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Sex Lessons from Sister and Dad

I grew up on an animal farm in central Uttar Pradesh, which meant that I didn’t get to see many families very often. So it wasn’t odd that my sister Sumitra and I were pretty close. She was two years younger than me, but that didn’t mean a thing on the farm. We both had chores and they were to be done. Period. If they were hard, or dirty, or whatever, that just plain didn’t matter. You just did them.

Papa had been raised in some kind of religious cult back in Karnataka, and had come back when it got raided by the Income Tax Dept. for some reason. He didn’t much like to talk about that part of his life. He met Mummy there and they got married after they bought the farm.

You know how people who have been married a long time start to look alike? Papa and Mummy were like that. If you didn’t know them, you might think they were brother and sister. She was a lot younger than him, though.

Around our place clothing was functional. What I mean by that was we didn’t dress for fashion, but for whatever kind of thing we were doing. If you were going to be grazing bullocks out on the fields, you wore clothes that would protect you from the dirt. If you were mending fence in the heat of the day, you protected yourself from the sun, but only wore enough to do that. So if you were at home, and the weather was nice, and you were doing homework or something, why wear clothes at all? And we didn’t, mostly, around the house. Neither did Mummy or Papa. So I knew what naked women looked like. I also knew that Papa got boners just like I did. But whenever he got one Mummy would giggle and they’d go off in the bedroom. When they came out he didn’t have a boner any more, and it stayed down. Mine were another matter. Mine lasted a good long time unless I rubbed my peter and got it to shoot off. After about two or three times of doing that it would finally wilt a little.

We went to school by either getting on the big yellow school bus that came around at about five in the morning, or by riding some of our stock horses, if the weather wasn’t too bad. Sumitra and I preferred riding when we could, because we could go across the fields, which saved us an hour bus ride in the morning and got us home an hour early so we could do chores before it got completely dark.

I never thought of us as being lonely, or stand offish, or whatever. We didn’t see people much, and when we did there wasn’t much to talk about. I found out later that lots of people thought we were shy or something. Like the time in my final year of college, when my friend Omkar told me I should ask Munmun to come with me to the Harvest Festival. It was early September, and the weather was about as perfect as it can get in Agra. I’d never been on a date or anything, but I was interested in Munmun. So I went up to her to ask her, and all of a sudden I couldn’t talk! It was the damndest thing. She was so pretty, and she looked at me with one eyebrow raised and a half smile on her face, like “What?!”

Finally I blurted out “Dance!” or something equally stupid.

She laughed and then got this funny look on her face. She looked me up and down and then said she’d go to the dance with me, but only if I brought a horse to her house to pick her up and we rode to the dance. She only lived about six or seven miles from our place, and the school wasn’t much more than two or three more, so naturally I said that’d be fine. She walked up to me, real close, and put her lips about an eighth of an inch from mine and said “I’m looking forward to this, stud.” And then I felt her hand brush the front of my jeans.

Well, let me tell you I sure knew what a “stud” was. We had three championship stud horses on the farm. The only problem was that I was about as virgin as it was possible to be and still know how to jack off.

So, naturally, when I got home from school that day I decided to talk to my Dad about this. I mean I knew he had all kinds of experience, what with his boners and Mummy making them go away and all. I got my chores done quick. Sumitra was cleaning stalls in the barn, and Papa was doing something in the machine shop. So I went in there and told him my problem.

He stopped the drill press about halfway into my story about asking Munmun to the dance, and how she’d called me stud and I even told him she’d touched my peter, or at least my jeans right there where my peter was.

He looked me up and down, just like Munmun did and said “I hadn’t realized you’d grown up so much Basudeb. I just plain haven’t been paying attention for the last couple of years.” Then he said “Your Mamma’s in town at a meeting and won’t be back until late. Where’s Sumitra?”

I didn’t see as how it mattered where Sumitra was, or Mom either for that matter, but I told him and he told me to follow him. He took off for the barn like he had urgent business there. When he got there he went looking for Sumitra. It turned out she was done with the stalls and was up in the hay mow forking hay down into the stalls we used for our milk cow and any sick animals we might have around the place. He climbed up and I followed him.

He went over to Sumitra, who saw us coming and stopped, a question on her face. Papa went up to her and said “Chhoti, have any of the boys been asking you out for dates?”

Sumitra looked surprised and said “Narayan Singh said he wanted to take me swimming some time out at the old strip mine, but I told him I couldn’t because I don’t have time. I have too many chores to do.” she said pointedly, looking right at our dad.

Papa said “Humpf!” and then, like it was the most normal thing in the world to say, he said “Skin down naked, Chhoti, it’s time I taught you and your brother about sex.” Then he turned around to me and said “You too Basudeb… get em off.” And he calmly began to take his own clothes off too.

Sumitra said “PAPA!” and he looked up. He already had his shirt off and his pants unbuckled.

He said “Chhoti, do you trust me?” She just looked at him like he was stupid. “I mean do you believe I’d ever do anything in the world to hurt you?”

Sumitra said “Of course not” and he got right in there behind her and said “Then get naked baby, because I’m gonna teach you and Basudeb how to have good sex. It’s past time you learned this.” So Sumitra began to take off her clothes.

Now I have to tell you. Both Papa and I had seen Sumitra naked before. Plenty of times, in fact. And in the past, thought I’d enjoyed looking at a pretty naked girl – Sumitra WAS pretty – I hadn’t thought about her in a sexual sort of way.

But now I did, and as she shed her jeans and shirt and then slipped out of her bra and panties, I found my penis getting stiff as heck. I glanced at Papa to see if that was going to get me in trouble, and HIS was rock hard too!

Papa got Sumitra and me to face each other. Then he started touching Sumitra all over. First he touched one of her pink nipples. “See here, Basudeb, you know what nipples are for, but they make a girl feel real good during sex if you know how to treat them.” He looked at Sumitra. “And your job, Chhoti, is to tell the man what you like and how you like it done. Let me show you.” He leaned down and put his mouth over her breast, covering almost the whole thing. Then his cheeks caved in and I knew he was sucking.

Sumitra went “Ooooooooo” and her eyes got real big. “That feels real good Papa” she said. I saw his jaws moving and realized he was chewing and sucking at the same time.

He changed breasts, during which he said “You have to suck them nipples gently and bite them even more gently, right baby?” He went to work on the other nipple. I stared, because that first one he’d been sucking on was a lot longer than it had been. It stuck out a good inch and looked thicker and darker.

Sumitra said “Oh yes, Papa, you’re doing it just right.” She brought her hands up and cupped his head, pulling it toward her.

He stopped sucking for a few seconds and said “And while you’re doing that, you have to get her pussy ready, so you stroke and play with it too.” He went back to sucking on her nipples and slid his big meaty hand down her belly, dipping it between her legs.

Sumitra went up on tiptoes first, and then she sagged back down and her knees bowed a little, which opened her up some. Papa slid one big finger right between her legs and I could see he was hooking it and then he pulled up. Sumitra’s eyes got big again and she went “Ohhhhhh Papa!” and her knees sagged some more before she finally moved one foot, spreading her feet about two feet apart. I could see Papa’s finger now and it was stuck way up in her and he was lifting on it, almost like he was trying to lift her off the hay with just that one finger. “OH PAPA!!!!” Sumitra yelled again.

Papa was pushing her down on the hay now, where he’d kicked our pile of clothes to make a sort of bed. Now she flung her legs wide and I could see Papa was rubbing her pussy right at the top. “Right there’s her clitty, son, and that’s what you want to pay lots of attention to.” He pressed on it, and then flicked it with his finger back and forth and then he crawled down and sucked THAT into his mouth.

Sumitra went absolutely nuts. She began to make noises that sounded something like “UH… Ahhhh… oh… oh… ohhhhh… Uh… uh… um… OH!. WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!”

“That’s the sound you want to hear Basudeb” he panted. He sounded like he was working hard or something. “And then you get your dick in her nice and deep.”

And with that Papa crawled right between Sumitra’s thighs. His big old peter was sticking out something fierce, pointed right at two plump lips that were sort of open a little. He pushed the head of his dick right between them and, without saying a thing, he just sunk that bone right straight into her pussy!

Papa went “Ahhhhhhh”


Papa just leaned down and kissed Sumitra, just like I’d seen him kiss Mummy before. I thought it was just to shut her up – she was making a LOT of noise.

But as he did that he dragged his peter out of her and slammed it back in again. Sumitra was trying to make noises now, but couldn’t because Papa stuck his tongue into her mouth.

Again he pulled out and slammed it back in and then he started doing that over and over and over, almost with a rhythm. Finally he lifted his head up and gasped for air. Sumitra went “MMmmmmmm Papa, that’s starting to feel a LOT better.”

Papa was gasping now, like he’d had to chase down a calf on foot. “It’s important (pant pant pant) that you skewer her deep (pant pant pant) and you got (gasp) to make sure (gasp) that the top of your dick rubs against her clitty. He kept sawing away. His dick looked really shiny now, like it was wet or something.

Sumitra was making those noises again and Papa said “You got to get her off at least once before you shoot, son. That’s only polite.” Sumitra was definitely getting off. Now she was chanting “Don’t stop… don’t stop… don’t stop”

I said “Are you gonna shoot off inside her? Won’t that make her pregnant?”

Papa was breathing real hard now, and he just nodded. “Might” (pant pant pant) “Baby?” he groaned. Sumitra opened her eyes and he said “When was your last period Chhoti?”

“Last week” she panted back.

“Oh” he grunted as her answer made his dick swell. “When you cum in her, remember the reason for doing all this is to make babies. That’s what nature intended. So you have to go in deep” he shoved his rampant dick deep into his daughter “and hold it there” he froze as his rod belched its first shot of thick incestuous sperm “until all your sperm has been delivered right where it belongs” he gasped. His cock spat five or six more times as he tried his best to fertilize his daughter’s egg.

Meanwhile, Sumitra was making even stranger noises. I heard something like “OH! I FEEL IT” and I think she said “Hot” and her arms went around Papa and held him real tight. I thought about his sperm being in her, and her maybe being pregnant because of what he just did. “But Papa, what if the girl is on the pill or something?”

Papa was sagged over Sumitra now, panting like he’d run a long way fast. Her hands were sliding all over his back and she was kind of cooing at him and kissing him all over his face.

He lifted his head and said “That’s fine. If she doesn’t want to have your baby then that’s fine. He looked down at Sumitra. “Um… I guess we should have asked Sumitra first” he said. “But I sort of got carried away. Yeah, you should always ask her first before you shoot off in her pussy.”

He pushed himself further up and then stood back, dragging his spent peter out of Sumitra’s pussy. She lay there, all spread out, limp and I stared as her pussy mouth filled up with thick white goo. It got more and more full until some went over the rim and began dripping down toward her ass. Her pussy lips were all red and shiny and her nipples stuck way out from her breasts, and they were thick and dark red looking instead of the pink they started out. She looked up at me with her eyes half open. My cock was just flat rock hard and was sticking out straight at her. I hadn’t noticed, but sometime along the way a big drip of that white stuff had leaked out of the tip and was hanging there, about to fall off.

Sumitra said “Papa? Don’t you think that Basudeb should practice some? I mean you showed him and all, but he should practice it too, don’t you think?”

Papa looked down at her and then at me and laughed. “Climb aboard, Basudeb. Never keep a hot woman waiting for a hard dick.”

I was nervous. What if I did it wrong? What if Sumitra said she didn’t like it with me? I shifted from foot to foot and Sumitra held up her arms. “C’mere Basudeb”.

So I crawled up there between her legs. She put her hand down there and grabbed my dick. That enough felt good, seeing as how nobody else had ever touched my peter but me. And she seemed to know exactly what to do with it, because she bent it and her other hand came up behind my butt and she dug her nails in and pulled.

I was built a little different than my father. He was sort of thick in the cock, but not too long. I was a lot longer, maybe two inches longer, and I was slimmer too. But that didn’t seem to make a difference at first. There was no friction at all. One minute my cock was hard and straining in the open air, and the next I felt heat envelop my rod. Wet heat.

It was fabulous. Sumitra must have liked it too because she went “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” as I slid into her. The tip of my cock hit something spongy feeling and stopped. I looked down and saw there was still at least an inch left outside of her. I had seen Papa pull out and push back in, but it felt so good in there that I didn’t want to pull it out. Instead I kept pushing harder and sort of wiggled my hips back and forth sideways. Sumitra liked that too, cause she started making those high whining noises that Papa said meant she was having an orgasm.

I felt something kind of kissing the tip of my prick way up inside her and that was wonderful too. I kind of poked and prodded at that spongy thing and then I felt an opening of some kind. So I gave a lusty shove and the last inch of my cock sunk in her. She squealed and her legs started flopping around.

I looked down, and there, right in front of me, was one of those long thick nipples of hers. I wanted to taste it, so I sucked on it. As soon as I gave it a good suck I felt Sumitra’s pussy clamp down on my prick. I couldn’t have moved it one way or the other if my life had depended on it.

Then her pussy rippled! I swear, that’s what it felt like. It was the same kind of action I use when I milk the cow. Her pussy started milking my dick, just like that. That was so fantastic that before I knew it I felt the first shot of my juice rocketing through my cock. It slammed out and into her. Then I wanted to pull back, because I wanted to ram it in her as hard as I could. I did that and felt that tight little inner mouth slide all over the tip of my cock. I shoved it back in there and let fly six or seven healthy strings of what I knew was the sticky/slippery white stuff that was my sperm. Again Sumitra moaned about feeling it all hot and wet inside her, and I suddenly realized I hadn’t asked her if I could shoot in her and make her pregnant.

“Sumitra…” I groaned. “I’m sorry honey, I forgot to ask first.” My cock gave her another dollop of cream.

“S’Ok, Basudeb” she huffed, slamming her pussy up against mine. “You can ask me next time.” She grunted as she tried to make her pussy slide up even more onto my exploding cock. “Do you think maybe you could suck on my nipples some more?” she panted. I was most happy to oblige.

Well, the dance came and I collected Munmun at her house with an extra horse for her. I found out why she wanted to ride in short order. We weren’t a mile from her house when she started grinding her jeans-clad pussy into the saddle and had herself a nice little cum. If it hadn’t been for Papa teaching me and Sumitra, I’d have never known what she was doing, but I could recognize a girl cumming just about instantly now.

In those parts we had mostly barn dances, so jeans and boots was standard. We did some rock and roll and some slow dances, but there was a lot of country dancing too. The sad thing was it turned out Munmun was what they call a cock tease. She like to get me going, but if I let my hands wander she’d slap them and hiss “Not here”.

So when we were on the way home I suggested that we weren’t there anymore, and that I’d sure like to see what those nice soft breasts she’d been pressing against me all night looked like. I don’t think she was expecting me to be that bold, but I had a new-found confidence that came from the look of gratitude in my sister’s eyes as her pussy milked my cock of its manly load. Anyhow, she muttered and made excuses and stuff until I finally figured out that she wasn’t wanting to do anything except maybe kiss a little. I was some unhappy. My balls were aching a little, and I WOULD like to have seen those soft pillowy tits she had.

But my Papa taught me to be a gentleman, so I took her home and gave her that kiss that seemed to be just enough for her. It was all kind of a let-down and I was pretty bummed out when I got home. Sumitra heard me ride in and came out to help with the second horse. I told her what had happened while we rubbed the animals down and put them in stalls. When we got done she took my hand and dragged me toward the stairs up to the hay mow, saying “Well, she might not show you hers, but I’ll sure show you mine, if that’s OK.”

It was. In fact, I had more fun in the next half hour than I’d had all night. Sumitra was an appreciative lover, and while I was licking and sucking her sweet pussy she kept telling me how great I was, and how wonderful it felt. She confessed that Papa had taught her how to suck cock, and she wanted to show me. That was something pretty special, but she said she didn’t want me to cum in her mouth. She said that she didn’t mind the taste, but she’d rather have it up in her pussy. She said that felt the best of all. So I plugged it into her and reamed her out nice and long. I found out that if I nibbled on her nipples while I stuck my cock through that inside mouth I’d found before, she’d have two or three orgasms one right after another. I had to quit because she couldn’t breathe.

Then, nice and proper, I asked her permission to shoot off in her and maybe make her pregnant. Just as sweet as can be she said “Please do, Basudeb.”

I did. In fact I did it then, and then later that night in her bed too, after the folks were asleep and I snuck in there. I liked the bed better, but I forgot one thing. Sumitra makes a lot of noise when she cums. And I mean a LOT of noise. Earlier that day, in the barn, it hadn’t sounded so loud, I guess. Anyway, I was right in the middle of squirting my sisters soft hot pussy all full of spunk when all of a sudden the door slammed open and our Mamma was standing there.

She had this wild sort of look on her face, like she was expecting to find blood everywhere or something. I’m telling you Sumitra REALLY yells. She took in this big breath of air and I thought we were goners when Papa showed up right behind her and his hands came around her and cupped her titties through her nightgown.

As he pulled her back out of the room I heard him say: “Come on little sister… don’t be upset. You know how it is… like father… like son.”

Since then I haven’t had the urge to ask those silly girls out any more.

I’ve got Sumitra, and she’s really all I need.