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Shakuntala devi

Shakuntala devi is house wife,she is 45 years old though purdish,she has very sexy and attarctive body,she is big boss of the family.shakuntala devi’s hubby is a doctor ,he is 50 years old and he is very open minded person.shakuntala devi has 3 daughter’s and a son.gopi is eldest son in thehouse,he is 28 years old.he will divorce his wife geeta for shake of his mother and sisters.  radha is eldest dauther of shakuntala devi,she is 26,her size is 38,35,39 very beautiful and sexy like her mother,she is very mingle with people.second one his sita,24 have very sexy eyes.her size is 35,30,36 she is very slim ,has failed her degree,third one is madhu.she is 22 years old very intellegent doing her bca degree.

shakuntala devi bring her childerens in very equal manner she never diffirenciate her daughters with her son.all the childs loves each other,and they behave like friends.though shakuntala devi wears very old fashions dresses,allowes her daughter to wear semi sexy dresses (in the house only,where her husband and son can watch them)  gopi loves all of his sisters,behaves well with them,(he evern bring napkins during monthly periods)he works in a govt department as as a manager,shakuntala devi get his son gopi married with geeta,who is very arogant and selfish.shakuntala devi is unhappy with her daughter in law.  last december,shakuntala devi lost her husband in a train accident.she became widow and started wearing a white dresses only(no make up,no flowers on her head and lipstick on her sexy lips)all the burden of her family fall on the shoulders of her son gopi.gopi decalare he will work hard and keep his mother and sisters happy and try to get his sisters married.automatically gopi became MAN OF THE HOUSE.geeta started to behaving like MALKIN in the house and wanted gopi her husband to be in her control.

one day,she quarrelled with her SASUMA and NADANDS(sister in laws) and complained before her husband,gopi (who drank his mother’s milk),decalared that he is the MAN OF THE HOUSE ,and all the females are WOMAN OF HIS HOUSE.and his MOTHER IS shakuntala devi is the FIRST WOMAN OF HIS HOUSE and his WIFE is LAST WOMAN OF HIS all females in the house should obey his orders,and it is his duty to look after them and he will never listen his wife’s words.  shakuntala devi and her dauthers are very happy for silinceing geeta and praised gopi for his goodness,radha asked shakuntala devi “mom why k called u WOMAN OF HIS HOUSE “.then shakuntala devi shyingly told “since my son gopi is the BREAD WINNER, and tries to do justice to his mother and sisters and we should not think of his remarks on us like HIS WOMEN.”  radha is standing near the wall and trying to listen what her k and mother shakuntala devi are talking.”mom i have found a good groom for radha for her wedding”.shakuntala devi:”beta how u can arrange money” gopi “i will get a loan from my office,

so i will get her married” shakuntala devi noticed her son seeing her big milky boobs as her pallu has fallen,adjusting “beta u do ur duty my blessings always with u”.then quarrel started in the house between gopi and his wife  “dont wast lot of money on ur sisters ” remarked geeta  “it is my duty to serve my mother and sisters in a better way”  “why u have married me ”  “to fuuuuuuukkkkkkkkk u”  “then u have to listen me”  “no i will not heed ur advises,i have better relationship with my mother and sisters and i will happily serve them”.geeta did not control her self and desreted her husband and applied for DIVORCE.  as decided gopi got married his sister radha to a civil engineer,shakuntala devi and all her daughtes are very happy.gopi doing overtime to repay loans. all the WOMEN in the house are started to respecting gopi.madhu did not control her emotions ,decalared that her “k is her father ” shakuntala devi hearing madhu’s remarks she blushed and went in her beb room.gopi got divroce papers from his wife geeta..for a long time he did not go near a lady,so sexual urges started in his body,he need a woman for sex.  gopi started coming very late to house daily,shakuntala devi doubted whether her son gopi did not going to PROSTITUETS.and asked him to come home early.gopi also found going to prostituets very combersome and expnsives also.

so he planned to fuck NAUKARANI ,jyothi who was working in the house for a long day shakuntala devi got caught red handed her son gopi who was trying to fuck maid servant jyothi.and shakuntala devi did not say anything to him and simply removed her from the work.shakuntala devi got mercy on her son,(she got some strange ideas).  the other day ,sita her second dautghter was washing clothes,in the varandha her white and apple sized boobs are seeing clearly she is not minding them,gopi who sat near her watching her beauty.shakuntala devi noticed her son. and smilelingl told “beta why u canot help ur sister”.gopi-“maa sita did not asking me for help”.shakuntala devi “u fool girls never ask u for help only u have to find excuses”.sita simply hearing mother and son conversations and never bothered to hide her boobs.  shakuntala devi is very enjoying at the sight of her innocent son and sexy and brother sentimental daugahter,sneaked in the kitchen.gopi sat near his sister,now sita’s boobs are very clearly seen.she removed her dupatta,as it is hindering her washing of cloths  “k fetch water in the bucket”,when gopi turnd and get water he noticed .

her one top button of the blouse opend and half of her melons are came out.he suddenly put the bucket before her,some of the water fall on her body.sita stood and shouted at gopi ” k u poured water on my clothes,my clothes are wet “.gopi “where is wet ” saying touched her bare boobs.sita moaned “hhhhhhuuuuuuuu k ” dont tease me.  “sorry my sister” that’s all right shakuntala deviayya,sita bend her body to take the water from the bucket,gopi saw her whole of her milky boobs through the neck,while helping her he touched her fingers and palms.shakuntala devi wataching from the kitchen shouted” sita where is ur dupatta and why not cover chest as passer by will look at both of u”.gopi took the dupatta and wraped with it on her blouse ,while doing so he pressed them.  “please k mum is shouting ,close the main door”.gopi went and closed the main door.and said “now o.k and no body will see”.sita- ” k if mother sees ” gopi:-“what we are doing ??? we simply washing clothes”gopi is enjoying his sister’s body shape and told “dear sita ur looking very beautyful today”.sita: ” k iam very beautyful only ur not paying attention towardas me”.  .

again shakuntala devi shouted at sita “wash clothes fast u have to go tuition other wise u will be late “.sita replied “mom today will go by bike with brother”.soon she completed washing of clothes and asked gopi to pour some water on her hands.while gopi pouring water on her hands ,both heads touched with each other.  sita changed her dress and sat on the bike,sita’s boobs are touching his back,she sat very closely with her brother, and put her hand on his thigh.gopi became very hot,he felt even his old wife geet did not sat like his sister sita on the bike.sita did not say anything for insteade of going for tuition,the bike went near the cinema talikes..cinema started both were sitting very close in the chairs.  gopi put his hands on her thighs and started pressing them,sita did not objected but mikly said” shakuntala deviayya some body sees us dont do all this here”.gopi murmered in her ears” then where,in house mummy will scold us”.sita took her head near his ear,it seems both’s head are kissing each other’s told “shakuntala deviayya maa will not say any thing”.gopi did not listen her and goes on playing with her body,

sita too enjoying with her brother while watching the cinema.gopi did not control his mind and forget brother and sister (holy)relationship.(it all depends on females whether it is sister or mother,if ladies allows males to do some un moral things males never things whether it is good or bad)put his hand in her blouse.his finger are contackting her bare skin.  in intervel,gopi fetched cooldrinks,sita felt it is not proper to sit so closely as there are so many peoles are around them.both shared the cooldrink like lovers.sita argued with her brother not to sit here so the home shakuntala devi was waiting for them,soon she became very angry and scolded for going to cinema with out taking permission.  shakuntala devi summoned them at the dinner table,there was only dim light almost dark at the dinning hall,both did not see her face clearly.shakuntala devi began her advice. “my dear kids i know both are grown up and educated,u should not have gone for viewing cinema,and morever u did not go for cinema as brother and sister but as lovers” .hearing her voice both became numb fold and became speechless.  shakuntala devi continued her advice “i have always admire my sons hard work and sincerity for me and my daughters.i did not forget ur SACIRFICE of deserting ur wife(and not ready for marraying any other girl) for shake of ur mother and sisters,

i know my daughters and i were very grateful to u.BUT we have some our society we should behave in good manners,we have no place for love for brother and sister,like lovers i used to think how long my son work hard for his mother and sisters,and he is wasting his YOUTH.but i never think u will both behave like this.”  shakuntala devi noticed that both her son and daughter were simply listening her they bend their heads,shakuntala devi further said “i dont blame u nor i can’t stop u (from making love)but take some care,shakuntala devi saw gopi put his han don his sisters hand.and asked sita “my darling beti ur “shakuntala deviAYYA” have sacrificed his wife for ur shake,so only in ur bed room u treat gopi as ur “SHYAYYA”(sita became very shy and she closed her face with her hands).shakuntala devi put her sight at her son and told “beta ur very need of natuarl sex urges,and for ur sisters’shake u have deserted ur wife ,so quench ur thirst with ur beautyful sister and take care of not making ur sister being pregenant,if so u only have to face difficulties to get her married .finally shakuntala devi she throw some rice on the heads of newly turned lovers( as sign of married).and cautioned u have to follow stricktly brother and sister relation in day time(from 5 am to 9 pm),otherwise i will commit suicide as i do not facc the scoiety)”

gopi took his newly wife sister to his bed room,there the bed was decorated with flowers,and clours, and they found some chit there.gopi read loudly so sita can heard what was written in that reads  dear loving kids follow my instructions:  both dress up like bride and bride groom,both know how bride and bridegroom will shakuntala deviave while meeting first time,and DONT TRY TO INSERT it is the last limit to safe guard ur VIRIGINITY and U CAN PLAY AS U LIKE.  sita was hearing her new husband brother,sita took a glass of milk and give it her night husband both drank the milk.gopi winked t sita and took her finger and put it on the chit where it reads DONT TRY TO INSERT .and asked innocently.seeta is embrassed and shyly noded her head in negative .gopi told her “darling can u touch ur boobs”.sita – ur my hubby,u can see and touch my any part of my body except” my ccccuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnntttttt………..”.  gopi removed her blouse from her body,and put his hand around her waist and pulled her towards his chest,her boobs are pressing to his chest,he kissing on all over her face ,meanwhile he inserted his fingers below her naval and remove the saree tangles,soon he disrobed her saree know sita is only on petty coat and bra.again gopi began his kissing on her chest and came near her beautyful and deep naval and lick around the naval,

sita becaming hot and pressing her naval to his face.  soon petty coat also fall on the ground,now sita stood with bra and panty,sita closed her eyes.gopi proceded to remove her panty.then sita stop her saying”shayya ur makeing me nude,while ur in full dress let me undress u”.gopi stood before his sister like a child,she removed his shirt and trouser,banian also take same place.gopi stood only on his short.his lund became very hard and trying to come out from the shorts.sita sat on the bed seeing his brothers body .sita unbutton her bra and fall on the floor,she was nude from the waist and gopi also unbutton his shorts.with in minutes both son and daughter became in nude.  both gopi and sita heard some noise,out side the door they doubted some one is watching them.gopi has very big lund it was very warm and hard and sita has very tiny shaven choot.sita touched his lund it was very big her palms are not covering it .soon the watch gave alaram showig time at 5 they have to follow the original relationship that is bhai and bahan.  to be contiued….