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Sexy office trip to Uttar Pradesh

Hello friends dz z paul, writing first time so if any mistake plz forgive. it happen few weeks back when I was in UP (office trip).The hotel I was staying marriage happening & the enterance of bar & banquet hall was at basement. I come to story now After hectic day the time I reached hotel I feel like having a beer so I moved to bar and at the time of entering bar by mistaken

I had a collision with a girl who is carrying flowers. Due to collision flowers fell on ground & flowers have become worse. She was a girl with an average figure and with big boobs. I said sorry. She said its okay as it is also her fault. I asked her name & made offered to buy flowers as it is my fault.


Her name was preeti and she was fair with a white chudidaar, She saw me for a minute and went somewhere. i waited for 10 min but she didnt turn back.After all this I went to drink beer & when I came after some time I found her standing there.She started fighting me that she was searching me.

i was bit confused anywayz I called my caby & we both moved to purchase flowers, in car I got to know dat she is from Illahabad & came here for her friends marriage. After purchasing flowers while coming back I dont kw how I got courage to asked her that she wished to have a drink & she agreed to it.

but she before all this she said that she want to meet her friend & want to give gift.i siad ok & meet me in bar. I was confused by all what has happened anyways after 15 minutes she came & had 4 shots of Vodka.By all this she started telling me about therself. After some time I asked if she is feeling hungry we can have dinner she said yes &

while the mean time she started loosing her control,So to avoid any kind of trouble we moved to my room for dinner as she was drunk more. Afetr reaching my room I ordered for food. While the mean time we started chatting sitting on the bed,but she was giving all naughty smiles at me.

As by her smiles I started feeling erestion. preeti saw the erection in my pants and she smiled at me I slowly embraced her by taking her in my arms and we both were breathing heavily and I gave her a moist kiss on her lips for atleast 2-3 minutes and we were embracing eachother erotically & exploring eachothers mouth.

Now she undressed me and my long erect penis popped out.I opened her salwar kameez and her bra and I climed over her and started making love badly by kissing her forehead, eyes, earlobes, lips and also sucked her nipples.Now I was kissing her lips and my one finger was inside her pussy.

I got mad in between those massive boobs and turned her front to me and started licking her thick nipples and she was moaning loudly, yeeah, yeaaaaaaaaaah, yeah, hey bite me yes harder ayeah I want that bite me harder and she kept on asking for more and more, I lifted her sexy body from her waist and put her on to my shoulders with her boobs,

head and hands on back and her sexy pussy on my shoulder and both my hands on to her sexy ass, and I started to beat her ass like tabla and those milk white ass turned red and she started to ooze out her juices on to my shoulders and she started to play my ass with her hand and with every hit of hers on my ass my dick started to swell a little and then

I put her on the bed and holded her in a doggy style, then got some coconut oil and slowly dipped one of my fingers in it and started to insert in her ass hole and lubricating her,she was not able to bear the pain and shouted loudly at first but after a few thrusts in out she started enjoying it and by now even my dick was ready for another exploration and then I

lubricated even my dick and slowly pushed it,but that wont go,it was little too big,she bent little more and tried to give the maximum opening possibly she can give and now I again inserted my finger in her and with one thrust pushed my cock all of a sudden in her sending waves of shock and pain,after some time I was finished and ready to shoot ejaculation

I just rested on her hot sexy ass.we both were tired and went to take shower in bathroom and just threw ourselves in tub ther and almost relaxed for an hour in that hot water and at the end we had already become naughty with myself fingering her in that hot tub and she un stoppingly playing with my dick,

as we were almost locked in kissing for most of the time and we got out of the tub and dried ourselves and went to have our dinner. After dinner she got down and sucked mine to hardermaking it ready for another romping session. Once my cock was rock hard,she sat over my lap and she was sitting on my lap she like an experienced slut took my whole tool

in her already wet and warm pussy and started thrusting her sexy ass heavily and vigorously on my lap it was an eccentric sensation all over my body and she was at her best giving the best fuck and from her moaning and shoutings in between her moanings I could know she reached her orgasms almost thrice,

but she kept cotinuing untill I gushed her pussy with my strong thick cum and as I climaxed. After this & in morning when we wake up I asked no for future reference she said No to give no but at the same time she was not regretting what has happened at night she given me a kiss & moved…. so Readers: I hope you enjoyed my story. Have fun and enjoy. Have a Wonderful Day