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Sexy encounter of Rohan with Asian girl-1

I am reading the stories here since last over 8 months and really love few of them. I had thought to share mine story many a times but then just don’t know somehow I just stopped. Today I read one more wonderful story and it gave me a feel that I should also share mine.

This is a three year old story when I happened to go for a holiday in Europe along with couple of friends. Here is a small intro about me. Myself Rohan(name changed) presently 28 years old, quite fair, curly hair, strong shoulders, average body and as girls says killing smile with 5’9″ height.


During our trip we went to UK, Spain, Ireland & Germany. In Frankfurt, I still remember that day while shopping, I and my both friends met an NRI named Harry who came from US with his family at his relatives place. I don’t know why he was so happy to meet us and we went to our hotel room in the evening to have some hard drinks. We were staying at best western hotel in scala.

We had almost 2 bottles of Jim Bim Black Scotch and then as per harry’s suggestion we hired a cab and went to Zum Gemalten Haus pub later on in the evening. At the pub we had tasted most wonderful beers of Germany and we were kind of over drunk. We stepped out of our chairs and started dancing on the beats of lovely music.

While dancing I saw a beautiful young Asian girl and our eyes just met and within very first glimpse she entered in my heart coz to my surprise she was true copy of the girl whom I had loved more than anything else in this world and due to some reasons I just couldn’t say her that how much I loved her and she was already married and living a happy life.

I couldn’t control myself staring at her like anything. I was not at all watching what she is wearing or what she is doing but just her lovely face which had taken me some 4-5 years back in my life. She noticed me staring like that, even in couple of occasions she passed smile also but I was just behaving like a statue on that dance floor where everybody else was dancing.

Within few minutes she also stepped onto the dance floor along with few more girls and I could not stop my eyes following her. We came back to our table and my friends were so surprised as they were known that its not the real me as they knew that I can’t do such act with any girl. But Harry who was not that much known to me was thinking if I am a big time flirt

and badly after this girl and it’s just a trick to get that girl. I just drank a lot of beer within no time and was continuously staring at her and within sometime she just came to me and we exchanged hi and she asked me the reason why I was glancing like that to her. I simply could reply “Sometimes you even don’t know what you are upto” with tears in my eyes.

She just noticed that and was shocked at it. She became so curious to know the reason of such reaction and offered me to go out to talk for a while. We just went out of pub and upon her questioning me again and again I told her the reason. She just said you seem to be a man with golden heart.

After that she asked me about myself and even told about herself that she is an Indian girl of 25 and her name is Ruhani. She had moved to Germany 4 years back when she got married here and her hubby died 2 years back in a car accident and she has a kid of 3 years and she usually don’t go to pubs and since few days back it was her friend’s birthday

so today she has thrown a party for 3 of her close friends at pub. I couldn’t believe that she was married. Anyways my friends came out searching for me and found me with this girl. I introduced her with them and they insisted us to go inside but I said I don’t want to go inside anymore and want to go back to hotel room.

We left in no time and dropped Harry on our way to his relatives place. It was 11:30 at night by the time we reached hotel. And my both friends went to their room and I went to my room but I just couldn’t sleep and all of sudden I heard somebody knocked the room door and I just opened the door and got surprised to see Ruhani at the door.

She asked me if she can come in and I just let her in and asked what she is doing here. She said she was returning home and was thinking about me and just wanted to talk to me more hence dropped in here (she had already asked me where I am staying at stuff). She asked me more about that girl and all the time she noticed that I was telling her everything with a

heavy voice and with tears in my eyes. I saw tears in her eyes also and I don’t know why and how she just straight away kissed me on my lips and it was a surprising move from her which made me stunned. I asked her what this is. She repeated my line “Sometimes you even don’t know what you are upto”

I was answerless and she just said Rohan I don’t know why but I just loved your company and within no time you have developed a soft corner in my heart. She also added that she is not able to control her emotions. And then all of sudden our lips met and we had a deep long smooch where we both just not only sucked each other’s lips but also exchanged our saliva and licked tongues.

To describe Ruhani: she was 5’5”, quite fair, deep black eyes, really sharp features, lovely pair of natural pink lips, a figure of 36-27-34 and she was wearing a black deep neck top with a cool jeans. Nobody could say she is married and has a kid.

While smooching she placed my hand on her boobs and I massaged and squeezed them a lot. And within no time we both were topless and she was licking my ears and planting soft kisses on my cheeks. And I was just getting melted in the aroma of her body which was mixing up so well within entire room.

I just licked her all over her face wherever I could have licked her. I licked her neck, bit her neck, bit her hot shivering lips and just sucked her tongue like a bubble gum. While this entire act I removed her bra and was massaging her hard and fast.. And I buried my mouth in her breast and sucked and licked her entire breast and had run my tongue all over her

cleavage and finally rested my mouth on her hot erect pink nipples which were so juicy and sucked them very hard one by one. She moaned like anything and just was saying suck me honey as much as you can. I just love you. I circled my tongue all over her boobs and bit her nipples a bit.