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Slutty Indian aunty is fucked hard by uncle but wants more as she is not satisfied

It’s been a year since my uncle got married and he’s married a very fair
skinned woman and believe me my friend she is well fit. She is 5ft6 in
height long black hair and very very pretty and slim. At first when she
was a new bride we knew she was pretty. But you couldn’t really see her
figure. Right form the beginning there was something about her face that
made you want to throw her to the floor and part her legs and roughly
fuck her. Her face was a mixture of a slut and innocent one. When I saw
that face my cock got so hard and I wondered what it would look like
covered in all my sperm. I have a lot of Indian friends and they told me
they dream of kidnapping her and sexually abuse her all night long.

One day when she cam to stay over her house I finally got to see the
shape of her body and guess what it made me very hard. When we were out
she stayed home to help my mom clean the attic up so she just was
wearing a t-shirt. When we came she went and hurriedly got changed but
as she was walking by I noticed two ripe looking big titties trying to
burst out the fabric watching them bounce as she walked in a hurry away
of u can imagine how i felt seeing how the material molded round those

Another time as I was helping her put some furniture in her house and I
had to get behind her to lift and as we bent over her gorgeous Jennifer
Lopez like ass pressed against my dick which made me once again hard and
she must have notices cos she tried to move her ass away but because of
the tight position she couldn’t and instead everytime she moved she was
just rubbing my dick with her ass pressed tight against it. Feeling that
ass press against my dick blew my mind away. As she was also lifting the
top part of her sari fell away revealing the creamiest large pair of
titties being squeezed together by her tight blouse and they were trying
to pop out from the top of her blouse. After we finished she looked so
ashamed she left the room in a hurry.

I knew then I had to see that her naked cos she seemed to have body
built just for fucking and I really wanted to blow my spunk into her
sexy whorish body. So I put my next plan into motion. You might think I
am a horrible person but when you see this sexy slut your cocks will go
hard and you too would feel like fucking her slutty body. So, the next
plan with the help of my India friends was one we remember fondly.
I liked that idea and them
thinking of my Mami as one was very appealing.. We made a hole into the
wall of her shower room which gave us perfect view of what was going on
in there, the hole is obscured so she never discovered it. The other
side of the hole is the utility room which is used as a store room and
the hole is obscured by storage things.

One day she said she was going to have a shower, which put us into
frenzy and piled into the room. As we moved the frame she was just
entering the shower room. She was wearing a black sari, which looked
sexy, and she started looking into the mirror, she did this for 5
minutes and we started thinking “bloody hell is she going to do
anything”. But then, she removed the pallu (the top part of her sari)
and we knew the good part was staring. Slowly we watched as she
unraveled herself from the sari to stand in just her petticoat and sari,
and even then you could notice her body was no ordinary body. And joy of
joy, she started to unhook her blouse, because of her big ripe titties
the hooks more popped open. As she took the blouse of we were greeted
with site of the nicest ripe titties being held tightly in place by a
sexy black lacey bra. Oh I wished I were in that room then with her
squeezing those magnificent titties. Then she started to untie the
string on her petticoat and watched as it slid down her hips down her
large firm ass and onto the floor. Revealing sexy black lacy panties.
Her body was everything we thought it would be, she was a size 8 but
with ample bosoms. She has a flat stomach and her ass is big but not fat
it is shapely and very firm. Then come another great moment she reaches
behind her and does the hook of her bra and those wonderful titties seem
to burst out. Her titties are a D-cup and they stood firm and proud on
her chest. Oh but those nipples, she had brown areolas and her nipples
were big and sticking out. Then the icing on the cake happened, she
grabbed each side of her panties and bent over slightly and pulled her
panties down and we watched how they slid down her perfect ass, down her
heavenly thighs and around her ankles and ended up on the floor. Her
body was amazing she had no hair on her body whatsoever just lush
wheatish skin and he pussy was bare as well, no hair there either. But
her clit, she had a big clit I wanted to suck on that clit tease it
gently with my teeth. When she walked to the shower u could see her ass
sway side to side. As she showered we watched how she soaped and
squeezed those marvelous titties teasing her nipples, running her
fingers down her pussy washing her big clit and rubbing her bum.
Watching the water roll off her mouth lips, those lips that are great
for sucking cock. When she finished and left the shower room we all
started breathing properly again that’s how transfixed we were.

I am sure if my friends had not been there I would have stroked my dick
looking at her. Some of my friends actually wanted to go into her room
then and rape her that’s how worked up they were but we managed to
restrain them. At one point I even thought about it and imagined what it
would feel like plunging my cock into her wet tight pussy whilst sucking
those heavy titties and squeezing them.

After that day we saw her many times in the shower a few times on my own
which allowed me to stroke myself watching her and blowing my huge load
on the wall.

After that things fell into a routine and they would come and visit and
we would have a good time but somewhere along the line things changed
and we had to have a bit more. So, this is where it starts to get

One of my friends is a doctor and he provided me with some sleeping
pills and for days I wondered at the implications of drugging her and
having fun with her. At one point I though no I won’t go ahead and do it
but after the following incident I thought forget it I have to have her.

My Uncle had come to with her and was going to stay with us for a few
days, now they get on real well and love each other. So, I had a feeling
that they might be getting up to some pleasuring tonight. Feigning
tiredness I said early and instead went into the utility room and got
settled in and waited.

I almost fell sleep and saw that an hour had gone by and I was about to
leave the light in the shower room went on. That definitely woke me up
as I looked through I only saw my Uncle walk in. I thought is that it
and for the next five minutes it seemed to be. I was about to leave when
she came in and she was totally naked. Her body seemed more alluring
than ever, and she went into his arms and kissed, him kneading her ass.

Then I heard something that made me happy; he asked if she was still on
the pill. Wow that meant she could not get pregnant and they were back
at kissing again. He turned her around so she was facing me and started
playing with her tits and slipping a finger into wet sloppy cunt. He
then got his finger out and put it in her mouth which she sucked like a
whore. But like true whores she wasn’t satisfied with the finger. My
uncle pushed her down by the shoulders until she was kneeling in front
of him. Then moving his boxer she grabbed his dick and started stroking
it licking the head. Then she opened her mouth and slowly took the whole
dick into her mouth. Oh watching take a hard throbbing dick into her
mouth made me harder than before and as she slowly pulled her mouth away
from the dick whilst sucking it u could see the little thread of saliva
running from his dick to her mouth.

My uncle the grabbed the back of her head and pushed his dick into her
face and she started sucking with great effort. You could see my uncle
was really fucking her face hard shoving his dick up to his balls into
her mouth. At time she would also suck his balls u could hear that
plopping noise everytime they escaped her mouth. After that day she
became a whore to me because no respectable lady sucks someone’s dick
like that. She was a street whore to me now and I loved it. She then
stopped sucking and tried to kiss my uncle again but he stopped her as
her mouth had been round his dick, instead he turned her round and told
her to bend over and support herself on the sink basin. As she bent over
her womanhood was displayed to me with those nice pussy lips. I watched
in open joy as he his cock head rubbed the entrance of her pussy, you
could see her pussy glistening, the whore wanted cock in her. My uncle
just put the head of his cock in her and held it there then pulled it
out slowly; it was glistening with her wetness. Then after a wait he
roughly rammed his dick in her and u heard her gasp. Watching it slide
in and out of her was amazing, you could hear his balls smacking against
her. She was trying not to scream like the whore she is but you could
hear her moan. Gradually you could tell they were about to cum cos the
both stiffened and when they orgasm he held his hand over mouth to stop
her from screaming and he must have spurted gallons and gallons of warm
stick spunk into her pussy cos when he pulled out his dick out was
covered in it and her pussy was coated with spunk which dripped down her
thighs. I also came at the same time wishing it was me filling her juicy
cunt with my spunk. I knew then I had to have her and started planning
what to do.