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Sex with Joya Aunty

I love having sex with older women. I find they’re usually so much better at it than their younger counterparts, plus they don’t go gossiping to their friends after you’ve fucked them and quite a few of them are very grateful, especially the less attractive ones. I don’t care myself, as long as they’re over forty and not too fat, then they are fair game.

My first oldie was a teacher from school. Miss Sharma was her name, Pooja Sharma. She was fifty when I fucked her and still a miss. She’d put on a few pounds over the years since I’d left school, but she still looked hot. I spent all day Saturday fucking her and man she was good.

My second fuck was with, I am not ashamed to say was my brother’s mother in law, Joya auntie a decent looking fifty five year old, with medium sized tits, good figure and firm shapely legs. Her husband had died a couple of years ago and she’d been on her own ever since.

It started after a party held by my parents. It was mainly a family affair, but there were a few family friends present and Joya auntie as always was invited. Most of the men were in t shirt and trousers the women in saree or salwar kameez. Gina arrived with Bikash, my brother and Sandhya, his wife, about ten minutes after we’d started and looked good in a sleeveless backless black blouse that was held up by two straps around her neck, same coloured silk saree it was obvious she was bra less while on her feet she had heeled shoes, as she always did. “Very nice” I kept thinking to myself, wondering what my chances would be of getting her out of that dress and into bed.

“What would you like to eat or drink”? I asked her when I saw her looking round as if lost. “Hello Rakesh. I don’t know, a burger I suppose”, she answered.

“And to drink”? I asked.

“A cock if it’s possible”, she answered.

“Be straight back, don’t move”, I said as I left to get her order.

“One burger and one cock for madam”, I said on my return.

Well you have to make them feel special if you want to fuck them, don’t you, especially if she’s a family friend. We chatted for a while about nothing important and as we did I was checking her out. I knew she’d no bra on because of her blouse and from the front it showed because you could just see her nipples through the flimsy material. I also wondered if she was wearing anything below her saree and what they would be.

As I pondered I could feel my cock twitch so I made my excuses and left her to circulate. She had stood close to me while we chatted and her perfume, though not strong smelled expensive. I kept looking in her direction for most of the afternoon, wondering what it would be like to get her in bed. As the afternoon wore on people were becoming more intoxicated; me excepted. I was the designated driver and as such was driving everyone home, so I was on soft drinks. I was at one point staring into space when someone touched my shoulder from behind, making me jump back to reality. It was Joya auntie.

“Sorry about that”, she said, smiling, “but I don’t suppose you could get me a dait cock , please”.

“Certainly auntie, for you anything”, I answered. “And another burger”? She asked.

“If I have to cook it myself”, I answered, laughing.

“You are an angel”, she said when I returned with her coak and burger. “My pleasure”, I said.

We chatted again, this time about Bikash and Sandhya and how they were doing together, when she asked me why I hadn’t got married .

“I prefer older women. Women of your age and upwards”, I answered. “Single one’s I presume”, she said.

“Not necessarily”, I answered.

“You mean you go out with married women as well”, she said, a shocked look on her face. “Not so much go out with, more go with”, I answered.

“You mean you just….”

“Go to bed with them, yes”, I said, interrupting her.

“But why older women, why not women of your own age group”? She asked.

“I prefer older ones, they’re more mature, willing to experiment and they don’t go round telling all their friends”, I answered.

“I see”, she said.

“I hope I haven’t upset you”, I said, my heart sinking. Had I blown my chance?

“No, don’t be silly”, she laughed. “Now I realise why you’ve been so attentive with me. Am I on your list of prospective conquests”?

“Only if you want to be”, I answered.

“I’m both intrigued and flattered”, she said. “Let me tell you later”. With that she walked away.

“Joya auntie”, I called after her, “don’t mention this to mum and dad will you”. “Don’t be silly. I don’t think they’d approve”, she said, winking.

Was I in, was she going to be mine? I hoped so.

The evening wore on and those who lived locally stayed, but those who needed lifts home now wanted a ride home and I hoped Joya auntie wasn’t going to be amongst the first. I made

three trips in my car and it was nearing midnight when I returned home to find there was only Bikash, Sandhya and Joya auntie left. Joya auntie made sure the two love birds were dropped off first at the flat they shared together.

“Now then Casanova, we’re on our own”, she said when she’d seen that Bikash and Sandhya had closed the door to the block of flats they lived in.

She leaned over and kissed me, her hands holding my face. My own hands went around her neck and began stroking her shoulders. She’s some kisser and my cock was soon straining to grow in my shorts.

“We’d better go before I shoot my load in my shorts”, I said as I fidgeted in my seat, trying to get comfortable.

“Before we go, I want to show you something”; she said as she lifted herself from her seat and pulled up her saree petticoat, revealing her lack of underwear and her shaven pussy”.

“Why you little minx”, I said, stretching out an arm to touch it.

“Not now big boy, later. Drive me home”, she said, leaving her saree pulled up, but just low enough to cover her decency should anyone happen to glance in.

“When did you take them off”? I asked. “I didn’t put any on”, she answered.

“You mean you’ve been naked beneath that saree all afternoon and evening”, I said, shifting in my seat to accommodate my growing cock.

“Yes”, was all she said.

My mind was full of pictures of her pussy under that dress as I drove us the two miles to her home. Boy was I glad when we arrived. I stopped the car, got out and helped her out before locking it, then followed her up the path and into the house. The hall light was already on and I presumed she’d left it on a timer or something. I closed the self locking door and walked the few steps to where she was stood, put my arms around her and kissed her once again. She responded and her tongue was soon probing my mouth, caressing the inside of my mouth and playing with my tongue.

Then she broke off.

“Come on Rakesh. Time for bed”, she said, taking my hand and leading upstairs and into her bedroom.

She switched on a bedside light and stood before me.

“Take them off. You’ve seen mine now it’s time now for me to see yours”. I removed my trainers and tee shirt, leaving my shorts until last.

“I’ll let you remove the shorts”, I said, placing my hands on my hips.

Without a word she knelt in front of me, hooked her fingers in the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down, revealing no underwear, only my hardening cock.

“My turn to surprise”, I said.

She didn’t answer as she’d already engulfed my cock in her mouth, her head going back and forth as she sucked me, her tongue playing with the tip every time it entered her mouth. Her mouth was filling with saliva, coating my cock and dribbling from the corners of her mouth.As she sucked I could feel myself building to orgasm and tried to take my cock from her mouth but she wouldn’t let me and just carried on sucking until eventually I came.

As I did I let out a low groan and held her head still as I jetted spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth. When I looked down after I’d finished, come was dribbling from the corners of her mouth. “I’m yours now, you can do to me what you want and all I ask is that you be gentle and patient because it’s a long time since I’ve been with a man”, she said.

“I will”, I said, “now stand up and let’s see what’s hiding beneath this dress.She stood up,opened the string of her blouse lifting her both hand showing me her clean shaven sweaty armpit,then her saree finally her petticoat slid to the floor, leaving her standing before me, naked bar her shoes, her hands resting on her hips.

“You look wonderful and that pussy looks good enough to eat”.

She was about to remove her shoes but I told her to leave them on and to lie on the bed. I parted her legs by running my fingers up the insides of each one, making her squirm and moan with pleasure. My fingers were replaced by my lips as I reached her pussy and one light touch of my fingertips on her pussy lips was all it took to take her over the edge. I could feel her shaking as she came, a long low moan of pleasure coming from her mouth as her head rolled from side to side.

“Oh Rakesh that was wonderful”, she breathlessly when she came down from her high.

I didn’t answer because my face was buried in her groin, my teeth gently biting her labia and clit. I hadn’t been down there long when with a cry of “oh God I’m cooommmiiiinnnng”, she arched her back as she orgasmed again and had three more before I lifted my cunt juice covered face from her pussy. She pulled me up the bed and kissed me before running her tongue over every inch of my face, licking her juice from me.

“You taste good down there”, I said before sliding down her body again.

“No, Rakesh, not again”, she pleaded, but I ignored her and took a leg in each hand and swung them over her shoulder, revealing her pussy and arse.

She took a leg in each hand to support them as I began kissing her arse cheeks before running my tongue slowly up the crack between them, lingering at her anal opening, gently probing with my tongue, gauging her response. She didn’t attempt to complain so I carried on probing and was rewarded when her muscles relaxed and my tongue gained entry to her arse. She groaned and stiffened as I invaded her, letting globules of saliva slide down my tongue into her; it would come in useful later.

I was now concentrating on her pussy, my tongue flicking her exposed clitoris until I made her come again, her juices running from her and over her anal opening. I wasted no time and lubricated my middle finger with her cunt juice, coating its full length before stroking around her puckered hole until sensing she was relaxing I slid it slowly up her arse. With a low groan from her it slid effortlessly into her, giving her no time to grip and stop it. I began finger fucking her arse as she moaned and begged me not to but her pleas were soon replaced by pleas of not to stop. In response I slid another finger inside and this must have been too much because she came again, her sphincter gripping my fingers like a vice.

“Fuck my pussy Rakesh, put that cock of yours inside me. Just fuck me, Rakesh, please”, she begged when her orgasm was over.

“It will be a pleasure”, I said as I knelt between her legs, positioned my cock at her opening and shoved.

“Uggghhhhh”, she groaned as seven inches of cock slid into her pussy.

She was so wet, pussy juice splashed over our bodies when they made contact as I drove into her.

“Fuck me Rakesh, please, make me come with that cock of yours”. I obliged her, slowly sliding in and out of her wet love hole.

“Harder Rakesh, fuck me harder, ram that cock of yours in and out of me”.

This was an invitation I wasn’t going to miss and picked up pace, ramming in and out of her as cunt juice splashed everywhere with each thrust, until with a loud groan and one last thrust, so hard there was a loud slap as our bodies made contact, I came, pumping jet after jet of hot spunk deep inside her. As I pumped her pussy full of come she came herself and I could feel her juices running down my cock. I have never known a woman produce so much love juice and when I pulled my flagging cock from her, it was literally running from her like a river.

“Oh Rakesh that was sooooo gooood”, she said between breathes, her chest rising and falling at speed as she fought to regain control of her breathing. “I have never come so much”.

“I’ve never had a woman who gets so wet”, I said, looking at our love juice covered bodies. “I do don’t I”, she said.

I kissed her firmly on the lips, then slid easily down her sweat covered body. It was only when I reached her pubic mound that she realised what I was going to do.

“No Rakesh, don’t”, she said.

I ignored her and began lapping at her pussy, twisting my face as I lapped, coating it in cunt juice and come, before concentrating in her anal opening.

“No Rakhesh, not there, please. I’m not ready for that yet.

I ignored her pleading and slid my tongue into her arse.

“No Rakhesh, no, nnooooooo God, yes lick it, lick my virgin arse”, she pleaded.

I looked up at her, my face coated in our juices and blew her a kiss and told her not to worry, I wouldn’t hurt her. Before I had stopped speaking I watched her gasp as two fingers slid into her arse.

“Oh God, that feels sooooo good, don’t stop Rakhesh”.

I slowly finger fucked her arse, relaxing it before sliding one more up there, taking her over the edge again and making her come. All this had made me hard again and while she was still climaxing I knelt before her, my cock twitching, less than an inch away from her body.

“Are you ready for this”? I asked. “Am I ready for what”? She asked.

“For this”, I answered as I slid my cock, slowly up her arse.

“Oh God, oh fuck, no, please don’t, no, not there”, she groaned. I said nothing as I left my cock fully inside her arse.

“Still want me to stop”? I asked as I felt her sphincter muscles relax and slowly slid part of my cock out of her and then back in.

“No, stay where you are, stop and let me get used to the feeling first”, she said.

I stopped, leaving myself fully buried inside her. I could feel her muscles pressing and relaxing against my cock, as she became accustomed to my invading cock. Then she said she was ready, but asked me to go slowly. This was all I needed to hear and slowly began fucking her as she moaned and groaned, begging me to go slowly. I was more than happy to oblige and watched as my cock slid in and out of her virgin arse, accompanied by her groaning.

I kept slapping her buttocks lightly on each inward thrust and she let out a low cry as my hand gently made contact. I looked at her face and her eyes were staring straight forward, glazed over with lust, her mouth open. As I looked at the effect my fucking her was having my cock seemed to grow harder inside her, making her pleasure even greater. Then she was asking me to go faster, telling me to fuck her hard, to fuck like I was fucking her cunt. I wasn’t about to decline her request and was soon slamming into her while she begged me not to stop. Our thrusts were now matching each others, as we both climbed to our own orgasms. Mine came first, jets of spunk exploding deep up her rectal passage and she followed almost immediately, her body convulsing with pleasure.

I left my cock inside her arse as she slowly regained her composure. “Are you OK”? I asked her.

“God that was wonderful. I never thought having a cock up my backside would be so good”, she said.

I looked at her and smiled, then withdrew my now flaccid cock from her.

We were laid beside each other, my arm around her shoulders, her head against my neck and that was how we must have fell asleep, because the next thing I knew sunlight was flooding through the window and I was alone. I sat on the edge of the bed while the fuzziness in my head cleared before putting on my shorts and going downstairs to find that Gina was sat at the kitchen table, dressed in a black see through dressing gown. I looked at her and smiled.