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Sir & his pupil

It was a late May day, and Kamla was sitting thru her favorite class, social studies, taught by her favorite teacher,Ashok kumar. She had the class every day 8th period, and kamla always tried to stay as long as she could in the classroom after school so she could stare at Mr. Ashok Kumar and his boner she prefers to have extra assignments, misbehave in class, or just ask for extra help, just as long as she could remain close to him. Unfortunately for Kamla, the semester was rapidly drawing to a close. School was ending in 2 weeks. She would be moving on to Degree college and she knew Mr. Ashok Kumar has taken a new job out of state in Varanasi small Town. She wanted desperately to be close to him, as close as two people could be, before school ended. Kamla developed a plan. There would be an in class final exam in two weeks. She decided that after the test was over she would make her move. But she felt she had to show signs and make sure Mr. Ashok Kumar interested as well. Kamla didn’t want to be embarrassed if he rejects her So everyday, she would wear something a little daring to class. Often she would have to change immediately before 8th period, so as to make sure her parents didn’t she what she was wearing in class. When she wore these outfits, she could see all the boys in class staring at her, but she also caught Mr. Ashok Kumar on more than one occasion sneaking a peak at her firm young body as well. Finally, the last day of class came. Kamla wore her most provocative outfit yet.

A short denim mini-skirt, and one of her f ether white button down dress shirts. Before the final exam began, Kamla wants to be excused to go to the bathroom. Once there she proceeded to remove her panties and 34B bra and stuffed them into her bag. She knew she had only one chance at this and she didn’t plan on blowing it.
Kamla returned to class and took her normal seat in front of Mr.Ashok kumar desk. He handed out the test papers, gave brief instructions and let everyone begin. Kamla worked furiously at the test as to finish it quickly. Then she had an idea, she decided to give him a little peek at her gorgeous young, nubile body. She very secretly opened two buttons of her shirt, got up with her test and leaned over Mr.Ashok Kumars desk. Her shirt was falling open and revealing her young firm breasts to Mr. Ashok . He couldn’t help but look, as she had been openly flirting with him for weeks, and he found it hard to resist. Kamla asks a fairly simple question about the test; Mr. Ashok regained enough composure to answer it. As Kamla was leaning over the desk, she could feel her skirt rise up a bit. The boys in the class were getting a bit of a free show, but she didnt care. In fact it made her a bit excited to turn on an entire class of boys. She could feel her young virginal pussy getting damp. She smiled at one boy in the class, Rahul, and returned to her seat. For the rest of the class Rahul found it hard to concentrate on the test as he had a raging boner, but he managed to get thru the test.
The bell rang signaling the end of class. The class monitor, Krishna Dass, collected the tests and left them on Mr. Ashok’s desk. Everyone filed out of the room; happy the school year was over. Everyone but Kamla that is, she remained in the room. Mr. Ashok asked Kamla if there was anything he could to for her she said “Yes there is, Mr.Ashok, but maybe I should help you close up the room first.”
Mr. Ashok nodded in agreement and turned his back to pull the blinds down. Kamla took the keys off of Mr. Ashok’s desk and went to lock the doors, but before she did she let Krishna back in the room. Krishna hid in the closet near the door. She was fully aware of Kamla’s plan, and wanted to watch.
As Mr. Ashok struggled with the last blind, Kamla removed her skirt and opened the remaining buttons on her shirt. She was standing there nearly naked, with her shirt barely covering her young firm breasts and bald virginal pussy. Mr. Ashok turned around and saw the most beautiful 12th grade girl. He was speechless for a moment and then approached Kamla and said, ” You shouldn’t be doing this Kamla. As pretty as you are, you are also very young. ”
” I don’t care,” replied Kamla. “I wanted to be with you the day I saw you. I knew I wanted you to be the one to be my first.”
“It doesn’t seem right. No matter how much I want you, if someone were to find out about us?. ” Replied Mr.Ashok.
” Who will find out? “, said Kamla. ” I certainly wont tell anyone. I know you wont either. With you going to Varanasi and me into degree college Who know besides us. ”
With that Kamla pressed her body against Mr. Ashok’s, and he felt the dampness of her pussy against his pant leg. Unable to resist any longer, he leaned over and kissed her. Kamla fumbled with Mr. Ashok’s belt buckle, but finally opened it and lowered his pants. His raging hard-on clearly visible thru his boxer-briefs. Mr. Ashok picked Kamla up and laid her down on his desk. He leaned over and took her left breast into his mouth. Kamla moaned out, “Oh Mr. Ashok. This is starting as good as I had hoped.”
“Call me Sir.”, said Mr. Ashok.
Mr. Ashok, or Sir as he wanted to be called now, proceeded to spread Kamlas legs and lowered his mouth to her wet wonderful, bald pussy. He teased every inch of it with his tongue, paying particular attention to her erect clit.
Kamla was in ecstasy. She had brought herself to orgasm before, but this was something entirely different. She knew that she had made the right decision.
Meanwhile in the closet, Krishna was watching everything intently. From her vantage point she had a birds-eye view of Mr. Ashok and Kamla. Krishna had taken off her shorts and top and was rapidly fingering her pussy. She had very small breasts, not even enough for a bra, and had just a wisp of hair on her pussy. Nevertheless, she was extremely turned on by what she was watching. She moaned softly and hoped that Mr. Ashok didn’t hear her.
She, had little to worry about. Mr. Ashok was too busy with young Kamla to hear the soft moans coming from his closet. Kamla said “Sir, I want to go all the way with you. Please I need your cock in me.” She raised her self up on her elbows and looked up at Mr. Ashok. He lowered his boxer-briefs, and freed his raging hard on.
He rubbed his boner against her very wet slit to lube it up a bit. He said “this might hurt a bit at first.”
“I know, but I am ready for it”, replied Kamla.
With that, Mr. Ashok entered Kamlas tight young pussy. He was in ecstasy. He hadn’t felt a pussy this tight in a very long time. He felt his cock reach her hymen and with a quick hard thrust, broke thru it. Kamla yelped briefly, but then pain turned to pleasure as she began to cum again. Mr. Ashok felt the waves of her muscles clenching and relaxing on his cock. He was trying to hold out as long as possible. He continued to thrust in and out, with plans to pull out, so as not to have the possibility of impregnating the young girl.
Sensing what was on his mind, Kamla said “don’t worry about cumming inside me sir. My mom put me on the pill last year, so I couldnt get pregnant.
With that worry behind him, Sir began to cum. Rope after rope of sticky cum shot deep inside this young nubile 12th standard girl As he finished cumming he leaned over and kissed both of Kamla’s breasts and told her how great this was. At that point a loud moan came from behind him, along with a thump.