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Sex With My Servant Maid

I am working for a Telecommunication Branch. I had been transferred from Trichur to Coimbatore just 7 months back. I have fair knowledge of tamil also. My wife does not know Tamil. After my transfer from Trichur, I have fixed up a house for me. I have taken the first floor of a good house. My wife and I are only living there. My parents are in Trichur and her parents are at Trivandrum. We have been married just 9 months back only. We have been enjoying our life at Coimbatore.

Since my wife does not know Tamil, she had engaged a tamil servant maid so that she can pick up Tamil quickly. The servant maid was a widow of more than 55 years. The servant maid used to help my wife picking up the local language and help her in shopping etc.

Since my father in law was not doing well, my wife had to go to Trivandrum all of a sudden. She told me that she had arranged with the servant maid who will come daily to clean the house etc. This went on for few days. One she did not come. I waited for her and then left for office. She came in the evening and informed me that she was not feeling well and instead she would send her daughter for few days and then left.

I was sleeping when the door bell rang next morning. I went up and opened the door where I saw a very sexy looking girl of about 24 years. She introduced herself as the daughter of my servant maid. She was about 5.4, little bit dark complexion with big eyes and sharp tits and round ass. Her eyes were more sexy. Her look itself made me hot. I was also not having my wife for few days.
This has also added up the heat. She said she would make coffee for me and I said yes. She had come to my bed room and gave me hot coffee. I asked about her. She told me that she has been married for the last 2 ½ years and had a son. But she is not living with her husband for quite some time since he is a womanizer. I guessed she might be starving for sex also. She had finished her work and said she would come tomorrow. The next day was Sunday. I had planned to have her next day.

As usual she came next day, prepared coffee and gave to me. While sipping the coffee, I asked her how she is living without her husband. I told her that I was also recently married and could not manage without wife even for a week. She was little bit sad when I asked this. But she said her husband was a womanizer and he was interested in sex only and he was regular to go to his work also. Moreover, he had acquaintance with a bitch also. Some of the nights, he used to spend with her only. While taking back the coffee cup, she accidentally held my hand and some electric shock was there in my body. She was little bit careless in her saree in the sense her pallu was not kept proper so that I could easily see her cleavage more often. She had fairly big, black hard tits. By seeing this I felt hard and she too had noticed. She took the coffee cup and went to kitchen.

I followed her and she was washing the cups in the kitchen. I went behind her and asked her how she is managing without her husband. She looked at me more sexily and told me that she found it difficult to pass nights since she used to enjoy sex with him daily till his son was born. This has encouraged me and I went near her and touched her shoulder and then lightly pressed and hugged her and she said no. I then said, if she does not like, I shall not do it. She said no no, I want sir.
She then hugged me tightly and I took her to my bedroom. I made her to lay on my bed and I kissed her on the lips, check etc. I slowly started pressing her boobs outside her saree and blouse and she was slightly moaning and to my surprise, she herself had opened the blouse and she was not wearing her bra. Her big round globes were before me. I was mad after them. I sucked the left one and pressed the other. She was moaning and requested me to do gently.

After few mts, my hand traveled below and I had taken her saree out and she helped me in removing the petticoat nada and in few mts she was bare naked before me. Her pussy was full of thick black hair and wet. I have just kissed her pussy. She had widened her legs still further and pressed my head with her legs. I could understand her feelings. She would not have enjoyed sex for quite sometime. I was tasting her pussy. It smelt very good. I am more fond of licking the pussy. After sometime, she has requested me to fuck her since she has not enjoyed sex for long time. I had just taken my lungi out and she was quite surprised with the length and thickness of my penis. She said her husband’s penis was more or less same length but not this thickness. She had held my penis in her hand and guided to put her in her juicy pussy. I had slowly inserted my penis in her wet pussy. It had gone full and I had started pumping. She enjoyed and moaned heavily and I had indicated her not to moan loudly. I was pumping her hard and fast and she had crossed her legs on my back and made me so tight. After 10 mts of fucking, I felt I was about to cum and she wanted me to put my semen inside her pussy only since she was in safe period. With great thrust, I offloaded my cum in her pussy. She wanted me not to take my penis out of her pussy and told me that she enjoys having the cum released penis in her pussy for some more time.

Then I had asked her how she felt. She told me that she had never been fucked like this. Her husband used to come between her legs, put his penis inside the pussy, fuck for few times and drop the cum and immediately he would come down and sleep. He had never fucked her more than once a night. She requested me to fuck her again. I told her that I was more interested in doggie style fucking. She too liked the idea and she was kneeling one the bed. I went behind her and inserted my hard penis inside from behind. She wanted me to hold her boobs which were hanging. I held her boobs tight and fucked her from behind. She enjoyed this kind and told me that her husband did not fuck her this way. Again after fucking, she wanted me to drop the cum inside only which I had offloaded and I laid on her back for somemore time.

I came down and had my lungi. She laid nude on the bed for somemore time and came down and took her blouse, petticoat and saree and put them on. I enjoyed her till my wife returned.