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Sex in showroom

I was visiting Chennai, for the 10th time in a long time and decided to do some window shopping on Ranganathan St. Before I headed back to the hotel. Walking and looking in the store windows I saw this quaint little shop with some Summer prints in the window. Now usually I can’t buy anything off the rack because it always needs to be let out in the bust, so I usually wear just tops and pants, but I decided to give it a try.


Opening the door I was greeted by a little bell announcing my arrival and welcomed by a striking lady in her forties, who I assumed to be the owner, while another lady sat in a chair nearby. With a smile she welcomed me in English, and I replied in Tamil that I was interested in the pants in the window. Looking me up and down, she asked a size 4? No I replied, I’m a size 6. Follow me she said, as we headed to the back and the changing rooms. Upon entering the room I noticed it was nothing like the changing rooms I was used to. It had lamps and a small sofa, which gave it a royal look. She motioned to me to remove my clothes so that she could get the correct measurements, and when she saw that I was braless, she remarked no bra? Oh but you need the support. That is a D cup, no? No I replied a C cup, as I tried to explain that I had been hours on a flight and the straps were hurting my shoulders. As she proceeded to take my hip and waist measurements, I couldn’t help notice that her eyes kept returning to my breasts

As she stood behind me to measure my bust she took the measurements, and then cupped my breasts to show me, or so I thought, how I needed support. I felt the slightest pressure between her thumb and forefinger on my nipples, and instantly they got rock hard. I could see our reflection in the huge mirror. There she was standing behind me with her hands on my breasts and I was loving it. As she moved her head closer to my ear, she whispered in her lovely accent, “you like that, no, Preethi?” I whispered back yes but looking toward the door, I started to question about her friend, to which she whispered no fear, and dropped one hand to creep under the elastic of my bikini panties to feel my soaking pussy. As I parted my legs I felt her finger explore the very core of my womanhood, as her other fingers continued to roll and pull my rock hard nipple, and her mouth was on my ear. Her tongue licking every crevice, as she finger fucked me in front of that huge mirror. “Cum for me Preethi, and then I want to taste you” she whispered. My mind was a flurry of thoughts. Here I was in an almost strange city. In a dress shop I had never been in and with a woman I had only met minutes before, who was finger fucking me in front of a huge mirror, but my thoughts were interrupted as I felt the tingle build until there was no turning back, and the floodgates opened with a massive orgasm.

She could feel my pussy contract and my body going stiff as my pussy honey poured out, and I moaned, biting my lip to try and not make noise. Whispering in my ear she said yes Preethi, and now I taste you Preethi. With the quickest of movements she pulled down my panties and stepping out of them she led me to the sofa. Kneeling in front me she lifted my legs over her shoulders, and took a deep breath of my fragrance, before touching my pussy with her tongue, and softly licked like a kitten. Exploring my delicate folds with her tongue, and pulling my pussy lips with her lips, before parting my pussy lips with her thumbs so she could lick my inner lips. Watching her with her mouth on my pussy was the hottest thing I think I’ve ever experienced and I cupped my breasts with my hands and pulled and pinched my nipples, as I squirmed on the sofa. Her kittenish tongue plunged deep in my pussy and she licked and probed my pussy walls. I noticed her taking one hand and putting it between her legs so she could finger her own hot pussy, and with her other hand she patted my swollen clit as she tongue fucked me. It was as if I was having an out of body experience, as I saw these two women enjoying each other, when I noticed the door open just a crack, and then close again. Moments later the door opened again and the lady that was sitting in the chair was standing there totally naked with a huge black strap on protruding out in front of her.

Giving me a smile, as if to question if it was alright, I smiled back to signal it was, and she knelt behind the shop owner who was busily licking my hot pussy. Hiking up the woman’s skirt from behind she did something I assumed was lubing up the dildoe, then I saw her hips push forward abruptly and the dildoe disappeared. I was having unadulterated sex with 2 total strangers and loving every minute. Little orgasms were happening to me, almost one after the other, but I knew it wouldn’t take much to have the big one. The tingle was building stronger, from the tip of my toes up towards my hot wet pussy, and I tried lifting my hips to get my pussy closer to her mouth. I had brief thoughts that I was going to ruin this lady’s sofa because I gush when I cum strong, but my thoughts went away as the lady who was licking me moaned loudly into my pussy as she came, and that was all it took. Screaming “I’m cumming”, my body tensed up as the most wonderful feeling in the world swept over me. Wave after wave it hit me, until I collapsed in a heap on the sofa, watching the woman with the dildoe fucking until she had hers. “your dress will be ready tomorrow Preethi” the lady said as I prepared to leave, and with the pleasurable orgasm, I said ‘thank you’.