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Sexy encounter during train journey

Hi, this story is about my sex encounter in a train. I’ll never forget it. I was on the train from Delhi to a small town in Bihar. I was 18 and just finishing my 12th at boarding school, so I was travelling back on a Sunday evening.

It was pretty quiet, only a few people in my carriage, some business men, a few college students chatting and women reading their magazines. I sat myself next to the window and put my ipod on. It was a lovely summer evening, one where you can literally wear minimal clothing and still feel hot. I opened the window, kicked off my heels and put my feet up on the opposite seat to get comfortable.

I was nice and tanned after a weekend spent in the park with friends so I had on my short denim skirt with a belt and a white strappy vest which showed off my cleavage and the shape of my big firm tits as it was quite tight. I’d already had a few stares by some dirty old men on my way up the stairs as they were walking down, and their eyes were firmly fixed to my bouncing tits. One said a quiet ‘mmmm’ as he walked past and directed it into my ear. My nipples immediately became erect. I do love getting leered at by men, it kind of turns me on to be honest.

My hair fell loosely around my shoulders sticking to the sweat that was now beading it’s way down the back of my neck, it was so humid. I fanned myself with my magazine and lifted my hair up to get the breeze as I gazed out of the window. We started to pull out of the station and I was happy to have all the seats around me empty.

The ticket collector appeared after 5 minutes and leaned on the seat opposite. He was in his 60’s, a bit rough looking and while he looked over my ticket, his gaze went down to my cleavage, then my bare tanned legs that was stretched over to the other side of the seat, slightly parted. He lingered at my thighs for a minute before handing me back my ticket gazing at me with lust in his eyes, like he wanted to ravage me. I fidgeted and pulled my skirt down a bit and blushed a little as he walked away. Naughty girl. Such a little tease. I felt a throb in my pussy, getting turned on by an old train conductor? Tut tut.

I was about to turn back to the view out of the window, when someone caught my eye. Through the seats diagonally, I could see a guy sitting by the window on the other side. He was older, probably in his 50’s (which I love. I love older men) and he was staring at me with a knowing smile. I locked his gaze for a moment and quickly looked out the window. I bet he’d love to get his hands on me, he’s staring at me enough. I pulled my legs off the other seat and folded them up to my chest with my feet on my seat and got comfy.

After a few minutes of getting sleepy as the quiet train rocked gently through fields, the sun set offering a warm, ember glow throughout the carriage, I closed my eyes, thoroughly relaxed.

I heard something near and opened my eyes. The stranger was sitting on the seat in front of me. “I hope you don’t mind, there’s more legroom here and you seemed to nod off, so I thought i’d watch over you” he said, looking at me. His eyes were dark and mysterious and I followed his gaze as he looked further down.. to my breasts, my long legs, my bare feet. I felt that throb again, what was wrong with me? So horny all the time.

“Oh thanks, yes that’s fine” I said softly. This guy was obviously trying to get an eyeful. I liked the way he looked at me though, it felt good. It was so humid. The heat just made me even hornier. I shifted in my seat and my skirt rode up a little. His eyes darted to my exposed thighs, smooth and firm. I liked that he was so openly eyeing me up.

What if I gave him a proper show. I’d done it before in the park. Sitting on the bench by the pond one evening when a couple strolled past to feed the ducks. The wife bent down to feed the ducks and the husband glanced over at me, then looked away, then looked back to me again. I had my legs parted so he could see straight up my skirt to my white thong, stretched tightly over my pussy and by that point soaking wet… mmm, he seemed to love that. His wife pulled him swiftly away without noticing the bulge in his trousers.

After thinking about the park, I was getting wet and the familiar throb of my clit made it certain. I’ll open my legs for this guy and give him a show.

I smiled and looked out of the window. He was calm and looked out of the window, while in the corner of my eye I could see his eyes coming back to my tits, my thighs and my short skirt. I put my feet on the floor again and crossed them as normal, toying with him. I was so horny. I hadn’t had much experience with men but I loved them watching me. I loved to imagine all the dirty things they were imagining doing to me.

I opened my legs a little. I felt the cool breeze circulate around my knickers. He was facing me fully now. I shifted in my seat, pretending to be so hot, and my skirt rode up a little again. My tits were practically bursting out of my top but I didn’t care. I felt like being a little slut, and this man was going to have the privilege of watching.

I could hear him breathing deeply now. I closed my eyes and pretended to be trying to sleep, all the while opening my legs wider. His eyes were locked between my legs now, willing them to open wider. He shifted in his seat, breathing harder, his hands over his lap. I had on a white thong again, my favourite pair as they were quite tight in my crotch and felt nice when I walked. My pussy lips would sometimes poke out from the sides too.

The train rocked from side to side. I looked around to see if anyone was coming, but there were only a few people around, mostly sleeping or reading and none near where we were sitting. He looked at me, this time into my eyes, and I caught his stare. I smiled a knowing little smile and opened my legs for him again. This time my tight skirt rode up around my hips, stretching the fabric, as my legs were now wide open so he could see my tight thong hugging my pussy. I was soaking wet now and my throbbing clit was aching to be touched. “How do you like this?” I whispered in a sexy soft voice. He stared at my cunt and I could see a huge bulge in his trousers. He looked at me and said forcefully but quietly “pull your knickers to one side”.

I slid my hand down over my mound and slipped a finger under the damp cotton material shielding my tight, teenage wet cunt and moved it to one side. I was fully exposed to him now, this stranger was practically salivating at the sight of my pink wet hole, stretched wide for him. “Mmmm fuck” he moaned. He started rubbing his crotch and I could see his bulge was big. I pulled down my top and my tits bounced up over the material to which he moaned loudly. I saw he had now unzipped his flies and taken his stiff cock from out of his trousers and started to wank. I loved men wanking for me.

His eyes were locked on my cunt, licking his lips. “Finger your cunt for me” he growled. I obliged of course feeling that sweet feeling deep inside my pussy, that longing to be fucked hard, to feel that huge hard cock slide up inside me, forcing it’s way in.

I slipped the finger of my left hand inside my dripping pussy, while my right hand massaged my clit in tiny circles. I started to moan a little now. My hips circling and gyrating in front of this stranger so he could see right inside me. Squeezing my tits, exposed to a dirty old pervert in front of me. I imagined what the train conductor would do if he walked past, god he’d love to see this…I’d let them both fuck me at this point.

“You like tight, wet pussy don’t you?” I said, now turned on so much I had no inhibitions, fingering my cunt harder with one finger, then two; it made squelching noises I was so wet “Oh fuck yes” he growled… He was wanking his cock furiously. I love to watch a man wank, especially if my legs are wide open in front of him. I pulled my fingers out of my wet cunt and licked them. “mmm I taste so good” I purred. He suddenly kneeled on the floor in front of me, pushed my legs wide open and buried his face into my pussy, I was trying not to let out a scream as his warm wet tongue plunged into my slippery hole, licking me out, frantically, tasting it all. I squirmed and writhed around and held the back of his head hard so his tongue penetrated deep inside me. I wanted to get fucked but my god this was risky. A strange man taking me like this. Me allowing him to…

He suddenly pulled away and came up on his knees, grabbing the back of my head and forcing his tongue into my mouth until I tasted my sweet juices. He then pulled my hips forward onto the seat, stretched my legs wide open and plunged his big, hard cock into my tight wet cunt. His hand slid over my mouth to stop me screaming which added to my pleasure. This guy was just taking me, forcing his cock inside me, using me like a little whore. And I loved it.

He rocked and thrust into me deeper with each stroke, pinning me down harder, clawing at my big tits, a finger forced into my mouth, other fingers reaching down to my ass, to the little tight rosebud never used before. He thrust hard like the speed of the train, faster harder faster, until I couldn’t hold it anymore. My body exploded, my pussy climaxed, my juices flowing down this strangers cock, covering it with my cum with his hand over my mouth to stifle my screams.

My body shuddered and twitched while I was impaled on the strangers cock, feeling it go deeper inside me. He slid out of my cunt and pulled me even further forward, my legs up around my ears, he scooped up the cum in my cunt and smoothed it all over my tight little ass hole and without any hesitation plunged his cock into my virgin hole. Before I could let out a cry, his big hand was up over my mouth and his eyes locked onto mine willing me to keep quiet while his cock slid in and out of my ass slowly, the small pink bud stretching over his big veiny cock, deeper and deeper, my tight, virgin hole being forced to take it, harder now, faster. I could see the trees out of the window rushing by in the evening light sending reflections onto my face and his. This stranger impaling me on his cock. I was being taken forcefully now, he was close to coming. His eyes gazed into mine “you filthy little fucking whore. Do you open your legs to any man that comes along?” he grunted into my ear “Yes” I sighed breathily “I love it”. With that he grabbed my hips and thrusted deeper, my eyes watering, my throat longing to let out a scream, my ass hole stretched wide, getting fucked harder and harder and harder until I hear his breath quicken and feel his cock explode deep inside of my ass, feeling his cum in spurts, his cock twitching, shuddering, emptying his load, his body sweating next to mine, until he finally stops. He rests inside me for a minute then pulls his cock out of my ass as I watch gallons of his hot spunk dribble from my ass onto my skirt, the seat, the floor. I feel like a whore. A dirty, used whore.

He gets up and sits back on the seat, breathing heavily, looks around, wiping his brow, and then straightens himself up. I slide back up the seat and pull my top up over my tits that were hanging bare, my nipples rock hard, and my skirt which is now up at my waist down over my bum again. I can’t believe I just got fucked by a stranger. I was only meant to open my legs and play with my pussy, but got too carried away.

He reaches into his pocket and hands me a business card. “Anytime you want to get fucked like that again you give me a call, next time I might bring some mates, slut” and with that he gets up and leaves me alone in the carriage.

I look around, suddenly embarrassed by what I’ve just done, aware that I just got fucked on a train carriage with people around, what was I thinking?

As I was straightening my clothes, the conductor appeared through the door behind me. He arrived at my seat and stared at me, looked around, then ushered me out of my seat to the hallway through the carriage door. I thought I was in trouble so I got up and followed his lead. He pushed me into the toilet groping my tits on the way and locked the door, unzipped his trousers and spun me around over the sink as he plunged his thick, veiny hard cock into my dripping cum filled cunt. He pulled my top down and my tits sprung out as he fondled them roughly, licking my ear and sucking my neck as he plunged and thrust hard and frantically in my soaking cunt. He pulled my hair back so my face was forced upwards and in front of me was a mirror over the sink. He forced me to look at myself while he raped me, “Oh you dirty fucking little slut, I saw you get fucked by that dirty old man. Like being used do you? you fucking little filthy whore!” He thrust his hard cock in and out of my cunt so hard I almost blacked out. It felt good, this old conductor made me wet in the first place and now he was having his way with me as I’d imagined. “Mmmmmm I’m a dirty filthy slut, yes I am, fuck me harder you dirty fucker, harder, please!!”

His cock twitches and he slides out of me, spins me around and forces me onto my knees where he explodes his cum onto my pretty face and onto my rosebud lips, forcing my mouth open to taste his cum, sliding his cock and slapping it onto my tongue.

“Filthy cunt whore. I hope I’ll be seeing you again. Every weekend isn’t it? I never forget a pretty face” he looks at me and smiles, then disappears out of the door. I look at my reflection in the mirror, spunk covering my cheeks, my lips. I lick my lips.

Yes I am a dirty whore who loves getting used by strangers. I can’t wait for my next little adventure.