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Sex with aunt during yoga-2

She told me first observe my steps and afterward we will do together.
To unho ne suryanamaskar ke liye apna pose lena start kiya. During the
time of suryanamaskar she first binds her hand in namaskar position,
and then she pulls her hand back(Apne hath piche k side khinche) in
standing position, and she made half circle like image. (Aur unke body
ne jese half circle kiya ho wese dikh rahi thi) due to that her breast
nipple come at front side (Pointed out) and it looks tight then normal
standing positions. It looks round and perfect shaped, not too big not
too small. Ab wo apna dusra pose or step lene ja rahi thi, so She
takes her hands at front side and bend her body to touch her toe. Jab
wo standing position me zuli aur apne anguthe ko thouch kar rahi thi
tab. I have seen her perfect shape round ass. It makes hot and exited.
Her trouser stick to her bump and her ass crack is clearly visible for
me. Ab wo suryanamaskar ka third steps karne ja rahi thi… Now, she
was going to take the third steps of suryanamaskar, and she touched
her both hand’s palm on earth and taken another position of
suryanamaskar, and she lay on her back on the support of her palm.
(Suryanamaskar ke third steps me wo apne dono hatho ke sahare apne
body ko jamin se upar uthake let rahithi).

Uske badunhone next steps me apni garden ko ushi position me piche ki
taraf khincha. In the next steps she pulled her neck on upper side in
that position and when she has taken this position I was dumb because
she looks so sexy like fish on earth. Now she changed her position for
next steps, to take this position she has taken one leg front side
(Unhone apna ek per aage liya and dusra piche hi rakha) and again
pulled her neck upper side that time her breast again comes outside
and her nipple is clearly visible from her t-shirt. She again changed
the position of her leg alternatively and then finally she comes in
bending position once again with touching her toe from standing
position and this time she looks sexier because the trouser got stick
on her bump and when I have observed her figure and I can say she has
good figure in the world ever I have seen in my life. Due to her act
my penis got erect, so I was placed in awkward situation. Ab unka turn
complete ho chukka tha and mera turn anew ala tha so after completion
of her suryanamaskar she reminds me for my turn, and she said raj now
do same steps as I did. Mera penis erect tha so mene kaha I will do it
next time (Due to erection of penis) but she has not listened my
single words, and she forced me to do the suryanamaskar. I feel shy,
and she said why you are not doing. Tum kyu nahi kar rahe ho. Is any
problem (Koi problem hain kya?) I replied no aunt. She said stand up
first aur unke kahte hi, I stand up with hiding my erect penis. I said
to aunt please you do suryanamaskar and I will copy you. She said ok.
So she stands beside me, and she instructs me for those 10 steps of
suryanamaskar. Now, I am going to take the first position of
suryanamaskar she said now pull your hands back side as much as
possible. But I was not obeying her order, so she come at my front
side and pulls my hand back side like making me half circle. Due to
bending my erect and tight penis goes front side and it touched aunt
on her stomach, and she realized that I got erection in my penis. She
and I felt shy, and she immediately came beside me from my front side.
I said sorry, but she didn’t say anything, and she immediately given
me second command to take second steps of suryanamaskar, and she
instructs me to touch toe with bending of body at front side now. That
time I have wearied Bermuda only no underwear. So when I bend she
might be observed me from my back side, and she realized that I have
not wearied underwear. She again came near to me because I have not
taken the proper position, and she told me that bend your body in the
position like your knee will be straight, and she held my knee with
her hands to given me the perfect position when she touched me, the
current pass from my body. I got severe erection. Now she instructs me
to lay on my back with the support of hand, and she held my one leg
and helped me to get the next position like my one leg front side and
another at back side now she came near to me and instruct me to pull
the neck and during the instruction she guides me with touching of my
body. I know she has no any bad intention but I feel shy due to
erection. Now I am again going to take the first position of
suryanamaskar and again my erect penis goes straight from my Bermuda.
This time she has seen and given me smile. I said, aunt, sorry and I
start crying. She asked me why you are crying.

I answered her. Aunt I have one problem so this bad situation comes. I
am sorry for all these things. Aunt said no dear it’s natural but
what’s your problem?

I said in the every morning my penis got erection and I feel pain due
to tightness of my penis in every morning but I don’t understand why
this thing happen to me, and I am afraid to talk and share this
problem with mom and dad. Today same kinds of erection happened and
due to exercise the pain is more. I don’t know Why I have this
Aunt got speechless and after 2 min she replied me it is normal dear
don’t worry about it. I said but I feel pain due to morning
tightness in my penis, and I am afraid to talk with a parent if I have
some major problem then what they will do? I don’t want to give
tension to my mom and dad.

She makes me calm and said, my dear raj considers me as your friends
and you can share your entire problem to me. I promise you that I will
not tell your problem to your parents and I will try to solve your
problem at my level. But gives me promise, it be always secret between
you and me.
I have given promise and I ask her what is the solution to this pain?
She asked me do you have any girl friend? I said no aunt. She laughs
and said when you make your girlfriend that time this pain will go. I
didn’t understand, and she told now let’s go for bath and be ready
for breakfast. She goes the ground floor and after taking the bath I
went for breakfast and then I went the college. At 6 pm I came back
home. When I reached home I have seen Aunt in a sari, and she inquired
about my days. I said it was good. Next day is Sunday, so I ask aunt
is it necessary to do yoga on Sunday she said yes…
So I went into my room after taking the dinner and sleep early because
she instructs me to wake up at early in the morning during dinner

In the morning aunt came at my rooms and as usual, she removed the
blanket from my body. She called my name raj raj, but I was in deep
sleep. Immediately I wake up due to morning erection in my penis. She
asked me what happen. Have you seen vivid dreams? I replied no it’s
not like that. I said nothing aunt. She pressurized me for the reason
and I said aunt’s in a sad voice that again I feel the same pain in
my penis due to morning erection. She said where let’s show me I said
no aunt I feel shy. Aunt said don’t be shy and show me where is the
pain if you will not show me where is the pain. How can I help you?
IF, it may be gone more dangerous Than WHAT WILL YOU DO?. So she
seated on the floor near the bed and I seated on the bed in the
position like that my two legs on the floor, and she seated between my
legs. She touched above Bermuda and said remove it, but I was in shy.
She held my Bermuda and removed it till my ankle. My shaft came near
her face and it was tight, so she was dumb after seeing my rod. After
few minutes she came into sense, and she held my penis with looking it
sharply by her big eyes. She held my penis with her soft finger and
when she held my penis the current is passed from her body, and she
shivered and I can easily observe it. She asked me where the pain with
her shivering voice is. I said I don’t know but I think in the
entire penis. She asked me what are you doing masturbation. I said
what? I don’t know how to do it and I have never tried it? She said
you never did it I replied yes aunt god promise. I have seen she is
shivering and her voice got blurred. Her throat act clearly given me
an idea about her dryness inside … She again asked me, are you
virgin till date? I nodded yes. Immediately she said due to storage of
your semen in your penis it produces pain. So release it. I said I
don’t know how to release it. Please help me… She said OK but not
to tell anything about it to anybody. She has taken a promise from me.
Now, she has given me movement on my penis with her hand like up and
down but my foreskin is not totally open due to my virginity. She did
it with concentration and I feel pleasure pain startlingly but after
sometimes I feel awesome feelings. During the shaking of my penis, she
told me that your penis is so big and thick. I feel shy, and she is
doing it for 5 min… She said how you feel I said well. Now she has
increased her speed I said aunt please do it slowly. She said shut up
your mouth and let me do my work. Now she held my penis with both her
hand and increases her speed I am in heaven. I discharge my semen
first time n my life and it flows into the air with pressure and a
heavy amount of white and thick semen goes on the hair of aunt and
some amount on her fore head, But during the discharge of semen I feel
extreme pleasure and I closed my eyes. Aunt asked me, how you feel
now? I said thanks, aunt but sorry to discharge my liquid on your
face. She said not too sorry but says thanks to me because I have
broken your virginity by masturbation. I said I will always remember
this thing. She now took Bermuda and cleaned my penis. I again thank
her, and she has given me smile, Now she went directly to my bathroom
and told me to go ground floor and bring my undergarments today I will
take bath here.

I wearied my trouser and went ground floor. I entered in her bedroom.
I have taken the pink bra and pink underwear. It looks rich from their
appearance. She was in my bathroom and after a bath, she told me
please give undergarments. I have given her undergarments, and she had
come outside wrapping my towels around her body. I can clearly see her
breast in her bra. She went directly her room in the ground floor
without saying any words.
Today is Sunday so I have a holiday. After fresh up I went for
breakfast/ I saw aunt has worn sari as usual which make her beautiful.
At the time of breakfast I told her can I called you bhabhi instead of
an aunt she asked why because you look young and beautiful. To call
your aunt is not fits your personality. She said you can call my