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Sex with Uncle’s wife

Hi to all story16 readers, I’m cbemale from coimbatore 20yrs of age. I’m very big fan of story16 and i almost read every stories in this site. Now i’m preseneting my experience to u all. My experience is with my dad’s friend’s wife. Her name is Swetha(fake) 30yrs of age,she has 38 sized boobs and she also has a firm big round ass. She is from southpart of tamilnadu, naturally they will have sexy shapes in their bodies. She will be looking very admiring to everyone and she has a small kid aged 6. As my dad and his husband were working in a same company they are very close to each other and i will call him uncle. His nature of job was very busy scheduled with his life.

Our family also later become very close to each other, every weekend they will spend the whole day with our family. I never had bad intensions till that moment with her, on one weekend,uncle and his family came to our home to spend the day. On that evening everyone were wathching a movie on tv,at that time swetha went to our kitchen for some reasons i also went to kitchen to have some water. I was very much exited watching the scene, she was adjusting her sari and i saw her 38sized boobs covered with blouse alone and her sexy huge navel were clearly visible. Her navel was looking damn sexy and it’s bigger than actress kiran’s navel, so imagine how big it was. I was stunned wathching that, she asked me what i want without covering her sari and her sexy parts, i replied “I came to have some water” she helped me to take the tumbler. I drunk the water and came back to the drawing room. Everything looked normal after that moment. After that day i started to dream about her and i spent many masturburation sessions thinking of her sexy boobs and navel, i’m waiting for next weekend to see her beautiful body and admiring face.

I spent lot of time with her after that and we both become very friendly after few days, she used to call me and we have long chat in the phone except sex.Days passed, after some days uncle came to my home as usual and said he has bought a new pc for his home use, he also requested me to teach the basics of pc and internet to her wife swetha. I was very happy to hear the words from his mouth,i was waiting for that and i eagerly said “Yes uncle…….”. He said me to come on every sunday afternoon, at that time only she will be free and no need of taking care of her kid because her kid will be in swetha’s sister’s home in some distance. I was very happy and i was waiting for the sunday. On sunday, I went to her home at 2pm(approx), i knocked the door,she opened the door with smiling face and she invited me inside. She guided me to the bedroom where the pc was present and she told that she will be back in 30mins after completing the prepararing food. I switched on the pc and connected to internet, i downloaded some sample porn movies from story16 and i was also watching some nude photos to get myself prepared for the warm up. After 25mins she came back to the pc room wearing a yellow cotton sari with red blouse, because it was very hot climate that time. I was wathching her sexy body top to bottom. She sat right to me in front of the monitor, i can see her clevage clearly. I couldn’t take my eyes of from that sight then I started to teach her the basics of pc and how to work with desktop.

I was sitting left of her,while reaching the mouse towards my right i touched her boobs accidentally and intensionally many times, but she doesn’t told anything for this act.Unforyunately i opened a nude photo page, but she didn’t reacted anyway at all. This gave me courage to go further and i intensionally opened the page again and this time she didn’t got angry and she asked a innocent question whether internet also has these kind of things. I was very happy of her question, because i expeceted a different type of reaction from her. I answered her the details of internet, and i played the sample fucking movie to her. She was stunned wathching the movie, she is not taking her eyes off from that. Now i touched her thighs which was covered with the sari, she was not reacting at all and atill she is wathching the movie, then i started to press her boobs softly above her sari, she is responding me by moving her boobs towards the front. I got the enough courage and i removed the front part of her sari and i pressed the boobs hard. She began to moan now,i was very nervous by doing that. I started to unhook his blouse and bra and I removed it to see her big huge boobs, i was very much exited to see her naked big sized boobs.

Her nipple was very huge black in color and erected nipples, by seeing this my dick went to it’s extreme. I started to suck her big boobs, her half of the boobs went into mouth and i bit her nipple many times . This made her so exited and she replied me very well, i sucked the one boob and squeezes the other boob with my hand. All of a sudden she stopped me and went to the front home to lock the door which was just closed at that time i turned off the pc, because it’s not necessary at this moment. She is standing half nude in front me, now i said her to remove the sari and she obeyed my words like a servant,she is with her red petticoat alone now. I went forward to her and i again started to suck her 38sized boobs, she caught my hair and she is pressing my head towards her boobs very hardly and enjoying the pain of sucking and biting the milk pots.

Now i concentrated on her lips, i placed a hot kiss on her beautiful lips and i sucked her lips and her tongue. She closed her eyes and enjoying the pleasure now, she stopped for a moment and said “I want to talk to u”, i said ok for that and i began pressing her boobs continously.

She requested me that to don’t tell this thing to anyone and she said i’m very much depressed in sex for a long time,when the moment i saw u i planned to have sex with u and i had the intensions on u whil i saw you in ur kitchen. Her husband is very much interested in making money only and he is not looking after her sexual feelings. I consoled her and said “I will take care of her sexual feelings and i will be like ur husband hereafter”, after hearing this she become very happy and kissed on my head. I become more exited after this and i started to play very hard with her. I removed her petticoat also and she was wearing a brown panty, she guided her panty towards down and i saw her big love hole which i never seen in porn sites also, it was covered with some hair on it and looked so gorgeous.

It was looking so fresh like a young girls rarely fucked pussy, my rod become so hot after seeing this and i planted a kiss on her pussy , i began to lick her pussy hardly. I seperated her pussy lips and started to lick deep inside her pussy, and she pressed my head hard on her hole. I inserted my finger on her hole and began to finger fuck her, she responded me by making loud moans and by biting her lovely lips. I went little up and concentrated on her very huge sexy naval, i licked her navel and kissed it very hard. She is very busy with pressing her own boobs with her lovely hands, and making sexy sounds. She got up and asked me remove of my clothes, i obeyed her i started to remove by shirt, she came near me and opened my pant zip and led my pant down. I’m standing with my underwear alone and she is enjoying me watching my huge 7.5′ rod inside my underwear. She opened my wear and took my tool on her hand, she began to suck my cleanly shaved hot rod,she bit my head mildly and moved her hand up and down on my tool, she started to suck hard and gave me nice blow job, after some strokes i ejaculated my sperms on her mouth. She eagerly drunk my hot juices fukky and cleaned my rod with her beautiful lips. That made me feel like anything and i enjoyed the pleasure very much. I stopped her and i told her lay on the bed and i again concentrated on her pussy by licking hard and finger fucking, she moaned verry loudly and said “I’m cuming now……..”.

She cummed a huge amount and i licked her juices fully as she did with me, she had a very good cum. It’s the time to have a full pleasure of sex now, i decided to fuck her hard now. I asked her to open her legs wide and i came closer to her love hole. I rubbed my dick on her pussy and it aroused a lot, she opened her pussy using her fingers and that made a easy entrance to me. Shwetha looked very tight inside and i didn’t gave up,i gave full pressure on her hole on inserted hard on her. She is crying and moaning in pain and her fingers making marks on my back. I began very slowly and she is responding me by taking her body very close to me have full 7.5″ inside her hot sexy hole, she requested me go faster and faster inside her and i made faster as enough. Her body was moving up and down and she is pressing my ass towards her, her boobs were swinging up snd down.

I enjoyed that scene very much and this continued for sometime and i said “I’ m going to blast now”, she requested me fill her tight hole with my hot juices and i didn’t worried of her pregnancy at all. I cummed on her tight hole and she made huge moans and pressed my hole body on her, she took her legs up and allowed the juice to fill her pussy, i didn’t took my tool outside and slept on her and kissed her lips for a long time. Me and shwetha felt very tired after having a very long session of sex, and she said to me to have some food for refreshment and we can have a another session of sex after that. I got up and i relaxed for a while and followed her to kitchen to have food, we both were roaming nude all around the home that full day. I enjoyed her seeing nude and her boobs and ass were swinging here & there while walking, i commented about this and she loved that comment, she started to shake her boobs and ass more now. She gave me some milk and some snacks, i had the and i poured some milk on boobs. The milk is dripping on her boobs and i started to suck the milk from boobs. I told her to lay down, i filled her naval and pussy with some honey and i began to lick the honey on her naval and pussy.

Her naval can hold atleast 100ml of honey and i did a terrific job by sucking that. After sometime, I had that food and began to press her big round ass from her back and licked her ass flesh. I willed fuck on her ass hole and expressed my wish to her, she was exited by hearing this and replied i never experienced before with her husband. I explained how to have pleasure on her back and she was very eager to hear those words, i told her lay on the dinning table and she opened the legs wide open. My tool again raised up by seeing her back pose, i started to lick her ass hole and spreaded my saliva all over her hole and i lubricated well. She was enjoying that and her moan spreaded all over the room, i inserted my middle finger on her hole and she started to scream with pain. I fingered her ass hole very slowly, now i took some butter from the fridge and applied all over her hole and also on my dick for easy penetration, she was very much exited about this. She lifted and spreaded her legs wide open by laying on the table. Then i slowly inserted my dick on her back hole, it was very tight and i could not go further.

She was screaming in pain but i was not in the position of giving up, and i pushed my dick hard over her ass hole. Swetha got my dick fully inside her hole after some strokes, then i started to move my dick slowly she enjoyed that moment very much. I made hard strokes on her ass she makes pleasant sounds “aah………aah………amma………..vegamma adi……(make fast)” and i made faster, now i was ready for a cum on her ass hole,this time i didn’t asked her permission, i poured my hot juices on her hole. I took out my tool and i started to lick the overflow from her ass hole with my tounge, she moaned with pleasure and kissed on my lips passionately, i started to suck her huge boobs again. And we had sex till 6 evening, i had a very good time with her.

After finishing the session she was very happy and thanked me for the pleasure given by me and i had lot of sex after that day. I came back home with full of satisfaction and joy, and she become more close to me. After that i planned to fuck her cute young sister also and i expressed my thought to her and she replied in positive, after seeing ur feed back i will post that experience also as soon as possible. I think u all enjoyed the experience of me and i need ur reply and comments, after ur reply to me i will post my experiences with swetha’s sister, my friend’s mom and how i fucked the whole family of my friend, sex with my neighbours and many interesting experience.