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Sexy Adventure In Nainital-1

Hi friends! I am back again. It has been sometime since I wrote, but what to do, life has its own demands which nobody can escape. If you have read my earlier two stories, you will be able to recall that I had become sexually active quite early in my life. Thanks to my lovely Math teacher. And after she had left, I was feeling very lonely.

Day-by-day my desire to have a female body in my arms was getting stronger and stronger, but there was no way out for me. However, due to my teacher, who was a Bengali by birth, my attraction toward Bengali females had increased manifolds. And I had slowly become aware of all Bengali females in my classroom and my school as well.


I suddenly started to realize that they were a different breed all together. Their attitude oozed sex… their body oozed sex. They were sex goddesses. Then I became aware of this young bong in my class. Her name was Shilpi Bhattacharya (name changed) and she had a way with most of the guys. I also became aware how she treated me differently.

Before I was exposed to physical relationship by my teacher, I was just not aware of anything, but now my senses were just too fine tuned in picking up signals around me. She was pretty distant while dealing with other classmates, even other girls, but where I was concerned she was all smiles and what not.

Shilpi ‘Bhatta’charya ne mera ‘bhatta’ bhitha diya tha 😉 Anyways, this story isn’t about Shilpi but someone else whom I met by chance one day. I sure will tell you about Shilpi some other time as she too occupies a special place in my heart. Well… it happened sometime after I had passed out from the school.

I was invited by a close friend to attend his sister’s marriage celebration near Nainital. Since he was a very close friend and his sister was like my sister too, I decided to be a part of the celebrations. After having reached his ancestral place near Nainital almost 4-5 days in advance, I got pretty busy with helping everyone out with the marriage arrangements etc.

It was sometime in October as far as I remember. It was pretty cold there. And you can very well imagine how difficult it can be for a person from cities to adapt to a village life. I was not in Nainital proper, but about 50 Kms away. And it was a place of almost 25 years ago, where smallest of the things were a luxury.

The house was pretty big and made of wood in a typical Pahari style. The rooms were small and dark with very small windows so that very little air could enter and the house would remain as warm as possible. The house was over-crowded with relatives and other guests like me. There were numerous beautiful ladies and girls all around.

I must tell you, these Pahari lasses can be real beauties, with sex oozing from each part of their body, It was really a very happy occasion for everyone as this was the first marriage of that generation. The marriage happened peacefully and the bride was sent to her new home with all the best wishes one could shower on her.

And after she had left, there was a sudden silence in the house. All of us were so tired that it appeared we had just been through a battle. We just felt like sleeping and doing nothing else. Since for some odd reason my friend too had to accompany the “barat” to their native place near Ram Nagar, he too left the house for a day or two.

Since I did not feel like accompanying my friend, I was left behind, all alone. Since everybody was well pretty familiar to me, I did not feel odd being left alone. Since all this time, the house was full of people we were sleeping wherever we found space, but that day the entire house was kind of empty, except for a few lady relatives and a even lesser males.

And as I was pretty tired, I had an early, hurried dinner and taking leave from my friends Mom and other guests, went back to the room where I was asked to sleep. This room was a corner one right at the top of this old house. Earlier we were about 10-12 people sleeping with our beds on the floor, but that day it was just too empty.

When I reached my room, it was already pretty dark and there was no light. I could hardly see but somehow managed to find my bed and just dropped dead under the warm, heavy “rajai” (quilt). I don’t recall what time it was in the night, but I suddenly felt something soft and warm touching my feet and I woke up.

Believing that it was some cat that had entered the room and was taking shelter under my quilt, I got up with a jerk and in the dark took my hand towards my feet to push it out. But the moment I touched the object of my discomfort, I found that it wasn’t a cat, but the soft boobs of some woman sleeping there towards my feet. I kind of got a shock and withdrew my hand immediately.

As it was my friend’s house, and I was reputed to be a complete gentleman, I had to be really careful in whatever I did. I gathered my senses and tucking my legs, went back to sleep. But as if my sleep had vanished completely and my little friend had woken up again. I really found my little friend beginning to stand up hard and straight up remembering all those past experiences.

But my rational mind was asking me to be careful and just withdraw at once. Hearing my rational mind, I did what I had to and turning on my side, just covered my whole body and face with the quilt and tried to drift off. After a while, as I was once again becoming drowsy, I felt the softness of the boobs on my feet again.

I thought I was dreaming as I had not stretched my legs and they were neatly folded close to my body. I once again became aware of the warmth of this woman’s body. But this time I simply did not withdraw myself further and allowed my feet to enjoy the warmth. After about 5 minutes, I felt the pressure on my feet increase from her side.

I too was enjoying it now without much action from my part. Then, the hungry wolf inside of me began to wake up from a long sleep. I had not tasted a woman’s soft body ever since my lovely teacher had left so I started to gently rub the boobs with bottom of my foot. It was an absolutely different sensation for my feet that I wasn’t aware of till then.

I never knew that my feet could be so responsive to soft silky touch of the boobs. Getting no resistance and sufficient support from the lady there, my cock began to wake up. I still had no idea about her identity, and that was adding to the effect. I was getting really curious and horny. Now there was no looking back for me.

However, since the room was pretty dark, I did not want to take any chance without verifying if any other person was not sleeping there besides us. But it was so cold, that I simply did not feel like getting out of the quilt and look for others. And feeling excited, I simply did not want to let go of the bird that was ready to be hunted by me 🙂

I continued to press the boobs with my feet a little harder now and also feel the contours nicely. Even though it was winter time, and it was pretty cold, I found that this woman was wearing a Saree and a Blouse only with a pullover. Now I got bolder and tried to move downwards so that I could feel her with my hands.

The moment I tried doing it, she resisted me and stopped me from doing so. I felt so odd and frustrated. How could I enjoy without holding hot boons in my hands? Anyways, when I stopped moving down, she again allowed me to play with her using my feet. I continued to play, but my frustration level was increasing and I wanted to take her in my arms,

and feel her completely and if possible fuck her then and there, as many times as possible. But all I could do was to press and feel her boobs with my feet. My cock had become rock hard and the head had swollen to an extent that it was hurting me to keep it hidden in my pajama. With one hand, I started to play with my cock that had already started to ooze the pre cum.

In the last two years of having a relationship with my lovely Math teacher, I had become an expert in understanding my body and knew how it responded to different stimulus. I played with myself, and I played with the lady. I played with her soft tummy and also tried to hold her between my legs, but she was an expert tease.

Today when I look back, I realize that I was very lucky in the matters of sex as was trained by the most beautiful creatures voluntarily which had helped me satisfy most of my other partners to a large extent, even if I can’t boast of 100%. Then, I somehow felt that this lady was moving a little more than when she had started.

She had begun to arch her body, and also move her pubic area closer to my feet. I got the hint. I gently, began to move my foot downwards, towards her Saree covered pubis. My left foot was now over her boobs and the right one over her pubis. And all this was happening while both of us were under our individual warm quilts.

I continued to massage her body and at the same time trying to make an effort to have her by my side or myself by her side, but was absolutely unsuccessful. This act of massage giving continues for over 20-25 minutes of more and I continued to play with myself at the same time. You can very well imagine my condition when I was near the water, but couldn’t quench my thirst.

Then the situation turned in my favor a little. This lady had become so hot by all this simple foreplay that she slowly guided my foot inside her Saree. The inside of her Saree was like a warm oven due to her body heat and her thighs were burning with desire. It felt so good to feel the warm bare skin, now that I had a chance to feel it.