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Sex With Cousin & Chachi

Hi I am Soni, of age 23 girl. I have done my post graduation. I have nice figure of 32 28 32. I am of fair in color this incidence happen while I am studying. I am staying with my parents having brother and sister. I have one cousin my aunt’s son. he is having of age 30. he is doing business. I love him since my childhood. He knows very well about that.

Firstly all things were not seriously but as days pass by things have gone changed. He is staying with my chichi. His parents staying in other city my Chachi is having of age 35.she is having one son of age 5.

She stays with her family that my Chacha comes only once twice in month her flat and her family flat one above other since she was alone I always goes to her flat this incidence happened when I was at 19. I go to her flat as I have another key with me. So I opened the door. I saw there is nobody in hall I thought she is in kitchen but she is not there so I went towards bedroom, as they are having 3bhk flat. I saw one bedroom her son was sleeping so I entered towards passage of other bedrooms.

One bedroom was closed and some sounds are coming from bedroom. So I get confused and stop at door and peeped through door. My eyes gone shock to the scene that my cousin and my chachi are naked and fucking each other vigoursly I am seeing that seen almost for half an hour when both of them kissing smooching passionately their bodies are rubbing against each other cousin is fucking chachi deeply. His rod is having good length and size. He kept her on stomach on bed and starts licking her ass with tongue after that he starts fucking her from behind. He is pressing her balls from behind.

Their sex session over so I ran towards main door open the main door and go that night I can’t sleep because that scenes are not going from me so my attraction towards him increased because I love this situation and thought to join them so slowly I become closer to my chachi increased friendship with her day by day we become closed we have not kept any type of secrets. So I asked her about do love somebody else. She looks into my eyes and smiled. After very insisting she agrees to tell me but she said you should keep it secret. So I said o.k. then she told me everything how it starts and goes. She knows I love him.

She said is it for you. I purposefully becomes some sad. So she held my hand and said look if you going to help me I will tell him to marry you then us three can enjoy. I thought while and asked how it will done. Then we planned and said that we will do sex at that time you hide in bathroom and come suddenly later situation I will handle so as per plan in her master bed i hide in bathroom. My cousin comes from outside. he asked chachi whether she is alone. she said yes then he gone for fresh after fresh they eat that was about 3 afternoon. Then they goes to master bed and starts becoming naked while that she said today is surprised to him.

He asked what she said you will come to know. While fucking after one round he come towards bath for wash, when he opened the door he got huge shock that I was standing there naked. I am seeing his rod in straight towards me, I am smiling. He hesitate what to do. so i kept my hand on his rod and starts rubbing. firstly he get confused about situation and looked towards his mami(my chachi). she says this is the surprised i asked is it ok for you? Then I said I am waiting for this for a long while hearing that he starts kissing me on my mouth neck and balls him is pressing me against wall and starts moving his hand all over the body.

He kept two finger in my ass and moving. I start to moan. He deeply kissing me all over the body. Then we goes to bed and join his mami we all three were naked. He kept rod in my pussy and starts fucking his mami sat on my mouth and starts rubbing her pussy on mouth. They both deeply moving towards each other they are playing with my body she is kissing my boobs and he starts fucking me and kissing her back. Loud moans are coming there. ah ah aha aha coming from our mouth.

Then he goes down her mami sat on her rod and I sat on his mouth he starts licking my pussy and ass. ahhaaaa! His tongue moves in and out in my pussy and ass. And he is fucking his mami he is moving his buttock up and down rapidly. I and chachi starts kissing each other. Then she goes down I on her and he fucking me from my back he kept on one bf on computer where threesome is going on we starts rubbing each other’s body later on as per promise by chachi she arranged my marriage with him she says if you marry me I will continue the play with you otherwise not. After my marriage our fuck session goes continues for many years.