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Sexy mom part 1

Namaskar i am miss nisha g mom mrs kundan g parakh. It is
100% true stories.first tell me abaut my beautiful mom she 45. But she
is 29. she is 5″4′ tall slim figure, she has nice round breasts, broad
hips and a beautiful flat belly delightfully centred with a deep dark
navel.Speaking about my mom, she is not any ordinary ladie. In our
locality men flock around our house just to have a glimpse of her and
her sexy body . She used to maintain her body well with gym. Her face
was beautiful My mom is just 45 this year but even then u would be
surprised looking at her saying that she was just married.Any men
would get erection it they saw her in sexey clothes may it be micro
mini skirt or jeans or gym trousers. She was just awesome. Her figure
was 38c-28-40 which I came to know from her jeans size and bra
size.when we go outside market many man teesing us( me and my mom)
” sali randi se bhi mast hai ” “uski gori badan ka kya jawani
hai saali chikni” “ek bar bahoon main aa jayee,bas choos choos kar
meri raani bana dunga” kya maal hai re Sali dek uski saat ak nukrani
bhi hai ” they are tellin to my mom and stuffs like that. Sometimes it
makes my blood boil when I hear things like this . They speak about my
mom in such a rude way like she is just a sexy piece of hot jawani,
but then olso we didn’t want to quarrel with them as some of them
are very bad boys like mawali type and gangster never mind
of those thing she every time wore sexey dress when she go out with me
” She is having good size of big booty ass while she walking it
swaying like anything every one look at her big swaying ass.when we
going for markating my mom and i will go out with bmw car,mom drive
the car i sit on back side mr sanjay sit beside mom( here i want to
tell u some thing about mr sanjay roy. He is an automobile engg doing
job in raputed companey as an dupety general manager,he is 35 year old
young man not yet married .He is vey strong and and well build doing
gym in club.he is most sexey man ever i have seen, he is 6″9′ tall he
he is an drunker and he always go to club with my mom and there they
drunk and doing what ever they like , they always come midnight at
home .i always admire to mr sanjay when he will love me . I always
looking for his love . I came to know that he is having 9″long cock.
My mom she is very frank to me when she is sitting in lassure hour she
told me everything about her how he make love with my mom so i will
tell u everything how sanjay fuck my mom and me also).first i will
narrate every thing foot to foot.every day my mom use to come from
night with fulley drunk one man is driving the car of my mom she is so
drunked that she she is not having no séance that man use to take her
in his arm and tell me to her bedroom and make her sleep to bed and
then he went to his house at mid night every day .once i went to
collage that day it was Friday morning when i reached collage and saw
it was holiday so i and my friends went to see movies after return
from movies it is around 3.45 p.m. afternoon i saw one ford i can car
standing near our bunglow so i am curious about it who has came to our
bunglow i went near the main door and sow it was looked from inside
all the window is closed but one of the window is slightly open it was
my mom’s bedroom window it was open it is back yeard of our garden
ther was very bushey area no one gose there so i went there and peep
through the window and i was stunned to see nusence is going on inside
the bed room mom is fucking with that man they two are full nude in
bed room i saw mom is lay flt on bed that man is sucking my mom’s
love hole like a dog. Mom turn back her head andshe cluntch her jaw
moaning“OO OO OOOOO oooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
mmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am cummmmminnnn nnnnggggggg. ”Ooooo
oohhhhhhh …… aaaahhhhhhhhhha…….
HHHDARDDD DDDDD . DDDDD DDDDDDDDDDididididdddddddddddddddd
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhh no no, you are great pussy sucker.suck me
to death Oh hh hhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhh no no…………. OOO OOO OOOo
ooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Mom bit
her lips to stop her own screaminning but she faild to because sanjy
is thrusting so fast and hard mom screaming very loudly that i feel
shy how my mom is fucking shamlessly.
Mom rub her index figure over her own clit vigorously like she become
mad to discharge love juice but she did’nt she rub vigorously and
sanjay thrushing very hard this going on abave 45 minits her face
become red she is sweating her head hair became here and there she
cluntch her jaw tightly and she is moaning
ohohohohohoh…………………….! suddenly sanjay push so heavely
that i thought bed wit broke down ,mom jurk her head in such a way and
fell down over over bed after 45 minits sanjay blasted love liquid
into her pussey They where both were exhausted. Without bothering
about there nakedness they lied down on bed and slept in each other’s
‘sanjay, I love you!’ Mom whispered in his ears.
‘I too love you kundan!’ sanjay said in mom ears.
‘Mom, can I ask you a personal question?’
‘Hmmm…yes, ask!’
‘girish doesn’t love you any more?’
He has lost apatite for sex.i am very hungry sanjay he gave me a
permission to carrey on so i thought u are a stallon for me I am
interested on your daughter sanjay said to mom .
If u satisfy me i am telling u that i will get handed my daughter to
Then they two get up from bed mom went to attach bathroom she wash her
love hole urinate and come bake to bed where sanjay is sitting on sofa
with a smoking ciggaret in nude . mom come near to him she snatch his
burning ciggarate with his hand and throw it out side window .
she told sanjay get up quickly nisha will come from collage any time
get ready wear your dress she quickly wear tiny red cocktail dress and
sanjay wear silk lungi and banianan suddenly a bell ring by me from
out side mom open the door she smile at me like she is having nothing
have done just before.
I also smile and told mr.sanjay has came ?
Yes he is waiting for u because he has brought a low waist jeanse and
noodle strap blouse for u.
I enter to mom bedroom where i saw sanjay is watching t.v. eating
snasks and coffee i sit beside him sanjay smile at me and i i am
looking at him and thinking how he fucking my mom freely and now he is
so sober that he is a gental man and my mom is sati savitri she
don’t know how to fuck sanjay calling mom bhabhi in front of me in
my absence he call her by name i here it many times.we are having
small win bar that my dad as made for him but now my mom is using that
with sanjay some how often mom and sanjay bit tipsy,mom is so tipsy
that she is unconsuses what she is doing she dosn’t know what she is
doing.She is shouting and behave in such a way that she a call girl i
fell same that don’t want to tell that this is my mom.
Mom is so tipsy she stand up on floor she snatching her dress to open
her normal array of clothes on the floor and make full nude standing
in front of sanjay window is open sun ray is coming into room where
mom is standing nude Mom was a small blonde with short hair and a
sunny disposition. She was terminally cute. She had big but firm tits
tiny waist and a She had a huges delectable is so drunk that
she cannot stand with her trumbling legs she was compleatly nude.she
She placed his hand on her hairy mound and anather hand on her breast
and knead it like she is teasing sanjay, sanjay open his lungy WITH
HIS 9” long snake type long cock is dangling in front of mom,she
smile at him and telling him sala madarchod kya lund hay yea saap
hai!.mera bhosada faad do sala kya mota lund hai.