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Sexy encounter of Rohan with Asian girl-1

Hi, this story is of my Asian wife and a man named Rohan. Tia and I have been married for over 20 years. She is a petite and very attractive Asian woman. Traditionally, she was raised catholic and has very strong opinions about family and monogamy. Despite that fact, throughout the years, I have had a strong fantasy to see her with another man. I do like to watch wife porn on the internet, which has helped me to live out this fantasy vicariously, thanks to the many amateur wife submissions, at various sites.

Let me make it clear at this point, that I don’t watch porn all the time! I generally go for long stretches, without watching any of it at all. But when I do watch it, it kind of turns into binge watching. Like breaking a diet you’ve been on for awhile or watching a whole season of a TV show on Netflix.

Throughout the years I have vacillated between disgust for myself and an acceptance of this fantasy that, as I understand it, is quite common among men and married men in particular. In detail, the porn that turns me on the most is watching an amateur wife taking a big cock. Mostly I like the interracial action and especially black men with Asians.

Our sex life is good but my overactive imagination always seems to drift my mind over to the fantasy side. Now, my penis is of average length and girth, at over 6 inches but I often think of a long, thick cock stretching her pussy wide and causing her to have multiple orgasms. I have even set up phony emails in the past, with which to remain anonymous, as a way to search the personal ads to find someone interested in sleeping with my wife, of which I always got plenty of interest! I did this as a way to test the waters but I always backed out, after having some initial conversations with the individuals who responded.

Throughout the years, I have talked to Tia about my fantasy but she is reluctant, at best, to entertain the idea at all. What I have been able to do is to do some minor role playing with her in the past and even got her to reluctantly view wife porn with me. Because she loves me, she went along with it but her heart was not into it. So only rarely do we engage in it anymore.

What changed things one night, was that my wife caught me looking at wife porn. When I thought she was asleep, I snuck out of the bedroom and got on the computer, put on the headphones, so as not to wake her and started watching. She got up later and realized I wasn’t in bed, so she went to find me. She saw me on the computer and with the headphones on, I didn’t hear her approach.

She came up behind me and saw what I was watching. That got her upset. Which in turn sparked a conversation, where our frustrations came out. Only this time, she seemed kind of resigned to the fact, that most all men watch porn and I was no exception. As if realizing that this is what a lot of men do in secret.

I suggested to her that her reservations about my fantasy to see her with another man, stemmed from her not being able to get around the idea that it was cheating. I told her from my position, that it was not, because I was consenting to it. I assured her that the reasons I wanted to see her fulfill my fantasy was that I wanted to see her pleasured in ways that I could not. Someone with a larger cock could reach areas I couldn’t and fill her up in ways I couldn’t. I assured her that I had no desire to use it as a way, to gain permission for me to do the same with another woman. Which is true.

She finally and reluctantly agreed to discuss the possibility of it even happening. When she did agree to discussing it, I instantly became rock hard with excitement. I felt like doors were opening in a deep, dark dungeon of impossibilities and for once, a glimmer of what might be possible was emerging. We talked for awhile about how to arrange a meeting and where to even find someone that could be a good fit. We talked about safety, privacy and anonymity and put our doubts and fears out in the open. Slowly, throughout the following weeks a kind of demystification took place. A sane and reasonable game plan was emerging. Where a very specific list of expectations and safety nets were put in place. Training wheels were installed, expectations of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors were put in place.

We were not going to rush into anything but wait for the right guy. I took point on finding him and started searching various personal adult ads. I must admit that there were a lot of weirdos, flakes and strange ones that I had to sort through but eventually I was contacted by a reasonable candidate.

His name was Rohan and he was a professional Indian gentleman who was very respectful and had the right age range and stats. I set up a meeting with him by myself so that I could size him up and get to know him. After a few hours, I felt very comfortable about him. He was articulate, well mannered, well dressed and spoke honestly and with good humor. I told him that this was going to be a completely no strings attached meeting, where we would never give out our real names or identities.

Because my wife needed to feel safe and secure. He agreed fully and we talked about arranging a meeting where we could all meet and see if my wife liked him as well. I thought my wife would feel the same as I did, so I told him that we would talk about things and get back with him.

As I drove back home, my heart pounded with anticipation. Just the thought of even talking to my wife about him, about the fantasy taking shape, about seeing her with another man, got me excited about the possibilities.

After I got home, my wife was visibly nervous and asked how everything went. I told her that I thought he was a good fit and seemed like a very nice guy. She was still reluctant to the idea and hesitated when I asked if we could all meet up for drinks somewhere. After much reassurance from me, she finally agreed.

That night in bed was inspired, motivated by my anticipation of my wife meeting Rohan, I made love to her like a raving, lust filled lunatic. Imagining Rohan plowing into her, I was no longer fantasizing about some random stud fucking my wife, I was now visualizing Rohan fucking my wife. The rubber, so to speak, was about to meet the road!

Since Rohan lived about 3 hours away, we decided to meet halfway at a restaurant bar that had dancing there as well. I thought that if I could get a few margaritas in her and the conversation was going well, I could maybe get her to dance with him. That would maybe spark some chemistry and get her more relaxed.

I had previously discussed with Rohan, that this was just going to be more of a meet and greet and to not get his hopes up too high. I did not rule out however, that if things progressed and my wife was somehow comfortable enough, that maybe something could happen. I also had told Rohan that I would get my wife there about an hour earlier, to at least lubricate her inhibitions with a tasty margarita, and a generous shout of tequila added to it!

As we drove there, a million things were going through my mind and looking over at my wife, I could see the same look on her face. I had some soft music on to ease her spirit and reassured her that this was just an initial meeting and that nothing else would happen that she didn’t want to. Although secretly, I very much hoped something would.

It was a Saturday night and the restaurant bar was fairly full. We got there early enough to secure a table near the dance floor. I went to the bar immediately, to make sure that I got the bartender to put an extra shot in her margarita. He did. I brought our drinks back and she remarked how strong the drink was, I smiled wryly at her and told her it was to get her comfortable and ease her nerves.

Right about the time we finished our first round, Rohan came walking up. My wife had seen pictures of him (I didn’t show her his cock pics for good reason!) but seeing him in person, took her aback. He looked much taller in person. He was tall and on the slender side at 6’3″ and at around 200 lbs. with sinewy looking musculature. We ordered a round with the waitress and started some small talk. Mostly it was Rohan and I talking, because my wife is normally shy around new acquaintances and the reason for the meeting was obviously uncomfortable to her as well. She was still reluctant to the idea and considered this just a harmless meeting.

Rohan was doing his best to break the ice with her, by telling her how pretty she was, making light humor and complementing the outfit she was wearing. He was clearly turned on by her and looked at her with a definite gleam and sparkle in his eye. She was being polite and saying thank you but I could tell she was warming up and getting friendlier from the drinks we had earlier. She has a very low tolerance with alcohol, because of her weight and of course she also gets the tell-tale Asian flush on her cheeks because of her ethnicity when drinking alcohol. The social lubricant was starting to work its magic.

I took Tia out to the dance floor to get her moving and into feeling the rhythm of the music. I also positioned us close to our table, where Rohan could get a Birdseye view of her body. She was wearing a short cute form fitting dress and her make up was understated and fresh looking. She made it a point to look reserved and simple, as to not project that she was easy or loose. Which she definitely was neither. She is a very reserved and polite person at her core.

I kept Tia’s back to Rohan, so that he could see her tight cute little ass and watch her little hips gyrating to the music. I wanted to get him even more worked up than he already was. Rohan was really checking her out big time and the look in his eyes were full of the bad intentions he had for that tiny pussy of hers. I could feel my own cock throbbing as he lustily gazed hypnotically at the ass of my innocent wife.

We came back to the table and ordered another round. By now Tia was really feeling buzzed. I let her finish her drink as we talked some more and then suggested Rohan ask her to dance. He did and she was very hesitant at first and said she was too tipsy, using her words. He promised her he would be a gentleman and hold her up if she started to lose her balance. She finally said ok shyly and they made their way out to the floor, with her body language showing uncertainty.

Once they started dancing, she seemed like she got more relaxed. He kept her out there for a bit and then a slow song came up. She was hesitant and looked like she wanted to come back to the table but Rohan grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him. He whispered something reassuring in her ear and she relented.

As the dance went on I could see he was trying to pull her closer to his waist and finally toward the end of the song he did. Luckily, the DJ played a second slow song and I could see Rohan starting a slow, rhythmic grind into my wife as he pulled her hips to him. I could feel my heart racing. At the same time, I was a little fearful that Rohan might have gone too far and scared my wife.

After the song, they came back to the table and my wife looked kind of embarrassed. My heart sank a little and Rohan excused himself to use the restroom. I asked my wife if she enjoyed dancing with Rohan and she said it was ok. I told her I saw him pull her very close in to him and if she was ok with that.

She paused at first but I guess her margarita buzz was working and she said that she felt his thing pushing into her stomach.

I asked her how it felt and she said “Big.”

“How did you feel about it?” I asked.

She said “well, we were dancing slow and I guess that’s what happens out there.”

“I meant, what were your feelings about him doing that?” I repeated.

She said “I guess I’m just going along with this for you and know that it was his way of showing that he is turned on by me.”

“Are you ok with him wanting you?” I asked further.

She said “I guess its ok because that’s why we came here, isn’t it?”

“Are you just a little attracted to him or even turned on a little by him grinding on you?” I asked hopefully.

She said “I guess I maybe feeling something, because I feel kind of drunk and know why we are meeting with him.”

I left it at that, because there was just no way I was going to get her to come right out and say that she was aroused by him in any way. But knowing her for over twenty years, I could tell from her body language, that she was getting turned on, to at least some small degree.

Sensing that, when Rohan came back from the restroom, I decided to see if I could make something happen. I confronted him jokingly and said “sir, I let you dance with my wife and you took advantage of her by grinding into her, what do you mean by such a crude gesture?”

He said, “my apologies, I was caught up in the moment and could not help myself kind sir!” “Besides, you were right about how beautiful your wife is and how gorgeous her figure is!” “I plead temporary insanity!”

Rohan and I laughed and my wife smiled a little at our acting try. I said “well, we have gotten to know each other pretty good tonight and it looks like my wife doesn’t hate your looks or dance moves,” “its loud in here, so what do you say we go somewhere a little more private and have some more drinks?”

Rohan said “great” quicker than the human eye can blink! I looked at my wife for approval and she nodded silently and let out a small reserved sigh. She looked uncertain at the way things were developing. Like things were moving too fast for her to take in.

I had already asked Rohan prior to the meeting to book a nearby hotel room, unbeknownst to my wife. I told him I would give him the cash if everything went well and we were able to get her to agree to move our conversation to another, more private location. If not he could get a refund.

He declined to take any thing from me and said, he was the one that was the jackpot winner, if she went through with the idea.

So Rohan said to us “look you guys, I got a room nearby here tonight because I knew I would be drinking and didn’t want to drive all the way back home buzzed.” “So I figured I’d just chill there, have a few drinks, sleep off my buzz and head back home in the morning.” “I already stocked up the mini fridge with some liquor to last me through the night.” “You guys are more than welcome to come back with me and we can talk more privately there.”

I said “ok, we will follow you over there.”

On the way over I said “honey look, if we get there and you don’t feel right about this, then we can leave.”

She just said “ok” quietly, with a pensive look on her face.

We got into the room and Rohan had margarita mix and tequila (surprise, surprise!) and some beer. He offered to mix Tia a margarita and she said “ok, but just a weak one because I’ve already had too much.”

He offered me a beer and I took it. He brought Tia her drink and sat across from us in a comfortable looking chair, while we sat on the sofa. We made more small talk and finished our drinks.

After awhile, I felt like it was as good a time as any to break the ice and I said “Rohan, why don’t you come sit here next to Tia?” I got up and we traded places, and he sat down next to her. I said ‘ok, Rohan, my wife looks nervous so why don’t you put your hand on her knee for reassurance?”

I turned to my wife and said “honey, just put your hand on his knee too and try to relax a little.”

She did so half heartedly and Rohan started rubbing her leg softly and working his hand farther up toward the hem of her dress. She froze a little but he continued until his hand was right there. Then he went just under it and looked at her and told her how beautiful she was.

She nervously responded “thank you.” His hand continued up and reached the outside of her panties.

I then said “honey, he’s got his hand under your dress.” “You should just rest your hand on the bulge in his pants for now, to show him you want him to relax too”

She laid it their motionless and he said “why don’t you rub it just a little bit?” She hesitated for a long moment and then rubbed it a little and he said “hold on, let me make it easier.” He unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and zipped down the zipper and pulled out his cock.

It was huge and my wife’s eyes got real big as she stared at it dumbfounded. He said “there, now you can not only feel it but you can also see it.”

I said “honey, stroke it for him like you do for me.” She started stroking it and it got to full mast immediately. Her shyness, her innocence, her reluctance, it had been arousing Rohan all night up until then. It was all the aphrodisiac this big black cock needed. His cock was throbbing with anticipation.

Her hands looked like child’s hands in contrast to how huge his cock was. He had told me he was 10″ and now I believed him.

Rohan said “can you do me a favor and just put your mouth over the head and lick it just a little bit?”

Still sensing her shyness and reluctance, I said “honey, it’s only the head, not the whole thing, just relax.” “If you don’t like it, we can always stop.” Knowing that we had already went past that point.

She had to open her mouth so wide just to get the head in and when she did, she started swirling her tongue around the tip of it. Rohan looked over at me and winked. My fantasy was happening right before my eyes and It took all of my willpower not to blow a load in my pants right there.

He gently grabbed the back of her head and pushed his cock in a few more inches and said to her “that beautiful tiny mouth looks so good around my cock, baby.” He then tried to push her down his shaft a little farther. She gagged and pulled back up. He said “ok, I’m sorry, that was too much, how about just licking underneath my cock then?”

She then started licking the underside of his cock from the base to the tip with a nice rhythmic motion. When she got to the top, she would put the head back in her mouth and swirl a few times and lick back down his shaft.

That maneuver was the first sign of initiative she had shown all night. I could tell that Rohan was about to bust one, after a few minutes, because he was already so worked up by her innocent persona. It had been driving him crazy all night. With everything within him, he wanted to fuck the very tight hairy Chinese pussy of my wife.

Recognizing his dilemma, I took my clothes off and laid on the bed with my head at the foot of it. I said “Honey, why don’t you come over here and we can 69 so I can make you cum?” I did this knowing that my wife would need a massive amount of lubrication, to take his monstrous cock, in her tiny little snatch.

She came over and whispered in my ear, that his dick was too big for her pussy and that she didn’t want to let him fuck her.

I whispered back and said ok.

At this point I have to tell you about how tight my wife’s pussy really is. I am just over 6 inches long and of average girth as well. And she is tight for me. There is a place in her pussy, that when I hit it has this small “O” ring feel to it. It feels like it resists any further penetration but when my head pokes through it feels amazing! This is why she was afraid of what his big black cock would do, to the virgin territory beyond that point.

So she mounts me in the 69 position and I started licking her pussy while she sucked me off passionately. It seemed that sucking his monster cock had lit a fire in her and she could go all out on her husband! As we got more into it, I brought her to orgasm and as is always the case, she bucks like a little filly and thick pussy juice flows gratuitously from her. She then simmers down and I keep licking her clit in a slow rhythmic and circular fashion to build her back up to another one. We’ve had sessions where she can cum 3 or 4 times.