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Sex with my servant Shanthi

Hello! Friends this is a true story, which happened in Delhi Noida. I am 28 male I work for a co. There now coming to the point I had hired a flat in Noida and use to stay alone it was almost 2weeks past I was telling every one that I need some one to cook at my place & there was no reply or nobody took it seriously. I had shifted from Bangalore. One day a lady came in morning telling that the shop keeper referred that you need a cook I so I told her come inside she was around 32yrs with 2 Childs she was a Bengali. Slim fair.

She told that the children are in west Bengal and she has come to Delhi to work & serve her family she was a Widow her husband had fast 10 years ago she had to work for her family so I ask her what salary will be fine with her to cook clean & keep the house good. She told she is new to Delhi and also had to find a home so she need 2k I asked her now where she was leavening she told she will be coming from Delhi. Shanthi was a very shy lady I told her that she can come in morning & go in the evening she agreed and asked if I can provide a place so she can stay near to my home I told her for time been she can stay at my place which she agreed & her payment was fixed at 1.5k she told she will be joining from tomorrow as she will bring the luggage by today evening and she left

In the evening she came around 7.p.m I had just come from office she ask where can I keep the luggage I told her as I have 2 bed room she can keep it in one bed room adjoined to mine as they will be only me in the home she was very much comfortable she started her house hold work she use to cook very good I use to always enjoy her food and the house was clean my dress where washed & ironed every days as if my wife has come I never had a feel of sex with her she was like a friend with me watching TV with me coming to market for buying vegetables every thing was very good & I was very happy .

This happened after 1 month Shanthi took her salary and told that she want to send it to her children’s I told ok she told she want to come on my bike till the post office I agreed and we both where going suddenly she holed my laps and I felt a shock in my body her hand was near my cock I felt really good my feels and desire woke up for sex but I was ridding the bike & her boobs where touching my back some how I managed and we reached post office she didn’t know to write so I helped her it got through I told her now she can go home alone she told she can’t as she didn’t understand the road. Then I told ok I will drop you to home she smiled & sat now her hand was on my stomach & she was still closed as before she body was touching my back and guy she was so hot my body was full of temptations of having her but I never knew what she will feel so I enjoyed the ride & reached home
After reaching home I did my hand job & went back to my office

I reached home around 6:30 Shanthi gave me cup of tea and thanked me for the help and gave me smile she was looking cute now I asked her what she will cook to thank me she told u ask what you want I will give you every thing I just kept Quite now I was still in the hall & needed some cigarettes I don’t know where she had kept so I went to see what she was doing. The moment I entered I saw her sari was leaning on the chair I shouted where are you she replied that she in bath room having bath I took her sari in my hand I was feeling horny now my devil mind said that I shroud see this Queen how she looks nude so I just went near the window from there I could see she was having bath she was completely nude clean armpit no hairs and her pussy was hairy soft legs she was looking great suddenly I thought in my mind that if she come to know she will leave the job so lets be cool wait for a opportunity so I came to hall and started to smoke now she came and asked if I get my cigarettes I asked her why did she have bath in the evening she told that there was no power and she had sweated a lot so had to have bath I told ok I moved to watch TV she was in kitchen I was watching Zee MGM there was a lovely movie coming in that I was just watching after that Shanthi came and there was a seine in TV a man kissing & having sex with a female.

Shanthi saw me seeing that she asked why do u watch such a movies its not good I asked her u don’t like she told its sin to watch I told her there are lots of bad moved & worse then this she asked what will be there in those one I asked her if she wanted to watch she told no . hearing this I felt sad and we both went had out dinner Shanthi asked again what will be worse then those movie I said wait I will show and took a blue film from my cupboard and showed her on my computer she was seeing 2 guys having sex with a single female she was giving blow job she was now very hot and never spoke any thing watching the moves I slowly touched her boobs from back she didn’t say any thing I got bold & removed her sari Palo & stared to kiss her neck and bit her ears & lick them removed her hairs now suddenly she got up I thought she will scold me she saw my eyes and asked will you give me my happiness which I lost for 10yrs after her hubby I smiled and said yes she kissed my chest removed my shirt and I picked her up & laid her on my bed she unzipped my pant & give me a good blow job I enjoyed it the I sucked my pussy teased her cum wow now guys its my turn to have it inside I put some cream & inserted inside she had a tight pussy it was very difficult for us we both where enjoying the pain and I fucked her till 3a.m I filled her pussy with my cum she was crying with the pain we had trice that day and later on we had every day she was like a wife for me we both use to sleep nude

And I got a couple friend with whom we enjoyed group fun Shanthi me & the couples all where in haven for 2 days Saturday & Sunday now I have been shifted from Noida to bangalore back I visit Delhi hyderabad chennai kerala & mumbai every month in my new job now Shanthi is working with my couple friends home they enjoy it as I was enjoying