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Sexy encounter during train journey

This is a real experiance I want to share with you. Hope you will like it. please give your frank opinion to decide whether I should continue writing or not. I had to board train from a famous station at midnight to reach home for attending a function.I was able to obtain a RAC ticket and since there is no other option I had to travel with out fail.

The train starts from the source station around 7pm and by the time it reaches my starting station it will be mid night. I got into the train and the compatment was full.Every one had started sleeping and I proceeded to my seat. I had only a small bag as the journey was short and I wanted to enquire whether there is any chance to get a birth.


The train started and the TTE came with a grumpy face as I was the only person to get into from there. I asked is there any chance for the birth and he quickly replied no. Every thing is full, you can sit on the seat. he gave the ticket back and left.On my seat an old lady was lying and I am supposed to share the seat on that. I asked her to give room for me to sit.

She woke up and sat on the seat and asked me to sit. A good lady with pleasing manners asked me about my destination. I replied and she said she too is going to the same place. She is going to attend an important assignment and she could manage only one birth. For one lady how many births are required I wondered.

Understanding my suspecion she said my daughter in law is lying on the top and we could get one birth and one RAC. I am unable to climb up and I occupied the bottom birth. You can lie on the top birth. I will ask her to wake up and come down. I felt sorry for her and said no need. My son could not accompany me and she is coming as an escort to me.

I was a little hesitant to lie on the top the whole night and allowing them to occupy one birth. Some how I prepared by mind and by that time she called her daughter in law and asked to come down. I told her not to spare the whole birth to me and you get cramped on the bottom seat. I will lie down on the floor. She said no.

In that case I will sit on the birth and let she also sit there. She was a little hesitant to agree but her inlaw said good idea. She got up and sat on the birth by stretching her legs and asked me to sit at the other end. I pushed my bag under the seat and climbed on the seat and sat at one end.

She was in half sleep and started sleeping immediately.I asked the old lady to light off the tube and only the dark night lamp was only there. She was leaning to the back and stretching her legs to my sideand covered with a sheet. I looked at her and in the dim light I saw her fully. She may be around thirty and quite heathy and fair.

Through the sheet her boobs were projecting up and her mouth was a little open. Becase of the space constraint she was moving and slowly came to a lieing pose with feet near my lap. I saw her feet and it was beautiful. Good colour and neatly polished nails. As a whole a good stuff. her husband is lucky to get a lady like this and he is lieing some where with hands on cock.

the position was quite uncomfortable for me to sit. Some how I agreed and showed my generosity.But now I am struggling. I never thought it will end up like this. I am unable to sleep becase of the stuff lieing in front of me. Train was running in speed and the jolt of the compatment made her to move her body.

Every one is fast asleep and probably I am the only one waking up like a devil and stairing at her. The granny got up and proceeded to toilet and she looked at the top. I closed my eyes and leaned on the back rest. It is impossible to note whether the eyes are open or closed. Still I closed it. She came after urination and hope got satisfied with the way in which I was sitting.

She lied down and I looked at my watch.It was 1.30am. She just gave a kick on my lap in the sleep. I took one leg and kept over my lap. I watched her. No change in action.Now one leg is fully stretched and other bend. I nicely rubbed over her foot. she is not knowing what is happening. Slowly my hand went up to ankle, calf muscle and upto knee.

Again I noticed and still there is no movement. Now I kep both her legs on lap and inserted hand under the top. My hands reahed on her thighs and I mildly sqeezed on the thigh over the dress. it was moving fast and slipping to sides. I continued that and planned to go still further. My hand went up and ended in the cut of the cloth.

I inserted one finger in and I could touch the ligerie. I looked down and there si nobody. my finger was searching for the spot and I kept my eyes wide open on her face. My finger searched over the lingerie and got inside the slit. I mildely rubbed over the slit from bottom to top and closely watched her face action.

She slighly opened her moth and closed and gave a few chewing action. I stopped for a while and decided to go inside. Carefully I inserted finger inside lingerie and moved to slit. Now my finger touched the glory hole mouth. It was in perfectly closed position and I just kept my finger on the lips.

Closely watching her face, watching the bottom area and granny I rubbe over the cunt slow by slow. She brought one hand near the hip and I stopped abruptly. she scarched her pelvis and took hand. Immediately I started action. I slightly spread her thighs with one hand and continued fingering. I sarted getting a gap and my finger went more inside.

It continued and slowly there was a wetness on my finger and the movement became free. By this time half the finger was inside and she jerked her hip. Again I took the figer out and this time she scarched heavily over the triangle. there was a change in her facial action and I fingered her again and upto the full. My finger was trembling and each stroke I gave carefully.

Slowly she opened her eyes and closed. Two three times she did this and finally caught on my hand. My full finger was in and fully wet. She pressed my hand inside and shook her pelvis. I pressed well inside and my palm was covering the pussy mouth.She untied her dress and lowewred her lingerie and made my hand free.the juice started flowing and I did fast.

when it came to this level I pressed her boobs with one hand and she started throbbing her cunt. She pressed my hand fully and kept like that for minutes. My hand was full of pussy juice. I removed my hand slowly got down and went to toilet for washing. My dick was so hard and I was unable to bear the lust to settle. I went inside and gave a few thrust and cum jizzed like a spray.

After cleaning I went back and occupied my seat. For the time being I was relaxed. Time was2.30 am and I was feeling tired. I sat on the seat and leaned on the back rest. just for a comfort I stretched my legs to the seat. I looked at her and thought she is sleeping. right from the starting point she is sleeing and by that time she has almost finished 80% of her sleep.

She opened her eyes and sat on the seat. slowly she kept her head on my lap and lied comfortably. Again I was in problem. How can I sleep and sit. She took my hands in her hand and smeared well and placed on her boob. Any way wet, then why not bathe; that is her principle I thought. I slowly presed the boobs. It is hard and tight.

I think she is not conceived yet. The marriage night have happened recently. Slowly I took one out and started knurling on the nipples. She slowly started getting stimulation. This time I was free to do and need not hesitate. Onlything I must see around. All are fast asleep and granny is snooring. Poor lady thought a gentleman is there for her daughter’s help. It is right I was helping very well.

my dick hardened slowly and hit at her head. She could feel the pressure and so she lifted her head from lap and caught on my dick. over the pants sge squeezed it and she was searching for the zip.I helped her in opening it tand freed for her. She rolled on her front and sated shaking the dick slowly. It got harder and she took it in her mouth.

Since I emptied my cum fully in toilet it took enouugh time get it hard and throbbing started.In that position I pressed my hand in her dress and entered my finger in the pussy. It was getting wet and I wanted to go inside this time. it is not possible there to do any thing and I asked her to proceed to toilet. I said I will knock and you open.

with out any hesitation she proceeded and entered and subsiquently I proceeded. The moment I entered I hugged her and kissed on the lips with force.I pressed on her buts and sucked her nipple. Every thing was in haste as much time we can’t spend. More over both of us were at the helm orgasm. Since the train is shaking heavily it was difficult to get balance.

I asked her to kneal down and show her back. I inserted two fingers in her pussy and gave a shake. I took my dick and lubricated in her pussy juice and pressed it inside the slit. Slowly I entered full. The train jerk was sufficient to stimulate both. The train jerk and our jerks synchronised and I pressed from back. For every press there was apush.

With a roar I lied on her and cum flew inside tha cunt. I kept for a while and withdrew and she asked me to proceed. I peeped through the door and made sure no one is there and got out. She cleaned every thing and went back for sleeping. I kept a paper on the floor of the train and slept till morning.

When granny woke up she thanked me for giving the help I thought I must thank her for the generosity shown to me. Hi friends this is a true story. Hope for your comments.