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She was now like my wife

Hello friends,

This is venkat again . I told you how i skrewed up Sudha ,servant maid.

This is another incidence with her. That time onwards she was very picky in dressing,

hair style and very neat. When ever i aroused and she is arround our home i used kiss and hug her.

I did lot of massage and finger excercise on her boobs. But very rearly i inserted my cock.

One day she came and told me she is going to marry her uncle .who is working in factory as mechanic.

They married and she did not come to our home for a while.

After few months , she started coming to ur home. Her mom went her native place and told us

she is going to her mother place , since she is not doing well. Her daughter will come to our home.

I heard that but keep quite, since she is married. it is not good to do that.

I know i did wrong with her , but my emotions made me to do sexual intimacy with her.

As usual i came from college and went into my room she was cleaning my romm , i noticed she was kissing my pic.

I stepped aside and watching every thing.She huged my pic her to her boobs underher sari, arrousing her self she is having

sex with me.

I knocked my door and stepped in she left my pic on table and laughing at me, stepped out.

She came after few miniutes with coffee and some snacks to offer me.

While putting on table she cleaned the table with her sari.That table is already clean because

she cleaned it before. I understand she wants the body touch.

My mom called her and told her she is going out and back in few minutes. Soon my mother stepped

out she locked the door and ran towrds my room and huged me tightly.

I told her , hey what is this . What are you doing.

She told me i want ur body smell and touch. It took long time for me.

i said it is wrong. she did not agreed to me. While doing that she took my hand on breast to squeeze it.

My cock rised , i couldnot control ,I took her on my lap and kissing her on back by holding her boobs and asked her. what happen

your uncle didnot insert inside. she said no, since you said it is problem for me.

I said , then how will he do.

She said he will sleep on me and touch my boobs and never put his lundi inside.

I didnot say anything.

Well days passed. Some time i kissed her and squeezed to her boobs.

I noticed the boobs become loose. For guy if we inlvolve lot of masterbation or fucking

girl can notice by testicalls looseness.Same way if they invlove we can tell thru touching their boobs.

it was very loose. I did not asked anything more, since she is already married and her uncle do that.

One day her uncle was going to differnt unit of the factory for few days, he cannot come to

home daily. For my good luck my parents are going to our native place to attend some wedding.

that night she told my mom that she will stay in my home. my mom agreed too.

As usual i came from the college in the evening .She entered along with me with nice white sari and white blouse.

she left her hair very loose. She cooked food for me and we had food,

I rented one mallu debbging movie from the renatal store. since nobody at home so i can watch it.

Played in our VCR in my bed room. she knocked my door and told me i want to see that movie too.

I did not said anything.

While watching that movie. In one romantic clip, I noticed her. She is rubbing her boobs and pussy.

Even i too arroused. I thought it is not good that too ask her, to sit beside me and have fun.

With my surprise she came near my bed and moved her head under my lungi towards my cock and kissing there.

I couldnot controled my self, removed her head from there ,start sucking her lips.

This time i sucked her lips lot like ,How so much hungry person eat the food, like servingthe food the person

who dont had food for more than one month .

She moarned like anything. Hold my hair. I remove here blouse and black color bra.Trust me if you see the girl wearing black bra inside

and white blouse on top . you are cock will rise like anything in secs.Then I removed the strap of bra and throwed it away.

Started squeezing her boobs like flour mixing. I removed her sari and petticoat. Her pussy is very clean.

I didnot sucked her pussy, coz she is married.

I started rubbing her pussy , entering my allfingers and after some time.My finger moments , she screemed her like anything .

I removed my finger and put my cock inside and fucked her . I noticed her pussy is very tight . she didnot had sex with her husband.

It even surprised me abd felt bad. But my desire and hungryness on sex. didnot prevented me.

I took her to my top and asked her play with my tool as “L” shape. i squeezed her boobs, Since the windows are open

cold air is coming from out side. it making me more horny to me.when my cum is out , I went her top moved her to end of the

bed and moved my hands on her hair . i did in and out for 5 minutes using my experience stop and proceed technique.

When cum is ready to come i felt tried , i released the sperm inside and filled her pussy. Even i feel how much hot it is

i couldnot control my self and sucked her boobs,bite on her nipples and laid on her.

it was amazing feeling which i cannot express to you, We have to feel it.I slept on her while and moved aside .Went inside the bath room

to my wash things. When i saw her face it looked so tired .I told her take bath .So that she will feel relaxed

I moved to hall to get the water and played the movie.while she is having bath she had bath , came out side. i give her my mother nighty

to wear .she thought of sleeping on floor . I told her come sleep on bed

She did it .While watich her movie i played with her nipples by removing the nighty hookes and huged her tightly from back .

I am feeling sleepy, she is also feeling sleepy . i huged from front and sucked her nipples like a kid and also

Hold her from back putting my two hands on her boobs , by pressing it.we waked up when the sun ray fall on our faces.

I am not good writer , but i noticed her on the morning,she was so tired.She waked up and went to bath room for brush her teeth.

I slept again .later she took bath came to my room with a coffee to wake me up . I put the coffee aside and pulled her on my top

and squeezed her boobs .She removed my hands and guide me to bath room to take shower. She stayed my home five nights only, we spent like

honeymoon couple.Day time she was in her home to take rest. first three days We had nice sex , filled her pussy with my sperm.

when i put fingers in her pussy i noticed the smell it told me she was little a head for ovaluation.

After that i did not had sex with her. Because i moved to different place for my higher studies. Friends, I dont know how much ladies feel the pain. My emotions on sex and i couldnot controlled, so i squeezed their boobs.

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