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Sexy encounter of Rohan with Asian girl-2

As we continue, I look over at Rohan and he is stroking his big black python. I motion to him to put on a condom and come over to the foot of the bed. I give him the “shoosh” sign to be real quiet. Of course my wife is facing the other direction and cant see our covert signaling. My wife is in for a big surprise. A really big one!

As Rohan nears the bed, my wife is nearing another orgasm. I motion for him to wait until she cums. She starts orgasming again and bucking wildly once more. Now, her pussy is at full lubrication, and my mouth is covered in it. She is as ready for black cock as any tight Chinese pussy ever could be, if that were possible. I motion for him to take position as I start licking her again. I also motion for him to put his hands behind his back so the only thing she feels first is the large black bulbous head of his cock.

He gets to the foot of the bed and I have the perfect position, to now watch his monster cock enter my wife. The head reaches her pussy and pushes against the opening. Suddenly my wife moves forward and away from the head of his cock. She turns around and looks at him and then me. The look on her face is one of utter betrayal. I say “honey, I’m sorry. I know you told me no but just let him work the head in a little bit and maybe a few inches more and that is it.” “He will just use short strokes and not put the whole thing in you.”

Reluctantly, she starts to back up into him. I see the massive head start to gently probe her sopping wet opening. The lips part and because she is so wet the head kind of plops in. I almost have a coronary right there. My heart is literally about to pound out of my chest. He starts to pump just the head in and out, in a slow easy going motion. Her body is tense but she is not in pain.

She is starting to help him by pushing back a little to his rhythm. As the minutes pass, he is putting a little more in, by the inch. After about 10 minutes, he has patiently worked half of his length and girth, inside the sweet hole of my wife. It has stretched my wife’s pussy to the limit. Never before has she been filled like that and he was only in her half way!

His black cock has picked up its pace now and I can see her long black pussy hair moving over its surface in an almost oceanic floating seaweed motion. It’s mesmerizing and incredibly stimulating to watch this slow, rhythmic stroking, from underneath them both. Her nipples are rock hard now and she is panting heavily and making noises I seldom ever hear, with my cock in her. She is definitely getting way more into it now and her body is starting to shake as she feels the overwhelming fullness inside of her.

His big hands are pulling her hips back with more force now. I can tell he really wants to go balls deep in her tight pussy but he knows he has to work his beast in slowly. The problem now is that her pussy is so tight that he is on the verge of cumming.

He says “oh shit, I got to pull out right now because I don’t want to cum.”

I say “why not?”

He answers back “because I want to bury my cock balls deep in that sweet, innocent Chinese pussy of hers and I don’t want to cum before I get there!”

At that, Tia and I get out of the 69 position and sit on the edge of the bed. I ask her if his cock is big and she nods yes. I ask her if it is starting to feel good and she nods yes again. I ask if it is ok if he puts his big black cock back into her and try to put more of it into her and she nods yes again for the third time. I look between her legs and see that she is still incredibly wet. It seems as though he had found a new way, to coax a new source of cum from within her.

I have really wanted to see Tia take it in the missionary position, from a big cock, so I ask her to lay on her back on the bed. I say to Rohan, “do you think you can drill her deep from this position?”

“Oh yes.” He says, “It would be my privilege and honor to plow into her from this position,” “I always get maximum penetration at this angle and I can see your wife’s beautiful face and kiss her as I fuck her deeply.”

I say, “are your cumming urges under control now?”

He replied, “For the time being but there is no telling how long I can hold it in that tight pussy of hers!”

He gets to the bed and climbs on top of my wife slowly and intently. He tells her, while staring into her eyes, “I’m going to make love to you now, as I try to fit the rest of my cock inside of you, is that ok?”

She nods yes and he says to her “no nodding now, I want you to tell me that you want to make love to me and feel all of my cock inside of you.” “If you don’t, I wont start until you say it.”

Right then my normally shy and reserved wife says “ok, make love to me and put your cock in me.” But still, she says it only in a very quiet voice.

“Yes ma’am” is his reply.

The head of his cock gets to her pussy lips again and spreads them as before. This time she takes him in more readily and after about 5 minutes of patient and masterful stroking, he is already back to a little better than half way. Her body starts to convulse and her eyes roll back in her head as she orgasms wildly on his cock. He uses the fresh pussy juice as an opportunity to plow deeper into her and gets about 3/4 of his length in. She shudders again as her pussy starts to squirt and the juice is now literally, non stop gushing from her.

He starts to intensify his stroking and then begins to kiss her deeply and passionately. He starts talking to her and asks her “do you like my cock baby?” And for the first time ever I hear her talk dirty while having sex.

She says “yes, I like your cock.”

He says “tell me you want all of my cock in you.”

“I want all of your cock in me,” She replies breathlessly.

With that, he now inserts his entire length inside of her. She squirms uncomfortably a bit, so he pulls back a little and resumes an even faster pace. Then he goes back all in, with his balls now slapping against her ass furiously. Now the resistance is almost gone.

All the while he is kissing her deeply. His great big hands are now underneath her tiny ass and pulling her up into his now jackhammering, big black cock. He is fully inserted and is full throttling her pussy like never before. Again she starts to shudder and she creams a big orgasm all over his cock again.

He says “I’m in you now baby, all the way up inside you baby.” “My big black cock is making you cum baby.” He says “You love me all up inside you baby?”

She says “yes, I love you all the way in me,” as she convulses underneath him in ecstasy.

He kisses her again and says “I love my big black cock all up in your sweet, tight Chinese pussy, baby.” “Do you love it up there too baby?”

“Yes, I love your big black cock in my Chinese pussy.” She says.

He cant hold on much longer and says “I’m going to cum inside you baby, you want my cum inside you baby?”

She says “only with the condom on please.”

He says “I still got it on baby, don’t worry baby, I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming baby.”

He cums inside of her as he lies fully inserted inside of her. His great black balls spasming load after load into it. The way his slender black body and clenching muscular butt look between her tiny legs is amazing. The contrast of his black African skin against her Asian hue is breathtaking.

After he cums, he lies on top of her for another minute or so and then rolls off of her to the side. His cock slides out of her pussy and you can see the condom did its job but is now full of hot milky white cum. He looks at her and looks at me and says “you were not lying, that is the tightest pussy I have ever fucked!” “My cock has never been milked that fast ever!”

He tells my wife “thank you so much for sharing that beautiful tight Chinese pussy with me baby.”

She says, in her small voice, “your welcome.”

He says “can we shower and relax a little and if you and your husband are ok with it, can I please fuck that beautiful, tight Chinese pussy again baby?”

She says yes.

I also say, “yes, of course I want to see that one more time!”

After the shower we sit naked and talk for a little while. Rohan goes on and on about how great sex with her was and that her pussy is the best he has ever had. My wife is still not very talkative, because that is just her but she politely nods at him when he gives her a compliment. All of that talk of his, manages to get him hard again and he asks for my wife to come over to him. She does and he reaches around behind her and starts to grab her ass cheeks and knead them between his large black fingers.

He starts to passionately suck on her erect nipples. He then leans down and starts to kiss my wife passionately again. This time around, I can see that he wants to enjoy her fully. He lays down on the bed, with his head hanging over the edge at the foot of it and wants her to straddle above him and lower her pussy down, as he licks her pussy. She complies and he starts licking her with enthusiasm. Before long she is orgasming again as his large black hands palm each breast and gently roll her erect nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

Then Rohan switches around laying the correct way on the bed and asks my wife to mount him. He says “you want my big black cock back inside of that beautiful tight Chinese pussy baby?”

She says yes as she climbs on top. She kind of has to half stand up to insert it, because the length of his shaft is so long (a problem she never has with me) that the normal position of entry is impossible.

As she lowers down that gorgeous little pussy of hers, on his long black cock again, her pussy lips spread a bit more easily this time but still, it takes more time to begin to work it in her tight hole again for round two. Rohan pulls her down to him and begins giving her a long slow passionate kiss. His long black arms wrap around her back, as he gently and rhythmically pumps upwards into her now very willing and eager snatch.

With each thrust she hotly moans with pleasure, her inhibitions have now fully dropped away. Rohan increases the speed of his thrusts as he kisses the sides of her neck. She moans louder as she feels his big black cock go deeper and deeper up inside of her.

He reaches his big black hands around to her ass and spreads her ass cheeks wide open. Now he starts to go in and out of her quicker and quicker, as he bottoms out balls deep inside of her. She is grinding his cock now as he slams up into her wet pussy. Fully inserted, his big cock feels like it is hitting her womb!

This time, he knows he can last longer than before because he has already nutted once. So he starts to vary his pace from a slow penetrating grind, to a rapid fire piston pumping. His big cock pounding and exploring every inch of her beautiful pussy. She again lets out a loud moan, as another orgasm causes her to squirt all over his cock once again.

As I watch from behind, his huge cock has stretched her pussy so wide. As I have watched him thrust inside of her that night, her pussy lips have looked so awesome, as they get stuffed inward by his massive cock and then get pulled back out as his cock pulls out. The squirting of her pussy has been something, that I never saw from her before. It just keeps oozing out of her with every single thrust. Like he tapped into a well of cum I couldn’t reach before.

Rohan tells her to get on her knees now. He gets behind her and thrusts his massive cock into her from behind. His big black hands are grabbing her tiny waist firmly, as he pulls her pussy onto his cock with deep penetrating thrusts. He inserts the full length in slowly and then pulls it all the way out.

All the while he is looking at his pole entering and exiting her pussy. He says “baby, your pussy looks so good taking my big black cock, does it feel good going in and out of you slowly baby?”

She says “yes.”

He then puts it in all the way inside balls deep and says “You got all my big cock inside you baby, can I just lay here all night like this inside this beautiful Chinese pussy of yours baby?”

She says “yes!”

He puts a pillow underneath her, while she remains tiny ass up and lays her flat, with her legs together. With his legs on the outside of hers he begins pumping her tiny pussy furiously. He says “that’s my pussy baby, I’m going to fuck that pussy like I own that pussy baby.”

“Uh huh” she says muffled, as her face is buried in the bed.

“That’s my sweet, tight, hairy Chinese pussy baby.” “That’s my pussy I’m tearing up baby.”

By then, I had seen her pussy take his powerful cock, thrust after deep lustful thrust, at every angle and in every position. I had heard her talk and moan like I never had before. I saw her eyes roll back in her head over and over again as her orgasms seemed to never end. Her pussy squirting like it never, ever did before. I had seen her facial expressions go from reluctant and apprehensive to completely shocked and amazed. And yet again to a radiant glow of serenity and fullness. I saw her mouth open again and again in silent expressions of unutterable passion as her voice was lost somewhere primal.

Other than watching his cock fill her sweet tight hole again and again, something else surprisingly turned me on just as much. Watching him kiss her passionately while in the throes of rapture, with his tongue lustily swirling around hers as his cock probed her gently and then dominantly, was incredibly arousing.

As my fantasy had become reality before my eyes, I could not hold back anymore. I had been stroking my cock the whole time he was fucking her and would stop before I came, multiple times throughout the night. But now I let go in wave after wave of cum, squirting violently through the air. My balls unloading every pent up drop inside of them. It seemed like it was enough to fill a cup.

Never had I cum that intensely or that much, because of course, never had I seen my wife so amazingly, take such a massive cock inside of her tight little pussy.

I look back over at them, on the bed, their bodies locked together in the throes of ecstasy. She is cumming like crazy underneath his withering pussy assault, her knees now pinned beside her head. He arches his back and says “I’m going to cum in that pussy again baby, You want me to cum In my pussy baby?”

She says “cum in the condom please,” in a muffled tone again.

He says again “don’t worry baby, I’m wearing it baby but I’m going to cum right now in my pussy baby,” “you want me to cum in my pussy now baby?”

She answers “yes, cum in your pussy.”

With that, his ass cheeks start to squeeze rhythmically as his massive cock squirts load after hot load into her. Her pussy eagerly taking each convulsing thrust. “Take all my cum into you baby, I want you to have all of my cum baby.” His big black cock now slowing down to a deep penetrating cum draining pace.

She lays their motionless as his body slumps on top of hers. Once again he keeps his cock buried inside of her until he feels ever last drop leave his balls. He whispers gratefully in her ear.

“Baby, I love your pussy so much, thank you baby for letting my black cock in your sweet little pussy baby.”

“You’re welcome,” she whispers back.

He turns over on his side and his massive cock slides out of her with a plop, his condom full to the brim again with milky white cum.

By now Tia is completely spent and we decide we need to get back home. We all shower up and dress and talk some before we say our goodbyes. Rohan says “I know this may not happen again but Tia, you are the prettiest little thing and your pussy is the sweetest, tightest, Chinese pussy, my big black cock has ever had the pleasure of burying itself into.” “In fact, it is the tightest pussy, Chinese or any other race, I have ever had.”

Shyly, she says “thank you.” As we walk out the door… Fantasy fulfilled!