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Sex with aunt during yoga-3

I thank her for today help. She said you can take my help anytime when
you want. Now you can do masturbation by yourself. I said but I read
it is not good for health, so I was afraid to do, and she laughs
loudly. Who told you that masturbation is not good? I replied I read
it in the book. Again she laughs…

She said it is not like that those who are not married but mature they
are doing masturbation to satisfy their sexual desire.
I ask uncle is in USA and you are alone here so how you satisfy
yourself, and she blinked her eyes and said masturbation… and we
both laugh…

Now we became more friendly … So I asked her, are you did sex with
other than uncle? She said no my dear…. But I have wished someone
like handsome boys will give me a full body massage. I said, of
course, it’s my pleasure….
She said really you will give me massage… I said yes then she
instructs me to go in her bedroom she will come with hot water and
oil. Without wasting of time I went into her bedroom. It is a large
bedroom with sofa seating, attached bathroom and spacious.
After few minutes, she came with hot water and massage oil bottle. In
her room, there is one extra bed. She has arranged that bed on the
floor and covered it with bed sheets. She told me that she will not
remove sari because she is not feel good to remove sari so please give
me massage on my feet and back. I was disappointed and said OK.
I have seen her feet it is soft and pinkish. I have given massage on
her feet and now going up I said bhabhi please remove your sari
because if oil fall on our sari it will produce spot. She said oh. I
forgot this and she removed her sari… She is now on her petticoat
and blouse which were also in pink color. It makes her skin more
pinkish white. When she laid on her back her perfect shaped bump look
like Priety Zinta’s bump. I started from her feet to ankle now comes
near her thigh I tried to uplift of her chaniya (Lahenga). But she
resisted. I said please …. How can I give you a massage ?…. She
said how I can trust you that you will not go ahead. I said ok in low
voice ….

I lift her chaniya to her thigh and her bump is visible clearly with
pink panty. Her thigh is mind-blowing. It is clear and so soft. I have
given massage on her thigh for sometimes then I tried to go up and I
put my hand under her underwear she said raj… no… I said no bhabhi
I am just massage you don’t think wrong… I said if you want good
massage then remove your chaniya (Lahenga). She resists but I held her
chaniya (Lahenga) and removed it. Now she is in her underwear and
blouse. Her pink underwear makes her bumps more pinkish. Now I am
rubbing her bumps and I feel the softness of her bumps on my hand. Now
she said it enough now gives me a massage on my back. So I sat on her
bump like that my two legs side by side her waist and I directly
seated on her bump and I start massage on her back. She felt relaxed
with my massage but her blouse making me discomfort, so I open the
hook of a blouse and the strip of her bra is clearly visible. She said
not to make me complete naked. I said you have seen me naked so it’s
my turn to see you naked, and we both laugh. I have opened her bra
strip, but she not removed her blouse and bra and teased me. So I
started massage like that my penis on her bump like fucking her above
the panty. She felt the hardness of my penis on her bump and I
intentionally massage her back like that. I am moving my hand on her
bare back like we are hungry for each other. I slide my hand from her
breast side and try to seduce her. But she is enjoying her act. Now I
forcefully want to remove her blouse, but she resisted so her blouse
got tear, and she looked me with anger but I removed her blouse and
bra and held her breast. Her breast is so tight and round like an
orange. She has beautiful areola on her breast. It is in pink color
and nipple is tight and erect which is also the pink in color. I
don’t believe that she is married. I said her please lay on front
side, so I will give you breast massage she agrees, and I am now
giving her breast massage like that I am rubbing her breast from down
to top till her neck I am giving her massage and this time I am on top
of her pussy. I am giving her massage like that I am fucking her pussy
above the underwear. She like my act and when I did it for 5 minute
she jerks and vibrate I said what happen she said you make me satisfy
without doing sex my dear. I said I don’t understand what you are
saying. She said your massage ejaculate my liquid out of my vagina
like your semen from your penis. I said is woman discharge like us.
She said yes. I said I want to see please show me. She said no it is
not possible I said please and after all we are friend. She said ok
but just once not again. I said OK.

I held her underwear, and she pulls her hips and I remove her
underwear. Oh my god what a pussy neat and clean shaved. Her pussy is
amazingly clean and pinkish white like a foreigner. I said uncle was
lucky. She said why… I said you have a beautiful pussy like the
lotus. I tried to give massage to her pussy and immediately she seats
and slapped me on my face too hard and my chick has gone red. I said
what happen she told what are you doing you think that I will allow
you to fuck me. I told you I never did sex with any other person
except my hubby and you are going to touch my pussy. I said you that I
just need massage only not sex.
But when she was talking with anger tear was falling from my eye due
to the hard slap pain on my chick. She realized what she did and she
said sorry.
I was silent…. , but she said why you touched my pussy I said I just
want to give you massage on your pussy not want to fuck you because
you told me that you want full body massage. She realized and she told
me that oh.. my dear I forgot that what I told you and please forgive
your bhabhi… I said it’s OK… and she said OK now you can give me
full body massage but not to cross limit…

Again she laid on facing her bump from my face side…. Now I poured
oil on her bump… Her bump is amazing no single hair, spot and dots
on her bump it is neat and clean… I had to give her massage and I
said her please don’t stop me if you want good massage then trust on
me and allow me to do my best she said ok. Now I am going to give
massage to her anus… it is tight and clean… I tried to insert my
finger, and she jumped she said no dear… I said please don’t stop
and I applied oil and insert my finger into her anus… it is tight I
can feel the grip of her anal hole on my finger… I tried to insert
my finger into her hole, and she held my hand and said no but I
continue my act … now my middle finger is in her ass hole, and she
breathe heavily now she feels pleasure with pain… now my mind have
an idea I am going to press her vagina with my thumb and I feel the
tightness of her pussy I asked her your pussy is too tight she said
she did sex before 4 years ago when her uncle was in India. I have
given her double penetration by my thumb in her vagina and finger in
her ass. She is now shouting oh… raj you are so good please
continuing it… I said please change position now, so I can give you
my best this time she was facing her pussy from my side. I again
inserted my middle finger into her ass and first finger in her pussy,
and giving her to and fro… first slowly and then fast she is jumping
her ass and give me the response I did it for 15 min, and she comes on
my hand I feel the sticky liquid of her secretion on my hand as well
as she urinates heavily, and she breathes heavily and closed her eye
withholding the bed sheets tightly. After some time she lay for
sometimes and said sorry for urinating on my hand…
She said you have given me the good massage my dear… I have never
felt pleasure like this thanks, my dear …

I thank her because due to your help I learn lot …. Now she stands
up and went into the bathroom when she was going to the bathroom I
have observed her bumps it goes up and down… her act makes me hungry
and crazy.. She came after washing her body and seated near me…. I
said you are satisfied but now my penis is paining.. She blinked her
eyes and told me so now time to give medicine to your penis … and we
both laugh…

She said stand up and I stood up. She was on her knee and she removed
my trouser. Aunt said your penis is bigger than your uncle as well as
thick so careful with your wife otherwise she will not able to bear
the pain on the first night. I said till that you have to teach me and
make me expert what to do with wife…after hearing this she pinches
me on my penis. I asked what uncle like in sex?… She said I will
give answer to quesAunttions practically… and she again blinked her