kid was there to make sure you never acted.”

“I never saw him sleeping on the back seat, if I had I would not have charged”

“You did your job, you did what you had to do, get over it!” the IB man spoke with the authority he was used to, “Get the fuck over it, nothing can be done. His father escaped and the kid died, I know the prize he has put on your head, all I offer you is a chance to start from where you stopped”

“I don’t think I can anymore” the prisoner paused, “I am not what I was, things like this change”

“Prison makes men harder, so leave the shit of you being not what you are. It’s over and leave it there”

“I still cannot sleep, I still have nightmares”

“None of us have slept in long time, nor are we till we put a bullet in their head. Sleep is a luxury only few can afford. You and I are not that lucky”

The prisoner looked at the senior man, he had more questions than he could think of.

“Let me explain myself, we are going after a special set of people, people who we would be afraid of your skill set” the IB man said, careful to select his words.

“Special skill set” he wanted to clarify.

“We are not going to take prisoners”

The prisoner looked again, right in his league. Exactly in his league, a wave of relief washed across his face.

Tooth for tooth, bullet for bullet, the only language these men understood.

“Can you hold a gun?” The Fat Man asked.

“I guess so”

“Good, that is good” he replied with a powerful air of authority, “That is very good”

“So you are going to get me out of here?” The Prisoner asked.

“No you are going to get yourself out of here”

More questions, the next five minutes the IB officer went on about what he had for the man, without missing a word, the prisoner heard everything as he was trained many a years ago.

Early in the morning, the head of IB walked back into his office, satisfied the plan was set to motion. He crawled into the small room behind his office which was more like his home for last few years.

As he pulled the blanket over himself, not many miles away the first of the chess pieces were moved, it was going to be a long and tedious game, it had to begin somewhere and it began in a lonely resort out of the city.


Robert’s Death..


The party was at full swing, men and woman poured into the resort, far end of the resort three men sat around a table removed from the brouhaha of the party.

The youngest of the three, George was listening as his two Malaysian friend spoke on. Shahril was the elder of the two Malaysians, a man who had once been a henchman for a local gang rose up to head what today was the biggest of underworld don from that part of Asia, barring Japanese, Yamaguchi Gumi, the biggest Yakuza family in the world.

“Look, we would not want to have a conflict of interest here, but our profits in partnership have been dwindling. I am sorry about your father’s death, he was a honourable man, if anyone in our business deserved heaven, he would be one” Shahril spoke, betraying his religious believes, he was a man known to be religious, which also meant he believed in the false repercussions of heavenly bodies affecting the lives of men on earth, astrology.

“All I want for my dad is he rest in peace, knowing that our friendship continues and we make profits for each other and our partnership continues.”

Shahril was about to speak when Nasrul interfered, George silently watched, hiding a smile within himself, “We meant no disrespect to your family or your dad’s memories. We have put in enough money and when I say, we are not seeing proportionate profits we will be forced to look out for more profitable partnerships”

George looked at Shahril, ignoring Nasrul completely, “I was led to believe I was talking to the head of the Snake” Sahril was often known as Snake, for his love of poison to kill enemies.


Nasrul immediately corrected himself, knowing the gravity of mistake himself, “Yes you are but Boss runs the family and business, my humble job is manage the books”

“So you mean to tell me you are more aware of the loss in profits by our partnership..” George let the question hang in the air.

Nasrul felt the noose tighten around his neck, it was a hard point, Shahril was not even getting into the conversation, no help was expected either.

It was the way of the world, their world.


“Nasrul is like a younger brother to me” Shahril stressed the word ‘like a’, implying he was not exactly family, but someone whose opinion and advice was valued and if he continued it for long, he would not have any value.

“Oh now I understand” George waited for a few minutes he was more than happy to have done what he had done, he grabbed his glass of vodka raised it to the two friends of his, he then walked up to Shahril, tapped the glass, “Could I have a word with you” George paused, took time to look at Nasrul, their eyes locked, “alone”

The two men walked to the border of the huge resort, “When my father built his world, he had only one condition, absolute loyalty to friends and partners. Your partnership came at a huge cost” Shahril was about to interrupt, when George raised his hand to signal he was not done yet, “But I understand it had nothing to do with you or your men, at least not all of them”

A bit stunned Shahril looked at George, a lad of twenty eight, western educated, qualified from MIT and Harvard, a PhD in theoretical physics, he was among the smartest man in the planet. He would have never been in the business had his father been alive, he would have been working for some reputed university meant to discover theories which would contribute to betterment of mankind, but fate and destiny had other plans, instead of being champion of mankind he was training to be the devil himself.

“I never wanted this, I still don’t, but if I don’t interfere now, my family will be slaughtered and those who have been loyal to us for generations would lose their living and possibly life. I cannot let that happen, we have legal business to take care of and the others are not making it easy. I want family to move out of this, we don’t want this, it was dad’s legacy and we are happy if it ends there. We want out, but they are not leaving us do that peacefully”

“What do you intend to do?”

“I have my plans, all I ask for is a few more months, I want you to trust my word for this, if I don’t make sure our partnership has good returns, I will make good your loss, I am still learning the ropes, and I learn fast, I hope you will treat me like a younger brother and advise me like my dad did. After all our partnership is more than money”

George’s dad had indeed been helpful; something which was less in their line of business and it was time to reciprocate the same.

Shahril, extended his hand, George grabbed it and they shook firmly, “You have a friend in me” Shahril replied.

“As a friend, I have a gift for you?” George continued, “I know it was not you who wanted to break the partnership, my dad spoke about you as his soon” George carefully tailoring the word as his son, and avoiding “like a son”, small gestures went a long way, he continued “ but I wonder who profits from us parting ways” George left the question hang in the air.

Shahril knew George knew something which he was not telling, or he was not sure about. “Is there something I need to know?” Shahril asked bluntly.

George finished the rest of the drink, “My men are still looking into this, my father’s death. You and I know very well he trusted his friends, I wonder were your good friend Nasrul was the night my dad was killed?”

“I doubt…” Shahril was beginning to fear the worst.

“I have no doubts as to the fact that you had no knowledge about this, you are a man of your word and you know the meaning of trust, you understand and value friendship, my dad used to say that about you. Let me ask you something” George paused, looked at Shahril, “How much percentage did the Rawther family assure you for the new deal”

“Shipping and 20%” Shahril replied, he did not wonder how George had come to know of their discussion with Rawther, it had happened few weeks back, something was not going right.

“Well a reliable source says, Rawther had stuck a deal for 27%, so if you are only pocketing 20% I wonder who gets the other seven.”

George and Shahril stared at Nasrul, sitting far at the pool table nursing his drink. George dug into his pocket pulled out a pen drive, handed it to Shahril, “I believe this should put the case into rest, I hope you keep an eye on him and as a friend, wait for me to start putting the chess pieces in place before you make the move”

Shahril nodded his head as he stuffed the pen drive into his jeans pocket.

“So what will we tell our friend or should I say friends”

George was expecting this question, he already had the answer, “I say, we give him hope that you and I decided to part ways amicably, move on and not interfere in each other’s business, we will remain friends and partner but just not business wise. I still don’t know who killed my dad and I want your help to know who it is” Shahril nodded his head in agreement, “I know you will want your way in this matter, but I need to be sure we are on the same page, any action on our mutual friend here would make sure the real guys go into hiding and that would not help the cause, if they had plans for my dad they certainly would have for his closest friend, if I were you, I would be watching my back” George put it across knowing very well Shahril would have thought of it and needed a little push in the right direction to make sure things were in his control.

They walked back to where Nasrul was seated, “So we decided to part way amicably” Shahril spoke, sensing the flash of satisfaction in the eyes of Nasrul, by saying so, Shahril was sure he had drawn a big target on his back, but sometimes one needed to hang a bait to get to the real people. “My friend here George has requested my help to sort it out and he too agreed, when I said, you would be the right person to sit back and help him get over with this”

Shahril was smarter than George, he knew if any attack had to come, it would come from Nasrul, and the farther the bastard was from him, the better for his life. George immediately knew Shahril was not going to take all the risk, if he had to agree George too had to show he too was getting under the heat as much as Shahril was without eliminating Nasrul, at the end of it, they need to make sure each could be trusted. Shahril had played it properly and planning it right. George could do nothing but agree and move on.

“I agreed, since you know the finances best, you would be the right person to get things sorted out and know how much we need to share”

Nasrul had not expected such a twist, “I suppose it can be done, but let me sort the things at our end…”

Shahril interrupted before he could finish, “Leave that to me, I will clear it up from there, you help George here and let us see how much mismatch our tables show”

Nasrul had no way apart from accept their suggestion, even though the sudden turn of events felt strange, he figured there was more money for himself in this gamble. Parting partners always made accounting tasks difficult, big companies had auditors to keep things in the clean, big criminal enterprises had people like Nasrul.

The three of them joined back the party which continued late till morning the next day!


A little after Midnight.


Way down in a remote village in Andhra, a brand new Land Rover Discovery speed-ed down a dusty village road, pulling right in front of a small house. A single dim light outside the main door showed the way in. In the village the dogs barked and howled at the late night visitor. A few drunk men loitered the field some had collapsed and decided to sleep outside while those still able to use stand tumbled to their house like zombies.

The main door opened and two men walked in, one had seen better days in life while the other was young and still had decades to go. The door shut behind just as they walked in.

Six men sat around a small fire, it had rained heavily previous night and the night was still cold, the wind was chilly and the fire place provided the comfort they needed. Plates of chicken and half empty bottles of Rum around it. The senior man sat right in the middle of the group, the other’s followed suite.

“We need to make sure the new deal goes well, it will bring in lot of money, the kid is intelligent but he is fit to take orders and not a don”

Others nodded their heads.

“The earlier we wrap the better, I got a message that the deal looks good to go, though it will take few more weeks”

“Why the delay”

“Cheques and Balances” the elder man commented.

He looked at the man seated in the corner, “So what is the business from the industry?”

“The collection went well, we collected 40% more than last month” the man proudly proclaimed as if he had done a great favour, “The boys were able to manage money from almost everyone”

“Almost everyone?”

“Two guys have gone bankrupt after their films flopped; they are planning to release a new movie which looks good to be a hit”

“Do you know anything about movies?” The senior asked the anger in his voice evident.

The man in the corner hung his head, “Stop commenting about the hit and super hit, hit him if you have to get the money, investing in movies were your idea, so far I have not seen any profits” the elder man raised his hand before the other interrupted him, “when I said no profits I mean not like what I expected”

“I will see how we can get more money”

“Good, very good, work on that”

The elder man turned to the guy seated next to him, “What is news from your end?”

His end was the real estate, for last decade, his goons have been going around threatening people who occupied prime property, forcing them to sell their lands for reasonable rates and move on, it had crossed all boundaries, things had gotten ugly one time, the papers had printed front page stories, for few months the business had suffered, but like everything in the country, it re-surfaced more adapting to the changed realities, better adapted and better grunt and grit. From occupying low lands they had gotten into buying bigger properties and leasing it to professional builders to build huge apartment complexes, they making sure took a good percentage of apartments. After all everyone needed a roof above their heads.

“The money is still good, but the market has been down for a while now” he replied.

“Yes I am aware of that?”

“I am planning to look for few tea estates, I heard this is the season best suited to buy those stuff”

“I want to start looking for property outside India, keep it in mind, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Dubai. I heard the markets are down there too, if you can channel some money through our sources, we could make a good profit”

“I will look into it”

“Good, keep me posted while you are looking into it”

He turned to the third man; he was called Sugar Daddy by the senior, the most villainous looking of the bunch, with a huge scar on his right jaw snaking down all the way through the neck. His name had much to do with his business; he was the one who managed whore houses, escort services and other entertainment options, including resorts and secret apartments across the city where people could fuck peacefully. There was a lot of money in fucking.

“So what is from your line of business, it is winter, men would be in heat now”

“Yes they are and the business is good?” he paused a bit, “Though we could do with few Russian girls, they are in demand and get us lot of greens” he added, knowing well the key to business was this.

“How are the Japanese girls we got last time?” The elder asked.

“How do you think we made a profit” Sugar replied.

“I have heard you like to sample the stuff” Sugar Daddy stiffened a bit, cold sweat ran down the back of his neck, “We do not steal from our own kitchen do we?” He asked, “Let me not hear such complains again, is that clear, else I will have to find someone who can manage it better”

It was a warning and it was well understood, Sugar kept quiet.

The fourth in the group managed the booze business both legal and illegal, the returns often more in the illegal business, there was nothing much to discuss there, just the numbers were enough. The last of the people were the Accountant the one man who had done the same routine that morning, Only he sat in front of one of those computers and got his math’s faster.

“We cracked in eighty two crores over the last three months about seven crores more than we had planned for?” the accountant continued, “That is cosy seven crores”

“Well I guess the boys are going to get enough this month”

“I too agree” he replied.

“How much of it is going to expenses for next few months”

“About eight to ten crores if planned properly”

“Ride with me tonight, let us find a way to spend it wisely and keep 14 C’s aside, let the men have some fun”

The accountant was not sure about doubling the expenditure on the men, “Are you sure….”

Before he could finish the elder spoke, his sound loud and angry, “Don’t tell me what I have to do with the money and don’t ever question me again? When I say 14, make sure it is 14” he then turned to the rest of the men, “I thank you for the work you have done this last months, 82 is some number, but we need to make it three digits. I want you to bring to me what more you can do so that three months from now we will have 150 in our kitty, how much should we spend to get that much, what more do we need to get that much, just give some sensible stuff and don’t waste my time.” He paused, took a deep breath, “You enjoy this weekend, let us meet here on Tuesday, we will sit across drink as family and fuck beautiful maidens all day”

He then got his aged body up, slowly walked out. Few minutes later all the six cars disappeared into the eerie night.

The six Captains of Rawther Family had always met away from the city, out in the privacy of a remote village. It was a practice they had been following for decades, nothing about the house had ever been changed, be it the furniture or the carpet around the fire place. Many a plans were made sitting not far from that fire. It was one village that was beyond the reach of any law enforcement people, every stranger was sighted and reported, those who asked too many questions were dealt with properly.

“Are you sure we need to spend 14C on the men?” The Accountant asked.

“You are cheap, in this business it is not money that buys you loyalty, it is your willingness to take care of your people, it is your willingness to show you are ready to spend more so they can make more money. Anyone can pay these men, but it is the promise that they work hard and remain loyal, they have an opportunity to make more. Who does not want to make more money?”

The Accountant kept quiet, he did not want to hear more, he was no businessman, he was only an accountant, he did not know how to make the money, all he knew was how to keep the count.

The vehicle speeded up towards the city.



George sat right across the room, dark and cold, he smoked a cigarette, the dark orange flame lighting up his face.

“Do you know what Los Zetas do to the men who betray their cause?” George asked, his cold and emotionless voice echoing through the hall.

The man across the room, tied on to a chair, beaten and bruised blood pouring out of his cut cheeks and nose, blackened eyes. He nodded his head; the force of the hand which slashed across his left cheek was instant and brutal, forcing the captive to buckle and puke blood.

“Speak louder bastard” the man standing next to him screamed.

“No…No I Don’t”

George smiled, “It is cruel, I don’t even wish that on my enemies…” George paused as if considering what he just said meant, with a smile he corrected himself, “Well at least not all of them.” George paused as if considering if his knowledge was going to make some difference.

“El Guiso, they call it, in Queens English simply the stew. It is a simple procedure, put a man dead or alive in a barrel, fill it with something flammable and well you can piece the rest of it together.” George looked at the horror in the face of the tied man. “You were my dad’s closest confident, you were his right arm and still you betrayed him for what more money, more power. I wish I had some good news to speak to you, but I have none, you my dear will die and die painfully.” George spoke, “Now if you tell me who it was who approached you for killing my dad, I may spare your family” George added.

“Why bother, I am dead anyway”

“You get me wrong my dear, I can keep you alive make you watch as my men well take turns on your wife and hang your son till he pisses his shorts.”

“Do whatever you please they are dead either ways, if it is not you then The Others”

George was smart enough to know what the dying man cared for, his family and he knew how to handle it.

“The Other’s won’t kill anyone…” George said, as he stood up, a fleeting glance at the tied man’s face, his eyes spoke the words he did not. “I may kill you for what you did, but I have no reason to blame your innocent wife and son for that. You worked for ages and learned everything you know from my family and yes betrayed them. I may show no mercy to you, but I can to your family. I know when you helped them kill my dad, you could have easily betrayed the rest of us.” George paused, a question he always wondered why. “Why did you not?”

The man tied to the chair raised his head, “You are not your father and you were more of a bookworm, you can never do what your dad or I did. It is not your life.” He paused, coughed a sputum of blood and cleared his throat. “I figured with head of the snake gone, the rest would just hide and wilt away. I was mistaken”

“No you were right, I am not my dad, I don’t intend to be either. I am not going to run this business for long. I prefer a peaceful life with my books, that is what I intend to do. I cannot live my life like you did, sleep with my eyes open.” George paused, “But yes I intend to put an end to it, once and for all, no families, no kingpins and none of the foreign men in the soil”

“You kill one ten will take his place, it is the curse”

“Yes it is the curse of our times, a curse that I intend to stop”

“No one can stop it.”

“Well I may not be able to stop it, but at least I will be able to put the fear of death into their heads.”

“A good dream”

A man walked in the hall pulling in a heavy barrel, the tied man’s eyes fell on it. An old abandoned metal factory, which was now revived into a garbage reprocessing facility, the sight of the barrel was enough to send shivers up the dying man’s spine.

“Promise me you will save my family and I may tell you why I betrayed?”

“I am not interested in the why?” George said, “All I am interested in is who?”

“You need to know why?”

George looked at him, what lies he had to say, a dying man’s last wish.

“I am all ears, choose your words wisely” George said.

“My mobile?” the tied man asked.

One of the men grabbed the mobile, diligently removed the sim card from it so as not to reveal the location when the mobile was turned on, and then turned the mobile.

“There is a folder in gallery, scan through it, you will know?”

George did as he was requested, his bright eyes and face turned grimaced.

“Who is she?”

“My sister”

“Where is she?”

“She was killed by them, raped for a week and skinned alive before being buried alive”

“You believe it?”

“There is a video in the folder, I could never see it?”

“Why did you not take it to my father?”

“I did, all he had to say was the families are at peace let me negotiate” the tied man, burst into tears, “the most respected man in my life did not care about my own blood, for him the peace was more valuable than life. What did she do? What was her mistake that she deserved this? She was killed because one of their men lost a family member in a gun battle, blood for blood, life for life?”

“So you looked for help outside?”

“She was still alive then, I had a chance to save her, if your dad did not, I had to find someone who could?”

“Rawther, you went to Rawther.”

“No I went to Nasrul.”

George looked at him, “What did he say?”

“That he would tell Shahril?”

George looked at the man on the right, “Untie him”

“You betrayed my family once, you did as you had to, you spoke to my dad and he did not help, I too would have done what you did to save my own blood. If we don’t save our family no one would, you came to us you did the right thing. What did Nasrul want from you?”

“Nothing, he just told me he would talk to your dad?”

“Did he?”

“Yes the night your dad was killed, they were supposed to meet?”

“Did you tell my dad you told Nasrul?”

“No I did not?”

George walked up to the man, sat next to him, “If I kill you, I would be killing you for caring for your own family. We are a family, we have to care for each other? Still you betrayed my father, leading to his death. I will ask my men to open one of the houses for you, you will live there till I seem you fit to comeback, if you choose to disobey it, you and your family are on your own and I will not be responsible for your life or safety”

Men around George had a confused look, they were still thugs not good at hiding emotions, the man standing closest to George hid an urge to voice his opinion. It was too late.


George had already walked out of the room…


The Wise Choice:

Priyanka sat in her home, a little after 8 in the morning, she had no plans to go to office that day, it was all about her and she needed people to make a small team that was dedicated and directed.

Her first call was to the fat man in IB, a call he was awaiting for few days. “Do you have anything in mind?” he said, chewing on his sandwich, not bothering for a hello or hi, catching Priyanka a bit off guard.

“I need to put a team in place?”

“For sure” he said, still chewing lumps of bread and cucumber and shredded chicken.

“Most importantly” Priyanka paused, making sure she wanted to be heard. “How are we going to co-operate”

“Leave that part to me” the older man said confidently.

“I have no clue where to begin?”

“Get your team, run them through me….”

“My team my rules, no running through you. You be free to keep an eye on them” she said, Priyanka wanted to be clear that they were working together as part of a team and she was not his boss and neither was he, hers. It had to be told and she told it upfront.

“I understand. Your team your rules” the fat man from IB replied, swallowing his sandwich and gulping down a glass of warm tea.

“Having said that, I don’t trust anyone so I need your help in tracking them, keeping an eye on them. Can it be done?”

“It can be done. But would it be wrong for a leader to not trust her team?”

“We are dealing with not just a family, we are dealing with an establishment who does not like the direction we have taken. I hope you realize that whatever we do, we will face a lot of obstacles.”

“I am aware” The fat man replied.

“Okay, so do you want to bring in anyone to the team? We need the old wild west men not bothered about firing a gun once or twice”

“I have few?” he replied.

“You wish to share?”

The Fat man waited, “I will send their files across to you today and you are at home I presume?”

Priyanka smiled, she knew she was already under the radar and it was obvious she would be for a long time; she made a note of it, “Just leaving to office”

“I see.”

Priyanka disconnected the call, he had no reason to tell her she was at home, yet he did. It was not a threat, he was smarter than that. It was his way of telling her she was being watched, by him. But why would he keep an eye on her and then reveal it to her itself.

Dressed in her noodle strap top and panties, she walked up to the window, gently parted the curtain and looked out to the road in front of her apartment. Far at the corner an unassuming red Alto was parked, two men stood outside enjoying a cup of tea and smoke. She did not bother taking down the number of the vehicle, vehicles would always be changed and so would the men. She ran her eyes down the road towards the front of her gate and then as far as she could see.

Were they the men from IB?

If they were, why their boss would give them up, it did not make sense. The only thing that made sense was the one she had expected. The establishment. The state government and police were keeping an eye on her movements and whereabouts. They would do it until they had a person in her team. It was the fat man’s way of warning her that she was being watched and his men were making sure she remained safe.

Going behind a big criminal came with a lot of pit falls, there were connections, friends of friends who spent a lot of money to make sure their empire remained powerful and saved. Somewhere the money trickled down to the establishment, probably the police and state government. They were doing what was natural to them, protect their interest.

The second call she was to an old friend, John. He picked up on the first ring?

“Good time?” She asked.

“I always have time for you?”

“Good. I remember a kid you once introduced”

“Yes” John knew who Priyanka was referring to.

“I would need a favor”

“Seek” John replied playfully.

“Come home let us talk over a cup of tea”

“Just tea?” John asked.

“If you still have your manner’s it could be more than that?” Priyanka remarked, she paused, “John”

“Yes dear”

“I am being watched”

He waited for a few seconds, “it does not make sense” being smart as he was, it did not take long to piece things together.

PM in city, three men killed brutally not far from where he was giving a speech, the unplanned visit to CM Office late in the evening, the IB officer in tow as photographer by the press. John knew who the fat man was, though the press thought him part of the PM’s crew.

“Okay, I will remain in the shadows” he replied.

“Good” Priyanka disconnected the phone.

Her IPhone chimed, she had received three mails.

She pulled her laptop, opened the messages, it was from the IB man. Three pdf files.

She clicked opened the first pdf.

Ravinder, picture of a 32 year old man, handsome and thick jawline, she read through three pages of his description before closing the file. When the IB guys said he was good, he must be good. If they were keeping an eye on a CBI guy, 32 year old, it meant a lot.

He had been bold and never bothered about the consequences of his actions as long as it was legal. There were times he had gone above and beyond the call of his duty. A man hardened in weapons training at Special Protection Group, before an unfortunate accident forced in the yard where he broke his leg forcing him to opt for less strenuous job.

Her only doubt was he healthy.

She walked around the house, picked an old Nokia phone she rarely used. It had a prepaid card which had a validity of a year, the only thing she did was renew the validity every year and make only a handful of calls.

This was an important call.

She dialed the contact number.


“Yes! Who is this?”

“Priyanka.” She did not bother to give her designation and department details, it was too early.

“What is this regarding?” he enquired.

“How good is your right leg”

Ravinder kept quiet for a few second, “I can walk” he replied.

“Can you run when needed?” Priyanka asked.

“As long as I don’t need to jump out a building or from a running train” he replied.

“So you are holding up fairly well?”


“I am putting a team together, hardened men who knows how to pull the trigger when the occasion calls for it. Want to know if you are interested, we have the blessings of the highest office” she let the word highest office remain.

“I am in” He replied without taking another second.

“I will work with your office and get you on board” she paused, “And Ravi, buy an old phone get a new number, from this moment on, you must sleep with your eyes open”

Ravi smiled, “I have not been sleeping a lot mam”.

Priyanka noted how he had called her mam, as if he was already in the team.

“Good.” Priyanka disconnected the phone.

The second call she made to was a driver who worked for the Narcotics Bureau. The conversation was equally short and to the point. A trusted driver was one she needed. Priyanka asked him to wait for further instruction and he would be officially notified. His name was Khan.

Third person in the team was from IB itself, a young man named Bharath, from north of India. There was no file or details on him, no contact number either. Priyanka read through the detailed mail, the fat man had written.

“He knows more people in the business than anyone, we have relayed on his inputs about this. We have only started now, he has been active for over a year. We won’t need him in team, but we need his inputs. I want you to get your feedback directly from the horse’s mouth, but know it, we will discuss on the intel and do what we feel is actionable without giving out the leak or anything.”

Priyanka read the mail one more time.

It made sense, but why did he want to protect his asset.

She then remembered John’s old method of white board.

She wanted to put a team together, which was her first assignment, everything started from there.

She drew a box, wrote her name down and parallel to that she wrote Fat Man, then Ravi and Khan, she had yet to know where to put Ravi, but she drew another column, Operations and put Ravi in it. She would need more men, so she drew a circle named it Back Up, two arrows pointed out with a question mark after each word, NIA (National Intelligence Agency) & NSG (National Security Guard). She then drew a circle around NSG.

India’s Elite Commando Force.

“Whose cock should I suck to get them?” Priyanka wondered.

From her knowledge, it would be Ministry of Home, since PM was also the acting Home Minister; she knew it was not going to be difficult. Glorified as Black Cats cause of the black cat insignia worn on their uniform, these were the best men to ask for. At some point when there was enough intelligence for action, these were the men she would want, men who were hardened and focused. There was no better group of people who could do what she had in mind.

Parallel to Operations, under the Fat Man she wrote Intel. It was his role it was what he did best. But did she trust him, she knew him for a while, but then it was small associations. This was one where they were going to work as a team and she would have preferred someone she could trust entirely. Someone like John.

From her memory she wrote another name, Magellan, rounded it off and wrote IT. She knew he needed no teams or further efforts, it was something he was good at and best left to work alone. She did not know why she needed him, but she knew it was always good to have one than look out for one when needed.

What was her role going to be?

What was the direction she was going to take?

“Can we set up a meeting?” she texted the fat man.

“Not today, tomorrow. I have started working on it and need to get something important”

“We also need to pen down our responsibilities”

“We should not, its best we keep team small and flexible. All I know is we need men of guts.”

Priyanka thought for a while he made sense. Small teams are reliable and it was easier to contain leaks. For a moment she wondered if she needed Kiran, her old companion. Kiran would be a good person to have by the side, trustworthy and she knew how to manage the crowd and egos. Yet Priyanka knew one thing, Kiran was on bed with the Doctor and knowing the Doctor who was manipulative, how trustworthy would Kiran be. Would she be able to separate personal and professional responsibilities?

Priyanka wrote on the board, Kiran?

She stepped back, glanced at the board. Breaking from her work she walked up to the window and checked the road down. The Alto was still there, she checked the time, noted down the number this time.

It was 8:45 a.m, Priyanka waited for John to show up.


John and Nithya…

John sat on the balcony of his apartment, the same three bedroom house he owned for half his life, 12E. Legs spread on the tea table nearby he was scanning through the days paper when Priyanka had called. It had been quite a while before the call and he was thinking about the first time he met her in the class.

That was years ago.

Nithya walked in disconnecting her call sitting next to John, grabbing her cup of black coffee.

“Work from home today” She said as she took a careful sip of the steaming hot coffee.

“You guys of today are lucky, companies give you money to sit home and waste time”

“Working from home is more difficult”

“Ya ya… excuses” John replied as he kept the newspaper aside, “We all have excuses. I worked half my life without any office day and night.”

“That is cause, you were a shadow my dear, shadows don’t need chair”

John raised his cup for cheers, despite his age, he missed those days of his life. It was unpredictable; crime had a way of being unpredictable. His work was more like an oracle’s, try to guess a crime before it even happened. What he knew or his team knew were less, the more one knew the more accurate the prediction would be. Yet it was a field on unpredictability, of unknowns and falsehood, secrets and corruption.

It was fun.

“Yep those were the days”

“You are missing it already” Nithya spoke out.

“I always missed it”

“Then why did you leave it?”

“Sitting behind a desk was not my style of working; I’d like to be in the field, where the tire met the road, where the heat and action was. It is easy to sit behind a desk and manage, what is difficult is to know when to pull the trigger and when not to, to have team members die in your lap, to look at the eyes of a man who knew he was going to die. Life will never be the same after that.”

“I don’t know, I don’t know if I can kill anyone” Nithya replied.

“It does not take much, killing is easy, living with it is difficult”

“Think about me, each decision I make can make or kill someone’s career” Nithya spoke, referring to her job in human resources.

John raised his glass one more time, “Yep you guys are more dangerous than us” he smiled, Nithya responded with one of her sweet smiles, “Look, I am going out today, may not be back” John continued, “have some work”

“What the hell” Nithya asked, she had other plans for the day, “I was hoping we could continue from where we stopped yesterday”

John hated to be out of work especially one that was sanctioned by the PMO, this would be something right up his alley, the dirty underworld, the one which India had fought for long. What he hated more was to leave a girl on bed wanting more. It had been a while since Nithya and he had met up.

John still remembered the first time he saw her, years back when she joined his college. She was smart and a topper in her class, pretty much loved by all the professors. It was the days when he went out with Sow and Rethi quite frequently, both of them were already part of his young band of friends, but Nithya somehow remained aloof, even though he had made many advances through Rethi it never fructified. The Maze Scandal, which was how the media had called it, came into play. And then the death of Dilan, Sow’s husband, it was something he could never forgive himself for. He got busy for many months dealing with his own grief, Nithya had left to Pune for internship and John had found Rekha, a relation he had taken seriously hoping to someday get married. The marriage never happened, Rekha was more independent than he had thought a few international trips later, career had taken over and Rekha moved to US. That was the last time he heard from her. John moved to Sri Lanka, had a few friends in his social circle he hooked up quite often, film actresses and models who had enough time for middle aged rich business man and hotelier. He enjoyed his life there till he had to come back for Magellan. Rethi had been missing, it was the most heart aching of all periods in his life and she was someone he felt responsible for. It was during those days he met Nithya again, working as a manager for human resources in a reputed IT firm. She still had that balance of mystery and charisma about herself, something he was attracted to. He had given up all hopes of ever bedding her till she finally approached him.

This was six months before, her work had kept her busy and so was his. They had not met in many months and before that she met him over two weekends when she found time away from her boyfriend. She still dated him but once in a while she came over to be with a man. He had many women in his life from all walks of life, Archana and Nithya were special they were his own something he never shared with anyone.

“Whatever it is it better be something important” Nithya spoke, dragging him out of his thought.

John hated discussing work with anyone, it was his headache and he loved it. But this was not work, it was just an opinion he was supposed to give.

“You remember the shooting when PM was here”

“Are you working with the government?”

“Nope, I am helping a friend who is tasked with the responsibility”

“You mean Priyanka?” Nithya asked.

John stared at her, how did she know?

“I too follow news once in a while, moreover the shooting gave a life line to the dry and dead media houses and they were on it for few days. What all bullshit, breakdown of government mechanism. Why the hell are these guys worried, it was not as if some civilian got killed? It was that underworld Don right? The city is better off without him.” Nithya spoke as she finished her coffee.

John did not want to waste time explaining the subtle intricacies of Category Z protection, especially one where PM was involved and his elite body guards the SPG. It was more complex, there were lot of perimeters, an incident like that less than a mile and half from where the PM spoke was dangerous, that too a public shooting. It was failure at many levels, very many levels.

He did not reply anything.

“Well Priyanka is your old flame right, don’t worry, I will go to office you can fuck her”

John looked at Nithya; he gently touched her face, detecting a pang of jealousy.

“Priyanka is a good friend, we did see each other for a while but it is all in the past, I would be the last person she would sleep with.” John replied, knowing well that it was not an explanation Nithya would accept.

Nithya stood up, grabbed his glass of coffee which he had yet to finish and walked into the kitchen. John sat in the balcony, looked at her walk into the kitchen before he jumped out and followed her. She was in the basin rinsing the glasses when he crept behind her and wrapped his waist around her.

“Look this is a rare opportunity, you know how I crib about being out of action, this is the action. If I have any luck I would be right in the middle of it, it would be a thrill to be in the middle”

Nithya wriggled out of his clutches and walked towards the shelf, neatly placed the cup along with many other coffees cups, grabbed the tissue and dried her hand. John walked back to her, grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her across.

“Don’t bother, I will not be in bed with Priyanka”

“How comforting” Nithya replied.

“I don’t know how I can make you believe”

“You cannot”

“Do I have to?” John replied, giving a subtle hint about how she was still with her boyfriend, Nithya pushed him aside and walked out of the kitchen, slammed the door of her bedroom.

John could hear her lock herself in the bedroom.

Damn he thought, women.

Fat Man

Fat Man was a term given to him more out of respect than an insult. He was known as the magician who had his fingers in all the pieces. He knew what was happening all around; he had the ability to work with diverse team and people. He treated his team with outmost respect and helped them whichever way possible.

Yet it was the first time Fat Man knew he had got into something that would actually change the life of people at least in one part of the country. Busting a drug ring and neutralizing their leader was something that would save not just lives, but generations.

It was something he wanted.

Yet everything he knew could be summed up in very few words.

For long the most important families down south of India could be counted as four, there was the unassigned leader, Robert. If reports have to be believed it was his youngest son who was in charge of that family, George. Robert made his money in real estate, especially during the IT boom, some smart investments and IT Parks across few cities and partnership with apartment builders he made a fortune legally. At the same time, there was also the illegal money. Casino’s in Goa and outside India, real estate, loan sharking, online betting in UK and Europe and weed. It was a known fact that Robert never favoured hard core drugs like Cocaine and Heroin or chemicals, for him those destroyed families and men. Weed was harmless, no one died of overdose of weed. He owned and distributed weed across India, including the famed Manali Gold, Munnar Greens and few other premium grass that was not native to India and had to be smuggled from across the border from the Golden Triangle. His network was as vast as any, with a local source known as ‘points’ in each and every big city where there was a happening party scene.

He also controlled the real estate in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Kochi, strong arming his way into what he needed.

The other families made their money through drugs, prostitution, human trafficking, extortion and real estate. Some also invested heavily in movies. Rawther and the dangerous Shariff were the two others. They were the biggest in drugs, made their maximum profits from drugs and contracts. The last and silent of them all was the Cruz’s, an old time family from Goa who had been into smuggling for ages.

But things changed when Russian and Israeli mafia started taking an interest in south of India, starting with Goa and Pondicherry. Initially it was just harmless beach side properties through proxy political names. Over the turn of the millennium, it moved from properties to drugs. It was not long before they started bringing ‘stuff’ from outside. There were also large numbers of women brought from exotic countries of Central Asia, traded for prostitution. Tourists vanishing overnight, it was not just limited to tourists, lot of cases of young women being bought from their parents or relatives in poor villages were common. Though never reported in main stream media, it was happening.

There was a lot of money moving from one hand to another. So far the battle had remained underground; nothing was heard or spoken about it. They fought and killed but only their own. The streets were still clean though the same could not be said about cities.

The biggest obstacle to power was the one family; Robert’s who strictly opposed distribution of drugs in the three big cities down south. Though the sale happened, it never got the boost that was needed. Trade was restricted to clubs and pubs owned by families, Robert would oppose anyone selling anything near colleges or hostels. Men who did it were beaten up badly and ratted out to Police. All the families saw him as a major threat and block to their profits, drugs sold and it sold well. More drugs, more money. As long as Robert lived, it never happened.

It was a war waiting to happen and it happened with the death of Robert and his eldest son along with that of an innocent bystander, in broad daylight. That was the push needed for the government to act and act they did, brutally.

It was not as if the intelligence people were asleep all the while. Like all intelligence given to government, there were plenty to local police and the state government, not once but repeatedly.

There was always a deep rooted belief in the government, that if there was a serpent that could lay golden eggs, it was profitable to keep the serpent alive till the last of the golden egg was laid. Killing a money vending machine was never a good idea, because at the end of the day government had many arms to act on the illegals, multiple arms. Secondly the fact that nothing was bigger than the Government, nothing. And the one who headed the government was always the most powerful. Where they made the mistake was they never heard of Mexico & Colombia, the cartel battles and how the struggle was still real and existent.

It was not as if the cartels never made mistake, they all did and their shinning mistake gave birth to the most dangerous drug cartel in the world, the Los Zetas. The origin of Los Zetas, the most brutal of all drug cartels ever to have formed, was a small mistake made by men who thought they could control an evil. Way back in the 90’s, the then powerful Gulf Cartel, decided to hire trained military commandos from Mexican Army, mostly for protecting their captains, as body guards.

Plata o Plomo, Silver or Lead, for long was the established way, made famous by the infamous and possibly the richest of drug lords, Pablo Escobar, it was the way they dealt with obstructions to their business interest. Everyone be it police, military, political or judicial were offered a choice, Plata or Plomo, Silver or Lead; they could either choose money or the lead bullet. Los Zetas did not bother offering a choice, they just killed them, not just killing, killing in the most brutal way. This way their death would remain in memory of those who were opposed to their business, a requirement those days. If the vilest of men could not control a powerful group of men, what chances did the politicians in India have?

No chance at all.

Nothing at all, it was not because the system was not efficient, but now that the State was dealing with not just Indian thugs, but influential and super smart Russian Mafia.

Russian mafia heads, unlike their counterparts in other countries, were the smartest men. Many were PhD holders in Chemistry and Physics, many enjoyed literature, give extempore on Bach or Beethoven, or quote Tolstoy effortlessly. It was one of the most dreaded of all mafia in the world and among the richest.

Chess was a pastime for them.

Cunning and smart they could be both tactical and brutal, the question was how much loss they would be prepared to take before finally deciding to act.

Things were beginning to get ugly.

For past few years the Fat Man had his ears to the ground, watching them grow from the huts in Goa and Gokarna to Duplex apartment in Metro’s and Capitals. They had expanded their territory, expanded their sphere of influence.

There always was one rule that law enforcement agencies around the world obeyed follow the money. The Fat Man finally got the required go ahead to obey just that.

Little did he know he had just taken his first step that almost killed him….



Just after Sun Down a small plane took off right from the middle of a forest in the famed Golden Triangle. A pilot and a navigator and a modified fuel tank enough to cover the journey. The plan was an old Cesna aircraft which had seen better years, yet fitted to it was a technology used by military jets and aircrafts known as Terrain-Following Radar. With a duplicated tail number, it was literally undetectable.

The Cesna, maintained a good speed into the Indian Ocean and maintaining a distance of less than thirty meters as it sharply turned towards the Indian Border.

A good hour later they entered the state of Orissa, still maintaining a stable distance from the ground. Terrain-Following Radar transmitted radar signal towards the ground area in front of the aircraft, the returning signals were decoded and a digital map of the terrain was made taking into consideration how the terrain varied. The route of the plane was mapped by spending a considerable time in Google Maps, identifying all residential towns and cities, the small villages that could not be avoided was considered as a risk worth taking.

The Plane skimmed through the border right into a specific spot marked on its map. Flying blind a single strip of light illuminated right in the middle of another forest. The runway was a makeshift one, levelled on ground, running up to three quarter of a kilometre. A small shelter with camouflage roof, stood at the end of the runway. The small plane made it’s way to a halt. A single man with an AK-47 around his shoulders climbed down with a tow, hooked it to the front wheel and climbed back on the SUV. The driver of the SUV, turned on the all-wheel-drive and slowly moved the vehicle and it’s tow towards the empty shelter.

An hour and half later, the plane was refuelled and it was on its way back. From the modified cargo hold of the small plane, one ton of the purest heroine known to man had already been transferred to waiting trucks.

Half an hour later the three trucks speeded down the highway, to three of the biggest cities in South India.

36,000 miles away, around the orbit of earth, the satellite captured a low flying apparition, nothing conclusive though, just another of terrain image it always took to measure the retreating tree line of the nearby hills and forest for purpose of geography.

No one took notice of the camouflaged shelter and the low flying Cesna….


The hospital bed..

Jenny walked into the reception, gave the name.

“Room 643” The receptionist replied, “That way, but the visiting hours are over madam”

“I am family” Jenny replied as she walked towards the lift. She pressed the floor number, two more people walked in. The elevator stopped at level 3, Jenny waited as other’s got out of the lift. Few minutes later she walked out at level 6. Room 43, she remembered, looking around she saw a board, Room 640-650.

She walked to through the long walkway all the way up to room 643. The doctor and the nurse were in the room as Jenny walked in.

“How is he doc?” She asked.

“Are you his family?” Doctor asked.

“Yes” She replied, nonchalantly.

“About time you showed up, we were worried” the nurse replied.

“How is he?” Jenny asked again, ignoring the nurse.

“he is better now” doctor replied, “It was a fracture and torn ligaments in the left knee, since he took a few days of self-care” the doctor looked at Jenny, “We had to wait for the swelling to subside before setting it correct.”

“he is rather set in his ways”

“If he had waited for few more days, it would have got real bad” Doctor said, as he walked out of the room.

“Does he have any tablets before dinner?” Jenny asked.

“We will come and give” the nurse replied.

Jenny was a bit taken aback by the hostile tone, she brushed it aside, long schedules could get into anyone’s nerves.

“She is a bit angry is she not?” Jenny spoke as she locked the room, “Tell me why I should find about your sickness from your staff. You don’t have my number of what?”

“I did not want to disturb you?” the old man from the estate replied.

Jenny stared back at him with anger, “That is your fucking reply, at least make an effort to lie for an answer”

The old man smiled, he knew she treated him more like a dildo whenever she needed, but the girl still liked him and treated him as a friend. He had decided not to call her mostly cause he did not want John to see her, something he could not tell her either. Their relation had seen few years, mostly fucking, in fact only fucking. Initially she visited most weekends and then with years gone, the weekend trips were reduced, mostly cause her job had to take her from one place to another. Then with her growth in her company, the number of visits reduced further. Over the last two years, it had been way too less. She would turn up one Friday night unannounced only to leave Sunday morning. The last time they met was six months ago, just months after he had converted the estate to a cottage for rent. They had stayed together in the main house, fucked. In fact they remained naked all day that fateful Friday, she sucked him off whenever she wanted to and they fucked whenever they wanted, so much so that neither of them could wake up till evening the following day.

It was a relation built on pure need, between an old man into his early sixties and a young career woman in her later twenties. She loved sex and he provided it to the best of his abilities given his age. They seemed to fulfil each other and she seemed satisfied.

“So why did you not call?” Jenny dragged him back to reality.

“I am sorry. I did not think it was going to take this long” old man replied.

“At least that was a better answer” Jenny seemed to be happy with the reply.

She pulled a chair and sat next to him.

“You lost weight”

“I don’t get much in the name of food, the hospital food makes me more sick” he replied.

“Good, stay here for few more weeks, you may finally have a flat stomach”

“Not if I can walk out of here?”

“Finding it hard to walk or what?” she asked.

The old man pointed to the walker, “That helps me, but doctor said no weight on right leg for few months, there goes my Jogging” he replied, smiling.

“As far as I know, the only exercise you do is fucking” Jenny said in a low voice, laughing.

The old man smiled, he was too old to bother to keep in shape, but yes after meeting her, he had started swimming daily, much of his weight loss happened there.

She grabbed his fingers, “Look, I may come out as a bitch, but in last few years I have been a friend also, don’t ever do this again, you will call me” she looked serious.

The old man knew she was not lying, she meant what she said, every word of it.

He nodded his head.


For a long time they sat and spoke, she went on about her job and he listened as always, sometimes he felt the only reason apart from sex for her to be with him was to make sure someone listened to her. He always did, that way he was good, he knew no one cared much about what happened to a woman in her life, he always did. It had been an interesting life listening to many woman of all ages.

The tap on the door brought them out of their nostalgic conversation.

The nurse walked in, “You don’t have to stay back, the visiting hours are over” she said as she pulled out few tablets handed it to the old man and passed the glass of water.

“It’s okay, I will leave in sometime” Jenny replied, not wanting to turn hostile.

“Are you on night duty?” Jenny asked as the nurse walked out.


Jenny waited for a few seconds before shutting the door again.

“Seriously what the fuck is her problem?”

“You don’t expect everyone to be nice to you, she has been here since six in the morning” the old man replied.

“I did not make her work did I?”

“They are a bit grumpy” old man brushed it aside.

“Whatever” Jenny sat back on the chair, grabbed the bottle of water and gulped down, “Do you have a plaster?”

He nodded.

“Let me sign it for you” she grabbed the pen off her purse, moved the sheet and signed the plaster, with a little heart sign at the end.

She checked the time, it was a little after eight.

“When is the dinner?”

“8:45” he replied.

“If I don’t leave by then the nurse may hang me” she said mockingly.

“So how is our little girl” she asked referring to the local college girl she had once got to make it a threesome.

“Not seen her in long time”

“What” Jenny asked a bit surprised, “She told me she met you a few times”

“Yep that she did” the old man replied.

“Why is she getting bored, are you not fucking her”

“We did, I don’t know” he replied.

“Well maybe…” Jenny said as she slipped her hand under the sheet, slipped it further till she reached his pj’s “May be you always wanted me” she said as she snuck her hand in grabbed his cock.

The sleeping giant had been waiting for a tender touch, for quite a while; somehow she knew what he wanted without him having to say. The old man shut his eyes as she began stroking his manhood. She kept on increasing the pace, feeling his organ grow in her hand. In controlled long and short strokes, his cock began to take a life on it’s own protesting as the old man dug his fingers into the thin mattress. She could hear his balls slapping on his legs as she quickened her pace. May be it had been long, or he missed her a lot, his breath began to be quicker and she knew it would not take long.

Jenny pulled back the bed sheet, crawled between his legs, opened her mouth and took the tip of his cock in her mouth as she continued what she was doing. She felt his organ grow in her mouth, as she took it deeper and deeper.

The next few seconds, he let out his fury, emptying his balls into her mouth. Without any second thought she took it all in and the sucked his cock clean before putting it back in his shorts. She then kissed him.

“I would have loved to take it in somewhere, but this is not the right time” she kissed him again, “you get well, I will visit you tomorrow”

Jenny left the hospital leaving an exhausted yet peaceful old man.

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