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Sex with my hot aunt

Hello guys and girls! I have been thinking for a long time to tell you
all my experience which has made me mad for woman’s cunt and sex
with them let me tell you what happened but before that my name is Raj
and I am 20 M from kerala, India. I am 5’7 with fair , black eyes
and black hairs. I am a regular reader of erotic stories so I thought
to share my real life experience. I love all pussies and Asses and
milky breasts. Once in the summer vacation as I had not visited my
aunty house from nearly 4 years my parents and even my aunty (father’s
sis) insisted that I should come and stay with them for few days. Now
let me tell u about my aunty her name is Divya, she is 38 with very
sexy and attractive figure even at the age of 38 she had 36-27-36. She
was very beautiful and sexy. Especially I love her boobs. She is fair
in color and her boobs are really huge and those two can not be kept
with in her bra and blouse. Most of the time when she is doing house
hold work her saree can not cover her big boobs and her cleavage is
always feast to my eyes. Strong and beautifully shaped thighs. Her
tight ass is a bit big but god damn sexy. All the guys whoever seeing
her will definitely dreams about meeting her nude in a bed and fucking
her real hard. I always had a fantasy for her as she was very sexy and
beautiful but I do not have courage to proceed further. To tell you
the truth I was dying to have sex with her but always scared and think
about the relationship between us as she was like mother to me but I
could not resist myself as she had a sexy figure. Whenever I was
excited I always masturbation on her name and dreaming about her. One
day as my uncle was out on his casual trip and my aunty was out for
shopping I brought some XXX CD’s and was watching in the main room.

As I was watching the porn movie I forget that my aunty will be coming
soon, but still I was watching movie curiously and enjoying my
erection in my pants. Suddenly my aunty arrived and opens the door and
she was shocked to see that I was watching a porn movie, and when she
saw at the TV the ass shot was coming. At first I was feeling very
ashamed and I was not looking at my aunty eyes, I felt that my aunty
will shout at me, but my aunty sat beside me on the sofa and just ask
me that why I was looking at the porn movie .I did not answer at
first, then she told me that its not good to watch a porn movie and
hold my one hand and told me that not to watch porn movies but to do
practical in the life. I did not understand at first but then she
started moving her hands on my chest and on the face. Then I
understood that my aunty was also excited and she needs a hard fucking
session. But still I did not had a courage to proceed. Then after some
time my aunty hold my face and started kissing me on lips, eyes and
ears passionately. Immediately I gathered courage and started kissing
at my aunt’s lips passionately and soon our tongue were meeting and I
was feeling my aunt saliva and she was also responding to my kiss .Now
that was my turn to be shocked and I do not want to miss this chance.
I hugged her and kissed in her neck. I was very much tensed up. But
she was cool and kissed me on the lips. That first kiss was really
brief though in my whole life no other girl or women has kissed me
like these as my aunty was kissing me. Now she held me close to her
and rubbing by back. Literally I was shivering and I was out of
control. Again she kissed in my mouth and asked me to relax.

Now I was responding properly to her kiss. I wrapped my arms around
her and held her tight. Her big boobs were on my chest and she was
pressing her breasts against me. That feeling was arousing me and felt
like I am going to have an ejaculation. My cock was getting harder and
harder and started hitting her body. Now she took made me undress and
she took off my brief and holds my penis in her hand with and said
“Wow! Great size. Let us go to the bedroom. I need it inside me now”
and started licking it. That drove me crazy and started working my
hands on her Blouse hooks. “Raj! Come on. We will go to the bedroom”
“Oh. Yes. I want U. I am dreaming about this for a long while. Give me
all U got” I was mumbling something like this and with my one hand I
was keep squeezing her breast and my other hand was pressing her big
buttocks. I was out of control and licking her face and ears and
everywhere my face can reach on her that time. Now she held my hands
and walked me to the Bedroom. As soon as we entered in to the bedroom
she started removing her dresses. I said “Aunty! Please let me do that
“and unwrapped her saree first. She told me “Raj! Even now U is
calling me aunt.

That sounds strange. Call me by name Divya”. I was so excited and
hugged her tight from the back and mumbled her name in her ears as
“Divya I always had a fantasy to have sex with u I love u!” and
pressing her breasts very hard with the blouse & Bra. Same time my
cock became like a strong iron rod and now it was touching her tight
ass. “Raj! Let us remove the cloths and enjoy. Be patience “. Now I
have unfastened her blouse hooks and she helped me to take off the
blouse from her. She is only with Bra and petticoat. Now she removed
my T-shirt and downwards she had already made me undress so she held
my cook in her hand. “Raj! Before going any further U just sit on the
bed.” She commanded me. I obeyed to her command. Now I am sitting on
the edge of the bed. She sat down on the floor and started kissing my
cock, rubbing it and caressed it. All of the sudden. She took it in
her mouth and twirled her tongue around it. It was feeling great. She
started sucking my cock with great favor. I was in heaven. She was
doing this with great care and taste.

She got my Dick in to her month fully until her throat. Her hands were
working on my balls. My hands were working hard on her breasts. I
inserted my hands in to her bra and tuning her nipples. I felt like I
was going to come out. So tried to remove my cock from her mouth. But
she ordered me “U asshole. Fill my mouth with urn cum. “There was
an explosion from my cock. Now her mouth was filled with my cum and my
juice was sprinkled on her face and her neck. She grinned happily and
swallowed my cum and after that she told me that “Raj! Ur cum taste
really good .urn uncle did not like all these stuff I always had a
dream to taste a man’s cum, u have fulfill my dream”. I was
exhilarated and grabbed her from the floor. I put her on the bed. I
pulled her petticoat shift her hips and now I had a good view of her
wet hot pussy. The pubic hair was dark and thick. I took my face
nearer to that heavenly triangle. The strong sweet musk from her cunt
drove me mad. I stuck my face into her pussy and took a deep breath to
absorb her sent. She moaned and said “Raj! Do it. Please eat my
pussy. I have never enjoyed that “. I ran my tongue up along the slit.
I felt a pleasant shock. I went mad with lust. My tongue probed inside
her cunt. At the same time I unfastened her Bra hooks and she co
operated with me to remove the bra.

I was feeling her breasts and pinching her nipples. My face was
focused on her pussy and my hands were playing too hard with her
nipples. I was squeezing her nipples like tuning an old radio. Her
body was responding to my hands. Her legs became wider and the smooth
pinky muscles of her pussy grabbed my tongue and pulled me in. I found
the clit and my tongue began licked up, around and socked on it. Her
Vagina started giving me fresh juice. I lapped and socked up the love
juice Divya was giving me. She started to moan. “Eat it. Huh! Great.
Have it fully. “I put my mouth in her pussy fucking hole and sucked
it. Her whole body was feeling that electricity. She pushed my face
fully in to her cunt. I was licking and sucking like a dog drinking
milk. She became ecstatic and I did not stop eating her pussy or
pressing her breast. Now she had a orgasm and filled my face with her
sexy juice.

“Raj! My darling”.

I never enjoyed this much. I only heard about oral sex and Ur uncle
never used to do this to me. U showed me the real climax. Are u ready
to fuck me now?” My reply to her was not in words. I was again feeling
her breasts and pinching her nipples real hard and I focused my
attention to her boobs. I took them in my mouth and started sucking
them. While doing this, I inserted a finger into her hot wet pussy. I
kept fingering her and touched and pinched her clit. She held my dick
in her hand and said “Oh! My God! U is ready already. That Quick. Ok.
Take me to sex heaven.” My fingering went on and after a while she
started to cum. I had gotten a great hard on till now. She lay on her
back and told me to fuck. She got her legs up in the air and wide
open. She whispered “Oh Raj! Enough. Don’t let me beg U. Get
inside me and Fuck me, fuck me hard” I got on top of her.

The lips of the pussy were pink. I felt that sweetest hole with my
fingers and then slowly guided my cock inside her. Her hole was hot.
Her head went back with pleasure and she moaned. “Come on. Please! “.
I started slowly and headed up with speed and steady. It was quiet an
effort though. She held my arms tight and started to jump under me. I
was moving from up to down at he same time she was holding her hip up
and pressing her butt against the bed to accompany my moves. Her
breast was jumping up and down with every hit. My cock was parted her
pussy and she was already wet. So my movements became easy. She was
not new to sex and already her pussy was accustomed to my Uncle’s
cock. So we both were having great pleasure. We were sweating like
hell because of our exotic and erotic sex. I began thrusting my cock
in and out of her. I was shoving harder and harder. Her hot cunt felt
wonderful. She was holding my butt tight and after a few moments she
started “Please slow down. It hurts Raj.” That time I was acting
like wild buffalo. She was begging for me to slow down but she never
stopped responding to my hits.

Her legs were wide open in V shape and she was hugging me real tight.
Both were breathing heavily. While I was giving a real hard time to
her pussy with my cock, I was sucking, licking and squeezing her
breasts. Now she began to tighten her mouth of the pussy by holding
her legs together. That was hard and great pleasure to me. It became
tighter now and she got her orgasm. I sensed her she was bout to cum.
Her whole body is stumbling and struggling with great happiness. With
in few moments I felt her juices flowing in her already wet cunt. Now
her pussy became like water filled tub. So whenever my cock entered in
to it strange sounds started coming. Now I exploded my cum in her. Her
cunt hole was filled with her juice and mine. It started overflow.
More of the juices were oozing out of Diva’s pussy onto the bed
sheets. I stayed inside her about 1 minute and then slowly pulled my
dong out side. She was beautiful seeing her there naked. We both were
damn tired and I lay down beside her. I was feeling guilty about our

She is my dad’s sister. I said “Sorry. Aunt! I made a mistake by
having sex with U. This will never happen again. Shit. I am like a son
to U. But I have fucked U without thinking the relationship” She held
my hand and said “Never think that I am Ur aunt here after. What we
did was not wrong. I never had a orgasm with Ur Uncle and he
wouldn’t give a damn about satisfying me. All he did was whenever he
felt like fucking me, he used to go inside me and with in a few
moments he will fill me with his cum and depart. That to only a couple
of times in a month. I was desperately longing enjoy good sex. I knew
that U were fantasying with me by how U were starring on my body. And
by chance I got chance today to enjoy a wonderful sex with i.e. was so
surprised by her open hearted talk. “U sweet bitch. Ok. I need U
forever” Now again I was holding her in my arms. Well this was my
experience, everyone is welcomed with there comments. Any girl or any
married women or any divorced women can mail me if they want sex &
joy. I promise them that I will keep their identity secret so don’t
worry. Housewife’s & Aunt’s in & around kerala are most welcome to
mail me. Mail me