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Sexy office trip to Uttar Pradesh

Hi all, this is an incident that happened when I was an office trip to Uttar Pradesh. We had a few nights off in a row during the summer. This was something special when you worked for the concessionaire at a major national park that saw millions of visitors a year. We really wanted to make the most of it.

Driving down to the nearest city (Kanpur) was a drag and the idea of going the five hours to Lucknow was tempting, but something we had done before and always a blow to our pocketbook. We decided to go another direction. We hadn’t been since we got married in a nearby little town and felt like the long drive, casinos and cocktails might be a good change of pace from the trees, cliffs and wildlife we experienced day to day.

It was a long drive but we stopped along the way and made a day of it, finally checking into our hotel room just after dark. The room overlooked the small strip and we had asked for a room on a lower floor nearer the action. Being from a small town, I guess I will never lose my love for watching crowds.

Rather than going straight down to the casino we just relaxed and sipped on some tequila and cola we had packed with our luggage. Down below there was a street crossing and cross walk, and it was an interesting mix of people walking by.

We had been famished when we hit town, so I had stopped for a snack at a fast food place, the food gone a little cold as we ate it after checking in and getting to the room. Being a careless eater, I managed to drop about as much in my lap as made it to my mouth, so I removed my pants and rinsed the stain in the sink.

Shreya had likewise removed her pants for no other reason than she was just a “best pants is no pants” kind of girl. The bra was on the table – she had on just a shirt and panties – and we sat in arm chairs pushed to the window sipping our drinks watching the world go by through the floor to ceiling glass.

At some point, we saw a pair of obvious transvestites, which was very much a novelty back then. We stood to get a better look, interested to see them better. Neither man could “pass” but they were both decked out in dresses, heels and blonde wigs. We watched them cross the street and venture to points unknown and wondered if any casino would allow them in. (We thought not. It was a much different world then.)

The light was on in our room so anyone who glanced up could have seen us at that point I guess. Given the size of the hotel, the dancing lights of the casino signs and number of other windows in the hotel, it wasn’t something we even seriously thought about. We were both wearing shirts that hung to our waists and “semi” decent.

No one down on the street might have seen Shreya in her hot little sating panties, but I did. So as we stood and watched, I reached over and began playing a bit with her ass in a soft absent minded way. After a bit, she reached over and put her hands down my underwear as well, but attacked from the front just the way I like it.

It started out sort of innocent, but the longer we stood, the more playful we became. Soon she had me hard and I had her wet. It was still pretty slow and casual. We weren’t trying to put on a show. Just a married couple watching the world go by.

I don’t know what she did that got me hot enough to change up the tempo, but Shreya could really be good with her hands if she wanted to. I really wanted her and pushed her up against the glass, moving behind her with my hands on her shirt. I was grinding my cock into her ass and we were both feeling it. She reached down and pulled my cock completely out and pulled her panties aside. I slipped into her without trouble and for several minutes she and I slowly fucked with her pressing against that window.

We were still watching the people go by, and were actually kind of oblivious to what we were doing. It was a busy night and I’m sure that probably 100s of people passed through the crosswalk below our window during those minutes, though no one was obviously looking up and we weren’t even thinking that they could see us.

At some point, she was leaning back into me and at an angle were I could move into her pretty good. All at once it seemed like everyone stopped at the crosswalk looked up at us. We were literally caught with our pants down.

One drunken individual gave us a good-natured howl to let us know that he approved.

Shreya flinched and tried to back away from the window, but I was behind her and the chairs were not far behind me so we didn’t go far. She tried to pull her shirt down, but at that point I was hanging on to her boobs as otherwise I would have tripped backwards on the chair, possibly dropping us both on our asses.

We could have untangled and sat down at that point on the chairs, and no one would have been able to see us anymore, but instead for some reason we stopped. Shreya smiled, reached down and pulled her panties off completely, dropping them down to her ankles, then pulled up her shirt enough to press her breasts to the glass. She angled her hips and wiggled her ass enough to lure me back to work, and soon enough we were back at it, this time with a crowd of several dozen looking from a few floors below.

I know I’m supposed to say something here about how we looked so hot and put on a great show, though in truth we probably looked a bit un-coordinated and silly. At that point I was well past caring. When the time came, Shreya pulled me out of her after the first spurt, and the rest of my load hit the window, which she thought was incredibly funny though I doubt anyone below would notice.

We left the cum stain on the window and closed the drapes, crawling into bed to laugh and kick off round two. We laughed more when the next day the maids had come through the room, but the dried cum on the window was still there, and it was still there when we checked out the next morning.

Looking back, I have to think that we were probably not the only people that summer or maybe even that night to have sex in a hotel room window, and surely cum stains are more common in hotel rooms than they are in the average home. We sure thought we were something special though, and chances are someone somewhere still tells the story of the time that they looked up while crossing the street and saw a couple fucking in the window.

I surely hope so, and think Shreya would too. I’d hate to think that I am the only one one left who remembers.