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Sex in the Car

I was waiting for my boyfriend at my home because we had planned for a long drive before I go to Italy for a business trip and he was to go Delhi for a job interview. There was time of one week in our hands to proceed on our jobs but we had to prepare a lot for our job and we both were not sure whether we would get another chance of meeting, so we made an immediate program of meeting (Readers knows it very well that not only for meeting but much more than a meeting)

It was rainy season and shower clouds were traveling all over the sky with start and stop of rain. I saw time on my wrist watch. It was 3.30 pm. He was to come at around 4.30 pm, still about one hour’s time, but I was feeling restless. I was ready to proceed with my favorite dress of jeans and top on my sexy body. I looked myself in a full size mirror. The god have gifted me a beautiful shaped body with sharp up and down at required places which make a female body beautiful and very sexy. I would like to mention that I am not only owner of a beautiful sexy body with dream figures of 34 – 26 – 36, but my beautiful oval shaped face with dark black hairs and blue eyes made me more beautiful.

I have noticed that people, either male or female, used to watch me for a long time whenever I go out. I know that my hips move in a very sexy way when I walk and my well-shaped boobs (generally in tight cloths) make every man mad. I like to wear good dresses all the time which suits on me and makes me more beautiful and sexier. I smile under my lips when males watch me with a lot of sex in their eyes and females watch me with a jealous feeling in her eyes. I always thank god for giving me such an extra ordinary beauty and I always take a lot of care of my beauty and figure by doing regular yoga and exercise. Many peoples in my family, relatives and friend circle feels that I can become an actress but I am not interested. I should not mention more about my beauty and come to the point.

I was waiting for him and still there is one more hour I had to kill. I went to roof top of my house to kill the time. We have a covered portion on the roof with sitting arrangements under it. I sat on one of the chair and looked around. Our house is the tallest house in that area and we can see up to far from our roof. Other houses are mostly single storied. I was there so that I can see my boyfriend’s car coming from a distance. I was looking around and suddenly my eyes fixed on my neighboring house from top. It is a doctor’s house with a clinic in outer room. The doctor is single after death of her wife and her two sons were studying in U.S. His age that time was around 45. He used to sit up to 2- O’clock in the day in his clinic and have appointed a beautiful young lady at his home for day time to prepare food for him and to look after maintenance of his house and clinic.

I was sure since a long time that she is not only a house servant but she must be having sexual relationship with the single and wifeless doctor. I could see both of them in an inner room with doors open. The Doctor was sitting on a chair and the lady was doing some cleaning job in the room. Doctor said something to the lady and she left her job in hands. She moved towards ward rob and I could see that she has taken some cloths out in her hands. She went to the attached bathroom and returned after some time. She was wearing a beautiful pair of pink bra and panty only and shown it to him turning her body. That must be a gift from him to her and he must have asked her to show it wearing on her body. He was looking at her. She was a beautiful lady with slightly heavy boobs and big ass. She was looking sexy in pair of undergarments. They were talking something and she moved towards him and their lips were locked in a deep kiss. I was enjoying seeing them in love and I thought this is a good time pass for me to wait for my boyfriend. They were separated and she started her cleaning work again. For a moment, I thought that it is over but it was not over.

The light rain has started again. I saw, he was watching her doing cleaning work in the room and they were talking to each other’s. Once, when she passed near to him, he pumped his big boob hard with his hand. She laughed and moved away. Next time, he did something between her legs with his fingers when she was on move and she jumped in air. He must have stroked his finger hard on his pussy or ass hole. She again laughed and looked at him. She moved up to the chair on which he was sitting and I saw that he hugged her hard while he was sitting and she was standing. She was moving her fingers in to his hairs. His face was on her big boobs and he was rubbing his face hard on her boobs. His hands were behind her moving on to her back and on her big ass. He moved her bra straps through her shoulders without opening hook. She moved her hands out of her bra straps and he pulled her bra down. Now, her bra was meeting with her panty and her uncovered big boobs were before his eyes. Her boobs were heavy and pointing down. He rubbed his face again on her naked, big and loose boobs and took one of her nipple in his mouth.

I have started to feel hot by seeing this. There was some sexy feelings started to grow in to my pussy automatically which cannot be described in words. He was sucking her big boob’s nipple hard one by one like a hungry man. She too must be feeling hot by his action because she was moving her head forward and backward with his actions on her big boobs. I was enjoying their love and readers are aware that I am a very sexy girl by nature and what I was seeing was enough to light my sex feelings. My panty under my jeans went wet and I was moving my fingers over the jeans where my pussy was hiding.

The position of love making doctor and his female servant was on such an angle that I was not able to watch the face of that woman. Doctor was sitting on the chair facing the door and I could see his face and her ass back. Now, the lady sat on the floor and doctor has opened zip of his pant. She moved her hand in open portion of his pant zip and recovered his tool. From the distance, I could notice that it must be a very long dick covered with a lot of black hairs around. She was moving his dick hairs backwards to have a clear look of his hot rod for her next action. She kissed it and started to stroke it mildly down and up. He was sitting on chair with his head on back of the chair enjoying female hand treatment to his cock. His eyes must be closed which I could not see. After some time, while stroking his cock, she took head of the cock in her mouth and sucked it for quite a sometime. Then she started stroking hard with cock head in her mouth. I understood that the doctor will be satisfied with her hand and mouth treatment on his cock. I too opened zip of my jeans and inserted my middle finger from corner of my panty near pussy with legs away from each others.

I have started with hard rubbing of my clit to reach an early orgasm. There, speed of stroking and sucking is increasing and here, speed of my clicking the clit/G spot is also increasing. I saw clearly that he had lifted his back from the chair and hold her head tight on his dick. He must have thrown his cum in to her mouth which she was swallowing. I was also near finishing and started final few hard strokes between my pussy lips on clit/ G spot to finish the act fast. My panty gone wet again and I have finished a good hand job to my own pussy and finished with a bang. My eyes went closed in pleasure of self-satisfaction and when I have opened my eyes, I saw that she was cleaning his cock area with a cloth and also cleaning her own neck and big heavy boobs where his cum must have been reached. I also saw blue Zen of my boyfriend taking turn from main road towards our house. Now the rain has stopped. I stood up and run to my room. I took another fresh panty and changed it after cleaning and drying my wet pussy with help of tissue papers.

I ran towards main door to welcome my boyfriend. As you are aware, he is a fair, handsome and tall guy with a good body built.

He was parking his car and my mom was also joined me to welcome him. We all sat in drawing room to have evening tea and snacks. Mostly, he was talking with my mom and we left at around 5.00 pm for a long drive as per pre decided program.

We were on Goa – Mumbai highway and once again, the rain have started, this time little heavier. The day went dark very early due to the heavy rain. The rain was making me sexy and I was sitting with him with my head on his shoulder. He was driving carefully in rain. There were very few cars on the road due to the evening time, out of city limit and also due to the weather.

He kissed me on my cheeks which made me hotter. I too kissed him on his cheeks. He also pumped up and pressed my boobs while driving. I was receiving what I needed. He again pressed my boobs hard and I had glued to him as much as was possible in a running car. Now my boobs were rubbing on his arms. I moved my hand and have opened upper buttons of his shirt. My fingers were moving on his hairy chest touching his nipples repeatedly. I could feel hardness of his nipples with my sexy touch on the correct place. I pinched his nipples one by one and he enjoyed my action. I saw down and noticed movement under his pant. I smiled and moved my hand down leaving his nipples. One hand of mine was around his neck for a perfect position to sit on his side rubbing my boobs on his arm. I could feel hardness of his cock by touching it above his pant. He too has adjusted his legs position a bit so that he can drive and I can play with his cock. I was rubbing his cock and wanted to take it out. I opened the zip and he too helped me to take out his cock from pant and underwear.

How wonderful his cock is. Length of his cock is more than 7.5″ with diameter of more than 3″ (we took measurement of it once when we were discussing different types of cock, that is why I know his size of cock) It is hot and like a hard stick with dark brown color and cock head skin always shows small hole on cock head when it is in erect position. I just love to watch this wonderful hot rod. I consider myself very lucky to have such a good boyfriend who is always ready to play a love and sex game all the time, anywhere, like me. His cock head skin slips down easily when I push it by holding tight. His pink cock head comes before my eyes on slipping down the covering skin. His cock head was little wet with a drop of his pre cum on the little hole.

He also touched my pussy over my jeans while driving which made me more hot and my pussy have started to releasing juices as usual. He is having a very good control on wheels with a very good driving skill and we were not worried anytime playing love and sex game while he was driving. I stroked his cock down smoothly like I saw the woman did to the doctor. His cock became more hard with my touch and I just loved it. Rain outside was increasing our sex feelings and we both were in sex act in running car. I looked in his eyes and I could not find anything other than love for me. I started stroking his hot cock up and down, up and down with my soft hand and tight grip. After some time, I moved my head down and took it in my mouth. I was moving my tongue around cock head and have tasted his pre cum fluids. My stroking to his cock was continuing with upper portion of his cock in my mouth in the running car. I am sure that no one could have noticed us playing sex game in a running car. Glasses of the car were dark and there was darkness out side too. Rain became heavier and we became more sexy.

He reduced speed of the car little bit to keep it in control in dark and rain outside and sex sparks inside the car. I was already finished one time at home and I wanted to finish him before practical pussy cock fucking. I was feeling little uncomfortable in bending myself to have his cock in my mouth in little space available for movement in this small car. He noticed this and told me to sit straight and to do the rest with hand. He again pumped my boobs and rubbed my pussy. I was already too hot and horny with cock in my hand and also with his pumping my boobs and rubbing my pussy again and again. I have increased speed of up and down stroking on his hot cock with a very tight grip of my hand. He was enjoying and I was also enjoying. I was thinking that his cum will be on the dash board or on his cloths when he reach to the climax. I know that his cock throws cum very far away with a force and too much quantity too.

I was doing my job and he took a hand towel in his hand and I understood that it is for his cum purpose. His cock was started to become more hard and cock head became more pinkish. He was near his cum fire and finishing. He was driving with one hand on wheel and his other hand with hand towel was down near his cock. He said loudly… OH! JULEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and put the hand towel on cock head. I took it immediately and wrapped it around his cock head and again took hold of cock with hand towel around it. I was stroking so that he can fire last drop of his cum. Cock was firing cum shots again and again with a dance in full force which I could feel holding his cock tight between my palm. I saw a sign of great satisfaction on his face with my hand job and I was happy that I could make him cum with my skill full hand job.

I cleaned his cock with the hand towel and he thrown the hand towel out of running car on wet road in rain by opening window slightly. Some drops of rain came inside when he opened window and we felt it very good. His cock was still in semi erect position. Not hard and not very soft too. It is always little easy to take out erect cock from zip opening through underwear hole but it is difficult to put in at place when it is erect. I have noticed it so many times. After some time, it became soft and I tried to put it back under his pant and underwear but I could not do it. He did it himself by lifting his back.

It was around 6.30 in the evening and we were about 120 kms away from our home town on the highway. Still there was heavy rain outside and also too dark.

I asked him that what his plan now in this weather is. He informed me that originally, he wanted to take me to a beautiful and new resort opened in deep jungle just ahead after 30 kms. But the weather is beautiful and he is thinking to do it in the car itself if I am agreeing. I agreed to his proposal immediately because I did not do it in a car and I wanted to have this experience. I always love to try different positions and different places in sex. I told him that how can we do it in the car on highway. He smiled and told me that if I fuck you in car on the highway, someone will fuck my car from behind in this rainy and dark weather. After a drive of 2/3 kms., he turned the car down from highway towards big trees around all over on ground. Finally, he parked his car between two big trees. Water and water was everywhere outside of the car. We were not far away from highway but it was very difficult to spot his blue car from highway between big trees in this dark and rainy weather. This was a very safe and secure place for us to have a fuck in car first time in our life.

Raining was continuing in full force and we could hear sound of big water drops on roof of the car under tree. He turned towards me and said……

“Darling!! Would you like to have some beer in this sexy weather?”

“Sure. If you have some in car.” I said.

He turned to back seat and pulled a bag from there. There were some FOSTER BEER CANS in the bag. He opened a can and given it to me. He opened another one for him.

CHEERS………………… we said to each other and have started to ship beer.

I: How will do in car. On back seat?

He: We can do it on back seat but the space is limited in this small car. I think, we can do it better on front passenger seat on which you are sitting, by pushing it back.

I: On this seat? How?

He: We will start here and will move to back seat if we face any problem. I cannot say now because I have not done it before in car.

I: It is first time for me too in car. O.K. let we try first time in a car.

We were shipping beer and whether outside was making us sexy and more sexy. Hot and more hot. We both are very sexy by our nature and we knows that how to make full use of time and situation. We were talking sexy and preparing us for a good fuck in car just near highway where we were seeing headlights of running cars but we were sure that no one can notice us. We have finished the one round of beer.

He: Should we start darling or you want some more beer before it?

I: I want some more beer but after we finish. Not now.

He asked me to push the seat back on which I was sitting to create more space in front of the seat. I pushed it back nearly touching its back on back seat. Now, there was a lot of space before front passenger seat. I was still thinking about our fucking position on this seat and was wondering that how will he fuck me on this seat. I also pushed back the back of the seat as much as was possible.

He: Darling! We should remove our lower cloths for free movement and upper cloths should be there on our body so that no one can notice us nude in car if someone sees us from highway or we can travel in car with only our upper cloths on if required in any situation.

I agreed to him with difficulty because I do not want any cloth on my body as well as on partner’s body when we have sex. But looking to the situation, I agreed.

He removed his pant and underwear and thrown them on back seat. Now he was wearing only his T shirt. I saw that his cock was under process of erection moving up wards slowly and slowly. It was also getting thicker and thicker. It was like air is going in a balloon making it long, hard and thick.

I also removed my jeans and panty and thrown the same on back seat over his cloths. Now I was in my top only and lower portion of my body was also naked like him. I touched his semi erected cock and he smiled. He also pushed driver’s seat back a little bit for free movement.

Me: Dear! I want you to suck my boobs. How will you do it when I am having my top on?

He: I too want to suck them, but look at the situation. We are not in any closed room. We are in a car near a running traffic on highway. It will be very bad if someone spots us naked in the car. We can hide our lower nudity but cannot hide your nude boobs from some one’s eyes if anybody comes near to our car without our notice. I do not like that others can even have a look of your boobs.

I: O.K.! I understood.

But he noticed something in my eyes and said….

He: We can do one thing. The fucking position in my mind will not allow me to suck your boobs when I am in you. But I want to give you maximum pleasure and also want to take maximum possible from you all the time. You open hook of your bra and also open some buttons of your top. By this, you can cover them fast if needed.

I was happy to hear this. I always enjoy and it makes me more wet, more hot and more horny when my boobs nipples are being sucked in sex.

I have un-hooked my bra and have opened last two buttons of my top by which my boobs were in a position to come out from below of my top for a good sucking.

By this time, I have noticed that his hot tool was fully in standing position ready to fuck pussy. I knew that he was going to fuck me hard for a long period because he is sexually very strong man and take much more time to finish and it will be longer fuck when he already had a masturbation satisfaction just before some time. I always love a long fucking period which gives me minimum two good and strong orgasms each time. I just love long fucking.

We were sitting in the car in the same position. I was on pushed back passenger seat and he was on pushed back driver seat. There was a lot of space to move our legs in car. I have touched again his hot rod with a lot of love and sex feelings. It was very hot and hard as always. I am very lucky that my boyfriend is having such a long, thick, hard, hot and long fucking tool.

He pulled me on him and took my lower lip under grip of his lips and has started to suck it in a very sexy way. I too started to suck his upper lip in the same manner. The fire of sex was increasing in the car with our very sexy lips locking. My hands were behind his head/neck and his hands were moving on my two sexy, hard and well shaped rounds of my ass. My pussy has started itching in it and it was becoming wet and wet.

He was pumping my round ass and also moving his fingers on my ass creek which made me more hot. He knows it very well that how to make me hot, horny, wet and sexy within a short time and once again he was doing the same. We were in deep kiss and he took my tongue in to his mouth and started to suck/lick it like an ice cream. I was moving my fingers in to his hairs back on his head and he was continuing with his sexy movements of hands / fingers on my naked ass rounds. As always, he also put part of his finger in to my ass hole and did it in and out for some time. Heat is increasing in the car between us in a rainy weather out sides. Traffic at highway was usual and nobody could notice us. Our car was between trees and we were playing the sex game in the car. It was first time full fucking in the car for both of us. Before this, you are aware that we did hand job and blow job many times in running car but this was first cock pussy fucking we were doing in car. His fully erect long and hard cock was stroking my side, just below my boobs. I took hold of it and slipped his cock head skin down and his pinkish sexy cock head was out of the cover.

We finished a long kiss and I was back on my seat with fast breathing. I took his hands in my hands and put them on my boobs above my top. He started massaging them over top. His cock was still in my grip. He changed his position on seat to reach his mouth up to my boobs.

He pulled up my top from bottom and my two sexy boobs were completely uncovered were near his face. My brown nipples went hard and he took one nipple in his mouth and other between his fingers. One he was sucking like a hungry boy and other was receiving hard rubbing and stimulating treatment of his finger. My pussy was completely wet by that time and there were sweet itch feelings have started in to my pussy for want of a hard cock fuck. I was not able to see his cock in this position but I could feel wetness of his pre cum on my fingers and his cock was going harder and harder like a iron rod. We were in our own world of sex with our full attention only on sex. He changed his position again to lick my second boob and have exchanged the boobs for sucking and rubbing. The heat was continue to generate between us in the small car and outside weather was increasing our sex need. We were still unnoticed by any one.

One of his hands moved down towards joint of my legs. There was plenty of space because we already pushed the seats back. I had widened my legs so that he can do it freely. For some time, his fingers were moving on outer portion of my hairless pussy but then he inserted his middle finger between my already wet pussy lips and he was moving his finger up and down touching my G spot/clits. I have started moaning in pleasure on his sexy act on my boobs and wet pussy. My nipple went more stiff so as his dick in grip of my hand. I wanted to be in 69 positions but it was not possible due to shortage of space. He was rubbing hard my clit between pussy lips and I was on the way of my pleasure journey towards a station of satisfaction.

He again changed my boobs for sucking and pumping with continue movement of his middle finger between my pussy lips. On feeling that I am near my finishing line, he inserted finger in to my golden pussy pleasure hole and started finger fucking. So nice…… so lovely…. so sexy…….. I was near to finish and I could not stop my ass to move up and up unknowingly to reach. He increased his speed of finger fucking and there was a sexy sound form my mouth. I was reaching….. Reaching……… reaching…….. And finally I reached. I have tightened my legs with his finger inside my pussy to enjoy my orgasm.

I told him that I want to taste his hot rod because I wanted to make him so hot before fucking act so that he finishes with me. I know that he takes longer time to cum and I always finish twice in his one go. To day I wanted him to cum inside me with my first finishing for which it was necessary to make him more hot and I wanted to take him half way by sucking his hot rod before fucking.

We have changed the seat for better position. Now he was on his back on passenger seat and I was on driver seat. His long, hot and thick tool was pointing towards roof of the car and I took lower part of his dick in my hand. Cock head skin was already down and I took his cock head straight away in my mouth. Oh my god! it was so hot. First I tasted his pre cum and started to move my tongue on it. My hand was already in slow action of up and down. I was sitting on driver seat on my knees with folded. I was in a position that my naked ass was up which invited him to move his hand on my rounds of ass. He moved his hands on my ass creek and as always inserted a part of finger inside of my tight ass hole. I was making him hot he was making me hot by moving his finger slowly in and out of my ass hole. He never liked ass fucking but he always fucks my ass with his finger for some time before pussy fucking and I enjoy it. His finger moving in and out of my ass makes me mad for fuck and he was aware of this fact. He is an expert fucker and I am very lucky to have such an expert and sexually strong boyfriend cum would be hubby.

My mild sucking to his cock converted in to hard sucking and hard strokes of up and down to his dick by hand was going on. My boobs were hanging in the air in this position and were moving forward and backward with my movement because my ass fucking with his finger was still on. After some time, when I saw and feel his movement of ass in pleasure and his cock became more strong, I understood that he is already on the half way and this is the time to start cock pussy fucking for finishing together at the same time. I moved my mouth away from his cock and he surprised that it the first time when I left his cock without cum in oral act. I told him that I want the same time and one time finishing and we should start it now.

He was in semi sitting position on passenger seat and he asked me to sit on him in the same position because of limited space available in the car. I was sitting on him with my back touching to his chest. His hard and erect cock was under my ass. I took the position by keeping my legs on both the sides of his legs. His legs were between my legs. I took support of upper door handle in one hand and my other hand was on the top of driver seat. I was ready to ride on him. I moved my ass up with supports and could feel his hot rod below my pussy. I was using this fucking position first time for fucking in semi sitting position. I had to move my ass higher to allow his long cock to reach and touch my pussy hole. He took hold of his cock and positioned it on my pussy hole. Now it was my job to take it in according to my facility. I pushed my ass little down to have part of his cock inside of my pussy. His cock head was in to my pussy in first attempt. This was a difficult position in limited space and we had to use our full skill to enjoy a good and satisfactory fuck. It was like sitting on his cock pole.

I loosen my support and came down while sitting on his dick and his tool was penetrated more in to me by rubbing inside walls of my pussy. Still, I was holding myself up on my legs with the supports of my hands on door upper handle and back top of the driver seat. I moved up little bit by which action his tool was almost out of my juicy pussy and only cock head remained inside. I told him that I am going to pushing it hard and he told me to go ahead. I left the support and pushed my ass down with a bang!! There was little pain in to my pussy to have his long, thick and strong cock in to my pussy with a bang suddenly but this resulted his full cock in to my pussy and I was sitting on his lap with his cock inside of my juicy sexy pussy. I was breathing hard. His balls I could see from my widen legs resting between his legs on the seat. His cock head was touching deep in to my pussy just under my belly. We both have adjusted our position for stroking and I have again lifted my ass a little bit to allow him to make strokes from down. He lifted his back and his cock was again gone full in to my pussy.

He pushed his back down and hot rod was out a little bit. I took my position again with support and have started to match his pushing and pulling strokes. When he was moving his ass down, I was lifting my ass and when he was moving his ass up, I was pushing my ass down. By this movement, we were making great fucking strokes and we both were enjoying this new fucking position. He also put his hands below my ass rounds and was pushing them, pumping them and rubbing them. Fucking in the car was going on just below the busy highway without noticing by any one. Two great fuckers were doing their job very skillfully to take and give full sex pleasure. Our strokes were continuing with increase of speed as per demand of time. My pussy walls from inside was feeling hard rubbing in this position and I was very happy. The hot between two of us in car was increased which resulted more hard strokes on high speed. My head was moving backward again and again in enjoyment and he was continue to pump my bum and in between he also pumped my boobs many times under my top. A sexy sound of fucking with movement of his cock in and out was making us more mad and more sexy.

We were at our best and I was riding him giving him all the pleasure of a good sex act. My hands started to feel some pain in process of holding my weight and I put both of my hands on his thighs under my thighs. It was little comfortable for me and we started to make hard and hard strokes. My ass was touching to his thighs every time with a sexy sound when he was moving up and I was moving down to have cock inside the pussy.

I was near my finishing line but there were no finishing sign from him. I told him that I am reaching darling!! In the reply, he increased his speed to give me a good pleasure and I too was matching his speed and strokes.

My legs were started stiffen in process of sign of nearing orgasm.

He moaned in pleasure…. hold it darling…….. Hold it……. I will cum with you. Hold it……….. Hold it dear….. Now…….now…..

He was in full pleasure and I understood that he too will cum soon but it was sure that I will reach earlier to him. I took my lower lip between my teeth and I was about to reach. I soughed in pleasure I am REACHING DARLING…….. OH DEAR……… I AM REACHING…… OH……. AAH….. DEAR! OH! We were making fucking strokes hard with bang and I reached up to my station of sex satisfaction. I have tightened my legs holding his hot rod in side of my pussy which is full of juices with a satisfactory strong orgasm. He told me…… Darling………… I am also reaching……. plz……. plz……… continue.

I have loosened my grip to allow him to fuck me. Now his cock was going and coming easily in and out of my pussy after my finishing and I could feel more hardness of his tool inside me and I understood that he is also near his finishing line. I have also started stroking from my side to help him in finishing soon and after some hard strokes, he said Juleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee darlinggggg and finished with a hard stroke.

He started firing his cum shots deep in side of my pussy and holds me tight in his arms. I too tighten my legs around his legs. I pushed my back to his hairy chest and he hugged me tight from back in pleasure and satisfaction. His cock was throwing cum shot/shower inside me with a dick dance. We both were happy to have a great fuck once again before my going to abroad.

We remained seated in the same position for some time. His cock was started to become soft and his cum which was fired deep inside me was started to coming out from my pussy because of our position as my pussy hole was down in that position. His cock was become softer and I moved my back little bit and it was slipped out of my pussy with a lot of cum around it. A lot of cum also came out of my pussy after withdrawal of his cock. I moved to driver seat with tissue papers in my hand, a box of which was there on dash board of the car. I have given some tissue papers to him and we cleaned our sex parts and also seat with tissue papers.

I was feeling to pee in this rainy weather and I asked him whether there is any umbrella in the car. He told me that there is no umbrella and he too feeling to pee. We laughed together on this. He told me that he can do it without going out of the car but it was difficult for me. He opened his side door a little and started to pee holding his soft cock in his hand like water going out of a tap with a force. Soon he finished his peeing and there were still a heavy rain. He told me that he will stop at any hotel on the way back where I can relieve myself. I told him that I would like to try here like he did. He laughed and said….. OK, go ahead but do not do it inside of the car. I have opened driver side door and moved my legs in a position to keep my knees pointing out side. I have widen my legs and have lifted my back with my two fingers on my pussy lips and started throwing my pee out with force applying some pressure of my fingers on my pussy lips so that it should not fall inside of the car. I did it successfully and have cleaned my pussy again with help of tissue papers. Still some drops were fallen between seat and door but also some water fallen on it so it was cleaned automatically. My legs were also wet due to rain drops. I wiped out my legs before wearing my panty and jeans. He helped me to hook my bra and I put lower buttons of my top again. He too dressed up and we were ready to departure to home back after having a wonderful sex act inside the car in rainy weather just near the busy highway without noticing by any one. It was so adventures and exciting.

We were way back to our home and were shipping the beer after having a wonderful sexual encounter with each other.