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Sexy encounter of Rohan with Asian girl-2

She took my head up and starting sucking buried my bottom lip in her mouth and sucked it really crazily and took it under her teeth and by mistake she bit it hard and all of sudden blood started coming from my lip. She just said sorry and licked every single drop of blood with her tongue and finally sucked my lip for some more time until the blood stopped coming out.

I again came down kissing all over her breast, navel, and stomach and soon she removed her jeans and panty and stood naked in front of me. She came close to me and removed my lower and made me naked too and came towards me and sat on bed and again our lips locked and she held my dick in her hands and started rubbing it.


I was getting lost in that hot beauty but then suddenly I realized what I am doing. And I just pushed her aside a bit and with tears in my eyes I said I am sorry Ruhani about all this I can’t indulge myself in all this. She was like Rohan, What has happened to you? You are not doing anything forcefully with me. Why are you feeling embarrassed?
Even she added that you are the only person apart from my husband with whom I got indulged into all this and the reason is simple that I found you really good at heart. But I just said sorry and I covered myself with bed sheet and turned my face on other side. And soon I realized that she is also lying beside me.

She slowly started moving her hand over my body and held my pennies in her hand and again started rubbing it, to which I turned around and removed her hand. She was just pleading me to make love with her and again said Rohan trust me you have really won my heart, I have never seen a guy like you in my entire life. Please make love with me and she again kissed my lips.

I really controlled myself a lot all this time but somehow I got melted. I started kissing her again all over and she started playing with my dick and made it rock solid good 7” long. She came over me and kissed my face and then neck and slowly she brought her tongue out and started licking my chest and then circled my nipples and bit them a bit and then again
moved her way down crossing my navel, stomach and then finally got settled near my dick started licking the head of dick so delicately that she drove me in some wonderland. Then she took my cock in her mouth and sucked me like anything. She did not touch it with hand during this act and with to and fro movement of her mouth over my dick made me lose my senses

and then she was totally on my mind. She licked my tool as if she is licking her favorite ice cream. She kissed and licked my balls. The next moment she guided my dick into her wet hot cunt while she was totally on top of me. She was behaving like a sex goddess and started riding me fast.

I also started giving her hard strokes with my full force moving my ass up and down as much as I could. Her beautiful melons were swinging in the air and I was caressing them in between with my hands. Then I placed my both hands on her waist to help her riding up and down on me.
In about 25 strokes she came and came so hard that her juices were flowing around my dick and onto bed sheet and her body was shivering and she was giving jerks as if she is getting electric shocks. And within few seconds she collapsed on me and her lips were totally inside my lips and I was just sucking her with all pleasure and she had tears of satisfaction in her eyes.

I stopped my jerking for a while as she was in some other world and was breathing so heavily. In about couple of minutes she regained her strength and kissed me and asked me to take the command. Now I came on top of her and opened her legs wide and placed them on my both shoulders and massaged her cunt with tip of my dick for a while and then inserted myself

in and started jerking hard and within no time I shoot my whole load inside her. Her cunt just swallowed my hot load and she was sucking my bottom lip. I just moved aside in a while and was lying on bed besides her and she kissed my forehead and said I Love you many a times.
After that we just slept and in the morning she asked me if I can marry her but I was already feeling guilty for whatever that had happened. She provided me her full contact details and asked me to be in touch and even told me that she is working at Frankfurt airport and asked me to meet her at airport before leaving back the following day.

But I had such guilt in my heart that I decided not to face her again and almost for entire day I felt bad. That one night had no doubt changed my life a lot. Even after returning back to India, I just couldn’t forgive myself and I was concerned for her also. Later on after almost over a year I somehow managed to get info about her from her native place in Delhi that she again got married to someone in Italy and that relaxed me a bit.</p>