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Sex with stranger in bus

I am vasu , I came to tiruvanamalai to collect degree and at 6 pm I
returned to vellore which is my home town.
I got into the bus , the bus sitting was full but I decided to stand
as the journey was only two hours. So I was standing beside where two
college girls are sitting ( unexpectedly).
The conductor came to collect tickets , the girl sitting near to me
where I was standing is having college bag ,as she opened the bag her
elbow touched my dick ,( current passed in my body) . then she paid
the conductor and while keeping her purse inside her elbow again
touched my dick, my dick got hard.
The bus moved she started to sleep on the bag which is on her lap. She
is holding the rod in front seat . her hand was touching my thigh for
the few minutes I have done nothing but she rubbed her hand to my
thigh , then I turned myself as the hand touches my dick. Then after
6.30 lights were off and the rubbing my dick continued for half an
hour in the middle she touched my dick with her palm during bumps and
pressed hard. My dick was fully ejected now( 8 inch ).
At 7 pm tthe bus stopped and lights are on, then she pretended as if
she just woke up. To my luck half the bus went empty at the stop and
she remained . I sat behind her seat .there was no one after the half
bus . only she and me was left after the half. Then the bus started
and the next stop was vellore which is an hour journey.
The lights were off and I gathered some courage lean towards her and
in low voice I said ” come back and sit beside me “. She immediately
responded and came back .
I took her hand and placed on my dick. She pressed it smoothly then
unzipped and took my 8 inch outside . she whispered ” u have a long
dick , I love long dicks”. She then kissed on cheek and moved to lips
. we kissed for 5 min and actually she taught me how to kiss
simultaneously jerking my dick. My dick got very hard and some pre-cum
came out of it. She then whispered ” have u had sex?” . I said no. She
said ” I will give u blow job and then fuck u”. I am more excited. She
leaned towards and started sucking my dick . she is a good suckker .
she kissed on dick head and suck , then she will kiss my balls and
suck them. This process is going on. While I managened to grab her
boobs ( small in size but round ) . and grab her ass .
After 15 min of blowjob I cummed into her mouth . she took all cum
inti her mouth and showed to me and spit outside window. Then again
she started sucking my dick , this time she make sure the dick is
clean and within no time it got hard again.
We have only 30 min to get down , so I whispered ” I want to fuck you,
honey”. She then immediately unzipped her pant and removed it till her
knees. She insisted me suck her pussy. I lean towards and suck as I
have seen in porn . her pussy was wet .she lifted my head placed a
kiss on lips , exchange saliva. She said ” u sucked very well.”
She then sat on me ( it was like sitting doggy style) she managed to
hold my dick showed the spot . I inserted it hardly ,she herself
shutted her mouth. But I can hear her mourning slowly.
This was the first time I am having sex , my dick fully went inside
her pussy. Thanks to the bumps . there are many bumps in the road ,
each bump we had stroke . I counted upto 100 strokes and probably it
went to 300 or more.
We both got exhausted. She then removed my dick from pussy, sucked it
for some time then she told me to insert in her anal( ass hole) .then
I tried to insert but it went only half , all these time I enjoyed
pressing her boobs and licking it.
Finally we dressed up and stop came ,lights are on. She wrote her mail
address on it and told me to share my dick picks on mail. She said, ”
as it was dark I can’t able to see ur dick properly ,so share some
pics “. Then we got down and went away .
Hope the fucking period with her will come soon . if u like my story
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