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Sexperience of Savitha in theatre

Savitha had a crush on her client’s officemate Kunal. It had been a while since she saw him. She could feel it in her body that she needed to see him. She took a risk and sent him a quick email. All it said was the theatre, the time & title of the movie and that was it. The theatre had just changed the movies and she saw a movie worth watching and the time fit her schedule. She could get her kids off to their activities, watch the movie with him, and then pick up the kids afterwards. Her husband would be home from work after she left with the kids and he could take care of supper being none the wiser where she was, whom she was with, or what she was doing. Now hopefully he could get away from his family so she could see him.

She never got a reply back from Kunal about if he was going to that movie, but there she was buying her movie ticket, popcorn, & drink. She was nervous and did not know if she could do it, but a smile appeared on her face when she walked by the napkin dispenser and she grabbed some napkins — after all it could get messy if her plan came to fruition.

She did not know if the theatre would be busy, but it was a second run theatre, so the movies were not new. She opened the door and her eyes adjusted to the dim theatre, she was thinking to herself where to sit. The theatre had only one aisle with the majority of the seats on the right hand side. Could she sit in the middle of the right seats and go through with her plan? What about the left section, where few people sat? Maybe the back row — where she could carry out her plan, but would it be obvious what her intentions were to him? In the end, it was clear, the back row was perfect, the aisle seat was available, but the second and third seats had no cup holders so she sat in the 4th seat and placed her jacket on the 5th.

She waited, and waited as the advertising on the big screen was shown. She had enough movie knowledge to answer the trivia question game that appeared next and finally when the trailers were shown, her heart was crushed a bit. He wasn’t coming to the theatre and she cursed herself for coming to the theatre by herself. Even though she was mad at herself she was a bit relieved and relaxed as the potential of getting caught doing something sexual to another wife’s husband could not happen. The dress she had worn and the lack of undergarments were just another reminder of how prepared she was for today.

She even let her eyes wander the theatre to see how many people were actually in the theatre. There were the 4 mature couples sitting in various locations and the group of teenagers sitting about three rows away the closest to her.

She focused on the movie as it started. It was one that she wanted to see, but if he appeared she would have focused her attention on him instead. Sitting in the back row had its advantages as everyone would have had to turn around to see anything and if others had to go to the concession or washroom, she could see them stand up and walk towards the back of the theatre. One of the pitfalls of sitting in the back row was that every time someone came into the theatre, the lights from the lobby made it bright enough that is made it annoying to watch the movie.

When the door to the lobby opened the first time 5 minutes into the movie, she shifted her body so she could use her back to block most of the light. When the door opened a minute later to allow another late coming to come into the movie she remembered thinking that no late comings should be seated. When the person started walking into the last row — her row, she was really mad, but her heart skipped a beat and her pussy gushed a little when she heard his voice say is this seat taken? She jerked her head around to see him, standing there to her left. She was happy and quickly moved her jacket from the saved seat to her right to the unoccupied seat to her left and allowed him to sit down to her right.

After he got himself comfortable he leaned over and whispered to her his apology for being late. His work did not allow him to arrive in time, but she did not care. Just hearing his voice and smelling his scent sent shivers through her. They sat there and watched the movie sharing the popcorn, drink, and napkins. She was getting nervous, but she did not know what would happen. She knew she needed to start and knew that he would not reject her advances, but this was new territory for her. When her husband and she would have sex, it was always her husband that would initiate the engagement. However, it had been so long since that had happened and she was getting those nervous shivers. She could just reach over and grab his cock, but even though that is what she wanted, she felt that was just too rude. Her heart was beating faster and her pussy was getting that familiar moisture. She decided that it needed to happen and to use an analogy; she needed to jump off the cliff. As her left hand was holding the popcorn, her right hand that was resting on the armrest lifted off and landed on his left knee. She wanted to look over and see his response, but she just kept watching the movie. Would he touch her back, would he guide her hand to his cock? She left her hand on his knee until she wanted more popcorn and then used that hand to go into the container and when she put her hand back she would move her hand higher on his leg. Before she knew it, her hand was resting on his inside thigh close to his crotch. She wanted to feel him; she wanted to make him cum. He whispered to her that she could have the rest of the popcorn, so as she ate the last of the bag, and placed it to the empty seat to her left, she went to place her back into his lap.

He had slid forward a bit, slouching so that he was in a more reclined position and her hand landed on it. She used her entire hand to grope his groin. Her fingertips gently scratched his harden cock through his jeans. She wanted more; she needed to make him explode. She was able to undo his belt, button, and zipper in a way that did not make any noise to the rest of the people in the theatre. His cock was so hard that it poked out the top of his underwear. It was so hot, hard and yet soft at the same time. Was he bigger than her husband, no. Was he thicker, no, but it did not matter. It belonged to him and she was now able to touch his cock. At first she just squeezed the head pretending that her hand was her pussy, squeeze and release, squeeze and release, squeeze and release. She could feel the precum at the tip and she wanted a taste. She used a finger and rubbed along the tip, and some precum collected on her finger and she turned to him for the first time and he watched as she took that finger and sucked off his liquid. For the first time since she started touching him, he reacted. He wanted his cock into the open and so he slipped his cock through the hole in his underwear. His full cock was now at her disposal. Her hand went back to his cock this time slowly jerking it. She would alternate between slow and fast making sure to not make any noise. His cock was leaking more precum and with her hand moving up and down on him, a couple of times it made the fap fap fap noise that is associated with men masturbating. His breathing was becoming shallower, more rapid and she knew he was close, but she wanted his cum in her mouth. Not only would it be cleaner, but the napkins she had grabbed were all used up due to the butter on the popcorn.

As she sat there and jerked him she tried to figure out how could she wrap her mouth around his cock? She knew how that made him feel. She knew that he wanted his cock inside her mouth. She knew that her oral skills were great and she wanted to again use her skills on him. When she first sat down in the theatre she tried to lift the armrest, but this theatre did not do that. She could either lean over the armrest or get on the floor in front of him. She decided to lean over the rest and as she went to lean over and put his cock in her mouth, he stopped her. She looked up at him and he just shook his head. She lowered her head, but again he stopped her. She was confused as she sat back down in her seat. He turned to her and whispered one last time, no. He wanted her mouth on him, but he could not do that to his wife. She understood him. She looked at him and with a sly grin on her mouth said — your loss, and he agreed. He looked into her eyes and then down to his cock and then back at her. The look of desire, lust, or the want to cum, in his eyes was breathtaking to her. Her hand never left his cock. She kept moving it up and down, up and down. His eyes got big and his cock swelled. His mouth opened and she opened her mouth too to mimic him. She knew what was about to happen, she could feel it on her hand. He was cumming. He was not an erupter so their shirts were safe from cum stains, but he did produce a good 3 or 4 contractions of cum from the end of his cock.

He looked so relaxed afterwards, he always does when she makes him cum. Her covered cum hand left his cock and she brought it up to her mouth. She was tempted to lick it off, but again thought that seemed too slutty. She excused herself to go get some napkins and when she returned from washing up, he had tucked himself back into his pants and had zipped and buckled up. She knew it was her turn next, so as she sat down she purposefully lifted her dress up some and spread her legs to allow him access to her pussy. At first they both just sat there watching the movie, the anticipation was killing her making her more horny. She was wet and her lips were slick with her fluid. It would not take him long to send her over the edge. The longer she sat there second thoughts crept into her head. Would he touch her, she yearned for another person beside her and her dildo to touch her pussy.

Finally she saw motion out of the corner of her eye. His left hand was making his way from his seat to the armrest, but there it sat on the armrest. She was doing the math in her head how long the movie was. She figured that there was about 15 minutes left is she was lucky. Why wasn’t he touching her? Could he do it? She knew that the love for his wife was undeniable. He had explained to her a couple of times that he had a conflict between his cock and his brain. His cock wanted everything she had to offer. His brain told him NO. Sometimes his cock won, sometimes his brain won. This time he let her hand get him off maybe that is as far as he could take it today.

She worked herself into a sexual frenzy. Her pussy needed to be touched; she wanted him to touch it. She was so horny; it had been a week since she gave herself an orgasm. She did it just after she sent him that email. Why wasn’t he touching her, she spread her legs apart even more. Her right leg was pushing against his left leg. She closed her eyes and then she felt it. His hand was now on her thigh and moving rapidly towards her pussy. She let out a louder moan than expected when he touched her special spot. The womanly juices there on her pussy told him that she was ready. There were no light caresses. There was only the pressure of his left fingers on her clit. He made them circle her clit and every ten circles he would slide his fingers inside her.

She could sense that the movie was soon to be over and playtime with him was quickly coming to an end. She looked at him and he knew what she needed. The fingers went back to circling her clit and faster and faster they moved until she released. Her legs stiffened, her hands grabbed his left hand, her mouth opened and she let out a silent scream. He tried to remove his hand but she held them there in her crotch. His fingers slowly going in and out of her pussy, fucking it. He then made a real effort to get his hand away from her crotch and she realized that the movie was over. The credits were starting to roll and the house lights were coming on. She clamped her legs together and sat up. He had stood up and was putting his jacket on and that was her cue to do the same. He waited until she stood up, helped her with her jacket and they walked out of the theatre.

The End