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When Ramesh came to stay there, six months ago, he was the bitterest man in the world. He had every reason to feel so. He had every reason to feel so. He had left his home, parents and friends as he had got MBA admission in the most prestigious college in Chennai. His father thought it would be better for his son to stay in his close friend’s house, instead of staying in a hostel. But Ramesh thought that would be the end of his freedom.

Everything changed when he saw Ramya in that house. She was a stunning beauty with big firm boobs and the amazing beautiful thighs. She always wore tight blouses and short skirts to highlight her assets. Ramya also liked Ramesh who was cute and handsome. Though his body was taut and firm because of regular exercise, his face had chocolate baby’s sweetness.

Ramya’s father made his friend’s son stay upstairs room. He thought that the boy would have privacy to read. Ramya and her parents had their rooms downstairs. Ramya and Ramesh became very close in the six months’ period. They would tease each other as there was mutual attraction between them. They would eye each other lustily.

All started on the day Ramesh awoke very late. He would wake up early morning and go to gym before six o’clock. That day, even after 6.30 am, he didn’t come down. Ramya went upstairs to wake up Ramesh. Before knocking his door she saw through the window Ramesh sleeping and her heart missed a beat. His lungi was slipped from his waist. Because of severe Indian heat, he had discarded his brief also at night. His nine inch erect cock gloriously and nakedly stood at 90 degree. (At that time he was dreaming about Ramya only). Till that day she had never seen a man’s cock except in porn magazines. But even in the magazines she had not the opportunity to see such a lengthy and meaty cock. She was hypnotized by the sight. She delayed waking him and moistening her lips she stood staring him. Then she knocked the door.

When he opened the door sleepily she said in low voice, “I thought of hoisting a flag on your pole” and chuckling, went downstairs. It took his brain a few minutes to register what she was saying. His chocolate face reddened.

He avoided seeing her eye while taking breakfast. His shyness made him sweeter to her. But that started an uncontrollable passion in her. Whenever she thought of it, she felt hornier and hornier.

Another day, when they were all taking breakfast, she informed him on his ear that she was not wearing bra that day. His sudden jerking made her parents ask, “Ramesh, what happened?”

“Nothing…nothing” he said hastily. But that day he saw nothing but her blouse outlining her big firm tits. His stare made her nipples stiffened and the blouse showed two stiff nesses clearly. When she walked she purposely shook her boobs. But the firmness did not allow them to bounce. Only they moved slightly. His hands and mouth longed to be there. This made his cock rock hard. He moaned helplessly when her parents were not around. She enjoyed the scene.

Another day she whispered in his ears, “Hey Chocolate baby, today I have discarded panties”. That day her skirt was shorter than usual. Once she stood near a table fan which raised her skirt further, showing her creamy thighs to his lusty eyes. His eyes were glued on the spot. For a very brief second the skirt raised very higher that left nothing to imagination. He felt as if he was on fire.

If not for their family friendship, he would have moved bolder. He knew that the passion felt was mutual. But purposely she avoided physical contact even for a brief moment. She exhibited herself and teased him, but always remained at safe distance.

One day early morning Ramya’s parents received the news of death of their close relative in Salem. Immediately they went, leaving Ramesh and Ramya alone. Ramesh did not go to the gym, because Ramya would be alone in the house.

He looked the wall clock. It is 6 o’clock. “Hey what are you going to do?”

“It is my exercise time” she said proudly.

“Exercise is mainly for men”

“Women are equally capable. They also need to be fit”. She was ready for skipping.

“See so many things men can do; but not women”


“Men can do exercise without shirt, bare bodied”. He removed his T-Shirt showing his broad, lightly haired chest and taut and flat stomach.

“Women also can do that. The only problem is men. They won’t keep quiet and they misbehave”

“See, I am real gentleman. If you can do exercise like that my hands would not touch you without your permission. That’s promise”.

After seeing him removing his shirt, she also felt very horny. Coolly she removed her blouse. Her creamy smooth and firm boobs stood majestic, half covered by lace bra.

When she proceeded to skip, he said naughtily, “I am not wearing bra”

She unhooked her bra. His heart skipped a beat. The twin globes stood firm and her pink nipples beautifully crowned the globes. The boobs seemed bigger without blouse and bra. She sensuously skipped and being dense and firm they swayed only minimum. He licked his lips. He wanted to lick her. He wanted to run his tongue over her generous curves, and pull her erect nipples into his mouth and suck them.

His eyes drank the beauty with great lust and he said loudly, “A thing of beauty is joy forever”.


“John Keats”

She enjoyed his stare and the effect showed on his jeans. “Now what do you say?” she asked.

He said sexily, “Men can also exercise in nude”. He took off his jeans and briefs and stood naked in front of her. He was made perfectly, and his manhood was already starting to get aroused. She gasped. The meaty, mighty cock is growing in front of her.

She also said goodbye to her skirt and panty. Seeing her smooth creamy thighs and red pussy, his cock reached its maximum size and strength and stood like a missile ready for powerful attack. Her pussy lips were already swollen with desire and she was unmistakably wet there. Her pussy seemed to invite him silently and he obeyed her.

He moved forward and sat before her on his hind legs. He ran his tongue up the fragrant and tasty slit before him.

She said “You said that you are a perfect gentleman and you won’t touch me”

“Honey, I said my hands will not touch you without your permission. See my hands are not touching you”

He rested his hands on his thighs and enthusiastically licked the wetness from her inflamed cunt. She moaned loudly, and he found her clit and ran his agile tongue over it, coaxing a louder groan from her mouth. He licked and sucked and ate her mindlessly, loving the taste and scent that was emanating from deep inside her.

Finally she screamed, “Ramesh, fuck me… O …fuck me”

She had given permission. He laughed merrily. He took her in his strong hands and went to her bed room.

They kissed deeply. He pulled away from her mouth and licked his way down her neck to the base of it. He licked and sucked there. He reached both hands out and grabbed her tits. He squeezed them firmly, and she moaned.

“Honey, your boobs are glorious” he said. He pinched the sensitive pink nipples slightly and twisted them. His mouth opened, and he engulfed her left tit with it. He sucked and nibbled and drank in the taste of her. He listened to her moans and felt her hands run through his hair and hold him close to her. He moved his mouth to the other nipple and delicately took it between his teeth and flicked his tongue back and forth over it. At the same time she felt his long fingers slide up between her legs. His hands pushed her legs slightly apart. She could feel the juices flowing out of her.

He ran his fingers across the smooth lips of her cunt. And she spread her legs a little further for him. His fingers pulled her lips apart and he caressed her inner lips. He found her hard clit at the top and he flicked it. She jumped and moaned loudly. He felt her spasm lightly around his fingers and marveled at the amazing heat engulfing his entire hand. Her juices were flowing freely down her thighs by now. Her moans grew louder.

Side by side, beside his fingers, his cock also attacked aimlessly her pussy and her thighs. Her concentration was diverted. Her mouth watered at the sight of the missile cock. She wanted a taste of THAT, she knew. She pushed him further back against the pillows and crawled up between his legs.

She leaned over his prick and looked up at him with her almost-black eyes, and told him, “I HAVE to suck you, you know. Is that ok chocolate baby?”

She didn’t wait for an answer, but brought her mouth down and engulfed the head of his cock in one gulp. He groaned loudly. Her mouth was almost as hot as her pussy. And she sucked. He was in heaven. She licked just the head lightly, and then swallowed almost all of him. She played with his cock. She cupped his balls and then pulled her mouth off his cock altogether and lick them all over.

Finally she said “I want you to come in my mouth….please….” she told him. And she bent back down and thrust her tongue out. She placed the head of his cock on it and as she looked in his eyes, she slid her open mouth onto him. He watched himself disappear in her wet mouth and couldn’t stand it anymore. He let out a yell and started jerking the come into her throat. She swallowed it down as he watched. God, she was amazing, he thought. He sank back onto the pillows as every muscle in his body relaxed. She crawled up to him and kissed him.

After a few minutes he rolled her over on her back and told her to lie there. He scooted down and spread her legs wider. He gazed at her red pussy. He could feel the blazing heat pouring out of it, and he could practically see the juices dripping out. He placed her legs over his shoulders and dove in. He licked her juices off her lips, enjoying the taste of her again. His tongue straightened and hardened and then bent his head and thrust it deep inside her burning cunt.

His cock became hard again. “I want your pole in me”, she told him. He obeyed and slid his raging cock into her still hot cunt. He thrust back and forth, getting a nice rhythm going, and she thrust her hips up at him to take him deeper inside her. He grabbed her tits and used them like handles to pull her back onto him. He pinched the nipples as he did. Finally he exploded inside her burning pussy.

When they both started to regain their normal breathing, he said, “It is excellent. Isn’t it darling?” Agreeing wholeheartedly she kissed him softly on his cheeks.