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Sister in law Swap

Before proceeding on official tour, I had left my car in parking lot of house where my sis in law stayed. I had left the keys with sis in law’s husband. It was a short trip. When I landed at airport, I thought of picking up the car and then to home. Just after leaving airport, I called Neha (sis in law) and asked whether she was at home. I informed her that I would pick up the car and then go home. She was available.

On reaching the flat where this couple stayed, I rang door bell. Neha opened the door. I asked her to give the keys so that I can immediately proceed for home. She urged me to have a cup of tea. It was already 12 noon and was the time for tea. I resisted, but she insisted. I went inside and sat on sofa, relaxed. She went inside, possibly to prepare tea. But it took longer. So I called for her. She replied that she would be there in five more minutes.

She turned up after five minutes – in changed clothes. She was wearing jeans with cotton top, which was tightly fitting on her. I thought, she was going to accompany me to my residence to meet my wife. I asked had about tea. She said that it was not really the time for tea. So I suggested that both of us should proceed to my house, assuming she was coming with me. She told me that she was not anywhere. She suggested me to have a beer, instead. I reluctantly agreed. She fetched a bottle of ice cold beer and two glasses. She filled up the glasses. We said cheers and started sipping beer. She then went inside and brought some snacks. I observed that she had opened the top three / four buttons of her cotton top, halfway exposing her boobs. It was obvious that she had done so deliberately, with a purpose. I got the message.

“You are looking sexy, Neha!” I said. She said, “Not looking, I am. How do you like it?” I said, “What bullshit? What will Rekha (my wife) do if she comes to know what is on your mind?” Neha replied, “Don’t worry. She will understand. May be, at some other time, Atul (Neha’s husband) will be with Rekha ! How do like this idea?” I was excited. It would be great swapping wives. “I am all game for it. Where is Atul?”, I asked her. She informed that he was in office and he also had this idea.

“What we are waiting for?” I asked Neha. Instead of answering, she came near me and offered her shapely lips for a kiss. I took her in my arms and kissed her on her lips. It was a deep kiss. Her mouth was sweet and warm. She sucked on my tongue. It was great. She was still in my arms. My hands were freely moving on her back and her hips. Her hands were caressing my neck, my earlobes. We were slowly getting heated. I suggested that we should now go to bedroom. Nestled together, we went to the bedroom. The bedroom was large and comfortable.

After we reached the bedroom, I pulled off my shirt and stood bear chest. “Fantastic. What physique you have. Only bones and muscles” said Neha. “Atul is not bad too” I suggested. She said that he was OK. I approached her removed her cotton top. She wore nothing beneath her top. Her young, round, mid sized and firm milky boobs were all exposed to me. I bent started moving my tongue around one boob, while with my hand, I cupped the other boob and pressed it slightly. She groaned. I kept on licking her one boon, while my hand freely moved around the other boob. With tongue and mouth, I started encircling her one nipple while my hand pinched her other nipple. She was really enjoying it. With one hand, she kept my mouth firmly against her breast and pressed my hand hard on her other boob. She was letting out funny sounds.

After five minutes or so, I slightly pulled myself away and looked at her face. She was red. I said, “Our movements would be freer, if we are un-clothed, I feel.” Without a word, she un-zipped her jeans and pulled them down. Without hesitation, she removed her panties as well. Fully naked, she was really beautiful, delicate and shapely. I saw that her pussy was cleanly shaved, with healthy pink color. Neha said, “Amit, this is not fair. You still have your trousers on. Just get rid of them.” I teasing said, “Look, I am lazy sort of. Why don’t you do it for me?” She came closer, unzipped my trousers and pushed them down. I stepped out with my shorts on. She touched my shorts to pull them down. I held her hand. “What now, Amit?” I said, “Sit down and remove them.” She smiled and sat on her knees. Very delicately, she slowly started pulling my shorts down. In a jiffy, my dick was freed, pointing straight towards her mouth. She was staring at my dick. She gasped and said, “God! What a massive Amit Jr.!!! It seem you also clean off regularly. Ummm, I like it.” Holding my dick in her soft palm, she said, “Atul is nothing. Neither long, nor thick. You are simply great.” She was moving her hand back and forth all over my dick. With her other hand, she started massaging my balls. Her movements were extremely delicate. I was feeling great. “Ahhhh! You are very soft”, I said. She looked up at my face and said mischievously, “My mouth and tongue are softer. Should I try?” I said, “Its all yours. You are free to treat my little Amit the way you want. He is now very hungry, starving.”

She licker head of my dick with tip of her tongue and removed the pre-cum. She pushed the dick up and slowly, delicately started licking my balls. I held her head firmly over my dick and balls, pushing back her intruding hair. After sufficiently wetting my balls, she pulled my dick and started taking it in her mouth. Her movements were deliberately slow and delicate. Little by little, she took my dick in her mouth entirely. She must have been a great sucker. From the way she was playing, I was sure that she knew her job (blow?) well. Now I started groaning. The sounds she was making while sucking me were exciting me more and more. I said, “Neha, Atul is lucky. He must be getting a great treat every day. I wish Rekha liked this.” Slowly, she removed my dick from her mouth, took in her hand, stood up and said, “Atul does not really like this. He is a straight guy. As you said, Rekha also does not like this. Good. Atul and Rekha will enjoy, since both seem to be straight.”

Saying this, still holding my dick in her hand, the other hand around my neck, she kissed me deeply. We were kissing each other for almost five minutes. Kissing her was a great pleasure. Her mouth was delicate and sweet. Neha said, “Amit, I now really turned on. Please take me on a joy ride. I am unable to wait any longer.” I said, “Sure. But my tongue is hungry now. Let me satisfy its hunger.” I looked around and found a massive table adjacent to the wall. I lead her near the table, lifted her up and made her sit on the table. I lifter her legs and told her to hold them in position, so that I could eat her out. She held her legs, wide apart. Her pussy was inviting me now. I slowly bent down and moved my tongue over her pussy lips, sucking them once a while. She was not groaning loudly. I could make out her excitement. I parted her lips and moved my tongue freely up and down inside. Her juices were already streaming out.

“Good taste. You taste wonderful”, I said. She said, “Enough, Amit. Please, please take me now. I cannot hold on.” I got up and positioned my dick near her pussy. Slowly I entered her all the way and stood still, with my entire dick in her. I started moving back and forth, giving her mild strokes. She started parting her legs more and more and pushing her hips towards me. I was giving slow strokes deliberately. She was enjoying every bit of my fuck. I moved a step forward and kissed her. With my mouth on hers, I increased the speed. She was humming. Leaving her lips I said, “Are you enjoying?” She said, “Don’t ask silly questions. Just keep on fucking and kissing”. I obliged her. I once again placed my mouth on hers and fucked her hard and proper. Her delicate pussy was holding my dick firmly inside. I was now sweating. “Should I let go, honey?” I said. She said, “All the way. Fill me up.” After a few massive strokes, I let go. My cum was literally gushing out and filling her up. I was empty within moments.

“It was great, Neha. I have no words. Just remarkable, fantastic, great, splendid”, I said. Neha smile sweetly and said, “The same here. I have really enjoyed the fuck for the first time I believe. It will remain in my memory for ever. When Atul fucks me, I will keep on dreaming about you and may be, I will get the same satisfaction. Now you must be tired. Please have a glass of beer, while I warm up some food. Have lunch and then go.”
I went inside the bathroom, cleaned put a towel around my waist and stepped out, only to be shocked. Rekha was standing right in front of me. I felt a jolt and extremely nervous. She was staring at me seriously which made me more nervous. I could not look at her. I turned my face down about to apologize. Suddenly she laughed. “Come on hubby, don’t get nervous. It was all planned. I knew that you will be here for colleting the car. In fact, Neha and me had planned for it. You had your game and I am going to have mine now.” This was the ultimate shock for me. I wanted to speak something, but I could not. My mouth was wide open. Rekha was still laughing heartily. She said, “OK, Amit. It’s alright. Some change in routine is always good. Now I need a change. I will take on Atul. I am sure, you won’t mind,eh?”

I said, “Go ahead. You are perfectly correct. I will sit in the drawing room and send Atul here. Let me have some beer.” Rekha said, “No. I want you to watch us while we fuck. It will be a great experience – having watched, while getting fucked.” She called for Atul, “Atul, please come inside. I am ready and so is Amit. Neha will join after she is finished with her kitchen. Atul entered the room and gave me a hug. He said, “Hi buddy how was it all? I am sure it was great. I can make out from your face. I am happy that you have made my dear Neha happy. I love her too much and want to ensure that she gets what she desires. Thank you so much.”

I said, “Leave that crap and get on with the job. Rekha is eagerly waiting, isn’t it Rekha?” When I looked at Rekha, I saw that she had already removed her T shirt and jeans and was standing half naked in front of us. Atul immediately removed his upper clothing and approached Rekha. I sat on the easy chair in the room and called Neha for a beer.

Atul took Rekha in his hands and embraced her and so did Rekha. Both were moving their hands over their bodies. Atul kissed Rekha deeply on her mouth and Rekha reciprocated. They kept on kissing for a while. Now Neha entered the room with bottle and glass of beer and sat on the hand rest of the easy chair where I was sitting. To my surprise, she was stilled naked. Since we had finished just a while ago, we were not excited at all. Sipping beer, I was watching my wife being enjoyed by someone else. Atul un-hooked Rekha’s bra and dropped it. Slowly, he took her breasts in both his hand and started massaging them. Rekha removed Atul’s undergarment and held his dick in her hands, slowly massaging it. Atul also pulled down Rekha’s panties. Both were stark naked now.

I was getting excited now. I looked at Neha and pulled her closer. Neha said, “No, Amit. Let us first watch them. Then we can have fun. I have watched blue films quite a lot. But this is different – it’s live. Let us first enjoy the show.” I gave in and started watching Rekha and Atul. They were still kissing and embracing each other, delicately playing with each other. They did not seem to feel our presence at all. After a short while, Rekha said, “Atul, shall we? I am really feeling horny and wet.” Without a word, he led Rekha to the bed. Rakha lied on the bed and spread her legs. Atul pushed a pillow under her hips to raise the level of her cunt. He positioned in front of her cunt and slowly entered her. Rekhs threw her hands up and pulled Atul down. She pressed him firmly against her body. I was great to watch my wife getting fucked.

Their momentum increased and in matter of minutes, Atul emptied in Rekha. Both got up. Neha said, “Let’s have some food now. Amit, I believe you are through with your beer”. I showed her the empty bottle. We started dressing. Surprisingly, Rekha objected. She said, “No. Let us have food just like that – all naked”. We went into the dining room and finished our lunch in haste. Rekha said, ‘You have had your live show. Now I must have mine. I cannot join you.” I knew that once fucked, Rekha gets exhausted for the night. She pushed me and Neha to the bed and said, “Come on, now I will feast my eyes”.

This time, I went down on Neha first, once again sucking her all the way. She was already getting excited. I was also growing. I continued sucking for five minutes or so. “It’s your turn, Neha” I said. She said, “Come on. Just hand over your dick to me while I lye down. I got up and placed my knees on both the sides and she swallowed my dick immediately. I just turned my face to see what Rekha and Atul were up to. Rekha was watching us intently, while Atul was once again getting hard on. I turned again to Neka and winked at her. With my dick still in her mouth, she looked at her hubby having a good hard on. She removed my dick from her mouth and said, “Atul, why don’t you join us. You are already hard. I know you never liked blow jobs. But I do love it. Let me have a double treat today. Come on, engage me on both sides”.

Atul came and stood near the bed. Neha asked, “Atul, will you try doggy style today? I am sure, you will enjoy. Let us try this out.” Saying so, she pushed me aside and got up. She went on her knees and hands and gave an arch to her hips and buttocks. She said, “Come, my darling, enter me from the rare. And yes, Amit, bend on you knees so that I can suck you.” She immediately took me in her mouth, delicately sucking me. Atul positioned himself behind Neha, but was finding it difficult to penetrate her. Neha guided him inside her. Atul held her hips and started fucking her from the rear. His pushes gave a momentum to Neha to suck me. I also moved my hips to collaborate with their rhythm. Now I saw that Atul was wild and enjoying the new experiment.

When we were in full speed, both of us could not hold on. My cum filled Neha’s mouth while Atul filled her cunt. Rekha shouted, “Neha, please retain that milk in your mouth and cunt. Hold it on. I will taste it from you.” I was aghast. I had never expected this from my wife. She has been too conservative. But it was surely a pleasurable change. Rekha came near and first kissed Neha and took my cum from her mouth. She virtually swallowed all my cum. Immediately she went behind Neha and started opening up her cunt. Atul’s semen was already coming out of her cunt. Rekha sipped it all. She exclaimed, “It really tastes good. Sorry Amit. I should have tried this earlier – you had urged so many times, but kept on refusing. It seems everything happens when the time comes. I assure you, Amit, you will have it your way, any time, whenever you want. I love you and want to see you happy.”

I said, “Then this fun and exchange is now over. Both the couples go their own way. Fine.” Rekha said, “No, Amit. I have never said this. We will continue our fun. May be some time, Atul would come to terms with Neha.” Atul said, “I already have. But as you say, we must continue all this. Its great. I change in routine is always good.”

From then on both of our families have been enjoying a hell lot of sex and also orgies, like we had today.