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Sex With Mallu girl

Hi this is Sam from Chennai (Name Changed)28 years old and married and
working in Slash in Chennai.
my English is not good, so kindly apologies for my mistakes, am
married to my wife in 2010 and I have girl baby. I realised my married
life is failure after 6 month never thought my married life will be
terrible, which I never expect. Sorry for boring you people. Let me
begin my sex experience , I will not say is sex experience,it’s a
love which I lost and got back from my Steffy mallu girl(Name

We both joined in the same day in slash, I never spoke to her in
beginning , slowly she enjoyed my company and she very comfortable
with me, even she lost her love and she was feeling lonely, that the
time I cam into her life. We use to share everything, our personal
life and love etc. one day I realised that she is in love and me, we
never showed to each other, both are very possessive with each other,
she never liked a girl talking to me and I never left alone and never
gave opportunity other guy to close with her. Day by day our
relationship become very close, we use to go out,we use to go to
movie, beach,park Church, she never left me alone and she liked me to
go to home, she always love to be with me, when one when we are
driving to movie she kissed me on my shoulder, next day I asked the
same to repeat, she did again, day by day she become very close to me,
she need me every day, I never left her alone, I loved her company
each and every second, she brought me happiness back in my life. Every
night we use to chat, and one day its turned to sex chat, she asked me
do I like to kiss her, I said yes. She told take me some where
tomorrow , we left mayajal for a film. In theatre she kisses me and we
continued our kiss for long time. Then while coming to home, I asked,
whether I can touch her boobs and hug her. She told am your, u can do
any thing, I want to marry you. I shocked to hear, I promised I will
marry her. Even I love to marry her, which I already informed her.we
where talking a lot while coming

After a week we had a chance to make love. I was not feeling well and
stayed in my home, I was alone in my home, my wife went to office. She
called and enquired what happen, I said my not feeling. Within one
hour she came to my house,.we where talking a lot and I asked for tea
to prepare . she was in kitchen and went to kitchen and I was standing
behind and speaking to her.
. I bought some courage and hugged her. She was like leave me, leave
me, guy and stuff. I didn’t leave her and on top I started kissing
her and pressing her boobs. After few seconds she responded very well
back to my kiss and stated moaning “aaaaahhh aaaahhhhh” This
turned me on. I removed her tee, she was no wearing any bra, I started
sucking her boobs, they were so huge and her nipples were so sharp.
Even my dick is fucking hot.
She removed my pant and started sucking my dick as a bitch. After few
minutes of kissing and sucking. both of us undressed each other and
came to the missionary position. I kept my dick in her pussy after few
attempts. It wasn’t too tight. I realised this steffy might have
been fucked by her boyfrined multiple times. I was like who cares, i
want to make love to my love
steffy asked you don’t have a condom sam? I was like nope. She said
don’t worry I will take a pill tomorrow. Make me your love today and
fuck me like hell baby. This words turned me on as I never saw or
heard such words from steffy anytime. She is in full swing. I just
teased her by playing to and fro with my dick in her pussy. Her pussy
is totally wet, she said stop teasing me sam, just fuck meeeeee. I
removed my dick and kept it in her mouth. She started sucking it
again. That was an awesome experience again. After teasing her I
decided to fuck her. I kept my dick in her pussy which is loose now
because her pussy is wet my dick easy went inside.
I kept my complete dick she is crying in pain as she told it’s
paining a lot. I lip locked her and started doing my job. Gave her
hard strokes, she is moaning in pleasure now. sam aaaaa ahhh ahhhaa
fuck me hard baby. This turned me on. I was fucking her like a crazy
man as there is no tomorrow. After some 15minutes I was about to cum,
I told the same to her, she told no problem baby cum inside, I will
take a pill tomorrow. I cummed in loads inside her pussy. I and she
slept nude for 1 hour like that. I saw the time it is 1.15am. I told
her I will dont leave, now steffy.i stopped meher and asked her to
stay back. I knew she need me.till evening we are like fucking like
there is no tomorrow, and she left at 5 PM.
After that almost for 6 months we had regular fucking sessions. Now
she told me, she don’t need me any more,she is going to get married
with some other relation. I was disappointed and still I was thinking
about her love. She totally avoided me. What will I do now guys.