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Sex with aunt during yoga-1

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This is a quite lengthy story so please read the full story and give
your comments. Without wasting of your time I am going to describe
this story with Hindi and English mix language.
This is true and real life incidence, happened to me when I was 17
years old and completed my 12th science.

After completion of my 12th science, I joined the College in Baroda. I
got admission in a good course of reputed college of Baroda. I was the
only child of my parents, so they don’t send me into the hostel.
They have searched one private house for my stay. In that house, only
one aunt or you can say bhabhi was residing and her husband was living
in USA for the job purpose. So she was the only lady in that house.
On the ground floor, there are two-bedrooms, one kitchen, and one
living room. On the 1st floor, there are two room one balconies and
one big hall and the steps or stair is inside the house in the living
room. The house owner bhabhi given me one room for stay at 1st floor,
there is attached toilet and bathroom in that room. My parents always
want to give me good facilities and comfort for my study, so they
informed to the house owner/aunt not to allocate any other student
with me in this room, so I was the only one person that is staying as
Paying Guest in her house. (For that they have given extra amount.)
After completion of all the formalities my parents went back to my
native place and I started my study from the new house. Aunt was good
at her nature, but she was a typical house wife. (Gujarati married
bhabhi ke jesi dikhti thi) She has good physics, her height is about
5’4. She was fair with round face and good boobs. She was near about
her 35 years of age. Her bump was also in perfect round shape. I like
her feet because her feet’s finger was awesome with nail polish. (Wo
hamesa nail polish karke rakhati thi).

At the starting, I do not have any bad intention for this bhabhi or
you can say Aunt. (pahle muje koi kharab intention nahi tha bhabhi ke
liye). Mere college ka timing morning 10 am to evening 5 pm baje ka
tha. Aur aunt hamesa morning 5.30am ko yoga ke liye jag jati thi) But
aunt has the routine to get up at 5.30 am, and she is doing yoga and
pranayama in the 1st floor hall. She always wears sari at home for all
the days but during the pranayama and yoga she mostly wears the
trouser and t-shirt.

She was very much conscious of her dressing. Her nature is very good.
Me hamesha morning me chai and nasta bahar lene jata tha. Aunt
observed it, and she asked me that why are you going outside for tea
and morning breakfast, let’s takes breakfast and tea with me because
your parents had told me to take care of you. (mere mom and dad ne
unko kaha tha ki mera dhyan rakhe so unhone kaha k me unke sath hi
chay nasta karu)

Unke esa kahne par mena kaha thanks aunt ab me aap ke sath hi chai
nasta karuga. So, from the next day aunt prepared the tea and
breakfast for me at home. During the tea time, we talked many things,
and we know many things for each other. Unho ne muje kaha raj tum kyu
subha late jagte ho. (Why you wake up late in the morning? ) Aur mene
kaha, at my house my mom always wake up me at 5 to 6 am due to my 12th
science tuition classes but yaha mom nahi hain to how can I wake up
early? Aur subhah jaldi uthake bhi me kya karu gay aha. How I will
spend my time if I wake up early because my college will start after
10 am. To unho ne kaha, I will walk up you in the morning and you have
to join yoga, suryanamaskar and pranayama (Meditation) in the morning
with me. (Aunt roj subhaha uthake pranayama and suryanamaskar karti
thi ) to mene kaha muje yoga, suryanamaskar and meditation nahi ata
hain. She replied me with smile that I will teach you all. Don’t
worry about it. Aur me ne kaha thik hain aunt to aap muje subaha jaga

So, next day in the morning aunt entered in my room and I have not
locked my room, so she directly entered in my room. Me jaha soya hua
thaw aha pe mere pas aake beth gaye. Unhone turant mera blanket hata
diya (removed my blanket) and mene us time pe sirf Bermuda (Chadda in
gujarati) pahena tha because me rat ko sote time t-shirt nahi pahenta
tha. (I have not habit to wear t-shirt at night). Unho ne blanket le
liya fir bhi I was in deep sleep. Aunt called my name Raj .. Raj.. and
touch on my chicks and said wake up raj unke touch karte hi, I
immediately wake up. Aur dekha to wo mere pas bethe the. She looks so
pretty … she said good morning to me and I replied same…unho ne
kaha chalo yoga k liye ready ho jao and I replied ok aunt I am coming
within 10 min and I will join you. But unho ne kaha nahi chalo pahle
wash room jao and wash your face and come because I know if I will go
for yoga you will again fall in sleep. So I went into the bathroom and
did the brush when I back from the bathroom muje pata chala k mene
t-shirt nahi pehna hain, so I said aunt you go I am coming after
wearing my t-shirt. Aunt said oh where you have keep your t-shirt I
will give, and she opens my almery (kabat) and given me t-shirt. Fir
hum dono yoga hall me gaye. The hall is big and there were floor met
already arranged for yoga. Aunt said please seat on your met, so I
seated beside the aunt.

First, Aunt has given me the instruction regarding how to do the
pranayama OR MEDITATION. Fir wo muje kahne lagi, first you have to
observe me after that you have to do the same things. She placed her
three finger on her eye and close the eye and remaining finger and
thumb of same hand placed on her both side nostril. First, She took
the deep breath from the right side nostril and closed her left side
nostril by pressing her thumb. Then she closed her left side nostril
and open the right side nostril and remove the taken air with slowly
when she was doing these pranayama that time her breast movement makes
me crazy. I looked her body. Aunt has fair skin with small and perfect
shaped nose which make her more pretty. Her chicks are pinkish and she
has wearied white t-shirt and shines her skin more beautifully.
Aunt’s white trouser entirely covered her perfect shaped bump. When
I was looking her, She immediately called my name… raj and said now
your turn. (Jab me unko dekh raha tha aur unki beauty k maje le raha
tha unho ne turant mera nam pukara raj). I came in to sense and unho
ne kaha ab tumari bari hain so you do the same as I did. I am going to
do same act as she did in pranayama. Unho ne kaha don’t worry I will
help you. Be relaxed. I did pranayama as per her instruction. Aur mene
unho ne kaha wese pranayama kiya. Ab wo bole hum ab suryanamaskar kare
ge so be ready for that. Unho ne kaha suryanamaskar me 10 steps hote
hain to use dhyanse dekhna and sikhna ye sehat ke liye bahot hi acha