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Sexy mom, mera dost

(1)I have been a consistent reader of such eroticism stories. Let me
introduce myself, I m a final year engineering student, I knowingly
skipped my name, due to the fact that ‘who cares’ about name. Now, my
mom, she looks present day madhuri dixit and some of her looks match
up to fair mallu aunty. She has beautiful pair of melons. She is very
matronly, typical housewife kinda lady. I neither got to see her naked
completely , nor partially. The pleasant glimpses which I could
remember are the top views of her beautiful cleavage, when she bended.
I never thought in my life, I would be writing something like that but
things changes. My thought about her physique completely changed on a
day, when I was in 8th class, I accompanied her to a tailor’s shop,
where she gave her fascinating figure into tailors hands to take
measurements for stitching blouse. Nothing dirty was in mind of my mom
or tailor or anyone around their, but that moment affected me a lot.
Tailor didn’t know the seeds he was pouring on my mom , will be reaped
by me after so many years. That was the day which proved to be the
cusp of adulthood for me . This day marked beginning of my
masturbation journey , thinking about the day , his hands, measuring
tap, her red blouse.
From that day, I started contemplating to see more of her. Now coming
back to the actual incident , which made my friend fuck my mom. I have
many friends, including the one , (veenu) who’s wish for milf, was
completed by my mom. (2)I being a very partying and friendly person,
smoke everything, you know what I mean, sometimes I drink too. All my
friends knew I had sexual feelings for older , mature women, so do
many boys of my age, but no one ever knew , I had that for my mom too.
One of my friend sunny called me to his flat (where he lives on rent)
to say that while returning from mumbai, he brought a new drug which
is easy to intake. I rushed at his flat along with veenu. We all tried
it in the morning , we until evening could not completely get out of
the hangover, I checked my phone ,10 missed calls were their of my
mom. She again called me and told me to pic her from a near by place ,
where her friend dropped her.
I picked her and asked her to come to sunny’s home since no one was
their at home. She agreed as she never knew where exactly the flat
was. I took her to flat , we went in , I took both of my friends to
another room and told them to behave normal. They agreed , we sat on
sofa, and started casual talk chat. After a while , veenu went in
another room , and msged me to come in quietly. When I went in , he
said he got a ayurvedic medicine, when can make any women feel for
Me: oh! Com’on stop it.
Veenu :No dude, I m serious. I know it’s not the correct time to
discuss all this kinda stuff, knowing that your mom is outside and we
are a bit high.
Me: ok cool …. There was a 2 minute silence between us, We both had
ye same lust things going in our mind, but we both resisted.
(3)Situation of silence was uneasy, I soothed the situation:
Me: let’s try both the things, sunny’s and ur’s on someone to just
make sure it really works.
( I was trying to come near to the topic, he gave a devour smile)
Veenu: yes , a lady which we can control so that she doesn’t go to
wrong hands. And which could be in our flat like covered area.
Me : are you talking about my mom?
Veenu : No… oh! Well yes. She also can be.. I mean.. We just wanna
check the stuff out
Me : ok. In this experiment, just we two are involved
Veenu: ofcourse, we won’t tell anyone about this and even sunny is
going out with someone right now, so we two will be alone with her.
– after sunny left , I served tea to mom , which contained the mixture
of both stuff.(high +sexual) and I and veenu sat on the sofa to see
her spectacular moves. But even after 15-20 minutes, she was ok.then
veenu put the music on and when both started kinda dancing on the
trans. We asked her to join us, after some resistance, she joined .
She was looking very hot and sexy at that time. Her pallu was dangling
which gave us complete view of her cleavage. She didn’t mind that we
were gazing at her. She kept on dancing. She suddenly stood on a chair
and started dancing , her pallu came down , but she didn’t care. Veenu
looked at me at with a smile and said ‘ so how’s the stuff, bc?’
I nobbed my head in yes. I was first time seeing my mom in just blouse
along with any other guy , which was rare and horny both.
(4) she then tried to step down, but slipped and plunge into veenu,
his nose was in between the boobs of my mom. She didn’t even mad a
move upto 1 minute. It looked as if she was a whole and he was
smelling her blouse. Then the came back to normal position but didn’t
speak anything. She dressed her sari back properly and I could see
veenu’s eyes glittering.
Veenu whispered in my ear ‘ what a fuck able butch she is ‘
Me : hey, bc, mind your words
He : sorry bro that was just slip of tongue
Mom : I need to buy a bag from the market right now and from their
itself, we could go back home.
– she said as if she was normal. I asked veenu to join us to market
and then we could all go together to home from their.
We all went to the market. There were stalls out their with a lot of
bags. We both were afraid if she act high in public, but the truth
was, we were rather excited. She bend down and started checking bags.
Her blouse dangled and all of her boobs were in front of almost
everyone passing by. That was complete cleavage view. My dick became
hard as if it was about to tear my jeans. The vendors along with the
men passing by were enjoying the view. After a while she told us that
we all should go back to home as she didn’t like any bag. Suddenly,
rain started, while we were walking from the market to the parking
area. We took shelter for a while, but as rain didn’t seem to abate
and also parking was near so we continued walking in rain. We all
became wet.

(5) her pink blouse got skinned and her black bra was clearly visible.
My be due to rain, her nipples rose up and were visible too. Each and
every men was gazing at her.
Veenu: see everyone staring at us.
Mom : not to u young boys, they are gazing at me.
– I was shocked to listen this from her, we never had such talks.
She continued: they are seeing my nipples and belly.
Me – these are all actually admiring your beauty.
She – no beta, they just lick my boobs and fuck my ass.
– she got extremely bold in the conversation. We both were enjoying.
Then, we sat in the car. Veenu wanted to restart the conversation so
he stimulated mom by saying ‘ wese isme sirf Unki hi galti nahi h, aap
ho hi Itni beautiful.’ She smiled and said ‘ mujhe isse koi Dikkat
nahi h , pr agar tareeka sahi ho to koi b admi kisi ko b chase kr
sakta h.
Veenu understood her invitation and said ‘ to koi aap ko b chase kr
sakta h?’
Mom : ‘ haan bilkul’ and asked me : ‘agar me kisi ke sath sex karu to
Tumhe koi problem to nhi hogi’
Me while driving : mujhe kyu hogi, I mean it’s a need for everyone.
She laughed and said ‘both of you have become so mature ‘.
(Veenu was straight to his intentions)
Veenu – so can I try on you
She : ofcourse
We reached home, I parked the car. We all came out of the car and
stared walking to the main gate of house.
We all saw that mom was so high and desperate that she tucked her sari
so down that her pubic hair were visible. Our neighbour uncle was
ogling at he

(6) veenu: aunty apke padosi b kam nahi h
Mom- dekhne do
We entered in.
Veenu desperately asked : do you remember what we were discussing in
car about chasing things .
Mom : Tumhe jo krna h karo me mana nhi karungi
He rushed near her and kissed her on lips , then they started lip
locking in front of me, which made me horny too.
He started pressing her boobs. She started moaning:ah aah aa aaa ho
ohm. Aah.
She asked : wanna join us ., wanna fuck your mom honey.
I was speechless and I stood still.
Meanwhile veenu opened her blouse and now she was just in bra and
petticoat .She was looking sex goddess.
he removed her bra and started sacking her boobs
Veenu shouted: bc kya doodh h
Me: Oye tameez se
She laughed : are veenu excited h yaar , kar lene do use uski man ki
.me to tujhe b bol rahi hu , aake lele meri .
Tum logo ki rand hun me ab se
Veenu ne Unki panty pad di Aur apna lund ghusana shuru kr diya .
Mom:aah aa aaa h oh