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Sexy bhabhi

Hi everybody this is parth writing this beautiful and lusty encounter with my neighbor Bhabhis. Let me tell u about myself I am 28 and average looking boy but with a massive tool. Let’s start the story I stay in Delhi with my parents. In my neighborhood one day I saw a beautiful female and I was stunned by her beauty. She was 5’7 and with amazing looks. Her figure was killing. She had amazing melons with sexy legs. She was in jeans and a white top and looking like a 23-24 year girl. She looked at me and I smiled she also responded with a cheeky smile. From that day I used to go very near to her.

Place to have a glimpse of her. After 5 days I came to know that she was married. I really could not believe my luck as I always had a fantasy to fuck a married girl. I tried my best to be very close to her and it worked as she used to stay alone at home and my family was giving her a good company. In the mean time she became very close friend and we used to hang around a lot. Her husband never mined that because he became my booze partner. Life was cool but I was looking to take her to bed. She used to come at my place in very sexy clothes. And I always used to find some or the other way to touch her. At times I did touch her ass and boobs unintentionally but she never mined that. She used to share a lot with me if I say a lot I mean everything about her marriage life. Oh I forgot to tell u she is surdarni and her name is ruchi(not the real name). One day I and her husband were drinking and richa was serving some snacks. She was wearing a black color sari as it was her birthday and her husband gifted her same. We were enjoying our time and suddenly she bend towards me to serve some finger chips and her palu went down my god I saw mountain river. Her cleavage was shining like anything white milky skin I was not in my senses and kept my eyes there. She also noticed and went back into the kitchen. My tool was growing in my pants but I controlled myself. After one hour I went back to my place and slept. Next couple of days went as usual nothing happened but I felt some changes in her body language she used to sit very close to me and I was also enjoying her touch. One day her husband asked me about my hobbies while drinking and I lied that I love to teach English and he asked me can I train his wife, as she was looking to get a part time job in a call centre. I agreed as it was the golden chance for me. So we started the English lecture. I was in heaven as I used to touch her hand her cheeks some times as well as her sexy thighs. She used to wear very sexy and revealing clothes which made me UN comfortable in my pants most of the time. On Monday I was teaching her some American words and she got confused with one. The word was tit and she asked me the meaning I told her its female breast. Saying these eyes went directly on her boobs. She saw that and smiled. After some time she asked me for a break and went inside her bedroom. She came in a sari which was black and the same one in which I saw the glimpse of her boobs.

I told her that u look very sexy in sari. She smiled and thanked. She sat very near to me and placed her hand on my hand. I saw her eyes they were looking directly in my eyes. She did not say anything and took my hand on her blouse. What a feeling that was. She said u like my tits don’t u. I was mum as I did not expect that she pressed my hand and I felt the softness of her right boob. A small moan came from her mouth. Oh please press them I am very horny. I squeezed them very gently and came very close to her lips. I was dying to touch her rosy lips she did the rest. She placed her lips on mine and I started sucking them. I entered my tongue and licked her mouth like a hungry dog. After a long kissing session she removed her palu and showed me her sexy cleavage. She asked me don’t u want them. Yes I do please show them to me. No tease me more please I placed my tongue on her blouse and started licking those melons her blouse fabric was very thin and it was not hard to see her growing nipples. I touch the nipple part and bit slowly on the tip. She bit her lip and asked me to do it on the other as well. I did the same I was pressing one and licking the other but it was getting very UN comfortable as her boobs were still in the blouse. She noticed it too and asked me to UN hook her blouse. I did the same first second third and finally fourth and thrower it away. I saw a satin bra black in color and revealing most of her melons. They were not huge in right shape and very firm. She asked me to lie in her lap I did not understand but when I was in her lap she smiled and said dud nahin pina oh my god her plan was to feed me like a baby. I licked her nipple over the bra. Oh honey keep doing that oh yes and with a jerk she pulled her bra up from the right boob. What a sight that was amazing pair she pulled me up and put her nipple. Suck me please I took her nipple and started sucking. She was pressing her boob inside my mouth and I was sucking and biting her nipple. She removed her bra and gave me left boob to suck. I was sucking the left one and crushing the right. She was moaning like anything aaahhhah suck me harder. Pals suck my boob’s harder make my nipples harder. In the mean time I was playing with her petticoat and pulled it till her thighs. My hands were moving softly on them. She liked it very much. Oh yes I love your touch. I don’t know how long I sucked her boobs. My hands were searching for her panty and she helped me and placed my hands there. I grabbed her panty and squeezed her vagina over the panty. Aaah she moaned again she was wet. Now we changed the position and I was on top of her. She placed her hands on my thighs and I removed my jeans. Now I was in my boxers. My rod was looking very harder and she grabbed my cock over the boxers. Aaahhh u r so big let me do something she said. She moved a little and with one shot she removed my boxers. Oh man u r huge and she started playing with it. She was moving her hands on my penis skin. She was making my cock mad. I was not in my senses and wanted her cunt. Please richa I need to go inside u please let me fuck u.

No please wait let me enjoy this Lund and saying that she placed her soft lips on my tool. Oh god what the fuck those soft lips were killing me. She sucked the tip and my pre cum as well and smiled um I love it and took the whole length in her mouth. She was sucking it very harder now and kept moving her hands. She sucked the tip again and rubbed my cock on her nipples. Richa I can’t control now and she again took it in her lips. She was making some noises while sucking um um um. Finally I told her that I am coming and removed my tool from her mouth but she asked me to put my sperms in her mouth. I pointed my cock in front me her lips and she took out her tongue and wriggled around my cock aaah there I came it was so much my eyes were closed but when I opened I saw my cum on her tongue and on her lips. She licked and took all of it in her mouth. It was very tasty will u give me more. Oh yes I will but I need u to give me your pussy now. She stood in front of me and asked me to see it. I placed my hands on her panty and was moving my fingers on her lower lips over the panty. Please don’t tease me more take my juice pls. I placed my tongue on her inner thighs and moved upward. I licked her vagina over the panty and she moaned aaah. I lowered down her panty and saw beautiful tight pink cunt. Fully shaven and smelt nice. She grabbed my head and enforced my lips on her cunt. I entered my tongue inside licked her clit. Aaah go deeper please suck me bite me she said. I started sucking her cunt and she was fucking my mouth. Aaah eat my pussy aaah come on do it aaah kha jao meri chut KO. Her words excited me more and I placed my finger inside her anus and she shouted aaah yes yes enter in my anus oh yes my tongue was moving in circle and she jerked and released her cum. I took it completely in my mouth. She smiled and looked exhausted oh man u r so good. I never had such an orgasm in my life. My tool was very hard as i was looking on her tits. Havent u had enough of my boobs u look hungry for them again she said. Oh yes i am ur nipples are so sexy and pink i can suck them anytime. Then what r u waiting for take it and saying that she grabbed my head and put her nipple in my lips i started sucking them. I was chewing her nipples and she was moaning aaah aaah aaah chuso aur chuso inko yeh tumhare hain. She placed her hands on my cock and started playing with it. Oh i can’t wait pls come inside me. Pls andar dalo na. I placed my cock in front of her cunt lips and rubbed my tip. She moaned aaah aaah dont tease meri chut me dalo na. Pls and she grabbed my cock and pushed it. I also pushed but she was very tight. That was un believeable. Dont think too much pls push it harder my hubby does not fuck me much thats why i m lying here. Fuck me now i was amazed to hear those words and gave a strong push. She screamed aaah aaah yes tear my cunt i needed it badly. Go deeper aaah i luv ur lund. Pls chodo mujhe haan pls aa ah. I was giving her strong jerks oh god she was awesome. I moved my cock inside out and she was moving her butts up and down. She was giving me maximum access to her cunt and i was giving her harder strokes. Suddenly she said let me come on top pls. She came on top of me and started moving oh aaah aaah iaammmm coming and she came. I pulled her and started riding on her. My cock was going deeper and harder. I stroked her cunt badly and she was moaning oh yes oh yes fuck me harder oh aaah aaah. I m coming richa. She said come inside me. I jerked and came inside oh gosh i dont know how much sperms Went inside but i enjoyed the fucking. Aaah that was the best fuck thanks parth u r so good my cunt is always urs. I hugged her tightly and kissed on her lips. We embraced each other and slept for near about an hour.