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Sexual Reunion with Mummy

The night of my mother’s chudai has passed. The next morning was a Sunday morning and i had already awaken from the heat of the sun rays on my back. I had my eyes still shut when i heard the door open. Mom came in and woke me up with a pleasant tone and a lovely smile. She told me it was 10 am and my breakfast was ready. leaning down to my face she planted a kiss on my forehead and asked me to get up and and freshen up. I couldn’t remember when i saw her that happy before. But the trick had worked and mom now appeared liberated. When she went back out of the door, i gave a quick scan of her curvaceous body in nighty and noticed a familiar spot around her butt. This was the same kinda stain i get on my shorts when i cum thru night falls. I wondered how much of cum Kailash dropped into her that it leaked all night. I checked my phone which was on silent mode since evening the other day. There were multiple messages and missed calls from Kailash. I called him back and assured him that everything was under control. He was relieved to hear that and asked me to meet him at our usual hangout in an hour. Mom was humming some songs washing dishes in the kitchen. I took her permission and went out to meet Kailash.

Kailash hugged me in his usual way as soon as i arrived. He was so excited and had so much to tell me about his experience. He told me that my mom was the finest woman he ever fucked. He said he always dreamed about having sex with a fine woman like her. He told me that mom’s cunt was as tight as a newly wed girl and that it felt so soft and warm inside. He explained me how her insides twitched along with her hips when she reached her orgasm and how she forced her hip upwards to get his dick deeper inside her cunt when she was approaching it. all that made my dick hard again. I enjoyed how Kailash told me his version of the story which i included in the story itself when i was narrating it.


I asked him what he will do next. He said he will call her and ask her if she was interested in doing it again. It was easier now because we had already known that she was happy with what happened to her and that there was no way that she was going to complain to the police. Moreover Kailash was pretty confident that she will want more from the way she moaned while cumming and that she gave her number herself. We took a deep breath and Kailsh dialed her number. Mom didn’t take the call so Kailash called again. he had kept the speaker on and mom picked it up this time.

Mom: hello.

Kailash: Tulika is that you?

Mom: who is it?(she sounded a bit worried).

Kailash: Yesterday you gave me your number.

Mom:Its you. You are a very bad man. (sober in her tone, like a little girl )

Kailash :I am not a bad man dear. Your beauty made me do bad things to you.

Mom: You are lying. You ruined my life. What if i become pregnant. I wont be able to show my face to the people of this town and my son.

Kailash: Then dear, I will marry you. I love you dear.

Mom:All men say that. But after they are done they abandon the woman.

Kailash : But I am not like other men. If i were like that i wouldn’t have called you. Now you tell me does a bad man do that?

Mom: No. But you should have approached me first. What you did was very unpleasant. I was so scared. (In a very sober,’cornered-kitten’ voice).

Kailash: but if i said I love you,would you have let me sleep with you?

Mom said nothing so Kailash asked again.

Kailash:Tulika?? would you ?

Mom: No.

Kailash:You got scared dear?

Mom: (sobbing) yes. I was so scared.

Kailash : Then let me do something for you to even up.

Mom: what?

Kailash : Let us do it again. This time I will be gentle to you and love you like a true lover(kailsh winked at me).

Mom: No. I am not that kind of woman.

Kailash : No dear. There is nothing bad in it. I assure you,no body will know about it. I have a safe place.

Mom:What are you saying. I am a mother of a 18 year old son. I cant have a relationship with you! I dont even know who you are.

Kailash: My name is Kailash.

Mom:Kailash what?

Kailash: Kailash Gagan. Will you go to the police dear?

Mom:No. I am afraid of the police. They are worse. And ill have a bad name.

Kailsh: then lets do it once dear. Just once. If you dont like It,I will not bother you again.

Mom went mute. so Kailash asked her again.

Kailash: please tulika. Please. I cant live without you. Not after wht happened yesterday. My love has grown stronger after that.

Mom: Okay. But dont force me this time. Or i will have to go to the police.

Kailash : no dear i wont. You will like it this time. I promise.

Mom: okay. just one more time. I will do it so that you don’t repeat the same thing you did to me yesterday. This friday I will wait for you at the bus stop near my office at around 10. I will take a leave from office that day.

Kailash: Thank you dear. I love you tulika. I love you.

Mom hung up. Kailash looked at me with wide open eyes. We were screaming like kids. Hugging each other and exchanging High 5’s. We had fun all day. Monday went so did tuesday. I could see some changes in mom now. She was happy. And to see her happy,gave me a certain satisfaction as well. On thursday,She came home a little late. She was out shopping and had returned with bags full of stuffs. She didn’t care to show them to me but by their packaging I knew that those were sarees and cosmetics. Mom was getting ready for friday i guessed and she wanted to look her best to impress Kailash. All these time mom was so simple in her appearance. She wore such boring sarees and didn’t care to wear makeup. Atlast she realised that a beautiful woman like her deserves a little grooming, and definitely deserves to look good enough to make men drool for her.

That night when i was taking out the trash ,i clipped and fell over along with all the trash i was carrying in the plastic bags. luckily I was okay and went to the backyard to get the trash tray so that i cud pick em up. among the heap,there were some wrappings with an underwear model on it. Mom must have been embarrassed with her regular granny style boring panties so she got new ones. My dick was just rising like a barricade gate when i spotted the i pill pack,mom was wise enough to take care about the stuff that Kailash left that evening, deep in her womanhood. I got rid off all the stuff and went back to my room for a quick jerk. I never knew mom would be so helpful to me someday,that she would be the reason that i jerk 2-3 times a day!Thursday evening me and Kailash were discussing the plans. He told me that he will take mom to this place he had bought recently. It was a piece of land in the outskirts of the city and the only building it had was this shed made up of bamboo walls and pillars with tin roof. It was basically a hut and all it had inside was a single light bulb and a fan under which there was a bed made up of cheap wood and shaggy matress. Kailash comes to this place for occasional drink and whore times. I had been to the place before to join him in his whisky parties so i knew the place well. It had a factory premesis on one side of the boundary and the other side was a warehouse. Both had high walls and thats why Kailash comes here for his dirty works because it was not a residential area and no one would care or doubt what he did there. And after all he owned the place. The hut had walls made of bamboo so it had many holes in it to peek. so many that i could view what was going inside from every angle i wanted and the shed itself was so small that i could hear every single word with ease right thru the walls. That also meant that i had to be really careful with each movement i make as my shadow could give away my presence if i moved around carelessly peeking through the other side. Kailash assured me that it would be the show of my life. I could not wait to see it either. The Friday morning was wonderful. I cud not sleep all night thinking about whts gonna happen today so I dozed off around twilight. At around 9 ,mom came to my room and woke me up. I opened my eyes for a treat. Mom was looking gorgeous in all her charming beauty. She was looking so vibrant and young in her light pink saree and that make up and styled hair. Like a goddess indeed. She smiled at me and asked how she was lookin?. I said,”mom u re lookin gorgeous,any special occasion, today,you are going somewhere?”. Mom first thanked me for the complement and then said that she will be going to a colleague’s marriage reception after office and will be a little late than usual. I thought, damn ,mom is planning to get fucked all day long. she knew that any man would do her for eternity if she allowed and my boy Kailash was in for a treat this time coz moms gonna make him pump her for long enough to suck his balls dry!. I could see it in her eyes,her expression and her body language. She was behaving like a lil girl waiting to go for a pick-nick. I could only imagine about all that cream she was about to be served. Coming back to reality i gazed on her while she was by the dining table spreading some jam on my toasts. Her silk saree was wrapped around her curves like in those manikins in stores. Her creamy waist from back was so tempting to look at with that gem of an ass below and that sexy back on top covered by a black blouse which was not doing a good job of hiding her wine red bra on her creamy fair skin. I moved around a lil to peak on her breasts. The contrasting colour of the bra with that thin blouse material was giving away the sexy designs in it. Blood started rushing to my dick when I got a glimpse of her cleavage. For the first time ever she was wearing something with a neck deep enough to reveal that heavenly crack of her!. I couldn’t stand any longer as I was getting a boner and had to get a chair to hide the tent under the dining table. I chewed on the toasts and sipped the coffee as my mind was having those kinky thoughts of mom getting hot and sweaty with Kailash in the shed. My shorts had a spot of my pre cum oozing from my throbbing cock. Mom got her stuffs, put it in her purse and went out after kissing my forehead. I immediately called Kailash to tell him that mom had left and she will be heading for the bus stop in an hour. Kailash was happy and excited to hear it and he told me that hell be reaching our hangout in 20 mins from whre he will drop me to the place so that i could hide and be set before he brought mom later in an hour. I was having this strong urge to relive myself but I wanted to control it till the show started later that day. I got out of the house just five mins after mom and reached the hangout in 15 mins. Kailash was already waiting there for me. I got into his van and he dropped me off to his place and told me to stand by as he will be returning with mom in half an hour. So there I was waiting behind a shed eagerly waiting to see my mom getting fucked. IT had been 45 mins since Kailash left and I was beginning to worry. I was just about to make a call when I heard the noise of his 15 year old van. There he was in the driver’s seat and mom right beside him. He got out and showed mom the shed. Mom saw it and smiled. I couldn’t hear what they were talking about. Kailash opened the door and came in and switched on the light and fan and welcomed mom in and made her sit on that makeshift bed of his.

Kailash: so tulika,u liked the place?

Mom: (laughin) yes its nice and cozy. Are you sure no body will come here?

Kailash: No dear. I own the place. I got this shed made so that I could have a place to hang out with my friends. But honestly , i never thought I will brig a beautiful lady like you in here.

Mom: Oh come on, you have been praising me the whole way to here.

Kailash: No my dear you are worth praising every moment. You are looking so beautiful today. ( And he held her hand. )

Mom: Thank you. You know , he never used to tell me that. Not even when we were newly weds.

Kailash : who? Your Husband? I mean your Ex- husband?

Mom: yes.

Kailash: do you still have any contact with him?

Mom: no, I hate that man. He humiliated me and treated me like his maid.

Kailash: He must be a real son of a bitch to be hated by a forgiving woman like you. You have forgiven me Tulika ? For what I did?

Mom: Yes, or I wouldn’t have met you again. You said you were sorry that day, I like the honesty in you. (she looks at him and smiles).

Kailash takes his other hand to her shoulder and tells her to cheer up. He asked her to forget about her past and the humiliation she went through. Slowly he touched her chin and faced her towards him. Looking into her eyes he takes his mouth closer to her lush pink lips and plants a kiss. It started with smooches and then he slowly started using his tongue, sucking onto her lips as she had her eyes closed. He forced her mouth open with his tongue and soon both their tongues were probing each other’s mouth. Right at that moment mom’s ‘pallu’ drops revealing her deep cleavage and the shape of her round soft bosoms. They went on kissing and smooching for a while when Kailash brought her hand and placed it on his crouch and himself started gently pressing moms breasts.

My dick had already got hard as I was enjoying this live soft porn hiding behind a bamboo shed wall filled with holes and it was about to get harder. Slowly mom too started pressing his crouch feeling his dick getting harder with every press of her soft hands. Kailash was moving his hands all over her shoulders, breasts and waist and this fondling, caressing and kissing went on for a while before Kailash stood up and started taking his clothes off. Mom sitting there was taking heavy breaths as her eyes were glued to the tent Kailash’s hard on was making on his trousers. Kailash removed all his clothes except his beige underwear. He asked mom to stand up and remove her clothes ,slowly. Mom smiled and indicated his hard on with her eyes. She then stood up and started removing her saree. Her belly was fair and smooth with that sexy deep round navel which was for us to view. Seductively, she dropped the saree on the floor and started unhooking her blouse. Slowly revealing her sensuous cleavage even more, she showed her nice pair of tits which were held by that sexy designer bra which she bought specially for this occasion. She slowly removes her blouse from her beautiful shoulders and drops in on top of the saree already lying on the floor. I never ever thought that mom could undress in front of a guy in such seductive manner with naughty expressions on her face. But surprises had been coming my way ever since I saw her masturbating a few months back.

Kailash was awestruck to see her in bra again , this time was totally different from the last and I could see the lust for her in his eyes. He asked her to turn around and show her body. She has a sexy back. Her entire torso had only these thin strips of her red bra on her fair back and her naked skin was so alluring. Her black petticoat was giving a teaser to her shapely ass and Kailash understood that there was something special hiding under it. so he asked her to raise her petticoat. Mom looked back at him and slowly lifted it. Another shock!To me and definitely to Kailash. He must have gone mad when he saw mom’s bubble butt slowly revealing itself under the curtains of her under skirt. Her cock starved ass was teasing him to shove his throbbing dick deep inside her. Her ass was heavenly. It was so perfect like an apple with smooth fair skin and that meat in it! Her red panty could only cover her crack as her ass cheeks were protruding out , begging to be bitten and fonldled roughly by a man’s strong hands and a strong dick to spread them apart. Kailash couldn’t wait any longer and he took his 7 inch dark cock out. Mom turned towards him and her eyes fell on that monster of his waiting to ravage her womanhood. To tease him even more, she unties the knot and lets her petticoat fall at her feet. She was standing there in her full glory with her body in display. She had surrendered herself to Kailash and his huge throbbing cock. Kailash lost all control and he took her into his arms. His dick was now poking into her groin rubbing her pussy over her panty. Kailash was feeling her soft skin on her back with one hand and her bulbous butt with another. Wanting to feel more of that ass he took both his hands below and started pressing them like pressing on soft balls. Then he knelt down and started kissing her belly. Taking his nose to her navel he pokes it into it to take in the sensuous aroma. Mom in the mean time had her hands on his head playing with his hair. Kailash kissed and licked her belly for a long time, sometimes shoving his tongue into her navel and making it wet with his saliva. The expressions on mom’s face were awesome. Just like a soft porn actress she was licking and biting her lips as Kailash goes on with her belly and navel. After being done with her belly and caressing her butt he asked her to lay down on the bed. Just as Kailash stood up and stepped back a little, I could see a wet spot on mom’s panty. Right at the area where her cunt slit starts. Mom’s pussy was reacting to all that caressing ,kissing and fondling with her body and it was leaking cunt juice. Kailash too must have spotted it and he knew that she was all juicy and slimy inside. I could see her ass all pink and red due to his rough handling. Mom lays down on the bed and Kailash gets on top of her. He starts kissing her again. After all who wouldn’t want to kiss and lick a beautiful face like that over and over again? He then slides her bra straps and pulls then down her shoulders letting those round soft melons out to be played with. Her bra was now pulled right to her under-boobs strapped around her body just like ribbon over a gift wrap. Kailash gets a lil lower to now suck on to her boobs. He was doing it like a mad man sucking on to her nipples and pressing them hard with ferocity. Mom was in pain as she was letting out short cries and begging him to be gentle. She had her arms over her head and i could see her armpits. They were not hairy like last time but were smooth shaved. One hell of a sexy armpit that was and it was so enticing that I wanted to sniff it and lick it. I wonder how she kept them unattended under that thick bush all these years.

Going down, Kailash pressed his face aginst her panty and mom in response clamped her creamy thighs around his head. Kailash forced them open with his arms and then pulled her panty down. The prize was there right in front of his face. Her woman hood, her cunt ,Tulika Sharmah’s pussy. This time there were no pubes and it was all smooth shaved cunt skin for him to eat. I still couldn’t see her cunt properly and I was running around the outer walls of the shed to get a good look at it but I couldn’t as Kailash had his face stuck to her under-thighs. Kailash had already started licking her pussy and mom was going mad. She was desperately pressing her boobs as he kept on licking her cunt like a dog. Mom was growing hotter and hotter and started to moan like a whore. The most incredible sound I have heard from her. It was an overwhelming sight to see my own mom being in such ecstasy. Kailash went on for a while when suddenly mom started moaning harder, louder and longer. Kailash knew that she was going to cum and so he started licking harder. I could see that as he was shaking his head side to side pressed hard against her cunt and finally mom had her first orgasm of the day and she kept on shaking and twitching for a while. Kailash got off the bed. This let me see her cunt for the first time. It was meaty and turgid with a long slit running across it to make it a perfect camel toe pussy. The skin was a little darker compared to her creamy white thighs. It was swollen and wet with Kailash’s treatment and his saliva. That light brown cunt was so juicy and ready that it made me cum in my underpants. I looked at Kailash’s face. His face was all wet and slimy as well. It wasn’t his saliva alone. Mom had definitely squirted on his face. Kailash then made mom sit on the bed while he was standing with his erect dick by her face. He took it close to mom and made her hold it. Mom looked at him and smiled. She took his cock in her hands and started jerking him. He had his eyes closed as mom kept on whacking his long thick cock like his whore. She occasionally touched his body and kissed his belly as she kept on jerking. Kailash was enjoying mom’s soft hands working on his dick but he wanted more. So he asked her to take it into her mouth. Mom didn’t waste a second and without no hesitation brought her lips closer and started rubbing the tip of his dick on her juicy lips. Teasing him even more she took her tongue out and placed it under his dick like licking on to an ice cream scoop on a cone. She was looking so dirty and bitchy while doing it. I could clearly see it all up close from where I was now. The spot was really close to the bed and I could see and hear everything up close. Actually I could do it from any angle as the shed was pretty small and square. Kailash have had enough of oral stuff and he wanted the real thing. He pushed mom to the bed with no warning and got on top of her. Feeling her wet pussy with his hand he then got hold of his dick and placed it on her slit. He then gently started pushing it in and mom started squeaking . I could see his cock slowly making its way into her vagina as her pussy lips got parted and gripped around his cock real tight. Mom’s cries got louder and louder as he was going deeper inside her. When he got it about five or so inches inside her, he started pumping her. Mom’s cunt didn’t receive much attention all these years and it was pretty tight even after the fucking she received from him last week. She was in pain and she was letting out synchronised cries with every push he made. In a couple of minutes his humping reached a nice tempo and mom’s cries were replaced by her moans. Mom’s sexy voice made them even sweeter to my ears. 10 minutes of it had already passed and i was shocked to see Kailash’s stamina. He was humping mom continuously for ten minutes at the exact same pace. He was an awesome fucker indeed. Then I spotted his dick which was making a white froth as it was going in and out of mom’s soft pussy. He later told me that it’s common with women who secrete excess juices from her insides. I didn’t know mom was one of those special kinds. My dick was hard again and I took it in my hand. I moved from my place and went to the other side from where i could see her face. Her expressions were so hot. She could hardly open her eyes as she was engulfed by the waves of pleasure Kailash was throwing her from down under. He on the other hand was tasting mom’s skin around her neck and shoulders. I wanted to taste her too, being so close to the action that I could even hear his balls slapping her butt. Mom lifted her arm to touch her hair and that exposed her sexy armpits to him. He must have got the aroma when she lifted them as he immediately started kissing and licking them. His tongue was spreading saliva over her armpits making them slimy and wet. He must have liked the taste of her sweaty under arms as he continued pumping her like that for another five minutes. Then, suddenly mom gave out her characteristic loud long moan and i knew she was cumming from the way she was twitching her body and holding him tight around her arms. Kailash suddenly started moaning too, crying out mom’s name. He had sensed her orgasm and couldn’t wait to empty his balls as well. His pumping stopped to a halt as he pressed his hip against mom ejaculating his semen and filling mom’s insides with it. He kept lying on top of her for a while as both of them gasped for some air after that steamy session. Mom kissed and licked his neck indicating that she was pleased with his performance and that he had kept his promise. Kailash got off her and lied beside her on the bed. Mom took her hand to her cunt to massage it as it got sore from the fucking session she just went through. Her fingers got wet with all that love juice, she wiped her hand on the dirty bed cover. They were touching and kissing each other as they continued talking.

Kailash: Did you like it dear?

Mom: yes! The best time I ever had with a man.

Kailash: really? Even better than your ex?

Mom : way better. He never lasted for more than 2-3 minutes and that was all for the day. You were going on and on, I never felt so satisfied before.

Kailash : you want to do more of it?

Mom : i would love too!

Kailash: you are a naughty girl Tulika. It seems you didn’t run out of ur heat still. But i can’t do it again for a while. What if we go out and have lunch and then come back to have some more fun?

Mom : okay. Let me get my clothes.

Kailash : but I was thinking of taking you out like how you are now.

They laughed and had another long kiss. Mom started wearing her clothes and wore her lipstick and deodorant which she had in her purse. In no time she was ready and Kailash got out of the shed and got into the car to turn it around. Mom followed him into the car. Kailash then came out again to open the main gate. He left the shed open but locked the gate. Before he got into his van, he called me and said he will return with her in about 2 hours. He asked me to be in the shed till then and also that he will ring me before he gets back.

Before he dropped the call he asked me if I enjoyed it? I said it was awesome!. he dropped the call and i went inside the shed for another jerk lying on the same bed mom was being fucked minutes before. There were some wet spots on the bed cover. It was Love juice from her pussy. I laid down jerking off thinking about what i just saw and then dozed off. I woke up with the cell phone vibrating in my pant. It was Kailash. I answered the call. He asked me where I was, talking in a low voice. Mom was nearby, maybe. He told me that he will be coming back in 20 minutes and he will be bringing a guy with him. I was shocked to hear that. I asked whom was he bringing with him and also that mom knows it or not? He said it’s one of his men who were there that day with him and that mom has agreed for a threesome. He dropped the call. I was completely shocked. I just woke up from an hour long nap and was greeted by this shocking news. I didn’t know how Kailash made her agree to be shared by two men. I felt like feeding a hungry tigress her first man blood and now she was going for one kill after another. I was so shocked to realise that it doesn’t take a virtuous and conservative woman like mom to become a slutty bitch, given a chance. That was the start of losing my respect for her and I was feeling a sense of pride along with the lack of any guilt for what I have lead mom into. I went out for a leak and after that sat comfortably hiding behind the shed, waiting for them to arrive.

What Kailash told me later is that when they were having lunch together, they were doing some dirty talks. Mom told him that when he was doing her for the first time at her home, she thought that the other guys will be doing her too. Kailash was a clever guy. He had sensed what mom wanted and so he asked her if she would like to be shared by two men at the same time? She denied at first but that son of a bitch kept on poking her. He knew that there was an affirmation within her denial and that she was too shy to ask for it and so he requested her to do it. After a few trials she finally agreed to it. She asked who he would be and Kailash suggested Sadhoo’s name. Sadhoo was the guy who was jerking his cock with mom’s pee soaked panty and later cummed on it. He must have really wanted to fuck mom that day but couldn’t dare to, without Kailash’s permission. But it was his lucky day today. Today he gets to share his master’s newest mistress with himself,on the same bed, at the same time. It was almost around 1 pm when they arrived. Kailash was on the wheel and Sadhoo opened the gate for him and locked it from inside when Kailash got it. The motherfuckers didn’t want to be disturbed. The mother whom these fuckers were going to do was actually my mom. Kailash opened the sliding door of the van for mom and she came out. I yelled out abuses on her in my mind when I saw her. She was not looking like my innocent mom at all now. She appeared to be more like a cheap whore to me after knowing that she agreed to be shared my two men. Mom went into the shed first. Kailash was talking to sadhoo outside. I peeped in and stared at her body. Images of her nude and indulged in hot sex with Kailash were flashing in my mind. I had seen her naked body parts and it had changed the way i stared at her body now, since now I knew exactly what lies within that blouse and saree. She adjusted her breast a bit before they came in and then took her saree a bit lower. She wanted to look hot and spicy to arouse the men so that they perform better, something that a whore would do to lure customers I thought.

Kailash came in first and immediately took her into his arms. They were in the middle of a kiss when sadhoo comes in and shuts the door. He was staring them with lust in his eyes for her. I could see his eye balls scanning mom’s back and that sexy ass. Kailash then steps back and asks him to try her. Sahdoo smiles at him and then looks at mom. She was bit shy being offered like that so she was staring at the floor. Sadhoo approached her and with a finger he lifts mom’s face and plants a crude kiss on her lips. I could see that mom wasn’t opening her mouth for him. He then went on kissing her neck and while he did that his hands were moving from her shoulders to her back and then to her lovely and soft ass. Pressing on them he buries his face inside her cleavage. Mom looks at Kailash in awe and he smiled back as he keeps on undressing himself. Then kaiash asked sadhoo to make her nude. He starts by removing her pallu and then her saree making her turn a few times on her feet. Then he unties her petticoat and lets it slide down her fair and shapely legs. He seemed to have some trouble opening the hooks on her blouse so mom opens up for him and he immediately grabs on those round bosoms covered in a sexy red bra. He goes on pressing them hard as mom gave out short cries of pain. Kailash who was in his underwear now came in from her back and removes her blouse which was already half open. Now she was only in her red lingerie and she was not looking any different than those sexy mallu B grade actresses in soft porns. At her youth she must have been a potential underwear model. However she was not that bad to be an underwear model now. Just a tad more old and curvy than an underwear model would be. Kailash then grabs her belly from behind and starts caressing it, occasionally poking his finger into her deep navel. Gradually he takes his hands to her lower abdomen feeling her stretch marks which were made twenty years ago, thanks to me. Noticing that, I got a bit emotional wondering that it was the woman who gave me birth that these filthy bastards were playing with. Touching her in places which I never even saw a few days before and soon they will insert their dark filthy organs inside her and leave behind some slimy fluid that her body will eventually absorb like drops of water on dry sand. This emotional roller coaster was jacking up my dick when Kailash inserts his right hand inside her panty and starts rubbing her pussy. Kissing mom’s neck from behind he was fingering her while Sadhoo had stepped back to undress himself. Kailash was pressing on mom’s boobs with his left hand as he continues rubbing her cunt. Mom was watching sadhoo undress and her eyes opened up wide seeing his cock. It was an average size 6 inch dick which was thicker than Kailash’s 7 incher. It had an upward curve and was thicker around its base with a bright pink head. With his cock in his hand he came closer to mom and grabbed her hand which was holding Kailash’s arm working on her pussy. He then made her hold his dick and she started stroking it as he was struggling to open her bra hook. But this time he figured it out and then he removed it from her to feast his eyes on her awesome boobs. Like a hungry dog he took her right boob and started sucking on to the nipple while her left boob was already being handled by Kailash. Mom had started moaning owing to the attention she was receiving by the men. Kailash started fingering her harder. Sadhoo must have been dying to see her cunt up close this time and so he pulled her panty down while Kailash was still fingering her. Removing her panty he takes it to his nose and sniffs it to take in the musky smell. Now i could see how Kailash was working on her pussy. Instead of just sliding his finger inside or rubbing her clit, he had his finger like a hook and was pulling it up and down in a moderate pace. Mom, no doubt, was enjoying it as she was moaning in pleasure moving her head side to side. Suddenly she gets weak in her knees and starts crying. Tears roll down her cheeks as she cried out loud while her pussy was squirting on Kailash’s hand. Her ejaculate was clear like piss but a bit thicker. I had never seen a woman squirting before . It was dripping from his fingers and flowing down her thighs and making the floor under her feet, wet. Sadhoo went crazy seeing this and he started licking her wet thighs to taste it. The scene had become too hot for me to handle and I shot my load on the bamboo weaved wall. Sadhoo had licked her under thighs clean and he pressed his lips on her cunt, kissing it like he was kissing on her mouth. Suddenly , she dropped on the floor owing to the weakness she felt due to her orgasm. Sahoo climbed over her and with his dick in his right hand, he placed it on her entrance. Looking down at her cunt he slowly starts pushing it in. Meanwhile mom had her eyes shut and was moaning in pain. Sadhoo’s dick was a fat one and it was ripping apart her pussy lips. He got it all in and collapsed on her. Putting all his weight on her he starts humping her slowly. He was enjoying the look on her face as he made her go though that pain. Tears started rolling down mom’s face again. The pain must have been immense as I acknowledged that she wasn’t fucked hard for a long time and now after that day’s surprise invasion, her vaginal walls were being introduced to another intruder. It took around 10 mins for mom to ease up her pain. There was a change in her moans. By her voice, I could tell that her insides had got used to the thicker dick and was opening up. Sadhoo had dragged mom for a meter on the floor surface giving her gentle but forceful strokes. Kailash with his dick in his hand was enjoying the fucking she was receiving. I was feasting my ears on the strange,erotic sounds of his dick going in and out of her wet pussy, accompanied by mom’s moans. 15 minutes passed like that when Sadhoo increased his pace. From slow and steady, he went to rough in no time and that sudden change in his style forced mom to moan harder. this new forcefull fucking lasted for a while before both came together with their lips locked with each other. For a moment I saw mom’s tongue rising up to reach sadhoo’s lips. Tulika was playing nasty now licking his mouth as he jerked his hip to empty the last drop of semen into her womb. Both their bodies were drenched in their sweat. Mom’s sexy skin was looking even hotter with droplets of sweat dripping all around. Sahdoo was so engulfed in the pleasure that he wouldn’t get off mom at all. After a few minutes of kissing and licking her face ,neck and nipples mom pushed him off her and he laid on the floor beside her. Mom took her hand to her pussy to massage it. I peeped through another hole to watch her fucked up pussy. It was now pink and swollen. Her labia were now a little open and I could see a little of her red insides. On the surface her light brown camel toe pussy now looked more puffed and pinkish. It was all wet and slimy with sweat and her ejaculate. Her cunt slit was smeared with her white frothy love juice. She kept on massaging her pussy lips for a while to ease the pain and I was not the only one to be watching her. Kailash’s dick was really hard now. He asked mom to get up and lay on the bed. Mom sat up but requested him to wait for a while. She told him that it was paining. Kailash asked her one more time. The look in his face was really serious. He wanted another round of her cunt and he wouldn’t listen to anybody now. Mom stood up and limped a few steps to reach the bed. Sadhoo got up too. Kailash made her bent over. She held bed frame while she stood bent over on her feet. I knew what was coming. It was the classic doggy style. Holding her breast from behind, he parted her legs with his feet. Mom had no idea what he was doing. Her lovely ass was inviting enough that I wanted to charge in and shove my dick into her. She looked back at Kailash and asked him what he was up to? Kailash didn’t say anything and held her boobs from behind kissing on her back while his cock was poking her ass crack. Mom started enjoying his warm dick poking her ass hole and she closed her eyes. He spits on his cock and then rubs it across her ass crack, going below to find the entrance of her cunt. Slowly, he started pushing it in. This time mom didn’t utter a single sound. Sadhoo’s thick rod had already widen her gap and Kailash’s dick was sliding in with little resistance. Kailash looked at shadoo and said ,” Sadhoo, you ruined this nice tight cunt with ur fat dick. You can have her from now she is yours”, and they chuckled. Mom’s face was covered by her silky dark brown hair. Didn’t know how she felt on hearing these insulting remarks. She is otherwise a very sentimental woman, cautious of her image and self esteem. Kailash started humping her like a dog. Tulika Sharmah started moaning right away as she felt no pain in her pussy with a slimmer but longer dick ramming it. Her belly was shaking like a mound of custard pie and his slapping waist made her lovely thigh and torso jiggle. When he let go her boobs and caught her hair, I could see the hot expressions on her face. She was in seventh heaven with Kailash’s dick sliding in and out of her depths rubbing with the soft and sensitive inner walls of her vagina. Her wet cunt along with Sadhoo’s fresh cum and the cum from the earlier session was making it smooth and easy for Kailash. He later told me that it he enjoyed fucking her more this time as her pussy had widened up a bit and it was warm, slimy and mushy owing to all that love juices and cum getting rubbed and mixed inside her. Kailash held her hair with one hand and he took the other hand to her ass and stuck his thumb into her asshole. Mom gave out a short cry between her steady rhythmic moans. This was becoming the hottest act of sex I had ever seen till now, a kinky sex act indeed. Mom looked just like those bitches in porn movies. Her fair skin in contrast to Kailash’s dark skin resembled those interracial sex clips. Watching those porn clips a few months back, I never ever thought that I will witness my innocent mother in and acts like those. Her breasts were shaking to and fro due to the pounding and that took my attention to her lovely boobs. Her breasts were round and beautiful. Her areolas are light brown and proportionately sized to her moderate sized breasts. They were just perfect mounds on her sensuous upper body, the right shape and the right size. Due to all that fucking, pressing, licking and fondling she received from the guys, her nipples now were erect while the skin around her boobs was pinkish with red love bite marks. Those marks and bites were all over her fair body but her boobs and ass took most of the pressing and groping. Drops of sweat were dripping from all over Kailash’s body on mom’s back. She was all hot and sweaty too. her body was so sweaty that the dirt on her back from the floor fucking was cleaning off itself. Kailash’s grip on her hair was getting stronger and stronger and her head arch back so much that she was now staring at the wall. Her spine was arched like a bow and her ass was sticking out making it easier for him to shove his long tool deeper into her womb. From the intensity on their faces now i knew that climax was near. Sadhoo, meanwhile, got hot again and he came closer to them and touched mom’s bare back. Rubbing her smooth back like a pet he held her boobs and started pressing them. Kailash had been pumping her with his steady tempo and stamina for a long time now. Mom suddenly started leaking. Ejaculate was dripping on the bed sheet as she moaned louder and longer twitching her body, enjoying her shattering climax. She cried out, “oh my god ,oh my god, Kailash ,Kailash. What have you done, what have you done?. . aaahhhhhhh. . . aaahhhhhh. . uummmmmhhhh. . ” Mom was talking just like a whore and meanwhile I jerked my load for another time. Kailas had stopped humping her. He removed his long cock from her dripping pussy like a sword leaving its holster and mom collapsed on the bed like a lifeless body. He held her and turned her over. She could hardly open her eyes and her hair was messy and sticking to her face ,neck and shoulders. She tied her hair showing her sexy armpits to them. The look on her face was indicating her satisfaction and her gratitude towards them. But they were not finished yet. Mom lied on the bed with her legs hanging by the side and the horny guys were feasting on her sexy wet body while whacking their dicks.

Kailash was the first to shoot. The first few loads fell on her belly wetting and filling her navel with creamy thick cum. And then he kept on cumming and cumming. He was squirting his seeds on her like a horse. It fell on her navel and filled it up like a pool of semen. Finally he shot the last load on her pussy. It was a massive cumshot. Kailash was indeed gifted. I was totally amazed to see all that cum from a single man. I wondered how much he squirted inside mom on the first round. Mom smeared it all over her belly stirring her cum filled navel with her finger and then licking it clean from her soaked hands. Just then, Sadhoo pulled her towards him and pressed his cock on her lips. He started cumming too, moaning and grunting like a pig. Mom opened her mouth to take it in and he filled her mouth right to her lips. Unable to hold it open longer , she closes her mouth and gulps down all of it. I couldn’t belive that she just drank all of his cum. Sadhoo wiped the cum on his dick on her hairless armpit making good use of everything my mom’s body could offer. They got off from he bed after emptying both in and on mom’s body. she was lying on the bed smearing the cum over her body and occasionally licking her fingers when they get slimy and wet. she was looking so fucked up ,like a hard working whore who is new in town and on high demand. they wore their clothes and went out for a smoke. before leaving the shed Kailash asked her to get dressed and come out soon. the sun was about to set. it was 5 pm. time went by so fast that i didn’t notice at all. mom slowly woke up. the cum and sweat on her body was beginning to dry and she picked up her lingerie and started putting them on. she was so weak due to all that fucking that she was doing it slowly. but there was a certain radiance to her face. as if she was free from years of bondage. as if all that suffering she had received in her married life wiped out in a moment. i could now see and feel how happy she was.

After he dropped her home, Kailash came for me. we went to a bar to have chilled beer and some food. he told me stuffs which i couldn’t have known just from seeing them fucking. I explained them in various parts of the story as i was narrating along. Kailash had kept his promise to both me and my mom. he gave us a day which we will never forget in our lives.