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Sex with aunt during yoga-4

Now she held my penis in her hand and given a kiss on top of my penis
she now kissed on the tip of my penis and my scrotum and testis. I
feel the pleasure I am looking her face it is so innocent and round
face. It is so attractive and her lips are beautiful in shapes I said
what you are doing… She said now you don’t stop me and enjoy the

She has taken tip of my penis in her mouth and her lips touch on my
penis give me good feelings… Aunt did to and fro of my penis tip in
her mouth after sometimes she licked my penis with her tongue … she
licked my penis from side to side till my scrotum. I felt extreme
pleasure… after she again taken my penis in her mouth her saliva
made my penis wet now she was sucking my penis like lollipop … she
was taking my penis too deep her throat now she held my bumps with her
hand, and she has given me a blowjob on my penis.. I want to see her
act, so I held her hair by my hand, and she held my bump and given me
a stroke on my penis by her mouth I felt like that I was fucking her
mouth… her lips her nose her chicks and her eyebrows expression make
the environment more wild and sexy…. I never believed that lady with
an innocent face and beautiful like bhabhi is expert in sex… she has
given me a blow job which is really good but I have ejaculated in the
morning so it was quite thought to ejaculate early this time… so I
told her shall we enjoy together… she understood, and she lay on
another regular bed. She has taken the position like her mouth outside
the bed and another body part on the bed. I stand near the bed and
given my penis in her mouth and bend my body like I can suck her pussy
by my mouth. Now I am sucking her pussy with my mouth I first licked
her pussy.. Her pussy lips are good I love to suck it because it is
neat and clean and white and pink in color her pussy lips are perfect
in shape and attract anyone….

I sucked her pussy with my tongue as she sucked my penis… I have
given her tongue fuck with deep penetration, and she did same things..
We were in 69 positions….now I held her thigh and apart from it and
given her good sucking kiss on her pussy I am going to suck her pussy
she realized her liquid again.
I understand now she is Horney, so we both stand up and hugged each
other tightly she also we are now doing lip kiss her tight breast
pressing my chest and it feels so good. She looks like a doll now in
the standing position we are kissing each other. I am moving my hand
on her bare back to her bump, I held her one leg, and she bent her leg
on my hips I take her near the wall now we are kissing there with
sticking on the wall. Now I am going to insert my penis in her pussy
but again she kicked me and slapped me. She again said dear sorry but
this is not right. I have never done sex with any other man except my
hubby please stop here. I just want pleasure not fuck. So please stop
it. I said not to stop me just once then we will not to do… But she
didn’t agree I again come near to her and kissing her…

This time I take her to the bed and held her in my arm, I am on top of
her and kissing her.. This time I kiss her on boobs it got erect and
tight… from kissing boobs to her tummy, her tummy has no extra fats
and her round center point make her sexier she has black til (mole) on
her tummy make her sexy. Now I held her waist and again I am going
down to suck her pussy she held my hair and given a stroke on my mouth
with up and down of her pussy I suck her pussy and make her excited…
and again I go upper side kissing from her pussy to waist to sucking
her boobs to give her smooch kiss,,, and this time I tried to insert
my penis into her pussy she resist but I held her hand in my hand and
apart it and given kiss on her mouth so she cannot speak…

I feel difficulty to insert my penis … but I tried, she was paining
and she widen her eyes and she has given me signals by her neck so I
release my kiss she said please leave… I said please not to stop…
and I am trying to insert my penis she said I will not able to bear
your penis … but I am not listening her… please do slowly I will
not stop you but please do slowly now this time I understand she will
not resist. She held my penis and put the tip of my penis on her
vagina like she is guiding me to insert pens in vagina…I insert my
penis slowly it enter half and I can feel tightness of her pussy
because she has not given birth till date to any child and she did sex
before 4 years ago…Usko bache nahi the aur kafi time se usne sex
nahi kiya tha so uski pussy bahot tight thi like virgin girl. She said
remove penis and again insert so I did it and I can feel rhythm of her
pussy on my penis… we were in missionary position. Usne mera lund
pakda and muje guide karne lagi. (She held my penis and guide me) aur
uske dusre hath se wo muje rok rahi thi ke me ek dum apna lund uske
andar na dal du (with other hand she oppose for fast stroke) … I
entered my penis in her pussy slowly she take her lips inner side of
mouth and contracting her stomach and taking care for fuck due to
pain…. Anyhow penis entered in her pussy she said please sleep for
sometime in this position then give me stroke… I sleep on her
stomach and given her lip kiss. She response me well, I started in and
out stroke slowly she bend her legs on my west. She apart her legs
after sometimes so I understand that she is enjoying the fuck… I
fucked her fast and her pussy got wet and puch puch … sound make the
environment sexier… I fucked her fast and she was moaning oh….
Yes… oh… ummmmm and the sound of our body …. Thap… thap…
make her more wild… I have given her deep fuck, and she told me not
to ejaculate in my pussy… bus ese hi karte raho bahot maja aa raha
hain…. Aur me usko jor jor se chod raha tha …. after 20 minutes I
said I am going to come, so she said remove your penis from my pussy
and I removed my penis. Mera lund nikal te hi wo use apne muhme leke
chatne lagi …she sucked my penis and I ejaculate my semen in her
mouth, and she drunk it… and clean my penis by her tongue… and
said this was your uncles likable part of sex. Kahne lagi tumare uncle
ko jab me chudvane k bad unka lund muhme leti aur wo apna virya mere
muhme dalte to unhe sabse jyada maja aata tha…and we both laugh….
I can see the satisfaction on her face… her pussy got red… due to
heavy sex … and her body got pinkish red… due to sex.. Her body
secret sweat and we both sleep together naked… Bhabhi is happy, and
she is talking with me…she felt tremendous pleasure in her life…
now she was playing with my penis with her hand and said your wife
will be satisfied by you and you can give pleasure to anyone…. The
person who did sex with you she will be always lucky….

After, sometime she is going to suck my nipple I feel erection due to
her act… I said now ready for second round… she said no… I said
you make my boxer erect so you have to satisfy it…Aur us time pew o
ese soyi huyi thi ki uski gand mere side thi….jo ekdum mast dikh
rahi thi…Pahle to mene firse uski pussy me mera penis dalna chaha
but wo ulti soyi thi apne pero ko jakad ke so penis nahi ghus raha tha
aur wo muje chida ne ke liye apne per nahi khol rahi thi I was not
able to do sex in her pussy… so I sat on her ass and going to insert
my penis in her ass… she was shouting no……..

I said now its time to take fuck in ass. She said your uncle also has
not given me ass fuck… my ass is virgin .. I said then its good you
lose my virginity now I lose your ass virginity … she said no this
is not good even now I have pain in my pussy due to your thick dick…
if you enter it in my small ass hole then I will die…Tumara itna
bada penis to ghuse ga hi nahi meri gand me… fad ke rakh dega … I
said no no no… now I want to break your ass virginity me to tumari
gand ki virginity tod ke hi rahu ga because tumne meri virginity todi
hain…. Ye kahte hi mene uski ass chick ko pakda and uski gand ke
hole ko open karne ka try kiya and usko kaha ki if you resist me you
will feel pain so cooperate ….
She said I am not ready now please do after some day… I have
listened to her and I take the oil bottle which is near to the bed and
pored oil in her ass crack… I widen her ass and smell it… it was
so adorable …. I insert my finger and she shouted on me. Kya kar
rahe ho aur mene kaha. Hole ko bada kar raha hu so aap ko pain na ho.
Again I inserted my finger in her ass hole… after finger fuck I
tried to enter my penis in her ass hole…

First placed the tip of my penis, and she afraid and said. I will
cooperate you. Tum mat ghusa o me tumhe help karti hu nai to muje
bahot pain hoga. Aur wo doggy style me let gayi. She came into doggy
position and widen her ass chick by her hand so her ass hole opened
for my penis … I inserted my penis, but she felt the pain she cried,
but I was not listening her words…. I gave to and fro stroke to her
ass hole slowly… she tried to widen her ass chick with her hand …
now tip of the penis goes in, and she said stop for few minute and I
obey her…. I don’t want to hurt her she breathes heavily, and she
given me signal now enter, so I again enter my penis in her ass, and
she is shouting oh….mummy mari gai…. Fadi nakhis tu to… dhire
dhire kar bau dukhe che… gand ma pelivar koi nakhe che… and I
enter half of my penis and again pour oil and this time I held her
west and I said I will not enter my penis in your ass but you push
your ass on my penis so it automatically goes inside your ass without
hurting you… and she did the same thing she pushed her ass on my
penis, and I cooperate her… finally, my entire penis goes into her
small ass hole…. I did to and fro of my penis … she felt pain but
after few minutes she enjoyed the act and given me a favor. She liked
the act…she said do ass fuck hard now I am feeling well… so I
fucked her withholding her hair in my hand like that I was riding on
horse… after sometimes I held her both hand her right hand in my
right hand and her left hand in my left hand, and she nodded her neck
down and fucking her fast… her ass got red due to stroke… I
entered my full penis in her ass and then remove slightly again
entered full penis she said that she can feel my penis in her
stomach… her ass grip given me extra pleasure in fuck due to
tightness.. and I fucked her ass for 20 minutes and release my semen
in her ass, and we sleep like that my penis in her ass… my penis get
a contract and it comes out and my semen is on her ass because her ass
is still tight….

She punched me on my chest… and after then we did
sex in every position … now she like every act… she sometimes from
their side wants ass fuck… because she likes it nowadays…
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