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Sex Starved African Boy

This is the true story. Of a South African boy. His name, is Jesse
(i.e not his real name, for security). He wanted to have sex, so bad.
He has no idea, of how boobs feel like. Because he has never had sex.
He doesn’t know, that boobs. Are soft, like baloons. As at the time,
of writing this. He hasn’t still had sex. He is planning on raping,
any girl-child. To quench this desire. It all started. When Jesse
started browsing, gigantomastia photos. Of different random women, on
the internet. Like Maria*ma, Angenliq*e Mwisi, Christine A*ba*ba,
Cheron… And others, on facebook. He even jacks off, at Facebook
girls photos. And at pornstars pictures; like Cheron’s pictures (i.e
Top Heavy Amateurs). When he is sex starved. Jesse doesn’t even know.
That female escorts exist, on the internet. That is probably why, he
hasn’t had any sex. All his “miserable life”. Each time, he asks girls
out. They always refuse. If it’s Facebook or Eskimi. They won’t reply.
Even if they do, they end up shouting on him. And telling him things
like; “sex outside marriage, dey bad for you. “you need psychological
help”. OR “you na correct pervert”. One day, he even stoped a very hot
girl; on a busy road. This girl deserves, to be nominated. As the
sexiest woman alive. She was even, a gigantomastia girl. You can tell,
because her boobs. Where very big, just like Angeliq*e Mwisi boobs
are. She simply refused. And told Jesse, that sex outside marriage was
a sin. Jesse has tried this, with several other girls two. He has
asked out, approximately 150 girls. But they have all, turned him
down. The problem with Jesse. Was he wasn’t sexy enough. Anytime he
asked girls out. He never groomed himself well. That may be why, the
girls kept turning him down. He finally tried the 150th girl. Who he
saw, walking on the road at night. When he approached her. She
pretended, not to hear him. And continued walking. Again, this girl
was also Miss Universe. This was the last straw, that broke the
carmel’s back. So that night. Jesse was so horny. That he mistakenly
raped, 4 of his neighbour’s chickens. To death, that night. The luck
he had was, his neighbour travelled. So she didn’t know. Did I also
mention. That Jesse was also turned down. By his neighbour, and some
female church workers. He tried one last woman. This time, it was a
married woman. She had gigantomastia. And she was wearing, a
traditional wrapper. He tried, to rape her. Because he was biased,
that she would turn him down. But she hit him, in the groin repeatedly
and escaped. Let me summarize finally. That jesse now rapes chickens,
ocassionally. Whenever he is horny. Because this, is out of
frustration. Counter-intuitively, Jesse gets horny. When sexy girls,
turn him down. Like the one he met earlier. This is a true story. It
is not, fictional. Maybe one day, I might show him escorts. Maybe not
because, it makes me, horny myself. When he rapes chickens, because he
is sex starved. The End!