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Sexy Indian women in train journey Part 1

I was going back from college to home during the vacations. Long arduous train journey, took almost two and a half days. The only consolation was an occasional sexy woman who could possibly be in my coach, whom I could think about and jerk off. Other than that it was mainly a fucked up trip with crying and screaming kids, bullshit being passed back and forth among other passengers.

As I boarded the train, I was hoping to have at least one babe in the same coach or the trip would be even more fucked than it already was. Never in my wildest dreams, did I imagine what would happen. But it happened all right, it happened and made train journeys all the more interesting and worth looking forward to from them on. It was a bad day to start a trip, hot and humid with the smell of rain in the air, but no fucking rain, not a drop anywhere to cool things off. Fortunately I was in the AC coach, at least for part of the way, then in a two seat first class coupe.

Man that would be a real pain.  Anyways the train started on time and the trip was on. After about an hour at a stop a couple got on. The man was kind of ok looking but that was none of my concern anyway. The wife however was another thing altogether. Her face was average looking but her body, man her body was hotter than Jodhpur in summer. Nice, round boobs, the blouse hardly able to contain them, slim waist and a beautiful round ass, that swayed from side to side as she walked. Was probably a 36-25-36.

My mouth and dick watered at the thought of those boobs in my hands, being rolled around in it, mashed by it, nipples pinched. As soon as they came in, the cool air of the AC made her nipples stand up, and she had long hard ones, poking out of her blouse. I just wanted to grab her right then and there and take a nipple in my mouth, suck at it, bite it and pull it. But that would have to wait for the time being, I had to look for the right time and opportunity to do what I wanted to do. They were like any other normal couple on the train.

Sitting on their berth, aloof and talking among themselves only. I was sipping my ThumsUp staring at the woman, taking in the contours of her body, dreaming of what I would do to it as and when I got my chance. For a moment she caught me staring at her and our eyes met, the lust showing in mine. She probably figured that I was undressing her with my eyes and averted hers. My eyes moved down mesmerized at the breasts heaving with every breath.  As the night wore on, the man eventually slept on the upper berth leaving the wife on the lower berth. She lay down, but I think was unable to sleep as she turned over and over again. Finally much later, at around 1 am she got up possibly to go to the bathroom.

I being a nocturnal being was wide-awake, so I decided to follow her. She went down the aisle to the bathroom, fortunately one bathroom had a faulty lock and the other was dirty, so she decided to go to the next coach looking for a decent empty bathroom. I dutifully followed, remaining a bit behind her my eyes following the sway of the ass. She opened the door to the bathroom and started to step in. I saw my chance and grabbed her by the waist, pushing her in and locking the door. A muted scream escaped her lips, and she turned her face looking at me. Fear and surprise was written all over her face, eyes wide open, full luscious lips forming an o of a scream lost in the loud clacking of the train.

I pushed her back up against the wall and exerted the full weight of my body in her, feeling the swell of the breasts on my chest. Her nipples poking through three layers of cloth and making their presence felt on my chest. The surprise had subsided and fear had taken over. She wriggled and pushed, whimpering please, no. I pulled out my knife, though small was good enough. Her eyes widened and lips clamped, no matter soon they would be clamped around my rock hard dick. I grabbed her hands, pulled them over her head, took her pallu and tied them to the hook on the wall. She was wringing her hands trying to loose the knot, faint grunts of effort coming from her lips.

I watched the boobs go up and down with every breath and couldn’t resist them anymore. So I grabbed one in my hand, and pressed it hard, taking the other in my mouth (still in the blouse) and trying to suck in as much of it as I could. She reacted violently trying to twist and turn away from my mouth, whimpering to let her go.