rajat: hi dear….wana hot naughty kinky xiting chat with long term net frndship…wana share mails abt u n me….wana share those dark fantasises wch u cnt even share wth bf or husband…wana b real naughty n fulfill ur fantasies on net here ……wana know wats camel toe in ladies or how to measure a guy’s tool’s length wthot ltng hm know…..if nta tleast tell the color n shape of the tiniest cloth u wearing…..plzz….zzzz….if still nt then sorry…WANA CAM TO CAM…. voice chat???……
sheetal: no cam or voice chat
sheetal: roleplys chat on pc k
rajat: no probs…asl atleast
sheetal: 23 f delhi
rajat: 24 m del…
rajat: so sheetal….wat u do
rajat: work or study?
sheetal: study
rajat: ok
rajat: del univ?

sheetal: mbbs
rajat: okkkkk
sheetal: AIIMS
rajat: wch yr
rajat: nice
sheetal: 3rd
rajat: u virgin?
sheetal: mm hmm
rajat: ok
rajat: so sheetl wat all wearing now
rajat: everythng wth color in detail fully
sheetal: roles?
rajat: u say
rajat: wch one
rajat: ne specific?
sheetal: say prof n student
rajat: ok
rajat: or school teacher n student?neone u like
sheetal: but I';m d student
sheetal: ok??
sheetal: in school
rajat: okkkk
sheetal: n u d school teacher
rajat: yaaaaaa
rajat: so wats d condition like?
rajat: u weak in maths n i invite u for tution
sheetal: tyoping it
rajat: or i see u in gals toilet by mistake?
sheetal: I’m a new student in school..n i hav doubts in biology so i come 2 ur home wid doubts en how wud u undress me n hav sex under d pretext of undressing me
sheetal: of teaching me
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: so lets start
sheetal: sure
rajat: miss sheetal
sheetal: I’m Pia..say in s scene
rajat: u hv to work hard in bio
rajat: ok
rajat: ok
sheetal: no no lets start from d beginning
rajat: miss pia
rajat: ok
rajat: u start thn
sheetal: all from where i ring d bell
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: who is tht
rajat: oh…pia u ?
sheetal: Hello Sir
rajat: wat happned pia
rajat: hello pia
sheetal: ya sir gud evng
rajat: gud evng pia
rajat: how come u here
rajat: ne probs?
sheetal: Sir…actually u knw na,,,i m ver y weak in bio so i had doubts in sum chapters
rajat: oh ok
rajat: wellll…mmmmmm…ok come inside
rajat: u alone or ne frnds?
rajat: come inside pia
rajat: sit here…..
sheetal: I came alone sir..diont hav much new frnds here
rajat: actually i’m alone ,unmarried hun na n servant aaj bahar gaya hai
rajat: u wana smthng…tea cold drnks?
sheetal: ohh nop sir i m fine..I come in n m removing d shoes near d dorr I ebndnd own a bit
rajat: okkkk
rajat: (i see tht mmmmm…..)
rajat: come come
rajat: n no need to remove tht
rajat: so pia feel at home
rajat: now say
rajat: kya probs hain
sheetal: ay thnxk u sir
sheetal: I sit down on d chair on 1 side of ur study table
rajat: ok
rajat: so wch chptr u find dfclt
sheetal: and sirt crosslegged ….m in my skool unifor..skiurt n top
rajat: mmmmm…….
sheetal: IN D 3RD CHAPTER SIR..of biological reproduction..I missed d pracs sir
rajat: (wat color panty u wearing now)
rajat: okkkkkkk
sheetal: now?..or in d scene?
rajat: thats very imprtnt chptr
rajat: (now)
rajat: (bracket means real)
sheetal: ( Black)
rajat: ok pia
rajat: u shud read tht
rajat: thats vry importnt
rajat: for xams
sheetal: i KNW sir..but i cant get anythng at all…
rajat: infact if u wnat i cn tl u tht chptr in very deep
sheetal: I hadn’t joind d clas..when u had taught d pracs n lessons
rajat: ok wat u wana know
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: ok relkax now
rajat: n look this is vry imprtnt….its abt our bodies
rajat: n now wat ever i say just follow tht
sheetal: hmm sir..ryt
rajat: dont feel shy
sheetal: ok sir
rajat: coz its abt our birth
rajat: how we come in this world
sheetal: shy about wot sir?..wot u saying?
rajat: i mean dont feel nethng bad…
rajat: its difclt chptr na…so padhane mein pareshani aayegi
sheetal: Sir..dat is fine….I know u try ur level best 2 explain..
rajat: ok
rajat: so tell me
sheetal: I think ur quite decent n nice sir..not uinderstanding wots goin on in ur mind
rajat: ever seen full male body pia
sheetal: I think ur quite decent n nice sir..not uinderstanding wots goin on in ur mind
sheetal: No sir./.full male body?…..I mean no
rajat: kabhi dekha hai pia
rajat: ok
rajat: accha tum ye batao wats basic dfrnce in male n female body(u say u dont know)
sheetal: I dnt know sir…m sorry

rajat: ok
rajat: do u wana seriously know this in detail so tht u nvr forget this even wthot revising
sheetal: How is dat possible sir?…2mrw exam n hardly any time 2 do sir
rajat: ok
rajat: so only option is tht u see my body
sheetal: What Sir???/……..plz……I m shy sir..can’t we go 2 d lab sir..where u can xplain me sir plz
sheetal: na
rajat: lab is closed now pia
rajat: as u wish pia
rajat: depends how mch marks u wana in ur xams
rajat: infact i hv lil lab in my bedroom too
rajat: thts for my personal uise
rajat: if u wnat we cn go to tht lab
sheetal: Sir..plz dnt say like dat sir..plz….!!….I am afraid sir……n sir what a btb d female part sir?
rajat: well female part cn b studied by ur hlp pia
sheetal: yes yes..Sir..we will go der..but m afraid sir
rajat: come to my lab
rajat: no dont b
rajat: its just lil hard in begining thn u will easily undrstand this chpts
rajat: so pia
sheetal: My help sir?..Means??…
rajat: this is my lab
rajat: i mean ur body is perfect as female….u cn study female part by ur body
rajat: i’ll tell u wat part does wat
sheetal: But der is only a bed here sir??…..what is all dis??
rajat: this is my lab pia
rajat: come one pia
rajat: natural practical lab
sheetal: Sir….does dat mean..I’ll hav 2 go nak…nakk…naked..infront of U sir??
rajat: i’ll show u how to reproduce
rajat: ya
rajat: b t u my student pia
rajat: dont b shy
rajat: its abt ur studies
rajat: well if u dont wana pass in xam we wont do it pia
rajat: as u wish
sheetal: But grown up sir..u can’t dod is wid me sir….
rajat: i cnt help u thn pia
sheetal: plz sir..
rajat: its for ur well pia
sheetal: ok but but but..sir…..
sheetal: Ok sir..I fall 4 ur demands..n blackmails
rajat: (u feel like going susu n u go n i see u thr chupke se n i gt more hot)
rajat: samjho pia…ye sab tumhare bhale ke liye hi to hai
sheetal: this dialogue u say after i come from doing susu??..
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: (no b4)
rajat: (u ask now for susu)
sheetal: ohhkkkk…
sheetal: sir……can i juz xcuse myself…I’d like 2 go d fresh room
rajat: ya sure
rajat: attach bathroom hai
rajat: jao ussmein
rajat: (i see u from keyhole)
sheetal: Ok sir…..( as i remove my panty slowly lifting my skrt up)
rajat: (mmmmmm.i see ur big ass n lil anus)
rajat: (whn u come out i’m lil chnged n hot)
rajat: ya pia come baby come
rajat: kar liya bathroom…..
sheetal: Sir..ok but nthng will happen na sir
rajat: no no nothng
rajat: trust me
sheetal: yea sir..I did..
rajat: (u look my eyes…they r demanding)
rajat: piaaaaaaaa
rajat: so lets start
sheetal: yes sir
rajat: pia tell me how reproduction takes place
sheetal: wht u want me 2 do sir??
sheetal: shud i juz lay quietly onm d bed sir??..
rajat: no
rajat: frst u hv to see a male body
rajat: comon
rajat: so now undress me pia
rajat: till i think wat to teach nxt
rajat: comon
rajat: start practicals
sheetal: Frightening..I ay Sir… i unbutton ur shirt
rajat: mmmmm………..yaaaaaa
sheetal: My face shying away as ur shirt comes off
sheetal: n u bare chested
rajat: so pia…stop now
rajat: now u see diffrnce in male n female?
rajat: tl how its difnt from urs chest?
sheetal: Measns sir?…i my..i mean agirls’ chest dis part is a bit swollen up !!
rajat: yaaaaaaaa
rajat: bt tell me exact diffrnce
rajat: aise nahi smajh aayega….ab kya karun main…
rajat: (i get lil tensed n u say tht u cn show urs)
rajat: kaise samjhaun tumhe ab pia
rajat: uffffff
rajat: koi model bhi nahi hai room mein
sheetal: sir ……..what?…..plz plz na sir..Sir i said girls dis part is a bit swollen n erect !!
rajat: ok….wait…(i cm near n start unbtng ur shairt)
rajat: pia
rajat: lets clarify ti now only
sheetal: Sir..i try 2 move away
rajat: u shud b prfct in all thngs
rajat: comon piaaaaaaa
rajat: i;m also bare chested na
rajat: so wt shyness
sheetal: n b4 i say sumthng nmore..u hold me tyt
rajat: ohhhhhhh u wearing white bra pia
rajat: nice
sheetal: hmm..i say quietl
rajat: (i stare at bra n forgt abt study)
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: i’ll remove it
rajat: slolwy i remove ur braaaaaaa
sheetal: Sir…..what happen sir?..y r u rolling ur hands over my bra n chest??…
rajat: ohhhhhh myyyyy.piaaaaaaaaaa
rajat: ur chest is so swollen
sheetal: b slow..b slow..ya lemme type na slo
rajat: ok
sheetal: go a bitback
rajat: so pia c diffrncs now
sheetal: go a step back
rajat: pia come hre baby,,,,,,,
rajat: dont shy
rajat: come hre baby
rajat: c how mch dfrnce is btwn u n me
rajat: tell me dfrnces now
sheetal: rajat: ohhhhhhh u wearing white bra pia
rajat: nice
sheetal: hmm..i say quietl
rajat: (i stare at bra n forgt abt study)
sheetal: let
sheetal: s go back 2 dat point
rajat: ok
rajat: (i stare n frgt all)
sheetal: Sir…..what happen sir?..y r u rolling ur hands over my bra n chest??…
sheetal: I get confused
rajat: its so b’ful pia
sheetal: I try 2 stop u ..sir..sir..plz na…sir
rajat: u c how b’ful is female body now
rajat: no pia
rajat: dont stop
rajat: u need marks na tmrow xam
rajat: lets me see how b’ful breats u hv
sheetal: i SLOWLY SAY YES….
sheetal: sssssir..ssiirr.I stammer..
rajat: (i slolwy press bra)
rajat: its so soft pia
rajat: this is frst dfrnce in bodies…female body is soft pia
sheetal: uuuuuuuuuohhhhhhhhhhh………auuuuhhhhhhhhh
rajat: ok
rajat: remember it
sheetal: I moan a bit
sheetal: auieeeeee
sheetal: uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh
rajat: now pia i hv to c ur full breastsy for more points
rajat: mmmm……(n i slolwy open ur hooks)
sheetal: I try 2 cover it by my hands
rajat: mmmmmm…pia……..i remove it full
sheetal: I try 2 cover it by my hands my bare chest
rajat: ohhhhhhhhhhh
sheetal: I try 2 cover it by my hands my bare chest
rajat: pia…dont shy baby
rajat: see how b’ful breast u hv
rajat: show it to me pia
rajat: let me study thm carefully
rajat: u need marks na
rajat: chalo
rajat: acche bacche ki tarah dikhao mujhe
rajat: (n i remove ur hands)
sheetal: I slowly….remove my hands,,from dbreasts
rajat: mmmm….oh piaaaaa…..
sheetal: wot wot ssssirrr??
rajat: how sexy breats u hv pia….
rajat: i mean
rajat: how perfct they r
sheetal: Perfet means?
rajat: pia come near to me
rajat: perfect
sheetal: means wot sir?..
rajat: it means
rajat: u hv very good breats
rajat: n men hv to suck thm
rajat: they r made for men sucking pia
sheetal: suck dem..I get confused?…
rajat: it will make thm more swollen
rajat: i’ll show u
rajat: come near
sheetal: wot is dat u talkin abt sir?..
rajat: come near
rajat: i hold ur hands
sheetal: I come…slowly
rajat: dont shy pia
rajat: mmmm…..(i slowly kiss ur lips)
sheetal: Sirrrr………..plz..i moe my face away
rajat: pia….dont shy
rajat: this is to make ur body hot so tht v cn study in betr way
rajat: come here
rajat: (i bite ur lips)
rajat: mmmmm.pia….
sheetal: uieeeeeeeeee
sheetal: uhhhhhhhhhh
rajat: n now (i press ur breast)
rajat: ahhhhhh………..
rajat: piaaaaaaaa
sheetal: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh’
rajat: u so sexy baby
rajat: (i lick ur nipples)
sheetal: ssssssssssssiiiir,,,,,,,,I pains na sir..aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
rajat: mmmmmmmm……….
rajat: no baby
rajat: u hv to suffer a lil bit…xam is hard these days
rajat: u will feel good now
rajat: come near to me
rajat: n put ur breats over my lips n chest pia
sheetal: as I see ur ryt hands….getting in full shape press my left bvreats very i see ur hands in dat shape ready 2 cover it..
rajat: ahhhhhh
sheetal: I try 2 move….
rajat: no pia
rajat: (i hold u tght)
rajat: come
rajat: kiss my lips pia
rajat: comon
rajat: (i force lil n bite ur lips n press boobs more)
sheetal: I do dat….mmmmuuahhh..hesitantly
rajat: mmmmmm……….feeling good na pia
sheetal: aieeeeee…..uhhhhh…..arrrrghhhhh…
rajat: mmmm………i will press ur boobs harder now pia
rajat: mmmm.ahhhhhh.pia u hv suck sexy nipples
rajat: pinkish
rajat: mmmmmm………
sheetal: I get d pinch……….ieeeeeeeeeeeeee……sir………….dukha na….
rajat: now pia lie down on bed…let me xamine ur body carefully
sheetal:’s over na..i got d difference
rajat: no no
rajat: its just started pia
rajat: its basic one
sheetal: Mean ssir?
rajat: wait
rajat: i’ll tell u
rajat: lie doqn now
sheetal: I become more afraid..not knowing wot is 2 come
rajat: comon
rajat: i’ll xamine ur body
sheetal: become more afraid..not knowing wot is 2 come
rajat: comon dont afraid pia
rajat: its for xam only
rajat: comon
rajat: (i make u lie wth force)
sheetal: I lie down quietly
rajat: pia..u look so damn hot baby
rajat: (now i start kisisng ur boobs n move down to ur tummy n navel)
sheetal: uuuh…..uhhh……..I feel d sensation
rajat: mmmm.piaaaaaaaaaa
rajat: now u wana know na wats other dfrnces
rajat: cmon
rajat: now open my pants
rajat: comon
sheetal: wot???/………..I shout
sheetal: I scrwam crying
rajat: no no sont shout
rajat: pia
rajat: dont take it in wrong sense
rajat: its need of time
rajat: u hv to pass xam na
rajat: (now u know i blckmailng u)
sheetal: I know..but i can’t do anything…so i bend down..2 open ur pants..wid my boobs sulking downwards
rajat: mmmmmmm……………
rajat: pia…u hv such a lovely body baby
rajat: u knw whn i frst saw u in class
rajat: i was mad for u
rajat: bt its my love for u pia
rajat: dont take it wrong
rajat: n aaj bhi tumhe susu karte hue dekha tha….tumnhari black kachhi dekhi thi made me amd for u
sheetal: What Sir?………….sir..means dis all was planned??….I mean u bending down in d classroom so many times 2 pick up chalk n den make me sit ahead..n all dis?…
rajat: hahaha
rajat: ya pia
rajat: tht was my love for u
rajat: i saw many times ur panties…
sheetal: kacchi??…
rajat: aaj to poori gaand hi dekh li thi pia..susu ke time
rajat: panty
sheetal: I get angry..n sweat..Sir..plz leme go..
sheetal: dis is wrong
rajat: no pia
rajat: soch lo
rajat: kal xam hai
rajat: its btr u also lov me n lets njoy
sheetal: U saw me doing susu……..I mean u saw everythng..wots left sir?….
rajat: comon……i hv to tl u more now
rajat: hahaha
rajat: evrythng is lft pia
rajat: susu mein sirf gaand dikhi thi wo bhi kachhi ke andar
rajat: comon open my underwear now
rajat: (now i order u n u r compelled to do so)
sheetal: I reach 4 ur under…….
sheetal: N pull it down….juz 2 see dat………..
rajat: (wana see my casm….u cn see me doinmg wat u wana)
rajat: sorry got dc
rajat: piaaaaaaa
rajat: wat happned baby…y u shocked…
sheetal: Wot is all dis??
rajat: did u see smthng here wch u dont hv?
rajat: wat?
rajat: (see my cam)
sheetal: i slwoly nod my head
rajat: tell wats this pia
rajat: (tl wat u see )
rajat: bolo kya hai ye
rajat: tumhare pass hai kya
sheetal: dis is called penis…I had studied dis
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: (u seeing it frst tme n gt afraid)
rajat: (plzzsee my cam)
sheetal: No sir..i//meand s girls dnmt hav it
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: kaisa hai ye pia
rajat: (wana see my penis)
sheetal: I dunno hw 2 xplain it sir
rajat: see it
rajat: n say how is it
rajat: just hold it once
rajat: its magical thng
sheetal: hey is der if she coems suddenly..i will b killed..sumtime later plz
rajat: hold it n it will grow large
rajat: ok
rajat: bt just once
rajat: for 2 seconds)
rajat: plzz
sheetal: kk fast
rajat: its nt hard…its soft now
sheetal: fuck………………
sheetal: ok ok
sheetal: close fast
rajat: (y fuck)
sheetal: I man..dis is juz d 1st time i saw all dis
sheetal: I mean*
rajat: (in scene or in chat)
sheetal: real … let’s get bacjk 2 ou chat
rajat: okkkk
sheetal: where were wwe?
rajat: (i’ll show u hard one aftr smtme whn u wana see)
rajat: pia
rajat: xplain how is this
rajat: u know
rajat: this ius magical part of body
rajat: as u will touch will grwo large
sheetal: but girls dnmt havb it na…….not every human being has it?…..I say innocently
rajat: no
rajat: its only in males
rajat: gals hv smthgn else wch i;ll show u in ur body
rajat: touch it comon
rajat: u there piaaaaa
rajat: u there
rajat: helloooooooooo
rajat: piaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
rajat: (sheetal)
rajat: bolooooooooo
rajat: piaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
rajat: touch itt babyyyyyyyyyy
rajat: comon
rajat: touch my penis now piaaaaaaa
rajat: sheetallllllllllllllll
rajat: u there piaaaaaaaaa
rajat: (sorry sm prob was in cnctn)
rajat: piaaaaaaaaaaa
rajat: comonnnnnnnn
rajat: touch itttttttt
rajat: pia dont shy baby
rajat: touch it
sheetal joshi: ya say
sheetal joshi: I slowly hold it
rajat: mmmmmm……….
rajat: see its growing large na
rajat: this is magical rod pia
sheetal joshi: I become rd faced
rajat: pia dont shy baby now
rajat: its urs only
rajat: accha pia batao..isse dekh ke kiss toffy ki yad aati hai tumhe bolo
sheetal joshi: Sir…..plz i dnt like jokes……I m really embarrased…firstly by wot u hav told me…
rajat: wat i hv told u baby?
rajat: this is nt joke pia
rajat: i’m serious…..
rajat: kal xam pass karna hai na
rajat: to bolo
rajat: b serious…this is nt joke….samjho issko dhyan laga ke
sheetal joshi: I dnt jknw what it rresembles
rajat: wch toffy…guess karo
rajat: it cn come in xam too
sheetal joshi: i really dnt knw sir
rajat: ok
rajat: lolly pop
rajat: u dumbo pia
rajat: mujhe tumhare sath aur mehnat karni padegi
sheetal joshi: I m sorry sir…
rajat: lolly pop yad aya na
sheetal joshi: yes..I say softly
rajat: so kya karti thi lolly pop ke sath ppia
sheetal joshi: We lick it sir….
rajat: ye tumhara hi lollypop hai…natural…god gft hai tumhare liye…comon pia…taste it slowly………
sheetal joshi: I bend down 2 lick it…my boobs touching ur upper thighs
rajat: mmmmmm…………ahhhhhhhhhhh
rajat: lick itttttt
rajat: (sheetal wana see my penis pics…hard ones?)
rajat: mmmmmm.piaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
rajat: (i force u to bend more)
sheetal joshi: hey not niow
rajat: comon…lick its tip
rajat: ok
rajat: (lock ur room na for 5mins)
rajat: mmmmmmm……..
sheetal joshi: I m lickint it na sir…n start crying m 2 youbng 4 all dis
rajat: dont cry baby
rajat: this is only for u…no other gal in ur class cn taste this
rajat: u so lucky pia
rajat: so pia…is my penis big?
sheetal joshi: mm sir..yes
rajat: chooso isko…jtna geela karogi chos ko utna tumhare liye accha hoga bad mein(i say winking my eyes)
rajat: (cnt u close ur room for 5 mins)
rajat: piaaaaaa???????
rajat: (so sorry pata nhi kya ho gya hai cnctn ko aaj…plzz sorry…lets start)
rajat: piaaaaaaaaaaa
sheetal joshi: ya ok
rajat: y crying pia
rajat: its ur lollypop
rajat: comon
rajat: u so lucky
rajat: (cnt u close ur door for 5 mins)
sheetal joshi: Sir…..m not used 2 dis sir plz…
rajat: comon
sheetal joshi: hey plz..lets do dis chat first den get down 2 real things
rajat: this is natural pia
rajat: (ok)
rajat: piaaaaaaaaaa
rajat: accha tell me nxt question for xam..wats d use of penis
rajat: bolo pia
rajat: if u answer this…gft for u
sheetal joshi: It… releases sumthng white white..
rajat: thats…result of use…bt its used whr n for wat…tell me
sheetal joshi: 4 sex..I guess,,,nmay be?
rajat: how…
rajat: tell me how is nsex done
rajat: this is most vital thng to know
rajat: in xam
sheetal joshi: I dnt knw exactly sir….bit dis penis goes into woman’s main point..2 secrete d white fluid n den ….sex happens
rajat: i’m happy u know smthng
rajat: bt wats tht women main point…i didnt undrstand…i hvnt seen ne?

rajat: xplain me in detail
sheetal joshi: I mean…sir….I….means girls have 3 holes….1 for urine..1 is d ass….n d small 1 is d main hole….
rajat: hummmmmmm….good
rajat: bt wats tht main hole…clear it
rajat: u shud know every minute detail
sheetal joshi: I dnt know much abt it..xcept that is is called pussy in slang language…it ha a vagina n a vulva
rajat: mmmmmm…ok…wat u say tht in hindi pia
rajat: tl me…lts see ur hindi kniowledge
sheetal joshi: Sir..dey adress as Chut..or sumthng
sheetal joshi: I think so
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: good tht u know..i’m happy wth ur knowledge
rajat: ok…u hv seen my penis
rajat: ya u rght it goes into onwe of ur holes…guess wch hole?
sheetal joshi: one of my holes?……wot u mean sir?…it goes into d girl’s main point
rajat: okkkkkkkkk
rajat: bt only choot?
rajat: ok..thats later
rajat: so….aaj tumhe main wo baunga pia jo aaj tak kisi class ki ladki ne nahi dekha
rajat: u so lucky pia
rajat: its only coz u a good student
rajat: comon….let me lift ur skirt
sheetal joshi: aap kya bolna chahte ho sir??…..
rajat: mmm(i hold ur skirt)
sheetal joshi: sirrrr……..plz nahi na…..I try 2 keep my skirt down
rajat: oh ho
rajat: dont b afraid
rajat: comno
rajat: uthane do mujhe
rajat: (i lift it full)
sheetal joshi: ( hey now plz b skow haan..purposely harass me)..n den get 2 d final point
rajat: ohhhhhhhh….pia u hv suck sexy n plump thigs dear
rajat: (ok)
rajat: piaaaaaaa……..let me lift it na
rajat: leva eit
sheetal joshi: so go astep back
rajat: i’ll show u how much pleasure bodies have
rajat: oh pia
sheetal joshi: sir..nahiin na..mujhe sharm aat i hai sir..plz
rajat: baby come near
rajat: nahi pia
rajat: its fun n knowledge together
rajat: comon dear
sheetal joshi: but I knw sumthng abt female bodies na.?..den
sheetal joshi: ?
rajat: let me see ur full beauty
rajat: no no
rajat: u dont know how it reacts wth male body
rajat: thats main knowledge
rajat: comon….(i hold u hard n kiss ur lips n press nipples)
sheetal joshi: as I slowly leave my skirt…but ur hands still on my skirt……as i try 2 cover my hand comes down from d skirt
rajat: (now i whjile busy kissing ur lips bite it hard once n press boobs hard n slowly lifted ur skirt till thigs)
rajat: oh piaaaaaaaa u look so lovely
rajat: u sooooo sexy pia
rajat: no one is like u in ur class
sheetal joshi: i silentl;y nod….ohhkkk sirr..
rajat: (i rub ur thigs)
rajat: (smtimes hands feeling ur kachhi)
sheetal joshi: eeeeeeergggghhhhhh….uieeeee…..
rajat: mmmmmm…..(i slolwy say in ur ears…pia….i love ur gaand size)
rajat: mmmmmmm……….
rajat: ahhhhhhhhh…………
sheetal joshi: uooooooohhhhh…..ooooooooohhhh
rajat: (mera penis hard n pressing ur tummy)
rajat: mmmmmmmm………..
rajat: piaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
rajat: ek bat kahun
sheetal joshi: ji sir
rajat: look into my eyes……….pia….main tumhe poori nangi karna chahta hoon
sheetal joshi: kya sir?…………….
rajat: haan pia
sheetal joshi: kyun sir..mat na?
rajat: (u blsuh)
rajat: coz tumne to mera secret magical rod dekh li
rajat: now my chance na pia
rajat: wana see ur all3 magical holes
sheetal joshi: suddenly without my own knowledge some urine n kliquid starts wetting m panty slowly..from my own body n i dnt realise
rajat: mmmmmmm………..
rajat: (now i slolwy remove ur kacchi n pull it down n u hld my hand)
sheetal joshi: no no sot so fast,,,,,,I mean u stil hav 2 lift my skirt slow ya in removing all dat
rajat: piaaaaaaa
rajat: (so cn v chat dirty till thn..i’ll try to seduce u)
rajat: oh pia……ab mujhe poori nangi karne do na…baby kitni der tak skirt pakad ke rakhogi
sheetal joshi: ok
rajat: (n u blush)
sheetal joshi: sirr..sirr….
rajat: pia……….tumhari thigs marble ki tarah sexy hain……
rajat: pia…tumne mera penis dekha na
sheetal joshi: as i slowly leave my skirt…
rajat: choosa mujhe bhi to tumhe plaesure dena chahiye na
sheetal joshi: ji ji ji…sir
sheetal joshi: as i slowly leave my skirt…
sheetal joshi: as i slowly leave my skirt…
rajat: (now i take muy hands undr skairt n feel ur kacchi n deep thigs n some pubic hairs too?)
rajat: mmmmmm.piaaaaaa……..tumhari gaand to bahut hi badi lagti hai…..
rajat: mmmmmm………
rajat: hahahah
rajat: u perfect sexy goddess pia
sheetal joshi: i see u try 2 finger my urioine hole..not realising ur hand..where it is
rajat: (no nt urine hole bt anus)
rajat: piaaaaa.its so tght baby………
rajat: ahjhhhhhhhh……..ts damn tght hole piaaaaaa……..
rajat: ahhhhhhhhhh………
sheetal joshi: as u push me on d bed n my whole skirt rises up……flying on op..leaving me in my panty
rajat: (i bitwe ur nipples n try to insert finger in anus from over d kachhi)
sheetal joshi: as u push me on d bed n my whole skirt rises up……flying on op..leaving me in my panty
rajat: piaaaaaaa…u look sexy now in this pose…dekho skirt bhi apne aap utth gayiiiiiii
rajat: (now i starte at ur panty)
rajat: ufffffff……..safed badan pe kali panty……..kya katil lagti ho pia
rajat: mmmmm…….
rajat: oh piaaaaaaaa
rajat: tumhara ye lollypop bhi tumhe dekh ke khada ho gaya hai dekho poora
sheetal joshi: nahiin na sir…mat utariye na sir….as i see u kiss my panty on d centre
rajat: mmmmmm…….piaaaaaaaaa
rajat: aaj mat roko
rajat: aaj makin tumhara main hole,urine hole n gaand hole sab dekhunga
rajat: mmmmmmm…….
rajat: ahhhhhhh
rajat: (i kiss ur all panty n ur deep thigs…..)
sheetal joshi: i see ur teeth going ointo my rubber elastic belt of my panmty
rajat: mmmmmm….ahhhhh pia..kya sexy kacchhi pahni hai tumne piaaaa…piaa(how dense ur pubic hairs)
rajat: piaaaaaa……me kissing n biting ur pubic area hardddddddddd
sheetal joshi: sir sambhaliyega sir..tohodi geeli ho gayi sir…
rajat: nmmmmmmm……..wahi geelepan ka source to dekhna hai pia……..mujhe ye aapka body juice hi to peena hai….
rajat: mmmmm………
rajat: (i slowly turn u)
rajat: mmmmmm.pia kya badi si gaand hai tumhar……..
rajat: mmmmmmm……….
sheetal joshi: aap kya kar rahe ho sir?
rajat: ahhhhhh… karta hai issko pillow bana ke so jaun
sheetal joshi: chhi sir…ye sabh aap kya keh rahe hain
rajat: main tumhari kacchi ko peeche se utar ke neeche kar rha hoon pia taki tumhari gaand nangi ho jaye n tumhara anus dikh jayeeeeeeeee
rajat: mmmmmmmmm…………..
sheetal joshi: i see ur teeth going ointo my rubber elastic belt of my panmty
rajat: (i slowly remove ur back panty n see ur big ass)
sheetal joshi: i see ur teeth going ointo my rubber elastic belt of my panmty
rajat: ahhhhhhhh……….ufffffffffffffffff
rajat: this is so huge piaaaaaa
rajat: i didnt know u had suck treaures within u
sheetal joshi: my frontal part of panty is still der a li’l up na??
rajat: (ya)
rajat: piaaaaaa……….main tumhari gaand ko kha jaunga aaj
rajat: its so buttery n delicious yar
rajat: ahhhhhhhhh……….
rajat: apne teacher ko de do ye gaand pia aaj
sheetal joshi: kya kya sir?….i wuiping off my tears
rajat: mmmmmmm………
rajat: (i start biting ur ass cheeks like mads n n start separating ass cheeks to c ur anus hole)
rajat: piaaaaa……tumhara wo hole dekhna hai……….jo khoob tght hai……….
rajat: mmmmmm………
rajat: dekho ye rhaaaa…..ooooooooooooo
sheetal joshi: i spread my legs a bit
rajat: itan chota sa………
rajat: cute sa piaaaaaaaa……..
rajat: (i lick it n kiss it n u feel blushed n shy now)
rajat: mmmmmmm.pia……………i wana insert my finger in this
sheetal joshi: ieeeee….sir it tikckels sir
rajat: mmmmmmmmmmm
rajat: kya anus hai piaaaaaaa………….
rajat: main to pagal ho gay hun isse dekh ke……
rajat: (r u masturbating…me rubbing my pants)
sheetal joshi: as i secrete sum more fluid n urine into my panty
rajat: mmmmmm………..piaaaaa.mujhe wo magic hole dikha dooooooooo
rajat: mmmmmmm………..
rajat: ahhhhhhh………….as i spread ur legs more…i cn see ur dense pubic hiars
rajat: uffffffffffffffffff
rajat: heaven is hreeeeeee
sheetal joshi: I turn my self panty still on top
sheetal joshi: d front part
rajat: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
rajat: heaven door
rajat: ahhhhh….(i bend a bit n bite ur skin there n slowly now i hold panty elastic wth my teeth n lift it)
rajat: mmmmmm…..
sheetal joshi: i see u try 2 peep in
rajat: mmmmmm……ahhhhhhh piaaaaaaaaa
rajat: let me see this heaven now………
rajat: i wana see tht hole………..
rajat: let me lick ittttttt………..
rajat: mmmmmm………
sheetal joshi: n close my i see u try 2 pull my panty down..
rajat: piaaaaaaa…………
rajat: (i hv pulled it down now n my lips on ur pubic hairs)
sheetal joshi: n close my i see u try 2 pull my panty down..
rajat: (how dense u have)
rajat: piaaaaaa………..this is pure delicacy……..
rajat: ahhhhhh…….tumhari choot bas dikhne wlai hai mujhe piaaaaaa……….
sheetal joshi: kaise sir?
rajat: aankhe kholo n meri aankhon mein dekho piaaaaaaaaaa
rajat: mmmmmm…….dekho neeche…tum poori nangi ho chuki ho
sheetal joshi: i slowly open
rajat: mmmmmm……neeche dekho pia
rajat: mere lips.n ur choot lips……..
rajat: mmmmmmm……….
sheetal joshi: i look down n see my panty is down 2 d knees.n ur mouth just abt 2 kiss my centre part from top
rajat: piaaaa….n by saying this i slowly lick ur choot lips n ur clit)
rajat: n (now i lick it lke mad….poori choot ko chat rha hoon zor zor se n u moaning loudly)
rajat: ,mmmmmm.piaaaaa.kha jaunga tumhari chot ko aaj
rajat: chat dalungaaaaaaaaa
rajat: mmmmmmm…ahhhhhhh……….
rajat: ]ufffffffffff
rajat: garam garam choot hai..garam juicesssssssss
sheetal joshi: i see……u try 2 open my lips…of chut……..n insert ur tongue
sheetal joshi: into d pinkish moist portion
rajat: mmmmmm……… tounge inserted in tht hole n dancing thereeeeeee,…….
rajat: i lick all ur wetness………………
rajat: my tounge all mix wth ur pinkish hole area……………
sheetal joshi: sir..mujhe thodi karni hain sir..
rajat: n me pressing ur boobs too hard)
rajat: kya karni hai pia
sheetal joshi: sit hodi susu..aur woh white liquid..n b4 i say anythng I secrete it n oozes out d liquid
rajat: mmmmmmm……….kucch nahi karna hai abhiu.,……
rajat: leti raho bas……..
rajat: n now pia
sheetal joshi: ji ji sir
rajat: ab main tumhe wo batane ja rha hoon jo iss chptr ka end hai…….
rajat: tumhe wo whte liquid dekhaunga…
rajat: lekin usske liye kucch karna padega
rajat: tumhe uss liquid ko nikalana padega pia
sheetal joshi has signed out. (1/10/2009 4:12 PM)

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