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Sex with Minisha Part 1

Hi… I am Rohan from Delhi. I am a constant reader of AISS and since a very long time I was thinking a lot to share my experiences of SEX LIFE with the readers of ISS but was not sure enough that whether I should do it or not. But at last I decided to do so & here I am with one of mine most exotic & unexpected experience.

Let me tell you that I am 32 & married, working with an IT MNC company on a senior level. People do say that I am handsome & can give complex to anyone.  My wife also says the same & is very happy to have me as her husband & often asks me for sex nearly everyday even after our 8 years of marriage. Let me also confess that in my hey days I had a habit of watching PORN MOVIES a lot and I learnt a lot from that in terms of LOVE MAKING and as how to satisfy a woman by using different techniques & believe me I got a verbal certification from all the ladies I had sex with till now. Now, let’s come to the point ………  It happened last year in December 2009 in Bangalore.

I had to visit for my company AGM and there I was introduced to the newly appointed personnel.  There was this lady named Minisha who had joined just 15 days back in admin section. Believe me or not, but she was a stunning 27 year old lady with lean yet filled body who I came to knew was married and had just given birth to a baby girl 2 months back.  She had a blunt shoulder cut hair with fair complexion, beautiful eyes with pointed nose & rosy beautiful lips on her face with two round breasts which were hiding behind her blouse. She was in Pink saree & blouse with 5 inches heels in her feet.  At lunch, while eating I kept on looking at her as my eyes were not allowing me to look anywhere else.

After the day was over, we had a party at a hotel at night. I reached there at 8.30PM and what I see was Minisha in a tight fitted jean with purple top on it. She was looking stunning & gorgeous.  After a few drinks, I opened a bit & started talking to Minisha about her life & family & soon we realized that we get along very well as she was a smart & open minded lady. I came to know in the party from one of my colleagues that Minisha was enquiring a bit about me from others in the office and I also noticed that she was quite impressed by my personality & the physique which was clearly visible in my jean & T shirt as I am a totally fitness freak & go to gym regularly.  She became very friendly with me & was decent enough to discuss a lot of personal things. We spent a good time together that night & enjoyed throughout the party dancing & laughing a lot.

While dancing, I held her hand & she was so close to me having one of her hand on my shoulder. I can easy realize the dusky look in her eyes which wanted to say something. I asked her,” What?” She replied the same very innocently,” What?’  “ You want to say something?” She smiled shyly & replied,” Nothing.”  “Tell me.” – I insisted.  “ You have a nice strong physique. You exercise a lot I suppose.”  “ Yah, a lot, isn’t it good ?”  “ What?”  “To exercise” – I said with a naughty smile on my face.  “ Yah, brings out a real man out of a man”  “ Really” – I asked.  “ Yah, really”  “ Thanks, I will take it as a complement”  “ You are welcome” – she said & giggled mysteriously.

The party was over & we wished “ Good Night” to each other by shaking hands & giving a light hug. She said,” see you tomorrow in the office & sweet dreams”  “ I will” – I said  The next day in the office was gr8 and I & Minisha had to be together the whole day the kind of work we had in the office. That day we opened up completely & even joked at some point & had a gr8 time. She invited me on dinner that day which I accepted gleefully.  At dinner I came to know that her husband was out of town for some training purpose & she was staying with her 2 months old baby & the maid who looked after the baby. After the dinner I invited her for a late night movie and she was confused whether to accept it or not.  After a while, she thought about it for a minute & smiled very suspiciously by herself. She called her maid & asked her to take the baby to her Mother’s place who resided in the same city and told her that due to some very urgent office work she will be a bit late.

While watching movie, suddenly my arm touched her breasts & I felt something wet & on asking she very shyly told me that she hardly gets any time to feed her breast milk to the baby due to work and as a result her breasts overflows sometimes.  Seeking this problem, I decided to leave the movie & came out of the cinema hall & went with her to drop her at home. She was so impressed that she thanked me for taking so much care & the kind of look she gave me, my heart started pounding very fast & there was a sudden urge of loving this beautiful angel creeped in my mind & my cock went hard like a rock under my jean.  I noticed that her blouse was all wet by her milk & she was trying her best to hide it by her saree pallu. On reaching her place she invited me inside for coffee. It was a beautiful house with superb interiors.  She asked me to make myself comfortable & rushed inside to her bedroom to change her clothes as they were dripping wet by her breast milk. After 2-3 minutes she came out wearing a black track & pink bathing half gown. I can clearly make out that she was not wearing any bra inside.

She rushed to the kitchen. I thought she was preparing coffee. But after a while she called from the kitchen & said,” Rohan, please feel at home & if u want water or anything else to drink, u can take it from the refrigerator. I will join u in a minute”. I was surprised to hear that but felt nice from inside as she was not a stranger to me anymore and I moved towards the refrigerator to look for something cool to drink.  On my way to the refrigerator, I had to pass through the kitchen door.

As I was passing through the kitchen, my eyes saw an unbelievable scene. Minisha was squeezing milk from her breasts in a glass bowl. She was squeezing her breasts really hard & the milk was flowing from her stark red nipples at a very rapid pace. Let me tell you that she had round shaped, extremely beautiful well toned breasts with nearly half inches nipples which were erect.  After seeing this, I could not take it any longer as I was boiling inside since the time I met her & spent a good time with her. I had not fucked my wife since last 4 days as she was on periods and my cock was loaded full with the sperms & was like a rocket which was ready to take off any time.

After gathering a bit of courage, I entered the kitchen and asked her,” You need some help Minisha”. She was in a shock to see me there & in that state of confusion she even forgot to cover her breasts and said, “Rohan, what are you doing here”. I replied, “Nothing, but came to see if I can help you a bit with your work”. She was really amused & speechless & could not understand what to say.  I reached near her & whispered in her ears,” You really got beautiful breasts.” All of a sudden she realized & tried to cover her breasts under her gown. But before she could do it, I held both of her arms & pushed her to the wall very cautiously to make sure that I do not frighten her.  Now, my body was pressing quite hard against hers to the wall & her breasts were nearly squeezed by my chest pouring milk on my T shirt.