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Sex with Rajeshwari

I am narrating my hot sex encounter with my young servant Rajeswari. This was happened when I was 38. About Rajeswari, she is 21 and 28-26-32 of size with a fresh looking glance. She used to come to house for cleaning, washing of clothes etc. At first I have no intention of having sex with this small lady. But one incident leads us to have sex and further encounters.

On one day, when nobody is there in our house (my wife went to her native place for attending a function), Rajeswari came at 7.30 AM for attending to her regular house duty. After my bath, I went to my bed room and open my computer and put a CD (a bf). I am watching the film and getting aroused. Since my telephone is ringing, I moved to my hall for answering the call. It is one of my friends and talking to him for about 15 minutes. In between our servant lady Rajeswari went to my bedroom for sweeping the room. This I did not notice and the film is running on the computer. After finishing my telephonic discussion, I returned to my bed room and I did not notice that Rajeswari is in the room. After sitting in the chair and I am continuing my watching the film. Due to most erotic scenes, I am again getting aroused. The scene is a beautiful aunt is seducing her daughter’s friend and enjoying sex with him. This is being watched by her daughter peeping through the holes of window doors. They are enjoying like anything and the room is full of moaning of them. On seeing this, I got fully aroused and I lifted my lungi upwards and am masturbating. After sometime, I heard a low noise moan in my bedroom. I suddenly checked up what it is and from where it is coming. To my surprise, Rajeswari is at backside of mine and watching the film and my masturbation. It seems she also aroused and her left hand is pressing her pussy part on her langa (pavada). Then I shy and dropped my lungi on my body. But she is not stopping of pressing her pussy. She is lifting her langa upwards and pressing her pooru on her underwear with left hand and with right hand pressing her little boobs. This scene aroused me and I moved from the chair and turned to her. Still the film is going on.

I moved towards her and put my hand on her underwear and pressing her pussy deeply. With my left hand I am pressing her boobs slowly. But suddenly she resisted me and tried to go out of the room. I stopped her and asked why she is going out. She did not tell anything and watching the film with ecstasy. I noticed that she is enjoying the film and masturbating herself without knowing it but because of shy she wants to move from that place. I asked her to sit on the bed and she followed my instruction. I also sat beside her and lifted her face towards me and kissed on her face, eyes, nose, mouth and lips. She did not resist me and moreover she is shivering by passing current through her body with my movements. At that time I did not mind to have sex with that young lady. She seduced me with her movements while watching the film. So I decided to have intercourse with her. Slowly I placed my right hand on her pavada and lifted up and pulling her underwear. I removed her underwear and put my middle finger into pussy by separating its lips. With that she is enjoying more and she spread her legs to move my finger into her pussy freely. She is shivering and hugged me tightly. Then I removed her pavada and blouse. Now she is with her bra only and I removed that also. She is completely in nude before me. I am surprised to see this young lady – what a beauty at this age. Her boobs are medium size with clean cleavage and nipples are light brown colour. Her naval is light pink colour. Her back is very smooth and her pussy is covered with small silk hairs. I asked her to remove my lungi and she did it. She saw my erected dick which is 6” of size. She was very surprised to see my dick which is in 90o. She was also feared to see and touch my dick. I took her hand and placed on my dick and asked her to press and move it up and down. She did like that and is watching the dick with great surprise. It is erecting inch by inch. With this I did not control myself and hugged her and pushed her to my bed. I kissed all her body and spread her legs widely to have a clear view of her heavenly hole. I pressed her boobs and licked and sucked. I sucked her abdomen and went down to her pussy. I pressed her pussy and separated her pussy and licked and sucked it. I put my middle finger into her wet and hot pussy. She is a virgin and did not have sex before this event. I rubbed her clitoris while moving my finger into her ass hole. Now she is completely aroused and giving me thrush while I am fingering her. Then I asked her to take my dick into her mouth. First she did not like and later on my persuasion she took my hot erected rod into her mouth and licked and sucked. After some time, she is accustomed to that blow job and completely put my rod into her mouth and giving a great blow job. Next we were in 69 position and giving pleasure to each of us by blow jobs. She is enjoying “hhhhaaaaaa….sir, you are doing a very good job….I am enjoying like anything…..this is my first sex experience…..I have not seen a dick still now…..I never thought that we will enjoy like this……..Your dick is very hard and lengthy…….I want this happy always……kissing and sucking of your dick is very great……naa puku baga gulaga undi….naaku emo ipothundi,Siiiirrrrrrr…….Inka emaina cheyandi…….naaku eeee sukham baaagaa ivvandi,” Then I put her down on the bed and I moved on her. She spread her legs widely and hugged me towards her. I put my dick into her pussy. But it is not moving inside because of her virginity. She feels some sort of pain but enjoying it. She removed her hands from my back and separated her pussy lips widely as possible for entering me into her. After 25 minutes of struggle and her help, my half of the rod entered into her. She screamed and resisted me not to move further with pain. She shouted and requested me to remove my dick from her pussy. But I did not hear her words and slowly moving forward. Even though she is resisting me, she is enjoying it and pressing my back to her. Her eyes are half closed and seeing me while I am moving. With my pumping for about 20 minutes my hard cock is entered completely into her pussy. I am pumping her slowly and increasing my speed gradually. She is accustomed now and pressing me towards her and enjoying the great sex encounter. I am deflowered her pussy and enjoying a great deal. She screamed and moaned “aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sir…………….emi sukham isthunnaru ssssiiiiiirrrrrrr……….entha bagundo………….roju nannu itlage cheyandi……mee sulli debba bhalega undi……..mee modda naaku roju kaavali….na puku chinigina parvaledu…..inka lopaliki nettandi……aaaahhhh…..anthe sir……bhale ga undi………ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh…………aaaaauuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh………….”. I am happy with this enjoying a virgin pussy. I also screamed “Raji….your pussy is so sweety and giving me enjoyment…..till now I fucked only my wife and now you are my second……..I never forget this happiness…..I always want this with you…..AHHHHHH………..what an enjoyment you are giving……..your pussy is very tight and I will tear yours with my hard fuck…….I also like to fuck your ass……the session will take afterwards”. Her pussy walls are tightening and her body is shivering and her eyes are completely closed. I understand that she is reaching to her orgasm. She hugged me very tightly and screamed aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh……. With great sound she reached her orgasm and shooted her juice through her hot and wet pussy. It is her first orgasm in life. I also though that I am ready for cuming and increased my pumping speed into her wet pussy and after 10 minutes I poured my hot hard rock milk into her virgin and hot pussy. I am surprised that about 1 minute I am pouring my into her. I reached a super orgasm in my life. I also decided not to loose this young fucking lady and continue to have intercourse with her. We hugged each other and kissed and licked and swallowed saliva with each other tongues greatly. Her eyes are very attractive and with a smile she told me that she enjoyed sex first time in her life and it is super to have with me first in her life. She told me that she will never forget this happiness and continue the sex with me whenever time permits.

After kissing and pressing each other, we woke from my bed and dressed up. Almost it is 9.30 AM. I have to move to my office and she has to her house. Otherwise, doubts will arise. While leaving she told me that one of her friends wants what is the sex and how it will perform. During their discussion, they want to see the intercourse when a man and woman are enjoying. Their intention is not fulfilled. But the intention of my sweet young lady Raji was fulfilled and also had the experience of it. Our sex lesions and encounters are continuing for 3 days more morning and evening till my wife come back from her native place. Later Raji told during our enjoyment, that her friend (Sunitha) is also interested to have sex with me. She also wants this experience, as she did not have sex before. Raji requested me to consider her proposal and if I agree she will ask her to accompany her in the evening while coming for household work. We have threesome enjoyment and it is a memorable one. I also deflowered Sunitha and gave very everlasting pumping to her also. Now whenever time permits and nobody is in my house, they both are coming to me and we threesome are enjoying the sex. Sometimes, Sunitha is coming lonely and she fulfilled her thrusts. Nearly 50 times I fucked each of those young beauties till now and continuing our fucking sessions. We have ass fucking also sometimes. These two young girls requested me to have sex with her another friend Malathi, who also wants to have the sex experience in life first time. I also enjoyed with her nearly 15 times and foursome 5 times