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Sex With Two Virgins

Let me introduce myself. I am a well built, male, married to a very lovely and adoring wife, who had been giving me wonderful fucking pleasures. This incident happened, when we were invited to attend a marriage of her cousin brother, who is slight mentally retarded, but was being married to a very poor girl of Jain (Rajasthani). Since my rother-in-law’s engagement, he had been terrified to be married and would not know what happens, after he is married. Anil had a younger sister, who looked terrific for her age, who was at 18.

Her name is Anita. Since arrival at their house, I started having my plans to lay her, as she was the only woman who looked after the daily chores of the household. I noticed some strange lustful darting eyes right from the day I arrived, which I couldn’t understand out of a girl of 18.
So, there we are at the marriage functions and the bridegroom, Anil, got closeted to me and started asking me, what is he supposed to do at what time, etc etc. Since the wedding days was still three days to go, I would always tell him, wait till we reach the bridge. Two days before the D day, my in laws had to go for a short journey to nearby town to see someone close to the family, who was in hospital. It was decided that, only three would stay back – Myself, Anita & Anil all alone for almost 24 hours.
I started planning on how to shoot into her mouth, bang her HOLE and ASS, that, suddenly, Anita appeared with a wicked smile on her face, saying Jijaji, ” Can I offer you something, since DIDI is not here” . I said “Well nothing right now, I shall ask you, if I need anything”, then she said, “DIDI told me to look after you nicely and that, she would not want to hear any complaints upon her return” , I said, “Well, I do not need anything now”. Then she started conversations for the preparations of marriage and after almost one and a half hour, she said “Jijaji, one problem is there, how will Anil behave with his wife, once they are together for the first time in their room for the GOLDEN NIGHT”. Suddenly Anil enters the room and upon having heard this last sentence, he came near me and started asking almost in whispers, What & How Happens ? I said, look there is so much time, we talk later, then he roared, NO I need to know NOW. I tried to pacify him, but to NO AVAIL and then I had to say that, in order to explain him things in DETAIL, I need to have a woman with me, so that, I could sexperience and show him and also, the session must not be seen by anybody else, apart from him, the heroine and myself ( YOUR GURU ). This made his eyes glisten with lustful pleasure and said, OK no problem, we have all requisite candidates available right there in the room. I said WHAT are you talking about ? He said, GURUJI, you, myself and Anita. All the while, since I wanted to lay her, I have been throwing small glances towards, Anita and I to my horror, she had been enjoying and accepting all along. The moment, Anil had finished his sentence, saying ANITA, she jumped out of her place and said, yeah, we three some are there and we can start the class without further delay. I initially protested, but also at the same time, feeling amused to the golden opportunity thrust upon me. I said, Anita, go & dress up like BRIDE and come, then only the ACTUAL session. By this time, Anil, got very hot and exited to the prospect of gaining the knowledge.
Anita came back after an hour or so and WOW BOY, she was looking gorgeous. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was a sensation. I started having an erection, with the prospect of relishing my almost wild and impossible dreams to screwing her and now in the broad day light, without any effort, the circumstances, so created has resulted in achieving my goal. I told her to sit on the bed with her face hidden with Pallu, which she did. I then asked Anil to sit quietly at the end of the room and have a view. Once I went near the bed, she came down from the bed and touched my feet, as per normal Hindu ritual. I brought her up and kissed her slightly on her forehead.
I felt the loads of current flowing down her spines. Thence after, I took her to the bed and made her sit and asked her to remove her Jewelry. She said, she need my help in removing the worn Jewelry. The moment I started my ACT, she closed her eyes and started the supreme enjoyment of my LOVE touches. I finished off this job quickly and went in to remove her bridal wear, which she initially resisted and said, she would first like to have me disrobed, which I readily agreed with a condition, that, she PERFORM the JOB. Once I was disrobed with the exception of my underwear, holding my LOVE TOOL, I went in for the performance, I did the same, with the exception of her bra and panty.
Once done, I went for a deep French Kiss and my both hands had their roaming through out the territory of Anita, exploring all the reachable areas. This touch has resulted in Anita started moaning slowly,uttering words like, Jiju love me, I love you. My mouth started going through her neck, shoulders, armpits, to the twin globes, which were arrested into her bra. I gave her a nice squeeze on the twin globes first with my mouth, then going down my mouth travel to her belly button. Since my hands, needed her twin globes badly, I gave a tighter squeeze. All along, her hands had been roaming throughout my available body and enjoying the togetherness of a male body for the first time in life. The moment, I was reached near the outer ring of her panty, I smelled of her majestic aroma of VIRGIN PUSSY. The aroma was so gratifying that, I pulled down her scantily worn panty, which had soaked with her juices. My mouth straight away went into full action and started the LICKING session. I called for Anil to peep at the session, but to my surprise and pleasure, he was dozzing off in a sitting position.
I felt Anita started shivering from her first ever virgin orgasm and tasted her heavenly release. Once through and before I could straighten up, I was sort of attacked by the towering queen, who armed with LUST and wanting for much more, made me lie on my back and disrobed me completely. My LOVE TOOL sprang out like an injured tiger, trying to gain lost grounds. Anita while seemed so engrossed into her act, that, she took full control over my TOOL in her mouth and started giving me a splendid BLOWJOB. The licking and sucking had been so fierce that, one would think Anita do not see the sun of tomorrow for herself or she may never be bedded by a male partner to satisfy her now seemed unsatiable lust for SEX. She kept the pace at full throttle until for almost 22 minutes, when I could control myself and unloaded my ELIXIR into her mouth.
She took everything down and kept up the act, until my TOOL, went back to its original shape. We rested for a while and then almost half an hour, she got up dwindling her globes and asked me, if I would like to have sweets and I said YES. She went out of the bedroom naked with bustling bums. Her arrival with edibles and warm milk was no less dramatic. She created waves by shaking off her globes in such a manner that, anyone with heart problem, could also risk of getting high blood pressure. Her Cat Walk could match that of any model, who shows off at Fashion Shows, such as shown these days on FTV.
Having consumed some nice sweets and warm milk with dry fruits, I felt much better. It was almost 1 o’clock in the morning that, she started off the foreplay to arouse me by doing at what I so far enjoyed lick & suck game and get on with the final act. Meanwhile, I put my fingers one by one into her virgin pink pussy to check how ready she was. To my utter surprise, she had started dripping already. Once I discovered this, I told her that, I would like to mount on her. She giggled and said, PLEASE GO AHEAD, I AM ALL YOURS, JIJAJI AND THAT SALI IS HALF GHARWALI, so please give me the knowledge and secrets of love making, so that, when it is my time, I shall enjoy and give fullest pleasure to my would be hubby. I spread her legs and put them on my shoulders and positioned my tool right on the HEAVENLY DOOR.
I made a light knock, she screamed a little upon just receiving my prick head. I told her, not to shout as it will be slightly painful for a while, but the pleasure is immense thereafter. Not really believing that, she will not shout, I put my mouth on hers, so that, any screams, thus generated, would not produce much sound. I pushed in and there I found her to be in a state of heavy pain as I felt huge resistance from her LOVE TUNNEL, which was sort of BLOCKING my TOOL. Her status was such, that a fish out of water. Her eyes were full of tears and she begged me not to push further, as she cannot take it any more. I consoled here by licking all the reachable areas of her face, neck and breasts and make her calm down and then, once I saw, things are cool, then with a full force I shot in. This final push gave such eternal pleasure of having conquered a REAL VIRGIN PUSSY. That is when she screamed real loud and the effect was Anil wake up and said, what happened.
I said, don’t worry, stay cool and try watching what is happening. He said, forget it, I am down in SLEEP, I will take the lesson later as & when I need it, which in turn increased my pleasure and multiplied my chances of screwing his would be wife soon. Anyway, me and Anita kept up and carried on for almost another load after a while. It was five in the morning that, I woke up and found out large patch of blood on the bed sheet, dried blood mixed with oozes of hers and mine all mingled together on her Pussy and my Tool. I woke her up and said, look clean everything, it is about time, that everybody is around. The moment, she saw blood and her own state, she said, I am not in position to get back, please support and co-operate, so that, we clean. Together, we wiped cleaned everything, woke up Anil to go to his place of sleep and while we waited our relatives to arrive, Anita disrobed me and went on with her lust & hunger for more and more and more in the drawing room itself.